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#1 Grigori #3 on Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:16 pm


Name: Grigori #3
Age: 22
True Age: 721
Sex: Male
Personality: Unlike many people, many forms and mindsets exist within Grigori's mind. Almost like a split personality, however these personalities all seemed merged into one fixation, sewn together much like a quilt. From his blood thirsty side, to the calm and gentle philosopher his mood can change in a second. However, it is not random, nor will it ever be. His most notable and prominent side is much like a mask, his hypocrite self that ignores the darker thoughts. This side of him enjoys the simpler things in life, and tends to toy around with everyone he talks or goes against. Like a philosopher, he ponders so many things, filtering reality from fiction, constantly battling the inner self on whether the delusion is the fake or if reality is wrong. When chosen to make decisions, he would choose the logical, over the illogical; to sacrifice a thousand for a million is an easy task. Human life holds no consideration within his mind, its useless to him. Cruel though it may be, this is how it shall happen and will not change, for he is one of hidden stubbornness brought on by his own implied intelligence. Needless to say, he is the one who deceives many, especially himself.

His second prominent personality triggers at the excitement of a fight. This self in particular is overjoyed at the thought of killing, and given the chance to personally spill the blood of his foes, he kicks off the rest of the mind and does it without control. While he only appears in a fight, he is the most varied in thought, knowledgeable of the tactics of war and fighting styles that follow. Capable of forming a strategy for himself on the fields of war and understanding his own swordsmanship to such an extent. However, much like a diamond, his control is rare. As the fight begins to descend from interest, he will simply let the others take control and not care a bit about it in the end.

Lastly there is the true Grigori, the one who originally inhabited the body. The one who split his mind into segments to keep what little sanity he had left within his mortal vessel. Having undergone intensive and cruel testing in both lives the true self has low self worth, and little to no regard for the value of his own life, believing that the sole purpose left for him in life is the sole pursuit of more power. The driver of the body who controls only himself and determines what it is that must be accomplished. The other segments in place to control the body when sanity begins to slip again and humanity escapes his fragile mind. To stay deep within the recesses of the mind looking out through the hollow shell of a man as his others control the body and enact his will like a puppeteer controlling them.


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 168lb
Physical Traits: Grigori retains the appearance of a young male in his old age, with a slight build and relatively long icy blue, spiky hair. Beneath the icy blue hair are two spherical oceans of sapphire that make up #3's eyes. His entire frame is that of a spry man, his fingers long and narrow like those of an artists'. However, the majority of his more defining characteristics are concealed by his ever present winter climate clothing. In his base form, these items assume the form of a long dark trench coat, lined with a fur-like material and an equally long striped scarf, tied tightly just below a pair of earmuffs. All these are worn over a classic and dignified suit with a pair of navy blue dress pants.



General Fighting Style: Mid to close range

Strengths: Zanjutsu, Hakuda, and Speed.
Weaknesses: Kido, Defense.


Sealed Appearance: Grigori's sealed zanpakuto appearance is that of a kodachi. The length of the blade is just short of a katana, just below two feet in length. The blade itself has many chips and various forms of damage to the metal. A thin crack runs the length of the blade. Even the handle of the blade has various chips and gouges dug and cut into it.


Call Out Command:
Haki suru, Rokurokubi.
Appearance: The preferred manifestation of Grigori's shikai, most likely due to the training of his past occupation as an assassin, takes the form of a pair of small pistols, both seemingly frozen solid to Grigori's hands. Even with the appearance of being frozen solidly to his flesh he's capable of rotating both weapons and letting go of them easily. His outward appearance doesn't change much besides to accommodate for the change in environment that his other attacks create, Grigori regularly converts his shoes into ice skates, by forming blades of ice on his soles.


Reitō koruto
The two pistols of ice are capable of firing bullets that can cover their intended target in a layer of thick ice, suitably restraining their movements for subsequent attacks, the amount of ice spread across the body varies depending on conflicting reiatsu. When the temperature of the immediate environment decreases enough, the bullets fired from these "ice guns" become able enough to freeze huge areas in even denser ice with each individual shot, even capable of freezing matching levels of reiatsu. The bulk of these bullets makes them fly faster than cero, but slower than bala, with the punch they pack just slightly below that of a bala. (The freezing power of each of these shots upon another player is determined by the player, but taking into mind location hit, and environmental temperatures I'll speak up if I think it's too little, or too much.)

