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#1 Lazarus on Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:01 am


True Name: Xruuk
This Body: Prince Seto Byashi III of Kyoto
Alias: Lazarus
Age: 21
True Age: Approximately 10,000 Years Old
Sex: Male
Lazarus is a complex creature, born within the earliest days of modern humanity; he became fascinated with knowledge of all sorts, going to any lengths to find or possess the concept of everything he could find throughout his life. Due to this, he became very bored with most things, having explored and studied them so carefully over the long time periods of his life. Still, he has not completely seen or experienced every possible outcome of any given turn of events, causing him to come across as cold and calculating, sometimes even callous.

His demeanor does not change very much after having known him for a length of time, but he does begin to be just a bit friendly, going so far as to call people by just their first name. He does not often use the honorifics that most people do, seeing no real point to them besides admitting their status in comparison to yours.

Lazarus' long life has also lead to a firm belief that, when you're given a task, nothing should come between you and that objective. He will not hesitate to harm allies or enemies if they get in the way of his primary objective, though due to his nature it's rare that he actually has a primary objective. When he does feel the need to have a 'primary objective,' it is usually something that he was asked to do by someone he trusts to a high degree.

This level of trust is not easily earned, nor is it easily broken. If someone has earned Lazarus' trust, he will often go to great lengths to come up with reasons why that person should keep it; he has continued to trust people who have openly attacked him in the past, simply due to the nature of his trust being so hard to give. He feels that if he gives someone his full trust, they deserve it even when they make a mistake. Breaking his trust is nearly impossible, but it's very easy to disappoint him.

With his forced distance from most things, Lazarus is able to stay calm and controlled in most situations, and is not easily surprised or caught off-guard. There are things he doesn't understand; as a rule, the Human Race continues to surprise him even after a few ten thousand years. Especially recently, he has found a slight passion in watching the species he once was a member of evolve and change, but this is one of the few things he actually cares about. Humans are also generally protected by him, as he enjoys them so much that he dislikes threats or dangers against them, and will go to decent lengths to save them from disaster.

Surprisingly, even after his long life, his primary objective is still the continuation of his own life. Even though death is fascinating, and often just out of reach, it's always something that he fears. Death is, by definition, the end of existence. Lazarus has attempted suicide exactly once, but he decided against it in the last few moments he had that chance, due to the fact that there are so many other things he can experience before Death, and it will (by nature) always be waiting for him.

Aside from life, his second (and really, only) objective in life is to experience everything. Due to the nature of his being, experiencing things is the only thing that matters. Nothing else does or ever will, and as long as there are still things out there in the world to experience for the first time (or again in a very long time), Lazarus will continue to live his life trying to experience those things. As a result, he finds a slight enjoyment in predicting the outcome of a given event, simply because he's likely seen it before.

And as a result of that, he takes direct offense at things changing without his awareness, believing that the outcome only changed because of his prediction of it; as if his own awareness of an event caused the changing of it this time around. Even if things are only remotely similar to something he's experienced in the past, he believes whole-heartedly that they will turn out identical, and gets furious if they deviate even slightly.

Participating in combat is one of the more annoying things to him, partly due to that aspect of his personality. Lazarus does not like the unknown nature of combat, and while he will fight when he has to (or is asked to by someone he trusts) he does not enjoy it at all; rather, he feels it's beneath him and should be taken care of by the 'younger, more energetic Hollows'.

Because he is a Hollow, Lazarus does not hold any good will towards Shinigami nor Quincy; however, certain Shinigami (namely, those with Hollow-like powers) are prone to short bursts of excitement. Each one is different, and while they are Shinigami, they seem to be something else entirely, causing Lazarus to actually sometimes regard them as allies, though he's as of yet to call one a friend.

Truth is, even he isn't sure if he can have a single friend anymore. It's been so long since there's been anyone that he's been able to trust, that he doesn't even know if trusting in someone makes them a friend, or just someone he trusts. That fact makes him upset to a degree, as him being unable to connect with anyone is pushing on domains he's unfamiliar with.

