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"While you say you'll knock me down, it seems your having trouble standing." He wasn't sure whether the boy was being serious or not. He knew humans could get stronger, but did he really believe that he'd reach his level in the blink of an eye? Regardless he took his time to ensure that none of the hollows attacking the boy could kill him. While the boys threats did bother him considering the difference between them he enjoyed the determination. Humans had a way of getting stronger each time, even he had that potential. When the boy collapsed unconscious he shook his head, unsheathing his sword and destroying the remaining hollow looked about. The few humans that remained in the area watching on in awe he smiled, let out a deep whistle, "Call an ambulance and get this boy somewhere safe." With those words he split open another Gargantua and stepped through it. Glancing back at the unconscious boy he scoffed, "Get strong and pursue greater dreams."

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Shin sekai

OOC: Sorry this week has been crazy won't happen again.

Shin laid passed out on the ground he felt as if he had just had his body trampled by a gang of Monster Trucks but then he felt his body being picked up as by something. When he awoke he found himself in the hospital What the hell happen to me? he asked himself as he sat up in the hospital bed holding his head. He looked around to see if anyone was in the room with him but he was alone in the room. Shin got of bed and redressed himself and open the window letting in the cold night air before he activated his boots and jumped out the window. "Oh ya that's right it was that weird looking guy and those Hollows," he said landing on a water tank and then jumping off.


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