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#1 Saki on Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:29 am


Name: Saki
Age: 16
True Age: 112
Sex: Female
Personality: Saki is a generally laid-back and calm woman, as evidenced by her soft-spoken and curious nature. Despite her lazy attitude, Saki is a person that takes her boring work seriously in order to have more free time to either nap or enjoy arts - she's the kind of person that would face head-on a pile of paper that'd take a week to complete and finish it in one night just so she could laze around, enjoy some sight-seeing or just annoy others.

As such, it is well known that she is a hard worker despite her lazy cover. Thanks to her ridiculously high alcohol tolerance, Saki enjoys drinking, though she keeps it a secret from most people save those that are a bit closer to her. She's a sociable person and doesn't mind talking with people in the slightest as that generally refrains her from napping around all the time - something her captain commander doesn't like all that much. Saki is a story-loving, good-listener person and will surely hear whatever someone would like to talk about. Her often calm and reliable demeanor is the reason why many friends of her entrust Saki with secrets. Due to a mix of amiable behavior and kindness, Saki is rarely on someone else's enemy list. At times, she may be blunt and tend to not show proper respect to authority when the situation deems fit. Overall, Saki is very mature and has great control over her emotions.

Saki seems to never take anything too serious, her practical and simple view of the world often leads to a general impression that this laid-back shinigami is a dimwit or a fool, as evidenced when Saki often overlooks obvious things and seems to be quite fond of making nonsensical remarks here and there despite tough situations. The truth is, this assumption is where many miss the mark on Saki's personality by a long shot. When the timing is right, this amiable and welcoming woman can show an unbelievably cunning and perceptive side and will also sometimes display an extraordinary level of knowledge. Whenever it comes to one of her goals or a serious situation that she has to deal with - as long as she has the privilege of time, she won't rush it, and will surely plan out how to achieve her goals and needs.

Saki is a peace-loving woman and always try her best to persuade and talk her way out of battles she finds unnecessary, though she generally tries to not insult those who have the will to fight. Saki has a great distaste for fighting and finds most physical conflicts meaningless and does the best to her ability to end fights as soon as possible. Though Saki tries to convince and talk her way out of battle she will fight if a situation demands it, much to her chagrim. Despite her distaste for fighting, Saki still retains a high semblance of respect in combat situations and remains polite independently of her situation.


Height: 5'7''
Weight: 135 lbs
Physical Traits: Saki stands at about 5ft and weighs 120lbs. She's a young-looking woman that has a peach-colored skin and short pink hair. Saki has a slightly curvy and toned body and long legs. Regradless of her general attitude, Saki is a woman that carries herself with grace - but never exudes a single drop of arrogance towards anyone. Saki's charisma lies in her ability to understand others and to be unfazed by things many would otherwise react in some way, often keeping her calm and inviting behavior. Whenever alone, however, she seems to be much more lax and always seem to be thinking way far ahead - as if she's constantly wondering many things at once.

Clothing: As the Kidou Corps Commander, Saki is not necerssarily bound to wear the standard shihakushou uniform. As such, she wears a light blue kimono. Unlike the standar kinds, however, Saki's has a few unique traits; first, rather than tying it with an obi on her waist, it is tied with a simple blue sash. Despite her clothing generally looking the same, it isn't. Saki secretly wears many different pieces of clothing, with the only real difference being the subtle prints, which she carefully picks based on the occasion that requires her presence. She also wears a blue cap, which has a triangular headpiece, a gift from her foster father. Saki's whole outfit has frills and white and blue patterns, much similar to shinto shrine maiden uniform. Despite that, Saki still wears the shihakusho under her normal attire.

Accessories: She always seem to carry a simple blank fan with her.


General Fighting Style: Saki is a medium to long ranged fighter.  She prefers fighting at a distance, as that's where she's best at. Saki makes use of her kidou mastery to shape and control her kidou to her liking in order to deal with different situations and enemies - she is capable of quickly catching up on details, and despite her laid-back self, she has a great ability to judge and analise things on the fly and on the heat of battle.

Strengths: Kidou Master, Hohou Expert, Spiritual Mastery. Saki is also great at planning ahead and tricking others.

Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Hakuda. Saki knows enough of zanjutsu so she won't be easily overwhelmed when in close quarter combat, though she'd never overwhelm someone with it alone. Saki's ability at Hakuda is arguably zero if compared to any decent practitioner of the martial arts. Saki lacks in strength.


Direct Incantation — Mastering her shikai and bankai also meant making constant use of kidou without incantation. As such, over the course of many years, Saki became proficient enough to cast her kidou by only using their name without loss in power.

Floating — Saki's immense control over her reiatsu allows her to unconciously manifest, allowing her to float and/or fly around. This increases her mobility by quite a bit, as she can chain it with her shunpo as well.


Sealed Appearance: Saki's sealed zanpakutou takes the shape of a tanto. It is colored in a clear and light pink, adorned with black carvings of a tree that extends itself for most of the sheath. It has a red string attached to it, with exactly three longer strings; one is adorned with six dices, another with a mini-skull and the last is a panda-like animal.


Name Tsumihana (罪花) - Sinful Flower.
Call Out Command: Yuuga ni Sakase, Tsumihana - (幽雅に咲かせ, 罪花.) Bloom Nobly, Sinful Flower.
Appearance: Before calling out her zanpakutou, Saki extends her sheated tsumihana foward, blade pointed downwards. Once calling out the zanpakutou, the tanto glows a bright pink and widens, assuming the shape of a fan. Once the glow fades, a pitch black fan is left, adorned with sakura petals and her family's symbol printed on it.

Aochou Kakudai (青蝶拡大) Blue Butterfly Expansion - Tsumihana's primary ability in all her stages and releases. Wheter on shikai or bankai, tsumihana passively converts reishi on Saki's surroundings into usable reiryoku. Once tsumihana completes the proccess of gathering and converting reishi into reiryoku, it generates many blue butterflies. Only Saki and those she gives permission to can use them to restore their own reiryoku or use them on their abilities. It also allows herself and allies to fight for longer in the battlefield.

Momochou Kakudai (桃蝶拡大) Pink Butterfly Expansion -
Tsumihana's secondary passive ability. Wheter on shikai or bankai, Tsumihana will generate up to a maximum of five pink butterflies made of reiatsu. Each of these butterflies are like extensions of herself - while they possess no abilities or physical abilities, they can carry out her kidou and zanpakutou abilities. Their default positioning is similar to the four cardinal points, while the remaining butterfly remains close to Saki. If the butterflies are destroyed, there is a one post cooldown before they're generated by tsumihana again. As such, should Saki use a byakurai for example, and point towards an enemy - if she so desires, one of her butterflies can shoot it instead from a different direction. Or if it touches someone, she can activate Seki. These butterflies can only interact with kidou or Saki's zanpakutou abilities. When releasing the kidou, Saki chooses one of her butterflies - once ready to execute the spell the chosen butterfly will dissipate and cast it.

Aohanabira (青花弁) - Blue Petals -  As long as there are Pink butterflies active, their wing flaps generate blue reiatsu petals that flow throughout the area. Due to the fairly low amount of pink butterflies, the amount of petals generated is also somewhat low if compared to Momohanabira. These blue petals can be used by Saki to control the power level of a kidou regardless of its number. As such, she is capable of increasing the power of a hadou as low as byakurai (n°4) to the power level of a hadou number 90, for example. The same applies to higher level kidou. Saki can decrease their power level, such as making a kurohitsugi decrease in power and reiatsu consumption and become equal to a number 50 hadou. Once this ability is activated, both the kidou affected and the generation of new blue petals undergo a cooldown according to the kidou's chosen power level.

Momohanabira (桃花弁) - Pink Petals - Momohanabira are the petals generated by the flapping wings of every single Aochou. As such, compared to Aohanabira, their quantity is much higher. These petals storm around the battlefield, ignoring wind currents and shockwaves, as they are made of reiatsu. These petals makes weaving and mixing her kidou easier than a normal kidou practitioner, allowing her to create complex spells by mixing already existing ones.

Boosts: x2 to all.


