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#1 Kaze "Blackwind" Lisola on Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:04 pm

Basic Information

Name: Kaze Lisola
Age: 37
True Age: 3832
Sex: Male
Personality:  he is a demented evil man with a twisted soul. Pain equals pleasure to this guys mind and he will have no problems finding that pain on purpose. This personality was with him all his human life and during his shinigami years was the cause of his inner hollows emergence turning him into a Vizard after enduring years of training. This mans mind is purely evil and has no regard for life in general. He seeks thrill in battle and lavishes in death and chaos. He will kill anything and everything around him, or try anyways, ESPECIALLY if it is attacking him or gives him a reason to fight. he is easily provoked and has no issues with having a short temper. He is cold, calculating, cunning, completely and utterly the wrong person to meet at any moment unless you were prepared to fight the unrelenting force of death that was Kaze Blackwind Lisola. He is organized, serious, creative as fuck, and will do whatever he wants in any way he can manage.

Likes: Death, carnage, killing.
Fears: Nothingness - The man has died and been reborn with his memories intact so many times that the only thing that scares him at all anymore is nothingness. Like the "void" a realm which nothing exists except black emptiness or dangai which is essentially nothing but ooze. The whole non-existing factor scares Kaze because he's been everywhere else except the end of the line.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'10
Weight: 193
Physical Traits:

He is 5'10''. He always carries two pistols on his hips in holsters with 9 shots each. He wears an eye patch over his eye and has a vertical cut over his left cheek in the form of a scar. His eye that you can see is green and though he has a patch over his other eye he CAN use it too. The only thing is is that it is crimson red and using it tends to give him a headache eve though it allows him to see far far better than his other normal eye.

HIs skin is a normal color and has no special tan or anything..his hair comes down to past his ears and covers his eyes (though he can see easily with it like that anyways). The only other noticeable thing is he has half the sleeve missing on his shirt on the right arm that show his arm covered in rune-like symbols that cover his entire arm in a pattern.

Clothing: See pic.
Accessories: 9 round Pistols x 2. Eye Patch, Cloak of Reiatsu Suppression.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Kaze has always been a strategic person. As such he usually makes and has plans ready in battle at a moments least for himself. He's capable in both hand to hand and ranged combat. Making him a dangerous foe due to his versatility. He is able to switch between explosive and pressure style tactics on the whim and is so good at it that he can tell exactly when the right moment to switch is regardless of his opponents skill.

Strengths: On his own he is average in everything. His racial boosts are the only reason his abilities are higher than average.
Weaknesses: On his own he is average in everything. His racial boosts are the only reason his abilities are higher than average.

Mods/ Weapons/ Abilities:

Weapon / Hellish Modifications / ..Tentacle?: Magun

Name: Sealed State

Effect: in the Magun's sealed state it only grants power over the elements of lightning and earth as well as the ability to make both from little or nothing. Ontop of this it allows the manipulation of both elements to a very fine degree. The magun itself doesn't do anything in this form other than grant those to kaze.

Name: Soil Mode

Effect: The magun forms a fan of black blades that begin to swirl at an incredible rate. Gathering spiritual energy at a speed unmatchable by even quincy's. This does not effect opponent reiatsu only the environment. This mode is necessary to unseal the magun for it's next form.

Name: Magun Thawed

Effect: in the magun's unsealed state it continues to grant the same abilities as before except the magun itself now has two new functions. first it is capable of shooting 3 bullets from trigger pull from it's three hole barrel at the same rate as a pistol. The gun does not run out of bullets. It also grants Kaze the ability to summon any ONE of 7 creatures to aid him in battle. He cannot have two out in battle at one time. Each creature is about 13 times Kaze's size or greater. ( the exception being Atomos who is a skyscraper.) Each creature is treated as though they had advanced heirro and are hard to kill though blocking and parrying them is far easier to accomplish as the creatures are more durable than they are powerful. When each creature is BEATEN they cannot be summoned again for 7 posts. The same summon cannot be summoned more than twice if it was beaten in a thread.

Name: Titan

Effect: One with Earth - Titan is capable of any attack or defense that deals with any material considered "earth" this does not include metals. The attacks cannot exceed a cero. They cannot exceed the speed of a bala. This being is able to make a single attack of Gran rey cero strength every 3 posts but only twice per summon.

Name: Phoenix

Effect: One with Fire - Phoenix is capable of any attack or defense that deals with the element fire. Lava is not included. The attacks cannot exceed a cero. They cannot exceed the speed of a bala. This being is able to make a single attack of Gran rey cero strength every 3 posts but only twice per summon.

