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#1 Kairu Zukinio [Done] on Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:35 am


Name: Kairu Zukinio
Age: 26
True Age: 168
Sex: Male

Easy going and always polite to women no matter what has the highest respect for women but always seems to be flirting when he tries not to. Kairu is the type of guy that believes so highly in his morals and goals with no change that he is known to argue with others if they conflict with his morals and goals. He can easily be alone and loves to think but also if very friendly towards others. (Especially looking into the eyes of a beautiful women.) Kairu usually stays to himself unless others come to him or speak with him, he has a tendency to stare into others eyes when they speak with him. Kairu speaks as if he is equal with others that changes with battle he becomes higher then his enemy when he speaks and always serious. Hates to fight with his friends and would always hold back in fear of hurting them even if it could get himself hurt.

Kairu has a low pain tolerance and cries often at the sign of pain he could stub a toe or trip over something and he would cry but in any sight of a women he would not he would suppress all tears or screams he may only be seen by a women when he is crying only while in battle. He would rarely ever go against what his zanpakuto wished for he saw in is sword the way the move forward and he would always treat his friends with kindness is zanpakuto is Kairu's friend. Kairu loves pets and would always talk to animals as if they understand him treating them like a child, is usually embarrassed by acting this way to animals but can't help it. When alone Kairu could listen to music for hours he likes all types of music but above all else is the piano he played piano and listened to it, every time he would drift away in his own mind.

He will tend to sacrifice him self in order to protect other no matter what the pain or result but if his emotions get the better of him he usually needs to be the one saved. Kairu always fights from his heart and if his heart goes against other people he would fight them as well if ally or not, this as well goes for superiors he would see fit to go against any order that goes against his heart. Kairu is often too soft on those who Kairu see's good reason behind there actions. If it is a women he becomes in a state of desperation in trying to convince the women to stop and go against there actions in a attempt to pardon and save them.

Those who see Kairu tend to underestimate him greatly due to his figure this allows Kairu to get the upper hand in battle but Kairu is very self conscious of his look when not in battle because he wishes to impress women. Kairu will tend to fight with a crowd if he is sparring just having fun to show off his strength to others.

Kairu would fight to the death for his allies, his friends, because they are his treasures and will die before he loses them.


Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lbs
Physical Traits:


Kairu usually only where's light clothing when hunting or doing day to day activities, which would still be somewhat revealing to show off his muscular appearance and his tribal tattoos. He would commonly be seen wearing sandals rather than shoes a sash around his waist instead of a belt and two golden ear rings would dangle from his ears.

Accessories: N/A


General Fighting Style:

Kairu would always aim for a critical spot on the body and would only attack when seeing the opening but his head tends to play with his style he would get sloppy if he becomes angry and begins to show more opens but attacks more aggressively and with more strength behind each swing essentially his anger makes him stronger.

He always tends to fight up close in battles and if a gap is made between him and his opponent he will try to close this gap. He rarely ever retreats in a battle because that shows a sign of weakness, he will always be on the offensive pushing his enemy till he makes a mistake giving Kairu the opportunity of one swift death blow.


Kairu is very well known and possibly the best at zanjutsu, this matching well with his shunpo as well as being very fast makes Kairu very deadly. His stamina is fairly high for his small figure and many would underestimate that.

Kairu is very weak at Kidou and can only do a few kidou spells, he is fairly weak in physical strength and doesn't fight well at a distance.

Specialized Kidou:

Spell #: 1 Spell Name: Shō (Thrust)
Spell Information: Pushes the target away from the caster.
Incantation: unknown.

Spell #: 11 Spell Name: Tsuzuri Raiden (Bound Lightning)
Spell Information: Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.
Incantation: unknown

Spell #: 4 Spell Name: Hainawa (Crawling Rope)
Spell Information: An energy rope entangles the target's arms.
Incantation: unknown.
(this can be targeted at objects too)

