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#1 Jin Midokawa on Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:20 am


Name: Jin Midokawa
Age: 18
True Age: 18
Sex: Male
Personality: A guy that is stoic in the face of danger, a type of assassin that hate dictators and tyrants, he's also a bit of a revolution seeker. It isn't uncommon for him to interfere in politics as an unseen hand, laying death and chaos where it counts. Even in a type of jolly mood when he does it. A disguise artist, he could infiltrate most places, and adapt his outwards personality to fit the bill.

He's generally a good sport otherwise. He helps old ladies across the street, get kittens out of trees, and peacefully stop bad situations. Not exactly optimistic, but never really pessimistic either. Most times, he'll jump in without looking. Only with high profile assassinations will he prepare or something similar.

He's no friend of anyone's, though. Shocking considering his outgoing and open minded personality. But should he befriend someone, he's very reliable, and always finds a way to help them. In combat, he doesn't talk, just fights and tries to kill his target. Or escape. He always has an objective in mind. Jin can be a tiny bit manipulative. But not enough to be considered completely untrustworthy.

He has a high tolerance for assholes and highly disruptive people, so long as they don't have aspirations to be a dictator of a country. He always has rice crackers with him and is rather good natured, even in the face of blatant disrespect. He doesn't have a high tolerance for lies and bullshit though.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: He's a blitzkrieg type of attacker, head on, fast, and hit hard. Most times. He's highly adaptable, and his abilities reflect it. He relies on his mobility to stay alive long enough to do significant damage, a glass cannon type of fighter. He is always seen coming, however, so sneakiness against spiritual entities is useless and non-existent.

Strengths: Strength, speed, stupid amounts of reiatsu

Weaknesses: Durability, sensing: is enough to detect an assassination attempt or someone sneaking up on him, but that's about it, unable to hide his reiatsu.


Ability Name: Scorpion
Description: Energy blades can be formed from wherever he wants, from his head, to his boots. They're usually in the form of a short sword or dagger that can be thrown. The thrown ones loses durability, and are breakable, though not easily. Those connected to him are zanpakutou strength. Six blades can be poking out of him at once/is wielded. This doesn't count any that are thrown, though if they are picked back up by him, then they count. There are some sub-abilities that go with it, listed below.

Branching Blades: This is what is described above. An energy blade can form from his head, feet, shoulders, spine, wherever he wishes. They are of course, retractable. As are the other two sub-abilities listed below.

Mole Claws: Via contact with the ground or any object, a blade can be imbedded. While it forces him to be stationary, he could attack or anchors himself against a shockwave. This fashion limited by a 20 yard radius.

Mantis: By connecting multiple scorpions, he can make a whip-like blade of cuttery. It has a range of 20 yards. Only two of these can be thrown out at once.

Ability Name: Grasshopper
Description: A platform appears, throwing whoever/whatever steps on them. It's not strong though, and easily resistible if you react fast enough to anchor yourself. It's mostly used for his own use, however, allowing him to change directions with greater ease than normal. Or even do a pinball like maneuver, making him slightly harder to hit.

Ability Name: Asteroid
Description: A cube of energy is formed. From it, a single cero powered energy blast is fired out. Or 30 hado 4-ish powered energy beams. If it's the latter, the can determine the format of it or do precise control of it. The larger, single blast is harder to do, but either version, he could send up from behind cover and fire it, throw it, etc.

Ability Name: Escudo
Description: A shield comes out of the ground or large enough surface to block a single gran rey cero leveled attack. Or two shields, each the strength of half a Gran Rey Cero in strength...and could potentially trap someone if they're not fast enough (they probably will be, and if not, it's not gonna last long). 3 post cd. Below is a picture of it.

Ability Name: Shield
Description: A weaker shield that can block a cero's worth of power is formed. It's green in color and hexagonal in shape. 1 post cd.

Ability Name: I Feel No Pain
Description: Pretty self explanatory. At most, he'll feel that he's injured, and knows about it, but otherwise won't stop him from doing what needs to be done.


Ability Name: Fujin

Fujin appearance:

Description: A green energy sword with a black handle is summoned. When its ability is activated, transparent, green ribbons appear at the blade. These signify how many remote slashes he has left before he needs to recharge. They can travel on any surface, move at 80% the speed of a cero, and even in the air can move as he wishes, though not by any means homing. As demonstrated in the last pic, he can even embed them into SOLID objects to hide them, only detectable by sensing experts or those with enhanced eyes. He has 27 remote slashes, and it takes 1 post to recharge 3 of them, so long as he doesn't use a remote slash in between. They have a hefty range of 230 yards, but the chances of him hitting his target at that range is poor at best. Though with the help of teammates giving him coordinates, it could improve.

Ability Name: Teleport
Description: In the direction that he's looking at, Jin can teleport 30 yards away, but must be at least 5 yards away from any spiritual body/human/bounto. This can include from a mirror, so long as it isn't a trick mirror or odd reflection. It can be done once per post with 3 post cooldown, but also limited to 3 times per thread.

Ability Name: Ability retention.
Description: His primary abilities can be used still in this form.

Boosts: Speed x3, strength x3, durability x2, reiatsu x2


Side Note: Organon and Fujin are dual wielded in Hyper mode.

Ability Name: Organon

Organon Appearances:

Description: An anti-barrier/armor saber. It has sub abilities, listed below. Refer to first gif for appearance (ignore the old fart.)

