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#1 Styxx Abysswalker on Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:33 pm

Arrancar Template

Basic Information

Name: Styxx Abysswalker
Age: 21
True Age: 850
Sex: Male
Personality: Styxx is a rather reasonable person, to those who don't fight his reason. He listens to the arguments of others and dismisses them as just pure idiotic crap, or just unintelligible shit. The only time he ever get's over his arrogant view point is when he clearly knows he needs to be serious about a situation, otherwise it's free reign for him to be a smart ass and a prick. The only people he's always serious with are those who are his higher ups, then he takes everything serious enough to not joke around.

Styxx is the kind of person who likes to surround himself with others, even as an arrancar. He tries his best to get a good footing with most arrancar that could be described as shaky at best, or just neutral ground. Being able to tolerate being surrounded by others Styxx has also taken to trying to become friends with any hollows that are willing to follow him, even gathering some hollows as followers. Styxx likes to take the leader role of these groups, which is were the shaky ground comes in with arrancars, yet with hollows he's normally able to display that he's superior by just being an arrancar. Styxx even if he likes to be the leader, knows when he's beat in trying to take a leadership role, understanding that someone who's in a leader spot can be considered a bigger target then the second in command.

The thought process of his native being tells him that the strong should crush the weak. Yet he understands what it means to not suppress the weak, that the weak hold a much greater power then the strong. He also knows what it means to allow someone weaker then him lead him, no matter how much it hurts his pride he knows when to allow it to remain safe from danger, and not be a target. Yet pride it's self to Styxx is an important thing and not to be taken lightly, he values what others think about him. He wants to be known as a ruler that knows how to treat those below him with respect yet rules them properly, even if he's just a puppet being controlled by someone else he wants to control those beneath him strictly yet kindly.

Styxx for an arrancar is rather kind to his own race, viewing them as not a complete disgust. He even views the less evolved hollow brethren with more respect then most arrancar would. Giving him a demeanor of a nice person around those of his own race and those of a closer variant. He views them almost as if they were friends or family, for in a sense all of them are interconnected at some point in time. Yet he views those outside of his race as complete maggots, viewing humans and quincyes as weaklings, shinigami and bounts as cowards, and vizards as mutants. The only race he doesn't hold a real grudge against that isn't his own is the sinners, he views them as entertaining and curious, being able to hold their own in most cases without doing much. Giving him a much colder appearance to others, one that mirrors that of pure hatred and intrigue, an intrigue sparked either by powers, or by how they even managed to survive.

When it comes to fighting Styxx is rather... generous? He doesn't push his fights too much, enjoying to stretch out a fight for as long as he can. Be it from talking or from torturing his prey. Yet on occasion when Styxx is completely disgusted with the person he's fighting he will end their life quickly and without mercy, wanting to erase them from history. He himself enjoys taking things slowly, considering it a beauty to see one's own blood flowing freely, own flesh being rendered from their body, an listening to bones snap and crack. Styxx also knows when not to drag out a down hill battle, he knows to try his best to end it quickly and without games.
Likes/Loves: Dark places, Fighting and fights, Games, Music, Going Fast, Meat.
Fears/Hates: Being told what to do, losing power, bright lights.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'11''
Weight: 166lb
Physical Traits: Styxx is a tall, lean man with a moderate build, his face is a round oval shape. His eyes are set just far enough within his head that his nose and face cast a shadow down into the eye socket to give him an ominous sickly appearance. To add onto the sickly appearance his skin is an almost completely snow white, seeming more like a powdery white with hints of gray. His hair comes down to his shoulders in the back and down to the middle of his face in the front, this hair is a bright white to contrast the sickly gray white color of his skin. His nose is a small jut out from the center of his face, rounded off, with very little flare to the nostrils with a moderate sized bridge.His smile is nothing to note due to his lack of jaw definition with a rather soft chin. His hollow hole is located just slightly below his mask, the fragment of his mask that is remaining begins at the middle of his abs and comes up his neck and stops as two walls on either side of his jaw, almost like a guard for his jaw on the left and right.

Clothing: He wears a black cowl that instead of a cloak has a collar that he wears up right. Covering the V-shaped opening of the cowl is a half of a bar with a small diamond on the top, and a larger diamond shape on the bottom, from the larger diamond come to smaller diamonds in which wings spread out, covering the upper half of his chest. This is held in place by chains connected to the top that wrap around his back, form an "X" of chains on his back. Beneath the chains is an undershirt made from light mesh ending in segments to form crosses near his waist, each section of the shirt being bound together by black links to add character to the mesh. Beneath this mesh is also a last fine undershirt, with metal trimming as to keep the edges from fringing, this undershirts sleeves end at his wrist. Along his wrist are three belts each wrapping the normally puffy sleeves up tightly and neatly ending precisely at his wrist, he also wears a pair of tight fitting black gloves. He normally wears black parachute pants with three belts around his fore leg as to cut it off at his ankle, and beneath these pants he wears a set of mesh also. For shoe's he normally wears combat boots that his pants tuck into.
Accessories: A blue pendant.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Styxx is an excellent fighter when it comes to fighting within close to mid range, preferring staying close over distancing himself as much. He does this to allow himself to try and intimidate his opponent into trying to fall back and playing on the defensive. He also likes to be able to fight off of the ground, feeling that he has more maneuverability in the air. He prefers to strike quickly and prepare for a counter-attack, or continue to chain together slash after slash, allowing him to get in close and fall back to counter-attack or continue a chained assault.
Strengths: Sonido, Hierro, Strength.
Weaknesses: Presquisa, Light(he takes double the normal amount of damage a light based attack would deal.), Cero/Bala.