(Has already been approved)
Name: Stalk
Type: Bakudou
Number: 80
Incantation: Paralyze those who stand against us and brighten the dark clouds above for those who await for us, let us stalk our enemies in the light and kill them in the dark.
Description: A Silver cube is made to separate Kairu and his enemy from others, making it only a 1 vs 1 battle, on the inside all colors are gone it is black and white as all objects are wavy and mixing into each other. If Kairu walks into the cube wall he would appear on the other side this works for all four sides. (Stalk will absorb all spirit energy based attacks and negates it if it hits a wall, will not travel to other side only physical objects may pass through to other side) (The cube is the size of 4800 square feet) This will take 2 posts to fully build, as its building it can destroyed by damage equal to that of three Cero's of physical damage, any spiritual based attack will just be absorbed. When it is fully complete the only thing that can destroy it from the inside would be a large spiritual based attack, one that could not easily be absorbed, that of Gran Rey Cero energy or otherwise. From the outside this can not be destroyed and will stand for up to 6 posts when fully completed.
3 post cooldown
Who can use it: Kairu Zukinio
Character: Kairu Zukinio


Sealed Appearance:


Call Out Command: Hunt Ren Mai

Howl- The zanpakuto will suck in air on the right blade and the left blade will build up electricity, and if cut by the electric blade one would receive 1st to 2nd degree burns based on their defence. If Kairu wishes he can also shoot out an electric blast like that of a tazer which would do half cero damage, the electricity can be held in the blade for up to four posts before being shot out. The wind blade can be held in the sword to generate slash that extend from the sword giving him a addition meter of range to his blade, however when he wishes to shoot it out it will create a human sized Reitsu infused tornado this will allow Kairu to throw himself up to 10 meters away from where his is in any direction, or to be used to deflect incoming attacks.

Cower - Kairu clashes both his blades just above the ground once as he says "Cower Ren Mai" A fog will begin to form from the ground and will become dense making viability very low, this fog is made out of spiritual particles which makes it hard to be tracked though spiritual pressure in it.
The fog will not leave the ground for 4 posts. They will be able to see and sense thing 12 ft or lower from them.

Light Box- Kairu may use the lighting built up in his blade by his ability Howl, to stab the ground with that blade that will the create a flash of light and a cube around Kairu that may block any kidou up to number 63, the shield however can not stop or slow down anything other then kidou, and cero easily, but acts as electricity as if anything conductive touches it, it will then travel through it and if someone were to touch this shield it would cause 2nd degree burns, sistin up where touched and will burn for two posts. The shield will remain till it is broken or Kairu or another removes his blade from the ground. Longest duration if blade is left is 4 posts cool down 1 post

Wind Manipulation: Any wind around Kairu within 10 meters from him can be manipulated however Kairu chooses. When being manipulated the wind will take on more of a white color rather then clear. This allows Kairu to push or lift things that have a weight of no greater then 50lbs.


Kairu will gain a enhanced sense of smell this smell he oculd use to track things in a great distance like blood or tracking from article of clothing similar to a dog. His Speed will increase times x3 as well as his strength x2.


New Name: Deaths Breath

Kairu swords dissipate into the wind becoming one with it, A circle of wind will form around Kairu it will act like wind like flames will flicker and leaves will be blown from this circle. Kairu's hair will be in constant motion and his hair will turn pure white as well as his eyes. If he were to speak no one would hear anything due to the speed of the wind swirling around the same is reversed he would hear nothing as well, and within that wind people would be able to see static shock.


Wind Manipulation: Any wind around Kairu within 10 meters from him can be manipulated however Kairu chooses. When being manipulated the wind will take on more of a white color rather then clear. This allows Kairu to push or lift things that have a weight of no greater then 100lbs. He can also use the wind to pick up electricity within the wind to cause 2nd degree burns to anything it touches.

No Name (arm signals): - Kairu would lift his right arm and point in a direction and wind would shoot from his circle in the shape of a blade that can cut through almost all materials except for iron or other swords. But this can be shot rapidly if he wishes or he could be patient with it. If Kairu fires his Wind blades rapidly they are half as strong as a concentrated blast. Shield abilities can still block these, depending on their strength. Concentrated blasts are that of a half Cero in strength and speed and rapid would be that of a Bala.

No Name (arm signals): - Kairu would lift his left arm and point in a direction and lightning would shoot from his left arm in the shape of a blade that can cut through almost all materials except for iron or other swords. But this can be shot rapidly if he wishes or he could be patient with it. If Kairu fires his lighting blades rapidly they are half as strong as a concentrated blast. This acts as electricity if it hits something conductive electricity will run through it causing 2nd degree burns to whats touching it. Shield abilities can still block these, depending on their strength. Concentrated blasts are that of a Cero in strength and speed and rapid would be that of a Half Cero.