Still, he would rather enjoy someone that he could trust, and even if he could call someone a friend he wouldn't know what to do with them. Is trusting someone all that it takes to call someone a friend? What even is a friend? Lazarus asks these questions to himself when alone, as he isn't sure what else he can do. It would be nice to have someone he could connect with; someone as empty as him, preferrably, simply because he could relish in the new experience of someone else who has lived as long as he has.

As an Arrancar, Lazarus has a whole new degree of things to experience. It's been a very long time since he's been in a humanoid body, and as such there are certain things he gets to experience for the first time ever, or at least in a very long time. In fact, becomming an Arrancar is one of the few things in the past thousand years that have actually made him even remotely happy, and he's grateful for the Hollow who helped him to do that.

• One of Lazarus's true pleasures in life are New Experiences. He's been around for a long while, and he's seen and experienced so much in his life, so things that he has not seen, touched, tasted, heard, or felt are all actually exciting to him, and can even go so far as to make him smile.
• Even if he's heard it all before, the one thing that will consistently please Lazarus is Music. Specifically, the Sound Tracks to Video Games are especially well orchestrated and comfort him in his old age, allowing him to relax and enjoy something. While there are many types of music in this genre, his favorite are the ambient tracks, where it's supposed to just be background noise.
• The Human Race is one of the most fascinating things in the world, and over his life span he has seen them evolve and adapt to so many rather interesting things, that simply watching the Human Race is a method of passing time he can often be caught doing. This rarely causes issues as long as he's careful, mostly because he doesn't eat their souls anymore.
• When you earn Lazarus's trust, in whichever way he's giving it out in that millenia, you've earned it forever. Even if you betray him later on by selling him out or attacking him, Lazarus would find it amusing and continue trusting you. This could almost be a fault, but he views it as a strength when comparing his own abilities, as he uses this trust and loyalty to feel like he has a friend.
• Those who know how long Lazarus has been around and seem to simply not care, whether by explicitly stating it or continuing to act like they're better, are an amusement to him. Their air of superiority is so flawed by design that he actually laughs occasionally, which of course just pisses them off, which makes him laugh harder, and the cycle continues.
• You could almost say his general indifference is also a strength to him, since Lazarus will rarely (if ever) start a problem, and if he's given an incentive enough to care about something, he can act as a mediator in a given situation in order to diffuse it. The incentive he requires is rarely something of physical value, but rather emotional or experience in something.
• Due to his age, Lazarus is often mistaken for extremely intelligent, when the truth is he is extremely wise. While Lazarus does know a rather large amount of information, his wisdom is because of his age alone; he is not a genius, he cannot look at a puzzle and immediately solve it, he cannot kill people with his mind alone. He is simply very old and very, very wise.
• That said, he is still a fairly quick thinker, but this too is mostly because of his age. His experience with similar issues in the past can allow him to come up with a result faster than most people would, but this is only with things he has experienced before; new experiences, generally such as Combat, do not share this strength because he has nothing to base it off of.
• Menthol cigarettes are another, albeit strange, little pleasure of his. Since Lazarus is so new to having a human body again, after being a Hollow for so very long, the entire capacity of human entertainments and addictions is wonderous to him. After having tried most of the things he could, the only thing which Lazarus really found any pleasure in was menthol cigarettes; specifically, the minty taste on his mouth as he inhaled.