Name: Quetzacotl

Effect: One with Lightning - Quetzacotl is capable of any attack or defense that deals with the element lightning. Thunder and Wind is not included. The attacks cannot exceed a cero. They cannot exceed the speed of a bala. This being is able to make a single attack of Gran rey cero strength every 3 posts but only twice per summon.

Name: Leviathan

Effect: One with Water - Leviathan is capable of any attack or defense that deals with the element water. blood and ice are not included. The attacks cannot exceed a cero. They cannot exceed the speed of a bala. This being is able to make a single attack of Gran rey cero strength every 3 posts but only twice per summon.

Name: Pandemonium

Effect: One with Wind - Pandemonium is capable of any attack or defense that deals with the element wind. lightning is not included. The attacks cannot exceed a cero. They cannot exceed the speed of a bala. This being is able to make a single attack of Gran rey cero strength every 3 posts but only twice per summon.

Name: Omega Weapon

Effect: One with Shadow - Omega is capable of any attack or defense that deals with the element Darkness/shadow. Blindness not included. The attacks cannot exceed a cero. They cannot exceed the speed of a bala. This being is able to make a single attack of Gran rey cero strength every 3 posts but only twice per summon.

Name: Atomos

Effect: Gravitonne - Atomos increases the gravity for everyone but Kaze by 2x Earth's normal gravity. This is lasts 4 posts with a CD of 6.

Gravija - Atomos causes a sudden 5 foot radius gravity increase underneath one person. This increase is 2x normal gravity and lasts for one post with a CD of 3.

Demi - Atomos attempts to enclose one person in a sphere of gravity to make them FEEL like they got completely crushed but did not actually suffer more than intense bludgeon damage all over the body. this is usable once per 3 posts. The total damage of this attack is similar to a cero and the sphere is escapable/defeatable but even a moment within it can cause some amount of damage.

Ball of Force - Atomos is capable of launching a volley of balls that are concussive force towards any number of people up to the number of balls ( 12 )  the balls when making contact won't do more damage than a bala however have enough force behind them to launch someone through a building. so that launching might hurt a bit more than the ball itself.

Racial Boosts - x4 Strength, Speed, Endurance, Reflexes, Stamina

Back Drop

-Some of this background is from another site and will be ignored in regards to Bleach Story's Orgs and Plots-

Background: Childhood - As a child Kaze was in a very bad town that was basically at war with itself between its own citizens. Two gangs ruled over it during his childhood and they were fighting over who ruled the town. Any police action that had been taken usually ended in the loss of more policeman than gang members and it seemed the only time the two gangs worked together without trying to kill each other was when they were shooting at cops. This had been going on ever since he was born and even back when his own mother had been a child. Now.. he' 7 years old..and a gang member busts down the front door and demands the use of the house for an operation, and well..his Father always hated the gangs and the damage they caused so he saw it as his "time to shine" by standing up to this gang member while he was alone, that decision to stand up and say "no" got his father shot in the skull by a .45 caliber within two seconds and the gang member asked his mother again. She was so distraught over the loss of her husband that she started screaming at him and cussing him out and such until she tried to get physical, once she did that the gang member simply shot her down as well and motioned for all his buddies to come into the house and use it as they saw fit. When they realized a child had witnessed everything that had just happened they moved in to gag and finish off Kaze as well a his parents. As they came closer and closer pulling out the gag and the knives and anything else they had he began to manifest his power for the first time and created an explosion of energy around him that decimated his home as well as the gang members, Surprised and scared by what had happened he ran far away hoping no one would ever find him and his journey brought him into the mountains where after traveling around for 4 days and running away from many of the wild animals that lived there he met a man who said he had no name. That man was the savior of Kaze on that day for he took him in and after learning of the boy's power began to help him learn to control it as if it was no surprise to him at all.