No Name(arm signals):- Kairu's arms would close his eyes as a signal to the wind and it would disrupt air flow and light to make himself temporarily invisible. Doing so if Kairu attacks in any way he becomes visible again and can only remain invisible for a max of 2 post. Cool-down 2 posts.

No Name (Lifts both hands and circles them closely together as if he was twisting a ball):- Kairu would have a sphere of wind wind appear anywhere within 10 meters of him, one could easily feel as this ball would suck air and wind towards its self with great force. As the ball sucks more wind and air towards it, it would turn more white the longer it charges, after a charge length it would then explode outwards to deal up to Gran Rey Cero damage in explosive force.

1 Post Charge - Explosion reaches 5 meters and deals Cero Damage / Cool Down 1 Post
2 Post Charge - Explosion reaches 10 meters and deals 2XCero Damage / Cool Down 2 Posts
3 Post Charge - Explosion reaches 25 meters and deals Gran Rey Cero Damage / Cool Down 3 Posts

No Name (Lifts both hands open then clenches them in front of him):- Clouds will begin to form if Kairu shoots lighting into the cloud it will then begin to look as if a lightning storm keeps striking his hand, this lightning would then take the shape of a dragon. The dragon will then charge towards the targeted enemy to deal damage that of a Gran Rey and second degree burns would apply. ! post charge time to create the clouds and that of lightning storm, and 3 post Cool-down.

No Name (Lifts both arms to each side of him): - By using his Reitsu to form a small storm, and by utilizing his own lightning manipulation as well as wind manipulation, Kairu can charge to meet these desired effects.. 1 post charge time- 50 yard radius, anything caught in this small storm will receive 1st degree burns, electric shock obviously to cause this, and Cero damage, one post cool-down required..  2 post charge time causes the radius to expand to 75 yards, and damage will be Cero and a half. 3 Post Charge time causes second degree burns, and Cero Oscuras Damage. 3 post cool-down required, and expands to 100 yards.

Due the the swords being the wind his hands will be covered in wind so he can block attacks by lifting his arms and his hand also can cut like a normal sword. Speed x2 and strength x3 , and allows him to sense things around him within the range of his wind. Capable of Flight up to 20 meters high and does not require to breath.




A son left to die in the arms of his dead mother covered in blood at the age of one just outside of New York city. Saved by Tairaa an older man in his 40 this man became his father and named him Kairu after his father. Tairaa had hidden Kairu's past from him hoping he would grow one day happy and normal. His wish was coming true till one day the real father had heard of one who bears the name of the women who he had killed which was Zukinio. He found the city and the home of Tairaa but Kairu was gone to school. Tairaa was home and tortured till death had fallen upon him and he never spilt a word of where Kairu was,The real father left the city.

Kairu arrived home to find his father dead inside they're burning house his father laying against the wall. Cuts all over Tairaa's body mutilating what image he use to have with blood driping from his face. Kairu just looked into the blank eyes of his fathers, just gazing in them tears began to fall from Kairu's eyes yet still emotionless he grabbed what looked to be a letter from Tairaa's hand. Just walked outside and watched as the house burned as his life and all he cared for burned, feeling the fire in his body all the anger and hatred he left what life he had to burn.

Days later he reads the note;"" Im so sorry kairu, I tired to raise you from this I tried to help you forget but now it is back and always will be. I am so so sorry... I love you. Never forget that I will always be watching and waiting for you."

Your Dad Tairaa"


Kairu is confused in what he wished for justice or revenge but either decision he knew had had to find his father. He had no home only the streets he roamed for days looking for clues and asking people if they know of his father, with no luck. Kairu searched for years and never gave up on his goal of finding his father, and one night when he wished to sleep for the night, as he was sitting in his alleyway to sleep he just had a glimpse of his father walking by. He ran out of the alleyway to see his father again having a cigarette just outside of a pub.