• Shinigami are close to the number one thing which Lazarus dislikes. They are repetitious, always going on about honor and duty, and are rarely if ever interesting. The one redeeming quality they have is that each Shinigami is unique to a degree, in their abilities and sometimes even in their fighting styles. Particularly unique Shinigami can break free of his innate dislike of them and cause him to be interested.
• Quincy are worse. There is no redeeming quality about these stuck-up snobs. Lazarus can respect superiority, or at least laugh about it, when it comes from anything that isn't a Quincy. He will often go out of his way to make a Quincy's life more difficult, and does not pay enough attention to them to find anything about them even remotely interesting, ever.
• Disruption of a relaxing peace is a direct insult, as Lazarus sees it. If he was able to find solace in something and relax, sudden loud noises or people shouting or anything else that disturbs that peace must be eradicated, even if it means killing the source. Most of those whom know Lazarus to any degree know to treat carefully when things are quiet.
• The fear that he may be forever alone does take it's toll on Lazarus's psyche. When you've been around as long as he has, you face the constant threat of no one ever possibly relating to you on any degree, where you are forced to remain in a state of constant solitude and loneliness. This fact has never been, and never will be, lost on Lazarus.
• Cowardice is a trait which should be lost on the world. It has no redeeming qualities and nothing about it is interesting in any degree. Self preservation is one thing, but running away is another, and Lazarus can usually tell the difference if he sees it. In the same vein, those who betray others (generally, those whom Lazarus has trust in) are treated like cowards and should also be eradicated.
• While an air of superiority is amusing, the bitter taste of arrogance is notably... bitter. Arrogance is a tedious, annoying trait which should also be lost on the world. There is a difference between arrogance and superiority, and Lazarus can tell that difference just like self preservation and cowardice. It's just a manner in which people hold themselves versus their ego defense.
• The only emotion that Lazarus can feel consistently is Anger. This is not something which he is proud of; in fact, just the opposite. Anger is a barbaric emotion, one with no grace or subtlety, where he is so overwhelmed by a situation that all he can do is get upset. For someone who's been around as long as he has, this is treated like an issue to him; his management of Anger is fine, and he can often control it, but he still feels it. He always feels it.
• Lazarus does not particularly care for fighting. It's tolerable in specific situations, but generally it feels like nothing more than pretentious waste of time. If he is forced to fight, he prefers to end things quickly so they don't go on and on and take their toll on him. He's experienced more battles than most other life forms have taken breaths at this point, and it's just not exciting to him anymore. Watching other people fight, however, can be an interesting thing. Seeing people use everything at their disposal to the best of their abilities is an interest Lazarus takes up occasionally, especially when concerning Shinigami who have the presence of a Hollow inside them.
• Certain cultures, specifically feudal japan and ancient egypt, are extremely annoying to Lazarus. There was nothing fascinating about them, nothing that makes them deserve the mystery they have in the modern day. Due to his incredible dislike of these cultures, he will sometimes go out of his way to destroy something which has meaning to them, or ignore someone who's otherwise fascinating but is properly enchanted by them. He's even given up a completely unique individual, the likes of whom he's never seen, simply because the individual wore a necklace that was from Ancient Egypt and he didn't want to associate with them.
• Aside from modern-day legal drugs, he also happens to enjoy the occasionally not-so-legal-drug use. Ranging from marijuana to cocaine, Lazarus uses these hard drugs more rarely so as to prolong their effects by not building up a tolerance, but their effects on his mind are something he never quite gets over, and he is (though he won't admit it) somewhat addicted to them. He has a degree of control over this addiction, and will not go out of his way to get more supplies to feet it, but if the materials present themselves and he has the time... well, they're called addicts for a reason.
• One of his greatest weaknesses lies in the fact that he's experienced too much, though. When presented with a scenario, he will often immediately relate it to something else he's already seen the outcome of, and does not find solace in the fact that he's wrong; rather, if a situation is similar to one he's already seen but turns out differently, he takes offense to that, as though something in the situation changed simply because he already knew what would happen.

• Lazarus's primary goal is to fill the void in his existence; finding something which matters to him and makes him actually feel something about it is such a barely conceivable notion that he's all but abandoned it.
• Becoming more powerful is only something Lazarus thinks about with the slightest of interest. He's not at risk in many situations, and as such his need for self preservation is so rare that he doesn't often bother with actual training, or striving to get stronger; rather, Lazarus simply acknowledges that power is something he can always achieve, and as such keeps it in the back of his mind if there's nothing else he can do.
• No one has been around as long as Lazarus, so in his mind, no one can feel what he's felt. As such is the case, he does have a desire to find someone with whom he can relate to any degree, someone either as empty as he is or who's as lonely for whatever reason, but just a person that he can actually call a "friend" would be nice.
• Finding a way to forget most of his past would also be a nice treat: he's lived so long and experienced so much, both by himself and through his abilities, and the chance to experience something for the first time is one of the few things he can actually be excited to a degree about. Alternatively, Lazarus would like to experience new things. He doesn't think there's much he hasn't experienced yet, though, so the idea of forgetting his experiences is more feasible to him.
• Perhaps his biggest dream though, is to die. Lazarus is far from suicidal, and even in its emptiness enjoys living, but the one thing he knows he's yet to experience is an actual death, where he will simply be born again and forget everything he's done over his existence.