Hyōga kankyō
Grigori's unique reiatsu ability allows him to generate substantial quantities of ice from the surrounding atmosphere and then subsequently manipulate this frigid substance into seemingly whatever form he chooses, almost immediately after the ice's initial production. In this manner he is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures that are suitable for a diverse range of purposes, no matter if the nature of these circumstances demand offensive or defensive uses. However, all the objects that he fabricates share one similar trait in that they freeze almost any surface they may come into contact with, covering it in a thick layer of ice that remains for extended periods. This also includes the immediate environment but rather than hamper Grigori this aspect actually serves to benefit him, as the frozen climate supports and increases the advantageous features of any latter techniques, while disadvantaging his opponent further as they suffer from the harmful effects of the sub-zero conditions. These offensive and defensive utilities, weapons, and defenses cannot freeze people or weaponry, but can chill them.

Gyōshuku shita hyōkyū
Grigori is able to materialize condensed spheres of ice that are surrounded by numerous sharp protrusions, which when thrown, grow rapidly in size in order to protect him from most forms of attacks, while simultaneously freezing them and the surrounding area. In the case of matching tier and boost levels the sphere will stop other projectiles and stop in it's tracks. In the case of overpowering them it'll freeze other projectiles(Bullets, Bala, Cero respectively) and continue onward.

Grigori's most daunting form of offense occurs in the creation of incredibly sharp throwing spears, composed entirely from a single fragment of dense ice. These "javelins" are so durable that when employed they can penetrate and retain their shape with ease, even through three consecutive buildings before stopping abruptly. 3 post cooldown
Boosts: x2 Speed, x2 power, x2 stamina


New Name: Rokurokubi Sekibanki
Appearance: His large trench coat has been extended to even greater lengths so as to now reach his ankles, also becoming white as snow during this process, and is now accentuated by a dark long neck-kerchief in place of his more traditional scarf. His zanpakuto takes little to no changes to it besides extending further along his arms covering his wrist to more accurately call them hand cannons.

Within Bankai Grigori has access to all of his shikai abilities as well.

As the surrounding climate begins its inevitable decline in temperature due to the nature of Grigori's techniques, the power levels of his abilities continue to increase to the point that armor composed from ice begins to form. These collections of ice are initially most prominent on the lower portion of his arms and entire back but these formations soon progress to the rest of his body as the fight drags on. The portions of ice that cover his body like armor hinder his speed only slightly, but are capable of taking a cero before deteriorating without harming him. The amount of time required to form a new section of ice armor in the area is two posts after melting. These pieces of armor are equivalent to medium Hierro.

Gurashiaru Uōru
In this move, Grigori attempts to embrace his opponent and swiftly encase them in ice, with the purpose of preserving them in a giant obelisk of ice that forms on his back during the earlier stages of this technique. The charging of the technique slows him down as it reaches it's pinnacle, worthy of being a final move to finish a fight Grigori can only use the ability once, with a two turn charge and an optimal range of hugging his opponent he attempts to encase them within a block of ice capable of holding down an opponent two tiers above him. The "hug" is permission based, and the damage is that of a cero oscuras If he misses the expended energy from the hunk of ice upon his back explodes outward sending him into a permanent shikai state unable to re-enter bankai for the rest of the fight with a decaying boost over three posts starting at x4 his normal boosts before settling at his base shikai boosts.

Boosts: x3 Speed, x3 power, x3 stamina


Abilities:x3 all abilities, x4 speed.
Hollow Powers: Cero Gran rey, Sonido, Hierro, and Kurisutarusero

The freezing temperatures around Grigori can encase even his cero within ice. These crystalline balls of unstable energy can fracture and explode with contact with any surface. The epicenter of the blast being equivalent to a gran rey cero, with shards of ice flying out in every direction like a fragmentation grenade. These shards of ice while thicker and more stable can pierce through objects. When one would happen to shatter it'd have the force of a cero. 2 post cooldown.