There was no hesitation in Kairu's mind as he sprinted at his father with clutched fists his stomach twisted as he ran no thought in his head this was his instinct to kill.
The father had seen Kairu and ran for the nearest alley to hide but it was far too late, Kairu had already blocked him in. The instant the father turned the impact of Kairu's fist drove his fathers head in the wall leaving a gash on his head. Kairu kicked his father and mounted on top as he drove his fist into his fathers face blood splatted everywhere. The father could not move, Kairu had picked up a piece of glass from the ground readied to slit his fathers throat but stopped. His father begged for his life but Kairu could not hear him for he was lost in thought and confusion he was lost would he kill or do what was right he thought.

As Kairu pushed this glass slightly cutting his throat he stood up from his father but the instant Kairu stood the father had shot him three times in the chest, as Kairu bled on the ground gasping for air as the lungs filled with blood, the father laid on the ground and had said "I'm so sorry" and shot himself in the head. Kairu's life flashed before his eye's and all he did was smile and had said, "finally".

Kairu Zukinio died that night at the age of 24.

Time in Soul Society before the Academy:

Kairu awoke in the Soul Society on a bridge crossing, confused he panicked not knowing what was going on around him he ran. As he ran he didn't understand what was going on or where he was nothing was the same all he could do was keep running, Kairu ran till he couldn't breath, sweat dripping down his brow he stopped and hid in a corner in between a stall and to be looked like someones resident.

He could see flashes of his old life and he could remember his old life. Kairu remembered everything but how he got to the soul society, Kairu kept asking himself if he was dead and finally after hours someone answered him. A boy looking to be the same age as himself told Kairu the process of being sent the the soul society. This boy not knowing much only told him of how a shinigami would have sent him here and that is all. Kairu gazing at the ground as he was sucked into deep thought never said a word for hours but this boy sat down by his side until the sunset, the boy asked if he would like to stay with him for awhile, Kairu didn't answer just followed.

40 years has past still no word escaped Kairu's mouth, Kairu had taken up a job farming with this boy who he said his name was Sadako he always smiled and accepted that Kairu never asked for rent or money of sorts but Kairu still left money on the table ever time he was able. One day out in the field as they were just harvesting some crops Kairu see's a beautiful women pass by with long brown hair and the bluest and most beautiful eyes he had ever seen pass by and suddenly just spurt out the words, "wow". Sadako stood immediately looked at Kairu and was amazed that Kairu spoke, Sadako started to try and get Kairu to speak he was simply happy just with yes and no's at first and slowly tried to get more and more out of Kairu and he did so.

52 years had past since Kairu had arrived in the Soul Society and Kairu and Sadako were having full conversations now. Kairu was fascinated by women and spoke of them the most and always in a highly respectable manor. Sadako and Kairu were working one day and Sadako stopped and told Kairu he would like for him to meet someone that has become important to him. Sadako meet a beautiful women while working when Kairu was sick. Of course Kairu agreed so they finished there work and they made a bigger dinner that night. Time went by it and was getting very late the weather was a terrible black sky as it rained,
Sadako became worrisome and ran out to look for this women. Kairu and Sadako split up and the only description that was given was that Kairu would know when he saw her. Kairu searched for hours and started to head back to see if there was any luck on Sadako side, as he walk in his direction he saw him and her. Sadako and the women with the most beautiful blue eyes, they were kissing in the rain, Kairu stayed hidden and felt something down in the pit of his stomach, this was jealousy. Sadako and the girl made they're way back to his home to find a letter Kairu left, Kairu had decided he could not watch them be all lovey dovey around him, therefor he wrote a note saying that Kairu had thought that they may enjoy the night alone and maybe later on he would meet this women.