New Name: Eien ni Sakase, Tsumihana - (永遠に咲かせ, 罪花.) Eternal Bloom, Sinful Flower.
Appearance: Saki raises Tsumihana high in the air and upon calling out her bankai, a great amount of reiatsu is gathered behind her while the fan glows brightly. The reiatsu gradually switches from a light pink hue to a nearly jet black purple assuming the shape of a large fan. The large fan has hexagon patterns, sakura flower branches and an archaic wooden carriage etched on it's entirety, glowing a bright pink. The amount of present butterflies and petals is greatly increased. As a side note, breaking the large fan is pointless, as it is energy and will just remake itself upon being broken or destroyed.

Hanami (花見) - Flower-Viewing - All of tsumihana's shikai abilities are retained and enhanced on bankai. The quantity of all butterflies and petals are increased by three (except for Momochou which does not increase in amount), much like the physical boost attained by releasing bankai.

Hanabatake (花畑) - Flower Garden - Each time Saki casts a kidou, the patterns on the large fan behind her glows brighter with a pink hue. With each kidou casting, power is poured in the large fan and shared with Saki, passively increasing kidou power by 10% with each cast while the effect caps at 40%. Once reaching said cap, Tsumihana's bankai reaches its full power, reducing cooldown of all kidou (minus forbidden kidou) spells by one for the rest of a thread.

Akizakura (秋桜) - Cosmos Flower - Akizakura is a passive-ative ability that remains ready and only activates when Saki wants. When she casts a kidou of level (including kidou whose power level is altered by Aohanabira) 1-40, Saki may choose to activate Akizakura. Once activated, the large fan behind Saki will multiply the kidou by x amount, where x is the amount of active Momochous (Pink Butterflies). Once finished, this ability goes a cooldown of x, where x is also the amount of active pink butterflies.

Suehiro Hana (末広花) - Flower Fan - Saki commands her bankai's large fan to spin and fly at cero speeds. This way, the large fan can be controlled by Saki and launched like a boomerang to slash enemies up to 100 yards. Saki can control the fan through hand gestures.

Boosts: x3 to all.


Background: Saki wasn't born in some rich family nor in a poor one. Daughter to a small but healthy family, her father was a servant of noble families, while her mother used to take of home. Her life as a young spirit born in soul society wasn't bad at all - except when she reached her 15th birthday. On that fateful day, Saki complained of hunger for the first time which quickly raised worry upon her parents. They did not show nor talked with her about it, and instead, simply started feeding their daughter with food - something mostly done only by nobles and those with high reiryoku.

Years went by and Saki became old and aware enough to understand her situation. Her mother passed on by an unknown cause, and her father would often get sick and need quite a bit of rest. As such, she began working as a servant under the noble families in rukongai much like her parents. On a certain day, Saki had to work for a new client that was apparently a noble as well. Though something did felt fishy - rather than living with the people in Rukongai the client in question isolated themselves in the mount Fuji in Hokutan, West Rukongai. Without much choice and under the pressure of hunger, Saki took the job offer anyways.

After that, Saki never really changed servitude to another family. The client in question was an old silly man that, in her eyes, really needed care - though that wasn't all, as the old geezer paid for her services exceptionally well.  Saki served the man that seemed to never once leave his weird habits behind, often dragging Saki along with things such as yoga and meditation. Thankfully, her life was finally taking a turn for the greater good. A year later, Saki was given a small tanto by her client. After hearing rumors of bandits hiding on Mount Fuji. After learning the basics from the old geezer, she was instrcuted to always carry it with her, and Saki followed his orders.

On another fateful day on Saki's life, she woke up to find that the blank, general-looking tanto given to her by her client and master was completely different - it was a zanpakutou. Upon bringing the situation up to her master, Saki was then hit with a tough decision that'd affect her whole life. Apologizing, the man revealed the reason behind everything up until then - as the kidou corps commander, ten years ago he detected an abnormal spiritual pressure coming from the third district of Rukongai, in Hokutan. Coincidentally, a mysterious death occurred in the same district at the time.