The mask upon his head is consumed by shards of metal, coating his entire body in metallic shards and scraps causing him to take on a slick and form fitting suit of metal. Across his back however two pylons of metal jut out like wings stretching out three feet.
Abilities: Fu

Consuming the reiatsu surrounding Grigori he enters his Full Hollow Form. Within a five foot radius, ten foot diameter of Grigori, all spiritually abilities strengths, equivalent to Grigori's tier, are halved. The spiritual energy absorbed from himself and others enhances his physical strength during the duration to an insane amount. Spiritual abilities of a higher tier'd of are cut by a quarter, and by three tiers not affected.  Lower than three tiers are negated seventy five percent, further than three tiers below are fully negated. This field lasts for the entirety of his Hollow form as this consumption of energy around his is what sustains the form. After the fifth posts of Fu the form deteriorates, he's forced out of Full hollow form and all the consumed energy explodes through Grigori's body setting him to max boost for 3 posts before fatigued state.

Boosts: x4 all


Background: Abandoned as a child, never given a name but a number. He was given a different name every time a family would come by, but no one was interested in him. Chad, Damon, Brad, Justin, Zach, Drake, Brandon, nothing changed. Families came and went, and the conditions within the foster home were superficial. The kids were treated horribly. Like animals kept to be sold off like fodder. Food was given in bulks, never in rations, and never to an individual. The strong ate, the generous prospered, and the weak... the weak starved or fell in line. Those in the middle truly suffered the most. Being individuals they had to fight for themselves, but not being among the strongest they only got scraps and pieces. This suffering continued on and the poor boy who found himself in this hell hole merely had to wear a smile and accept his fate, hoping, always hoping.

Everything seemed to change when a group of men in suits came. Word spread that kids who were capable of finding the star card were taken away with the men. Something about their mere presence set him off, they were looking for someone with powers. Someone who could find the star card. He was instructed to draw a card and reveal it, that the results would be recorded and then they'd repeat the process until he had drawn twenty cards. At first he tried his best to avoid drawing the card he knew was the star, but after he counted twenty they had him continue. He didn't understand what was happening, each draw seemed to get faster and every time he avoided drawing the star or the same shape he'd pulled before. After the hundredth time two men grabbed his shoulders and lifted him up. He smiled, he thought they were going to carry him out of the room and toss him back with the kids, but the chill that ran down his spine as they carried him out the front door and threw him into the back of a truck. The astronomical odds of him avoiding the star card after so many times had raised suspicions and he was to be taken back to be experimented on. They were going to figure out what made him tick.

Within the facility he'd been stripped down, fed until he'd puked and then had IV's shoved into his arms to replenish the nutrient he was missing. Laying restrained to the table all he felt was fear. Where was he, why was he here, the pain in his arms, and the excruciating device they'd put upon his head. All of it was getting to him. The men who looked over him gave him a simple answer, "If you follow our procedures, and do all the test we ask of you. We'll find you a family." Those words stopped him from struggling. He understood what he had to do. If he wanted to escape this place and live a better life he needed to only just cooperate. The rigorous test they threw the small child into where all meant to stress and break his mind. They were looking for what made him spiritually enhanced and better than a normal child.

Blank. Dead. Soulless. These were the eyes that looked out from the teen. During his years in the Grigori facility. He was the third child they'd deemed worthy, or forsaken to be a guinea pig. He'd lost all sense of wanting to live. The helmet he wore restricted his ability to use his powers, while at the same time delivering a painful shock anytime he'd try to take his own life. He couldn't do anything but be the directors guinea pig. He knew now that the empty promises were all just to make him cooperate, and now that he'd become uncooperative the director could only shout empty threats at him. Nothing could push him to use his powers again for that man or his servants. The only person #3 was still willing to talk with was hired by the director simply to ensure that the children had someone, at least one person to consult with. About their fears, their dreams, and even their aspirations.