Kairu planned on sleeping in a alleyway again the rain had no effect on him some reason he had felt like he was use to the cold of the rain. As he walked no one was around it was just himself alone, he thought to himself that he needed something just he wasn't sure what immediately tho. He wandered for three hours before he figured it out, it was to meet this women. Sadako has given so much to him but he refused to see this women and he felt guilty for it. He ran towards Sadako's home to only hear a scream from inside, Kairu's heart pounded as he smashed open the door to see Sadako had pushed this women into the wall of his home.
He calmed down just from seeing that Sadako was alright and as he walked towards him asking what was the issue he froze in place. Looking at the womens face in such horror his heart started to pound again as Sadako said nothing, Kairu said his name in hope of a answer there was only silence as Sadako turned Kairu's eye's had widened looking into the sadako's blank eyes. Kairu remembered seeing those eye's before, Kairu suddenly heard a whisper come from Sadako saying, "Come closer please." and Sadako repeated over and over again saying it faster "Come closer.... closer" until suddenly it became a screech. Unbearable screech as his teeth got sharper and more teeth began to appear in his mouth like a shark, Kairu's only thought was to run but he couldn't not with the women trapped there. Kairu stopped thinking and threw a glass vase at Sadako and picked up this women in his arms and ran as fast as he could, no one was willing to help he was alone. The creature appeared in front of Kairu, he realized running was pointless he could run as fast as Sadako and he had felt as if hiding would not work as work so Kairu set the women down on a bench and prepared his mind thinking it was the right thing to do.

Kairu could only hear laughing as Sadako came near and the night became heavy the rain has faded but the sky still black as the wind howled in between the houses. Kairu was frightened and grasp what was going on he stood near this women looking down at her and a tear came from his eye, He would protect this women for Sadako and himself she was important to both of them. Kairu could now hear someone breathing in front of him heaving, as Kairu looked up he could only see white this creature had Sadako's body white as snow and a giant whole in is chest as if something cut a circle through his body. Kairu looked at his face and his eye's they were blank just like that night the night everything burned, Kairu cried while looking into Sadakos eye's but this creature saw no reason to wait as teeth appear all over in the mouth of Sadakos body as it rushed forward screaming "Come closer!" and Kairu could only look into his eyes and wonder why this happened to his friend. The pain that came afterwards as blood coated Kairu's arm, he could only yell out in pain as his body was smashed aside into the street, his arm became numb Sadako had cut open Kairu's arm by biting him, the teeth did not pierce far but he had no use of left arm. Kairu could not think with his heart pounding so loud but he stood to challenge Sadako once more. Sadako was not interested in Kairu for some reason tho, and only wanted to get to the women, Kairu had no choice but to takle Sadako onto the wet ground face to face they were Kairu cried as he gazed upon his face and into his eye's and screamed at Sadako's face,"Why are you doing this?!, I thought you cared about her?!".
Kairu began to fly through the air into the bench that this women was laid upon, he tried to stand but couldn't his body would not listen anymore. His body was numb he had the strength but his body refused, he could only gaze into Sadako's eyes as they came foward so slowly and Kairu said, "I'm sorry.... I'm so sorry I couldnt protect you, I should have stayed with you!" he cried, " We'll if this is my end I'm happy its you I could have had no better..."
Suddenly a black figure had appeared behind Sadako and a sword pierced his stomach in a upward swing blood sprayed on Kairu, as his friend fell to the ground fell to the ground he could only watch, so badly he wanted to catch his friend but couldn't move. I hand appeared from this black kimono and said, " That was not your friend so you shouldn't have given up so easily he had no mercy for you." Kairu let one last tear from his eye as everything faded to black.

20 years has past since Sadako had died Kairu had healed from what was paralysis, he was the lucky one with the small does. The women was not so lucky and has been permanently paralyzed from the waist down, Kairu stayed with this women and took care of her. He felt as if it was his responsibility and that would've been what Sadako wanted. He cooked and cleaned for this lady he still thought she was beautiful and her eyes breath taking, this womens name was Mizuki, she had grown attached to Kairu but no matter what Kairu couldn't his mind always thought of Sadako. Kairu wanted to move on and if he stayed he wouldn't be able to do so, he knew what he wanted. He wanted to get stronger he needed to become a shinigami.

Kairu had tell Mizuki before he left but first to make her one last dinner which would be dumplings tonight that was her favorite, Kairu just hoped to see her smile one last time before he left. As Kairu cooked the dumplings he had heard someone knock on the door, he called mizuki, " Can you get that please?" He continued to cook for a hour longer till the food was complete, Kairu entered from the kitchen, " Mizuki what would you like to drink tonight? and who was at the door?" Mizuki replied, " Some saki for three please our guest is still here." As Kairu entered the living he said, " wow this must be a close friend of your to be staying this late." Misuki replied with, " Actually I believe that she would be a good friend of yours and she has been waiting very patiently." As Kairu looked up he saw a black kimono. Kairu, " I am very sorry Yumi I didn't...." Yumi interupts Kairu with, " It's alright you know I won't mind, how have you been?" Yumi was a cheerful women always smiling always making other around her smile, she had short blond hair and was 5'8.
This is the women who saved them that night, Kairu felt he owed everything to this women. Kairu replied, " I'm magnificent now that you are here Yumi." Mizuki only shook her head and Kairu asked, " Would you like something? Dinner was just to start." Yumi hesitates on the answer but then nods saying, " No, I'm alright thank you."

