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#1 Stalk Bakudou [Custom Kidou] on Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:44 pm


3rd Division
3rd Division
Name: Stalk
Type: Bakudou
Number: 80
Incantation: Paralyze those who stand against us and brighten the dark clouds above for those who await for us, let us stalk our enemies in the light and kill them in the dark.
Description: A Silver cube is made to separate Kairu and his enemy from others, making it only a 1 vs 1 battle, on the inside all colors are gone it is black and white as all objects are wavy and mixing into each other. If Kairu walks into the cube wall he would appear on the other side this works for all four sides. (Stalk will absorb all spirit energy based attacks and negates it if it hits a wall, will not travel to other side only physical objects may pass through to other side) (The cube is the size of 4800 square feet) This will take 2 posts to fully build, as its building it can destroyed by damage equal to that of three Cero's of physical damage, any spiritual based attack will just be absorbed. When it is fully complete the only thing that can destroy it from the inside would be a large spiritual based attack, one that could not easily be absorbed, that of Gran Rey Cero energy or otherwise. From the outside this can not be destroyed and will stand for up to 6 posts when fully completed.
3 post cooldown
Who can use it: Kairu Zukinio
Character: Kairu Zukinio

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#2 Re: Stalk Bakudou [Custom Kidou] on Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:12 pm

Ika MaziOnline



Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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