Height: 6feet
Weight: 168lbs
Physical Traits:
In this body, the first thing you would notice about Lazarus is his bright red hair, spiking upwards and slightly backwards as it curves around his facial frame, straighter in the back than in the front due to constantly running his hand through it. When he sweats, or in the rain, his hair consistently straightens out and droops down, covering parts of his mask and the back of his neck. The next thing you would notice is his complexion: pale, but not absurdly so, due to a natural lack in the pigmentation of his skin.

Standing at a height of exactly one-hundred eighty-two centimeters, or around six feet tall, Lazarus has a fairly imposing figure. His musculature is tone but lean, hidden away in the natural curves of his body unless he flexes and strains them, when they can be seen properly. His biceps are more defined than the rest of his muscles, but they too are hidden by his clothing and normally unable to be seen. The skin of his body reveals this more often than he would like though, as if he is not covering his body with his normal clothes, his muscles can be seen if the light hits him correctly, creating shadows that are just barely discernible to the normal eye.

Weighing in at seventy-three kilograms, or one-hundred sixty-eight pounds, Lazarus's body mass index is idealistically healthy, at exactly twenty two. While his muscles do factor into this equation to a degree, his ectomorphic body type simply further reveals his delicacy, which has next to no fat content anywhere on it. He takes care of this body, knowing that it is relatively new and not wanting to break it too early.

Though he does not often show emotion, Lazarus's mood can be clearly seen on his face in extreme situations; happiness being the most rare, and anger being the most common. With an honestly not-so-wide variety of emotions in between these two extremes, Lazarus's eyesare heavy with bags under them due to his maintenance of indisposition and indifference, while his mouth is naturally curved ever so slightly downward, giving the impression that he is always frowning.

Lazarus's hollow hole is located on his right pectoral muscle, and is in the shape of a rhombus, taller than it is wide and in complete points at each side rather than circular like most hollow. Additionally, Lazarus has a Zero tattooed on his left pectoral, a claim at the only number he's willing to wear.

Below his mask, there are two scars which cross at the bridge of his nose and are equal length, about two inches across on both sides. These form an X that is hidden by his mask most of the time, but when he's looking up the scar tissue can be seen by a more observant eye. He also has a scar on his chest, from the left pectoral to the right hip, and a smaller scar which crosses it near the heart and is much smaller.

While his physical body is aesthetically pleasing to look at, Lazarus does not go around without wearing clothing. He has two different outfits depending on the situation, but has minor variations within these outfits as to not have to wear the same things day in and day out like some kind of disgusting freak.

His primary outfit starts with a long sleeve red shirt worn at the bottom layer with a v-neck collar, made of the same common cotton and polyester blend as most other shirts in this particular style. The red is a dark red, almost reflecting the color one would see in a pool of blood, but without the metallic shimmer. Over this, Lazarus wears a back suit jacket made of one hundred percent wool, allowing it to breathe in the heat and stay warm in the cold. This jacket is buttoned at two below the top for two buttons, then is let loose the rest of the way, and extends to just above his knee caps when standing at his full height. The left side has a red and white abstract design which appears to stem from a rose, but is difficult to tell.

The back, across the shoulders, has a much more clear design of a rose in red with a white grapevine behind it, making the red rose stand out much more clearly. The inside of his jacket is the same red as his shirt, and the vine-like texture on the bottom of the jacket matches this. Across Lazarus's waist is a black military belt with a black metal buckle, holding up a pair of pants that match the earlier suit, and have a red rose in the same style as that on his jacket on the external side of the kneecap on both legs. Each hand is also covered in a matching glove which has yet another variation of the rose on the back of the palm. His boots are made of black leather with rubber soles, and feature no design on them.

Lazarus' second outfit is only worn when the Cero King requests a formal appearance, or when he's attending something where his Arrancar status must be known. Based off of the standard Arrancar outfit, the uniform is comprised of white cloth with black trim, separated sleeves from the shoulders, and more than enough room for him to move around in.