Kairu then stands and head into the kitchen bring back two plates of dumplings and a box of pockey sticks, setting two sticks on each plate and taking one out for himself he sits. Misuki states, " Kairu you are truly amazing, thank you so much." Yumi replies," Yes he is truly amazing." Mizuki looks confusingly at Yumi. Kairu states," Thank you, but please eat before it cold." he smiles and they both nod is agreement. Yumi then stops to ask where Kairu's dinner was but Kairu lied and said he wasn't hungry and asks Yumi," May I ask why are you visiting? Your company is certainly amazing tho." Kairu smiled as Yumi blushed, Mizuki seemed uninterested as she bite down on food. Yumi nods and sits straight, " I've come looking to recruit you Kairu." Mizuki's eyes widened but stayed silent, Kairu did not know what to think but he asked, " why me? Yumi?" Then Mizuki jokinly says, " Yea why him he's just a cowardly cook." Kairu laughs with his head down a bit only to hear a "SLAP!" Kairu looks up to find that Yumi has slapped Mizuki, she was surprised as Yumi screamed, " Never say that! even as a joke!" Yumi calmed and continued, " Kairu saved you yet you call him cowardly, he stood against something he know he couldn't deal with to save you." "He could have ran but he stayed, you would call that cowardly? Have you seen his scars that should remind you he was there and still is." Kairu could only stare as Yumi stood and made her way to the door, "I am very sorry for my rudness the offer stand Kairu i'll give you some time to think if you decide meet me in two days at the gate." Yumi leaves. Kairu and Mizuki sat quiet for a long period of time till Kairu said, " Mizuki i'm going to go become a shinigami." Mizuki stayed quiet as her eye's watered, Kairu knew that Mizuki cared for him but this was something he had to do to move forward. Kairu said, " Mizuki I will send money to you from time to time to pay for someone to come cook and clean for you so you don't have to, I want to be able to send you letters from time to time if that is alright?" Mizuki cried as she said, " Of course" Kairu just smiles hoping to see Mizuki's smile one more time but she didn't smile.

Kairu awoke the next morning to Mizuki laying next to him in bed, he was not surprised but embraced her as she looked up and smiled she said, " I made you some breakfast before you go. I hope you enjoy it," as she got herself into her wheel chair she said, " come come". Kairu couldn't help but smile, Mizuki had made grilled hida beef, sashimi, tempura, miso soup and with a glass of tea.
Kairu stated, " Wow Mizuki you went all out this is just amazing!. Taste delicious as well!" Mizuki could only blush and say, " I just don't want you forgetting me that all." Kairu set his food down and walked over to Mizuki and hugged her for several minutes to then say, " I would never forget you, and I hope you would never forget me." Mizuki pulled Kairu closer as she said, " never"

That night Kairu left Mizuki's home only thinking of the smile he got as Kairu walked from the house.

Time in Academy:

It took 32 years after that event for Kairu become one of the lowest ranked shinigami, but Kairu always waited knowing he would make his way up, it was like a tree he started at the truck but he would someday make his way to the sun. He was very excited to be in the same squad as Yumi. He relized it took 32 years to just make it to the same squad as Yumi but just being able to watch Yumi while she is in battle her sword looks divine just like a captains released sword Kairu has heard just the curve in the sword as blades come off the sword looks devastating. The day Kairu made it on the same squad as Yumi they became a lot closer as friends and Kairu hid his emotions well but began to love Yumi. They ate together and walked together as friends and they battled together no matter what Kairu was always watching Yumi and one day that had gotten him hurt. A hollow had noticed this weakness and waited to strike catching Kairu's chest in downward swing cutting open Kairu's chest. As Yumi went over to assist Kairu she heard her sword howl as she neared him. She was confused as it howled louder and louder but she couldn't let this stop her as she sprinted over Kairu was on the ground Yumi jumped in front of this hollow.