Then, all the pieces finally connected together for Saki. Her constant increase in spiritual pressure, as well as her lack of mastery over her power led to the death of her own mother - and her sickly father was without a doubt soon to be next. The old man gave Saki two choices: to either join the kidou corps and learn how to control her power; or to simply carry on with her normal daily life. Still under the pressure of extreme guilt, Saki still complied and accepted the kidou commander's offer.

Ever since then, Saki has been performing her duties as a member of the Kidoushuu (Kidou Corps). Through intense training and intellect building, Saki quickly ascended in the ranks and was regarded by most as a genius - attaining such position in the ranks of the kidou corps was not something to be taken lightly. In the end, her master and kidou commander passed away from natural causes. Many speculate that his death wasn't natural, but without proof, the rumors quickly faded out of existence. Saki was soon named the next Kidou Commander as his sucessor and has been performing her duties as the head of the kidou corps.

Side Notes: N/A.
RP Sample:

Jun enjoyed morning walks on Orario's plains. The constant warm wind was just so comforting that there was no better place for the fox girl to enjoy a break from dungeon delving. Her ears twitched in response to the various natural sounds around the plains, listening to the simple, yet natural melody of the wind, leaves and the occasional birds chirping, hidden among the many trees. As much as Jun valued her new home back at Hearth's home, nature was still her best friend and the one she grew up with under the guidance of her parents. Times like these filled her with nostalgia and brought many good memories back - in summary, the perfect place for relaxing for Jun.

Still, just lying around wasn't something the fox girl enjoyed, no - she came here to practice as evident by the large leather backpack on her back. Thankfully, her goddess' falna already improved her psyche a slight bit up until this point, and Jun had to admit that it was of great utility. Jun licked her right hand's index finger and pointed it upwards to get a rough estimate of the wind... - east. After hitting her cheeks lightly to shoo any trace of sleepiness still annoying her, Jun opened her leather backpack, pulling out of it an average wood dummy. It had a round target with varying colors; red being the center. Jun proceeded to set the dummy close to a tree, it's back faced towards it since that way the fox girl wouldn't need to worry about four directions of wind at all times.

After taking a few steps backwards, she removed her leather backpack, tossing it on the grass near her. bo shurikens are thrown in many different ways. One may choose to do so overhead, underarm, sideways or even rearwards, but the core remains the same - the basic for throwing them comes from throwing them by sliding the spikes out of the user's hand through the fingers in a smooth motion resulting in a controlled flight. The reason she took a break today was training - she wanted to get better at hitting targets while moving. She felt as if many of her thrown bo shuriken in the past few dungeons were to waste as she missed quite a few of them in the heat of battle.

Jun took her stance, quickly pulling spikes from her pouches and readying them between her fingers. With a quick and precise somersault to her left, she launched two spikes against the dummy. Much to her chagrin, one missed, meanwhile the other hit pretty far off from the reddish center. She repeated the same process, this time taking a few fractions of seconds more to improve precision - and she would have done it well, if not for a failed landing as her back hit the grass, which thankfully absorbed most of the impact. Following a heavy sigh, Jun focused her body weight on her shoulders and upon supporting her arms on the ground, quickly jumped back to her feet. An unconscious frown quickly turned into a bright smile as she got a much better result this time around - one spike was far from the center, though the other was much closer to the red spot. With a cocky grin on her face, the young fox girl continued on, training in hopes of achieving new levels of power.

Hours later, the young fox girl lay on the grass, panting. She could feel it - her physical prowess definitely improved ever since she was blessed with the falna. She raised both of her arms, hands wide and open as if trying to grab the trees' leaves with her own hands while on the ground. Her smile widened even more, she felt happy. Jun was closer to be just like her mother, a strong Runarl. Though the eternal reminder of being incompatible with magic always haunted the back of her head, Jun couldn't bother to waste any more time with it. At this point and time, she now had to focus on her own development and, of course, she still had to surpass her parents. Perhaps she'll meet them again someday and have the chance to show just how much she has grown ever since she started living on her own.

A few hours were gone already, and something snapped on Jun's mind - of course! Afternoon! By the time she's been practicing, the city scent on her should be gone already. Jun quickly raised to her feet and after memorizing her dummy's location, she set out to hunt game - her preferred one, deer. She couldn't help but wonder... Did her goddess know how to cook it?

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