Teenage years - After a few years of living with the man in the mountains he had grown quite a bit of strength from all the hard labor that he had to do t help the man and himself sustain the way of life they had for themselves. Over more time he started having easier and easier ways of living from the use of his powers. He eventually became able to fully stop himself from needing to eat for energy or anything else though he still had to drink water on occasion. The only drawback is the length of time he had to give into using his powers to do this. It left him pretty tired the first couple of years he did it but he eventually got so used to it that it didn't bother him anymore. Life continued on like thi until one day the man had a heart attack and died while Kaze was sleeping. Kaze awoke and did everything he could to wake the man up but when he finally realize that the man who had been helping him all these years was dead he packed his things and moved out into the closest town, Karakura, the reason behind this was that in the time he had been with the man he learned that trying to live out alone all by yourself can be very unhealthy and you'll always be unhappy. Unfortunately..within the second week of his stay in karakura he had fallen into a bad crowd and found himself locked in a pit to be used as a fighter. Since his, basically, kidnapping from the streets of karakura town he had been put in a cage and forced to fight people who could easily break his bones and make him look like a ragdoll,during this time, something in his mind snapped and he started having a second personality while in the ring that creeped out even the heartless men that were beating on him, this continued on and on for months and steadily grew worse until he completely went ballistic in a cage match and utterly without remorse, hesitation, or even slowing down tore the man apart limb by limb AFTER he had broken almost every bone in the man's body with reiatsu enforced punches. His powers had fully manifested and his split personality, which had been dragged out from his subconscious, understood them fully and used them to beat and kill the strong man thaT begged for mercy and for him to stop. Everyone in the ring wa completely shocked and the people pulling Kaze's leash got extremely angry and tried to have him beaten to death, but since Kaze's split personality was in charge still and knew the true power of Kaze, he ended up not only killing..every single man that was sent to beat him, but also the men responsible for his kidnapping and every last spectator that watched the fight that night..To top it off he even destroyed the entire building that he had been locked in for so long. He did however take all the money in the building before doing so..and using it gained the black cloths that seem to have become a signature for him as well as his sword and pistols who no one can even figure out how they were made.

Adult live - he wandered the town of karakura and killed randomly with no remorse for a long time as he was still locked in his split personalities control until an organization sent someone to kill him or capture him. After the battle that occured ended, in which Kaze lost horribly to the person who had much more experience and mental control, They locked him up in a cell for a while while having their best people help to keep his split personality from having full control. 6 months of this "rehabilitation" paid off as he turned back to normal with full knowledge of what had transpired. He asked them to let him go and that he would not cause any more problems against humanity. This promise, however, was broken 2 years later when he slaughtered an entire park of people while having an episode of anger. So again the organization sent a member to fight him except this time, the member died. Within a week the organization that the member worked for had completely cornered Kaze and forced him back into their "rehabilitation program" and again..after a while it seemed to have worked except this time they used a forbidden technique that locked his split personality up to the point where it had no control over the body unless given and it could be taken back from the split personality at will. Honestly the organization tried to seal this Inner Demon of Kaze's completely but found they didn't have anyone strong enough to do so. He continued being with the organization to make sure he didn't have another episode for 3 more years before being let out into the normal world again. Soon after he left, however, an attack was made on the organization and it was burned to the ground by unknown attackers. Months later he found a monster roaming the park chasing a survivor of that same organization and slay'd it quickly. While the survivor was dying from his fatal injuries he warned Kaze about things called hollows and said to either kill them before they could do anything or run away. Being the only known living affiliate with the organization left hollows constantly seemed to appear where he was at random times and attack him. Though it had gotten to the point where they easily died and the attacks seemed normal and didn't bother him anymore. Though the damage to the city caused by one of the attacks usually caused alot of problems for Kaze since they could see him but not the monsters. So he usually was forced to sleep outside and avoid authority figures since he was kind of wanted for Property Destruction.

Shinigami years - 10 years after he had been a wanted fugitive for massive property damage he was finally caught and executed for endangering his fellow citizens. After a while of floating around as a soul he found himself in the Rukongai with fragmented memories. After a few months he had learned all there was to know about Rukongai and learned what he could about the gotei 13 court guard squads. It was after learning that people with high spiritual pressure could apply for the academy that he decided to join in and do his best. He applied and was amazed at how many people were there and all the different things he was going to learn how to do the classes concerning Zanpaktou's confused him at first, but he quickly figured it out. the classes concerning kidou and reiatsu were simple and his control of reiatsu was astounding due to his human life's knack for energy but every now and again he'd have an episode in which he'd seem to transform and go ballistic, other than that however he was a good shinigami with amazing power considering his "newness" to being a death god. He had made several friends and learned about very powerful shinigami from the past and the present. One friend in particular was named Azul and they were always studying and fighting together as if they were rivals but they were really very close friends. the second incident that occured with him going ballistic however..caused Azul to slowly move himself from being Kaze's he had went through menos forest like a madman and was killing everything in sight. It scared Azul and so he left Kaze alone for the remainder of his time in the Seireitei before Azul was finally killed in a patrol against a Adchujas. A few weeks after his graduation a 3rd incident concerning him going ballistic occurred and he was locked in a cell for a few days and bound by powerful bakudo while the captains talked about what was going on, eventually they released him on good behavior and he continued his duties without any problems. After the 4th incident 3 months later however one of the captains realized what was going on and had a meeting that ended with an agreement to have someone try to assassinate Kaze. The battle echoed across the night as the assassin and Kaze fought toe to toe for hours before Kaze managed to get in a lethal blow and escape.