General Fighting Style:
While he does not enjoy the aspect of fighting, Lazarus does have to engage in combat occasionally. Luckily for him, he has multiple ways to go about that fighting.

When first engaging an enemy, Lazarus will keep his distance from them and either bombard them with Ceros or simply study them, sometimes both. This is due to his nature of studying and observing, wanting to see how an enemy goes about their fighting and dodging so that he can come up with a strategy to beat them. He doesn't like doing anything without a strategy, and hates acting on instinct, feeling like it's something a lesser Hollow would do.

After studying an enemy, he will often attempt to use his knowledge of swordfighting on them, relying on his Zanpakuto. His skill with sword fighting is fairly high, mixing together a multitude of styles he's accumulated over the years. His favorite to rely on is the Samurai, but he knows to make changes to it when necessary, and his Zanpakuto doesn't fit the part completely, so he relies on other styles as well. Generally he mixes everything together, and attempting to tell what one style he's using is nearly impossible at any given time.

Alternatively, Lazarus will use hand to hand combat if an enemy is unarmed or he chooses to, whichever happens. Much like his sword fighting, Lazarus has accumulated many different styles of hand-to-hand combat, including many different martial arts and karate styles, amalgamating them into a single style which allows him to get the most bang for his buck, adapting to the circumstances of a fight and switching the style he's basing his techniques off of at the time. His most proficient style is the rather modern style of boxing, relying mostly on his fists rather than his feet. That's not to say he can't throw a kick, of course, simply that he prefers the use of his hands.

His Ceros aren't anything to laugh at either, of course. He's as capable as anyone other Arrancar when it comes to using Cero and Bala, but he's developed multiple different techniques based off of the way a Cero works, allowing him to mix and match when necessary, shooting Ceros for long range or close range combat.

If there were a single trait that defined his fighting styles though, it would definitely be his speed. It's higher than any of his other attributes in his Arrancar form, contrary to his weakest attribute which is by far brute strength. Lazarus relies more on outclassing an opponent in their speed, dodging their attacks and whittling them down blow by blow, rather than getting lucky and landing a single blow which puts them down for the count.

•+ Sonido
•+ Cero
•+ Hierro[Acero]
•+ Regeneration

•- Pesquisa
•- Endurance
•- Strength


[Existencia Primordial]Primordial Existence
Ability Description: Any soul that Lazarus consumes has their memories, experiences, knowledge and skills absorbed into his existence. The moment he consumes their soul, he has lived their entire life up until that point. Any [Non-Player Character] being which consumes Lazarus has their existence absorbed into him as well, and he takes over their body as they change into him.

Ability Description: An advanced version of Hierro, Acero is a stronger protection that Lazarus has at all times. For context purposes, Lazarus' Hierro (referred to by himself as his 'Acero'), is 4x as strong as a normal Hierro.


Sealed Appearance:
While in its sealed state, the blade of the weapon is a pure red, untainted by chips and scratches, and sleek enough that blood does not stay on the blade very long. The handle is mahogany wrapped in burnt blackened leather, making it soft to hold while staying sturdy and not hurting after swinging for a long time.

The sheath of this weapon is two independant parts conjoined. The first part is the actual sheath of Soberanía, made of red mahogany with a black leather cap on either end. The second part of the sheath is actually built into the primary part, and is a gun which shoots bullets of compressed reiatsu. If Soberanía is still in the sheath when the trigger is pulled, the ninjatō will be launched at the speed of a bullet, but it will be launched handle-first.

Zanpakuto Name: Soberanía, Sovereignty
Zanpakuto Call Out: "Recognize true power."
Cero: Bala, Cero, Cero Córnea, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras.


In his Resurrección form, Lazarus's mask changes completely. It now completely covers his face, and is a solid white except for two red lines which cross at the center, right before his nose begins, forming an X; these lines are larger versions of his facial scars. Like all masks, it also has a row of permanently visible teeth which grows wider as it gets towards the center. Each tooth on the mask is visibly sharper than a normal human tooth, except, ironically, where the canine teeth would be, which are flat.

