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#1 [Private] Assassin Chronicles on Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:43 am

It was night time in the city of Paris with a nice breeze and a decent temperature permeating the area. Most people were either out partying or on a date at this hour since most workers were off for the day and what not. Clouds occasionally blocked out the moon making it slightly darker than normal every now and then with a pretty regular atmosphere going around socially.

Except for a man running through back alleys and side streets carrying a enclosed envelope. He wore non-descriptive clothing. Just regular blue jeans and a grey t-shirt, but he had a tattoo on the back of his left hand in a strange symbol marking one of the gangs in Paris.

And he didn't seem like he was having a good night.

On the rooftops over him ran a silent and quick paced girl who stalked him effortlessly despite his many attempts to lose her, though he wasn't sure she was the one actually stalking him. He had simply panic'd thinking he was being followed, which he was, and bolted.

Her job was to follow him, figure out the target of his package delivery. Then dispose of him and his target claiming the package for her client.

After easily tracking him for an hour he ended up at his destination and met with some slightly chubby but tall man who looked like a bar bouncer, but he had a tattoo on his right shoulder from a gang different than the package boy..

"So they are just having a dispute between themselves and I'm the clean up crew.." She muttered under her breath as she formed her oddly unique quincy weapon, which looked more like a decked out super gun than anything, and fired off a grenade-esque shot between the two men. Killing the package boy immediately and severely injuring the other man and laying him flat.

She hopped down and picked up the package, shot the man in the head to finish the job, put away her weapon, pulled out her cell phone, and called her Client saying, "Complete." before being told to return. Soon as she hung up the phone she crushed it in her hand and dropped it's pieces along the rooftops on her way back to her client.

Just another job. Just another day. She needed the money so whoever won or lost didn't matter to her.

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#2 Re: [Private] Assassin Chronicles on Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:03 am

Kana waited on the edge of the building, watching the fat man. He was her target. As was the package he was due to receive. The man was Antsy. Like he knew he was being watched. She was sure he hand't spotted him, not from the cover of darkness she had hidden in. She waited patiently. Had been for the last hour. It wasn't much longer, when someone showed up, with the package. She stood up to move, and there was an explosion. The delivery boy was killed instantly, and a woman appeared. She shot Kana's target and took the package.

Kana hadn't moved an inch, as she watched the woman take out her phone. She then hung up, and crushed it. And started to leave. With the package and Kana's paycheck. Kana jumped to the rooftop across from her and started chasing the woman, moving silently, following her. Kana closed the distance and shot several shards of ice into the woman's path. Hoping to take advantage of the surprise attack Kana blurred in and attempted to snatch the package from the womans hands. She might not get the kill, but she was getting paid.

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#3 Re: [Private] Assassin Chronicles on Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:17 am

Valerie sensed the sudden increase in spiritual energy behind her and stopped on a dime as she landed on the edge of a rooftop just in time to watch ice shards fling in front of her. However she had already searched visually in the path it had come from so as soon as Kana got close Valerie, seemingly after Val's new package pick up, she backflipped off the rooftop and into the alleyway below while firing a 9mm pistol at her on the way down that seemed to come out of nowhere, despite having been stored in Valerie's special gloves,

Once on the ground she took off using Hirenyaku to speed up the initial take off acceleration but was normally running using her trademarked speed afterwards to conserve energy. She figured the woman was going to keep following her and also figured that this was either some kind of mix up since they couldn't possibly be after the same package for different people.. or was just someone being hired as back up who was intent of being paid instead of Val getting her payday.

She was not amused, but she wasn't about to stop and deal with her for the moment. She was on mission and the mission was to return to her client with the package.

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#4 Re: [Private] Assassin Chronicles on Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:43 am

Kana almost got it, but the woman reacted and backflipped away into the alley below, at the same time drawing and firing a pistol at her. Ice formed between Kana and the bullets Catching the first few and giving her a chance to flip out of the way. Then she dropped into the alley and gave chase after the woman, using blur to keep up. Kana was fast, but even in a foot race this woman was faster. So kana formed ice under her as she ran, and transitioned to skating to try and keep up, which helped. As soon as she got a clear line, she created a 5ft by 5ft barrier of ice between the woman and escape.

She was loath to directly attack the woman. Assassin and competitor she might be, but Kana just wanted the package. However, if she couldn't catch her, she would have to slow her down. So she made the call. As the barrier of ice appeared, spikes of ice shot from the base towards the woman's legs, trying to cut them up and slow her down. If that didn't work, it would atleast give Kana time to close the distance, as she blurred in and forming a sword of black ice, slashed at the woman's arm holding the package.

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#5 Re: [Private] Assassin Chronicles on Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:34 am

Valerie saw the ice wall and didn't seem to stop running, her glove in her right hand released her shotgun into it and she used that and her quincy "gun"'s grenade shot to just bust her way through the ice wall entirely while jumping over the spikes that came for her lower legs. However as she got over and past the wall the other assassin seemed to have caught up to her and made a slashing attack at the arm she still had the package tucked into.

Valerie used Hirenyaku and appeared behind the woman, but fully stopped, as she glared. This was now irritating, "What the hell is your problem. You don't work for them or you would have stopped me from trying to kill them. Which means you want this package because of I don't care why. This is MY pay day. Go fuck off and get your own woman."

Her shotgun seemed to have de-materialized at some point during her Hirenyaku high speed movement and was replaced by the same pistol she had fired previously from the rooftop clash.

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