The howling turned into a growl as Yumi was smashed to the ground by this hollow and the sword landed in Kairu's hand as it glowed he pierced the mask of the hollow and the zanpakuto split into two splitting from the hollows mask splitting down both of its arms. Yumi looked surprised yet disappointed as Kairu was in amazement. That was the last hollow as Yumi stood she said, "congratulations" as she walked away, Kairu turned and said," What happened?" she replied with, " It's yours keep it." then disappeared.

Kairu didn't sleep that night, he could only stare at his new sword to the point that he had to try,he stood and practiced all night to split this sword or just to make it howl, he was determined to get something from this sword. Morning has come and still nothing, Kairu is exhausted and has to head out to meet Yumi, Kairu has decided to give back what was hers. As Kairu walked into the Shinigami training area Yumi was not there thinking she would only be late Kairu started to train ahead of time, as time passed Yumi never showed up. Kairu was worried and as he was walking out of the area she walked in just stood in front of Kairu and you could only see disappointment in her eyes. Kairu couldn't understand why, as he walked over to Yumi to greet her she pulled out a new zanpakuto and charged at Kairu, Kairu surprised but defends accordingly thinks that this is just them training.

She looked into Kairu's eye's when they clashed and just asked, " Why you?" he was confused, he felt her sword forced down on him harder then she had ever done. Kairu asked, "Yumi can you settle down a bit, whats wrong?" She forced him forward and thrust-ed her zanpakuto towards him just cutting the side of his leg. Kairu stepped back and yelled, " What is wrong with you!?" She looked at him and as Kairu looked into her eyes she whispered, " I hate you." Kairu's eyes widened as he asked, " why?" she replied yelling," I've tried so much harder so much longer then you, why would you have found your zanpakuto!? Where is mine? Where is my chance." Kairu looked down at his new zanpakuto, then looked up, "If this is what you want then take it!" he threw the sword down to the ground towards her, Yumi yelled, " It cant just be fixed like that!, pick your sword up now!" Kairu just put his head down as he said, "no" Yumi just looked down and said, "fine"

Kairu could only hear a whisper, "This is not your friend so don't give up so easy,she will show you no mercy." Kairu whispered to himself, " So you are serious".
Kairu kneels as Yumi charges her old friend blade pointed directly at a broken heart, as she is about to pierce his bond he rolls towards his zanpakuto it glowed he grabbed his zanpakuto and swinged in a upward motion to predict as Yumi sword would be striking down upon him, he was correct.

Swords clashed and sparked, time seemed to slow as the area faded he awoke laying in a meadow it was raining as the moon was clouded he could feel the tall grass around him blow in the wind. He stood to look over the land, it was meadows as far as the eye could see as he looked two blue eyes in the grass, they look calm just like the moon but Kairu was cautious and reached for his zanpakuto to find nothing, these eyes said, "You know what you want why don't you take it." "Why do you hesitate?, I am ..... I will help you, I have chosen you." The clouds fade from the moon and the moon shines bright revealing all the grass and as Kairu fades from this world he saw a white fox looking into Kairu's eye's almost like this creature was judging him.

Kairu awoke in darkness, Yumi whispered, "This is the darkness and this is your end." Yumi could only hear Kairu whisper saying, "I'm sorry" As Yumi jumped through the darkness at Kairu he said in a disappointed tone, "Hunt Ren Mai" Yumi's eyes winded as Kairu's cried blood dripped down both of Kairu's arms as Kairu's Shikai slipped out of the belly of Yumi. Kairu said, "I'm sorry this can't be my end Yumi, do you remember that night you saved my life? ... You said don't don't give up so easy this is not your friend... I wont give up you are not my friend, Where is she?" Yumi just looked up into Kairu's eyes and said, "I'm so sorry." Yumi rubbed her hand along Kairu's face the blood smeared on his face but Kairu didn't mind he just cried as he knew this was the last touch of his closest friend she said, "This is my end." she smiled as her hand fell the the ground.

Kairu sat there for two days before someone found them, he looked at nothing, ....

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RP Sample: Rp is in the history...


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