The care taker came to #3 that night. It was his "birthday" the day he'd come to Grigori and they'd deemed him now to be an adult. With tears in his eyes he simply asked the man that all he wanted for his birthday was a night without the excruciating helmet on. All he wanted for his birthday was to be able to sleep like a normal human being. Moved by the tear filled words of the boy the man with hesitation in his movements barely touched the button to release the boys helmet before the glass wall between them shattered. The echoing scream was feral, and victorious. Screams and the smell of iron filled the air. The poor caretaker fell to his knees as he realized the hell he'd let loose. All his pent up anger, his hatred towards humans unleashed in an instant. The years of being bottled up and treated like a simple lab rat as they experimented on him had finally blown it's top. He was free, and he made sure to let the care taker who'd released him know his gratitude. He was the only survivor as Grigori fell. The final victim, he made sure the caretaker could watch as he took a piece of rebar from the walls of the facility and plunged it through his own chest. The gurgling laughter as the boy slipped away from the world he was sure would haunt the man, but he'd finally brought retribution to those who had tormented him, and escape the violent circle.

Life as a spirit was short for the child. The large outburst he had made living had drawn shinigami to the location to escort those to the next life, yet not many remained in the area. Most had been escorted through the gates of hell for the sins and atrocities they had committed. His weeping and cries for mercy to escape were the only reason the shinigami had even found his spirit. The chain on his chest, though only just put in place had nearly been eaten away completely by the purely negative emotions towards his own life and all those around him. The soul burial used upon him was the only thing that caused the boy to open his eyes to the world before him and he cried out for justice, he cried to be killed and let be free, but as he re-opened his eyes with the rukongai the only feelings within him was betrayal.

The will, the will that had allowed him to continue living through all the experiments, through all the atrocities that life once had in store for him were unfolded before him. He had enrolled himself within the Shinōreijutsuin and begun his training. Although at first he had seemed like any other new born child, the Grigori foundation was not wrong saying he had possessed powers within himself. His soul the essence of all those powers had been forged, although horrifically, into a fine blade. He studied effectively, and efficiently to master both Kidou and swordsmanship during his times in the school, but ensured himself that he'd never step into the light or be treated better than any other. His short time knowing how the world worked he knew attention only brought disaster.

Once he had graduated he was given a spot among the 12th division. His spot was just one of the numerous scientist working among them. While at first he had found it strange that they had taken him, he had quickly learned he wasn't taken in among them to be a part of them. He was taken among them to be used, once again as a subject. His Saketsu and Hakusui both sealed off he was to be used as a guinea pig. The division wanting to learn whether a shinigami who's powers had been sealed off could have them re-instigated through any means they tested and tested upon the poor mans body and soul. After years of testing and dissecting his body, ripping him limb from limb and putting him back together he'd broken. He'd lost his will to exist, he truly wanted to die and fell within himself. During this time when the lack of response began the division finally tried a new test.

They attempted to insert a hollow's power into him, albeit a sliver they wanted to see if the hollows energy could negate the Soul sleep. The burning agony that shot through the mans brains, his body, his entire soul sent him into spasms. Foaming as the mouth as the mask formed upon his body, while the sliver of energy had been enough to awaken him the hollow itself had free roam of the destroyed mans psyche. Greeting him within himself it had asked him what he desired most in life, and although the man knew he only wished to die, he had asked to live, to live his own life. That was what the hollow would do for him then, give him the power to step free of the bonds around him and give him freedom, or so he made the man believe. As the mask shattered and the Division Twelve members surrounded the mans bodies his eyes were responsive again. He looked at each of them in turn and they smiled back at him. Their experiment had worked, but they had another problem of their hands. Each stabbing the man he blacked out.

Later waking up among thousands of bodies the man felt bone chip away from his face and fall into his lap. The hollow within him had ensured he didn't die down in this pit, and yet neither knew of where they were. Simply put the man had to find his way out of a mass burial. Once he stumbled out he learned that everyone was hostile. He wasn't suppose to be alive most screamed, others cried out for help as he ran them through with ice and crystal. He couldn't understand how he was doing any of it. The hollow within him was controlling most of his bodies function and the few times he tried to tell anyone to run it only came out as guttural screams and chokes of pain. When they finally found his Zanpakuto he pierced the remnants of his mask and fled the Soul society. Ever since, he has wandered alone. Doing whatever he could to try and learn about the world he had been robbed of in both lives, and learn more about the hollow within himself. Though it did give him strength, it was typically at the loss to his own body.

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