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#11 Re: [Private] Project Britain (Atticus) on Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:46 pm

Dre raised his eyebrow as the man's tone changed as he said that it should not matter to Dre in knowing who their target was; and the reason he should not worry about it was because he did not care about this town. Which was true in every aspect; however what Atticus seem to forget was the fact that they had an agreement or in other words an understanding in telling each other what their plans or motives were. He realised that Atticus was a person who only did or told shite when things benifted his way. And if it did not - he would weasel out of the situation by giving pussy-arse excuses. At least that was what Dre gathered of the man after conversing with him for about five to ten minutes. There was also something else he could come into conclusion with; and that being him not liking the man one damn bit.

Atticus babbled something about the city burning similar to that of London. Dre figured that the man was referring to the great fire of London that took place in the year 1666. But what he did not understand was why Atticus was referring to it in this given instance. And why does it feel like he has the intention to want to see this city burn and let it suffer the same predicament as London, all those years ago. Dre wanted to ask the man what he had meant; but alas, the man was gone before he could ask him anything. "Shite." He muttered towards himself quite disappointed in what had just happened. Though to be honest with himself; he had an assumption that the man would scrap on him when the time came. But what he did not assume was that it would be in the particular instance.

Taking a few steps towards the edge of building, where Atticus made his escape - Dre kneeled in a rolled-toe position. His right knee and left foot in contact with the ground, his back bended as he touched the hard surface with his right hand. "Maybe I can track him down by following his spiritual pressure trail." He said to himself standing up as he looked across the vast sea of buildings and houses. "You can run. You can hide. But at the end of the day; I'm going to fine." Dre muttered as a scowl spread across his face. Leaping off the building into the thin air, he began his quest to search for the man. He knew that he was going to do whatever it took to locate Atticus


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#12 Re: [Private] Project Britain (Atticus) on Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:51 pm

Atticus Aeyryu
Project Britain

Falling to the ground he'd easily dispersed all the reiatsu he'd used in a radial circle as he broke off into a brisk walk. Pull his jacket in close and walking with purpose. Putting his head down towards his chest he lit a cigarette and continued on his way. He wasn't certain how that guy would take him walking away so abruptly but, times money. Ignis had taken a separate path from him and was functioning on her own internal battery. They'd both agreed to a meet up point once before, yet things were suppose to go smoother. This, this wasn't what he had expected. Anyways it was easier for him to infiltrate buildings on his own. A fleeting glance over his shoulder was all it took to see the man drop to the ground then ascend into the air. Turning his head back he took a drag and let the smoke billow from his mouth. This was going to be more troublesome than it ever needed to be. He let his mind wander through the expenses. If he kept Ignis out of the fray, he'd save money having to buy more bolt heads. If he fought on his own, he'd likely have to buy new clothes for himself, and probably her to. It'd be interesting, none the less he didn't plan to leave without his target.

Her directive was to either lead the man away and engage him while her master took out their target, or to do it herself while he kept the man pre-occupied. Either way the mission was going to be completed and the small hindrance in their machine expunged and worked through. The distance they traveled from each other meant nothing it was only the reiatsu between the two that mattered. She could hold her own, but for only so long separated from Atticus. She was running strategies through her head on how to confront the man. If his guns were his only strong suit she'd be capable of side stepping them with ease, the slightest twitch of his muscles would register in her mind and she could act. Though if the man went for Atticus she'd only have to infiltrate a single building. With the queen hanging off her back it'd be difficult, but that was why she had a cloak, to conceal herself and the weapon. Unsightly and drew attraction was what was always said about the cloak, but it did it's job.

Both walked in different directions from each other, both suppressing their powers as best as they could among the sea of pluses they were sure they'd be invisible to sensing, but a keen eye could still spot them on the mostly deserted streets. While Ignis seemed to be taking alleyways to dip around buildings Atticus walked proudly down the sidewalk with his cigarette lit as if nothing was different in the world than it had been five minutes ago.

Word Count:489
Character Colors:Atticus"color=#c33128" and Ignis"color=#d07ad6"

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