Vizard years - When the captains had a meeting and found out what had occurred..they at first tried to kill him when that failed and they caught him running in menos forest before restraining him and then they expelled him from soul society as a traitor and told him if they ever saw him again they'd kill him. After a few years of looking around he met a man that claimed to understand what Kaze was and offered to help. At first Kaze was skeptical but as time went by he began to grow more worried about the thing trying to take him over and he went into the Vizard HQ and met a man that helped him for the next 3 years in training his hollow powers as well as fine tuning his Shinigami powers while at the same time teaching him how to control his inner hollow it was during this time that his Zanpaktou began to come to him in his dreams..asking him if he wanted true power over his life and wanted to become even stronger by being more connected with his zanpaktou. At bfirst..he wasn't able to hear it..but as the months crept past he began to hear more and more until finally he was having a conversation with his zanpaktou and was able to hear the entire bargain for bankai. When it came to shikai..he had only heard the name of his zanpaktou..but couldn't hear anything more.but now..he could hear everything his Zanpaktou was saying and he agreed to be closer to him. This made his power grow by leaps and bounds and he renewed his training to master his bankai. decades started to pass and he was doing all the missions given to him until one fateful encounter left him completely confused on how his life was going. he had never questioned it until he met an Arrancar that was hiding out in Karakura Town and he was ordered to kill it. Try to kill it he did..though it was very difficult to battle as it was very strong and had very high speed, but he eventually wounded it what seemed to be fatally but it had managed to escape. When he did find it again he found that a human girl was over him arguing with him about accepting help. He moved to finish the beast off but the human through up a barrier and started screaming at him calling him heartless and such while she started working on healing the arrancar. He was confused on why such a thing would happen but he stabbed forward with his Zanpaktou to finish his mission even if it meant killing the human. To his surprise however..the moment he pierced the barriers, which took quite a bit of effort, the arrancar had shifted to be behind the girl and caught the blade in his hand..holding it there as he used a cero on Kaze's face to make him going flying back..this knocked Kaze out and when he came to both the Arrancar and the girl were gone..but there was no human blood on the ground..making him believe that they were together. The more he thought about it..the more he became to question what he was doing. He kept doing his missions..but slowly..he began to not do them..he began to question everything, which got him into a lot of trouble, and it bothered him quite a bit.

Rogue years - After the incident in Karakura Town..he kept growing more and more uncertain on what he was doing..on whether it was right or wrong..and eventually ended up leaving the Vizard organization and living on his own in Karakura Town where he tried to avoid fighting Hollow and other people that came looking for him though he did defend himself if he was attacked. For the next 5 years he kept doing this until something changed his mind and caused him to come to the conclusion that where as that ONE arrancar may have been good..most of them were evil.. just like shinigami..the values and morals they held had key flaws that he disagreed with so he stay'd in Karakura and remained there as a watcher after a while however.. he found that the human race wasn't even worth protecting..thus spear headed an organization meant to crush and annihilate anything that opposed their rule.. the Shadou no Takai.. However.. even with that organization..he found that he himself was still bored..thus relinquished command of the organization to people whom had intrigued him.

Over the years this group flourished and did whatever it wanted within the limits of it's own power..but during a fateful night Kaze fought someone who turned out to be the one who would defeat Kaze. After a long and well fought battle..Kaze inevitably lost to the man known as Rikku Takashi. However.. instead of being slain..he was instead absorbed into Rikku's zanpaktou and trapped there. Where he remained for many decades until recently..something occurred to free him and now he wanders the world of the living once more.

His daughter now led her own life. Her power flourishing far beyond what Kaze had expected even from his own flesh and blood. Knowing this.. he still wanted her dead for betraying him and his ways. He was free..and now he would do what he did in the beginning..kill what he wanted..where he he wanted..when he wanted.. He soon found the the times had changed so drastically that such method of thinking was too..perilous now.. So he began to change his ways only that instead of killing someone and bringing an entire force upon him that he may not be able to handle.. he would isolate a few people and have his way with them then.

This worked for a few months..but then people attacked his hometown and he was forced to call his daughter for aid. During this attack he ended up giving his life to take out one of the enemy. It wasn't long before he awoke in hell as a sinner however..and now he didn't have any moral reasons holding him back from being a destructive force of death.

Kaze Lisola was reborn once more as the ultimate killing machine! dun dun dun... I know..lame as hell. Whatever.

Theme Song!

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