The mask has three protrusions: one from the center top and one on each side, aligned on the angle of the malar bones. These protrusions are one and a half inches thick each, and circle the frame of his head as they meet on the back of his skull, on the parietal. While meeting up, all three protrusions then extend again to a horn which rounds upwards circularly.

His body becomes clad in black armor, layered plating with clear scarring and marks. The only part of the armor that isn't black are, like the mask, two bright red lines which form a cross over the center, although slightly offset towards the left side. The mark from the right to the left is much shorter compared to the other mark, which extends from his shoulder all the way down to his waist. Like his mask, these marks are also larger versions of his actual scars.

His right shoulder has three black spikes that protrude straight up, while his left shoulder is covered in a much larger black pauldron with two spikes that curve away from Lazarus's face, then a small gap until the end of the pauldron where a third spike curved upwards and inwards. In this form, his claws larger and are also coated in the same armor.

Continuing the asymmetry, the right hip has two layered plates which are the same matte black as the rest of his armor, while the left hip has nothing; however, the thigh has a skull with four fangs of varying size from one to three inches in length. The skull and the fangs are two separate pieces that are linked together, making them constantly connected despite how bent his knee is.

The right leg continues to have small and light layered plating while the left leg is barren until the feet, which are a darker, metallic black with four claws, despite five toes. The feet are the only part of his entire armor which are not matte in tone, and will glimmer and shine while he fights in this form.

Boosts: Speed x3, Strength/Stamina/Endurance/Spiritual Power x2
Resurrection Ability
Ability Description: Upon activating his Resurrección, all of Lazarus's reiatsu is compressed into him, causing him to emit literally no spiritual pressure at all. Additionally, while in his Resurrección, Lazarus can cause any ability equal to or weaker than a Gran Rey Cero to simply stop existing, once every four posts. The ability vaporizes, leaving no evidence it ever existed in the first place, minus any damage it had already dealt.

[Verdadero Rey Cero Oscuras]True King's Dark Hollow Flash
Ability Description: If you are one of the few who sees the Verdadero Rey Cero Oscuras, then you may consider yourself blessed: however, that will not last long. In the short remainder of your life while seeing this attack, you may notice that it appears as a ray of pure black, with no glow and no emission, unlike other ceros. In fact, that could not be further from the truth; this cero is nothing. No light escapes the area which the Verdadero Rey Cero Oscuras touches, making it look black, while it is actually nothing at all. When this cero explodes, it covers a range of One-Hundred Meters, and lasting for four posts before the blast finally stops. Anything caught within the blast radius takes damage equal to a Gran Rey Cero every post, while the initial explosion is double that strength. This technique has a 2 post charge time and leaves Lazarus fatigued, unable to continue using his Resurrección or fight at all.


Distant memories... each time it happened, recalling his past became a little harder. The overload of new emotions, memories, feelings and everything else that came with taking over someone else's body, Lazarus had to steel himself to even begin to think about anything he'd just found out.

He got eaten while he was asleep... that much he remembered. This body belonged to a prince... Seto Byashi III of Kyoto... he'd had a decent life, was good to his family, and had only eaten when he needed to until he hit the Menos Grande stage, then continued until he was an Adjuchas. Lazarus didn't blame him... the power that came with being an Adjuchas was unmatched when compared to everything before it.

Trying to recall his own history, Lazarus remembered the Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle from the beginning of Human Existence, and when he had first become a hollow. He tried to organize the other Hollows and lead them to a better life, but they didn't listen to him until he started eating them all. Still, that was over 200,000 years ago, and Lazarus didn't need to remember the details, just make sure he could.

Getting used to his new body and finally calming down, Lazarus set off to look for someone else to eat so he could get stronger still. He knew Adjuchas wasn't the limit of his power, and he intended to keep eating until he found that limit, devouring anything he could, and taking over the body of anything that devoured him. In a Hollow vs Hollow world, Lazarus was completely immortal, and nothing would ever stop him.

After finally reaching Vasto Lorde state, Lazarus ripped off his own Mask and became an Arrancar. While he wasn't one of the first, he wanted to make sure he was at his peak power before doing so, and enjoyed the feeling of having a Human Body again. Although he knows Segunda Etapa exists, Lazarus hasn't yet achieved the form, leaving it one of the final things he has to do in order to become the strongest.

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