Ability Name: Ring of Defense (sub-ability)
Description: Refer to the second gif for appearance. In that same ring fashion, he can defend himself from any attack in that fashion. This can be done once every 4 posts. For frontal assaults, he must use the blade for the ring to occur. It'll block a cero oscuras or hado 90-ish leveled attack. Can't block last resorts obviously.

Ability Name: Ring of Attack (sub-ability)
Description: He can create very visible rings. On those rings are blades that can swivel, but goes along that ring, like a rail. Refer to the second pic, the diagram. And for appearance, the last gif, though ignore the weights/black things on them. The blades are also anti-barrier and anti-armor/hierro. They'll cut through anything not soulbound or zan steel (or last resorts). Extreme power at the cost of high visibility. He can only have up to 8 rings at once. Each ring can have up to 5 blades on them. The rings are intangible, and one can go through them without interference. They're more of a sign of where the blades are gonna go. He can edit their orbit however he wishes, expanding them or contracting them. Only way to not know where those blades are at is to be deaf, dumb, blind, and completely unable to sense reiatsu.

Ability Name: Ability Retention
Description: All prior abilities are retained.

Ability Name: Fujin Upgrade
Description: It's restored back to maximum remote slash count, plus he gets additional remote slashes, up to 42. Same limits as before.

Ability Name: Bound
Description: A stronger version of Jin's Grasshopper, only he is affected by it. Basically, a blue platform appears, and he touches it, sending him flying in the opposite direction that he touched it from. At double his normal speed. It has the potential to backfire via slamming him through a building, but better that that getting chopped or blown to bits. 4 post cd.

Ability Name: Hurricane of Blades
Description: His last resort. Within a 100 yard radius of him, the rings are condensed, and more than his limit occurs, up to 20, leaving enough space to dodge the blades if you're thin and go perpendicular to him. Then come the blades. That's just the first part. The second part comes with Fujin, which is forcefully restored to maximum remote slashes. All of which are sent out to surround and stab the target, with the right timing to avoid interference with Organon's attack. The sheer energy drain makes it so he reverts to normal and cannot use any abilities, blur, etc...basically makes him a normal, squishy human. That's exhausted as hell.

Boosts: Strength x4, speed x4, durability x3, reiatsu x3


Background: A child soldier turned assassin, he was picked up by some South African PMC at a young age, after he was abandoned as a child. Once his PMC was destroyed, him being the only survivor at ten years old, he'd already seen his fair share of battle...his fair share of tyrants as well. Among other things. However, being recognized as an Advent Human, with four years of experience with his powers already, he was taken in by the assassin responsible for the PMC's destruction.

This caused a new dictator in his life. To cope, he developed a personality that is outgoing, and helps whenever he can. This came prominent in his early teens, when his master was teaching him disguises and minor hacking skills in addition to more...covert ways of killing. After snapping, and getting sick of not being able to pick his missions and the like, he threw everything he had against his former master at the age of sixteen. The end result was a very much brutalized man and a blood drenched sixteen year old.

Since then, he'd pick his battles and who he kills, his own missions. He became a much happier person. But he kind of has a hobby of sowing chaos to politicians that are known to be tyrants. Or other similar people.
Side Notes: Got Nothing
RP Sample: So Soon?

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#2 Re: Jin Midokawa on Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:59 am

Probably have to edit Organon...which I'm expecting. Just tell me what I need to do/clarify.

Shameless Bump.

Jun Tomoshibi. Human. 0-5
Riku Tomoshibi. Shinigami. 0-5
Tegan Tristan Tomoshibi. Human. 2-1
Kuro, Tegan's talking cat. 4 tier noncombatant.
Reo Sato. Shinigami. 2-1
Jin Midokawa. Human. 0-5
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#3 Re: Jin Midokawa on Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:05 am

I'm going to suggest Escudo be reduced to Hadou 40/50 primary stage, Cero in final, and Gran Rey in Hyper mode, though I will accept a similar scale with slight alterations Accepted after reconsideration.

With the teleport, we're re-evaluating teleport to be thread-exit only across the entire site. Please take this into consideration

Ring of Defense needs a 3 post CD, 4-5 posts if anything above Gran Rey tier hits it.

Hurricane (last resort spell) needs a bit added to the description saying that Jin will be nearly drained and not suited for combat after using that.

Please do note that all the 'resets' that Fujin gets are acceptable for now, but will be watched and under moderation if it becomes too overpowered.

Could you also add a clarification as to Fujin/Organon being dual wields in hyper, or if Organon takes Fujin as an Upgrade?

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#4 Re: Jin Midokawa on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:20 am

As discussed in chat, left Escudo alone.

Editted Ring of Defense for Cero Oscuras/hado 90-ish leveled blockage with 4 post cd.

Talked with Jeef, who also listened to Rena, about the Teleport, limits have been placed for it to be combat focused.

I have no idea how the flying pig's ass I forgot that important detail, but it's been added with lovely imagery.

There's a reason I stated the recharge can only be done if he hasn't used one. I could enforce a slightly harsher limit if need be, but understood.

Added a nifty side note. Also added one ability in Hyper Mode, Bound.

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Riku Tomoshibi. Shinigami. 0-5
Tegan Tristan Tomoshibi. Human. 2-1
Kuro, Tegan's talking cat. 4 tier noncombatant.
Reo Sato. Shinigami. 2-1
Jin Midokawa. Human. 0-5
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#5 Re: Jin Midokawa on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:39 am

Approved, 1-4. Happy Hunting.

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