Zanpakuto & Cero

Sealed Appearance: The sealed state of Styxx's zanpakuto is a four foot blade. The sheath for this blade is a shield that is normally adorned across Styxx's back. The shield is in the shape of a cross with a large blue crystal ball in the center of the cross, and smaller blue crystals around each of the ends of the cross. The shield covers four feet in a kite shield manner, with metal webbing between the arms and head of the cross. The hilt of the blade is a dark blue and spirals upward to a cross that is the pommel of the hilt. The guard of the sword is a ball, the ball has small prongs of metal sticking out as smaller blades outward away from the handle.
Zanpakuto Name: Inazumasenshi
Zanpakuto Call Out: Burittsu, inazumasenshi!
Cero: Cero, Bala, Sincrenato(with Olivia)



When Styxx releases his mask grows covering more of his chest, along with a mask covering the lower half of his face. His shield engulfs most of his body changing into what resembles a suit of armor cover his hollow mask and causing protrusions were the armor covers the bone. His zanpakuto changes into a large bustersword for lack of better terms, equivalent in height as him. The blade has two handles, one were a normally handle resides, the other off center, yet both are capable of being used.
Electric Personality:
Styxx's reiatsu within his release has a distinct property to it, an electric charge. Whenever he begins to gather reiatsu crackling can be heard and witnessed as electricity courses around his body towards the point of gathering. This electricity has no actual effect when incorporated into a normal cero or bala. This electricity pulsates completely around Styxx after releasing, vanishing and reappearing over time like a battery releasing it's energy freely then taking time to recharge just to do it all again. This electric aura lashes out at anyone that strikes him physically when active(Punches, kicks, swords, anything physical, each lash is equivalent to a bala, and only lashes out once per contact). Yet when the aura drops it's completely useless. (Starts when he enters ressureccion, then begins a one turn cool down, then starts back up, and one turn cool downs again.)

Konpeki purazuma (Azure Plasma):
Styxx is capable of having the electricity that begins to center on a point of concentration manifest into a ball of plasma infused reiatsu mimic-ing the appearance of blue flames. The flame's erratic appearance comes from the ball of plasma flickering out upward and being pulled back into the ball. This ball of plasma can be thrown with the power of 2 ceros, yet with a movement speed slower then a cero. The flames can also be infused into his armor to increase his natural hierro with an extra amount of a low shield, equivalent to a low hierro. These "flames" are visible on his armor and go out after 2 post. The bonus does not vanish when his hierro is beaten, but are bypassed. When used as a projectile there's a 1 post cool down, when used as hierro its a 3 post cool down.

Kurayami tabe (Devouring Darkness):
A three fourths circle of what appears to be pure dark metal surrounds Styxx and begins to circle him. During this time the circle stays locked with Styxx's every movement and follows him even when he sonidos. While this circle is up surrounding Styxx he is capable of manipulating the shadows within his radius with the skills of a master, outside of the circle he has normal control over shadows within a radius of 100ft. The reasoning for the difference in skill power within the distances is because the ring it's self is the center point of the power, being held in place by Styxx's reiatsu. (He is not capable of manipulating someone elses shadow though, he is capable of manipulating shadows cast from other objects)

Using his electrical personality, Styxx, is capable of increasing the speed at which his mind can process events. This allows for him to view the world in slow motion, even though he see's the world in a slower view his body is still lacking. With the same ability he is capable of jacking his nerves within this speed, causing body twitches and spasms. These twitches and spasms are completely controlled having move what would seem like a constant sonido with after images (3 before flickering to the next new one), yet in reality he's walking towards an opponent. This ability can also be used to have the mind trick the body into thinking a minor wound is a major wound, causing a mass flow of blood to coagulate at the wound and close off bleeding. (This ability is directly reliant on Electric Personality, speed boost is equivalent to x4 speed)

Boosts: Speed x3, Strength x2, Defense x2

Resurreccion Segunda:


When within his resurreccion segunda his armors appearance becomes more aerodynamic, seeming to become smoother and losing it's sharp angles, all except for his helmet which becomes even more reinforced. The entirety of his armor becomes encased within another layer of armor, this armor being lighter and just barely increasing his physical weight, without changing much more of his physical appearance other then a black cloak that now surrounds him. His buster blade follows him into his segunda.
When within Segunda Styxx retains all abilities he had in ressureccion, some gaining more power then what they originally had.
Konpeki purazuma (Azure Plasma):
In addition to it's original abilities within segunda Styxx is capable of manipulating his plasma flames are creating projectile weapons, ranging from javelins to guns, the guns begin to vanish over time before breaking down and vanishing.These guns shoot a less powerful version of the plasma, but are capable of spamming it, each bullet is the equivalent of a bala, equaling up too 20 bullets for a single pistol, the speed of one of these bullets is equivalent to a cero. His javelins travel just as fast as a bala, with twice the power of a bala. He's also capable of creating a bow with a quiver of plasma arrows with the punch of balas.

Kurayami tabe (Devouring Darkness):
Kurayami tabe becomes an active passive ability instead of an ability required to be activated first. This allows for Styxx to manipulate shadows more efficently outside of his circle, being able to manipulate shadows within five feet of him with near master like ability, even being able to stretch a simple shadow into an object and retain strength.
This allows for making Pāji chikyū nearly instantly and making it much easier to do it again. (4 post duration, 4 post cool down after it ends.)

Electric Personality:
When Styxx activates segunda Electric Personality reset's starting it's cycle over again. During this time Styxx is still capable of modifying his sense of perception and tricking his body, yet he no longer can excel his speed past the point it is, for he's mastered the art of moving within this perception. Yet now within electric personality, when it activates an electric pulse comes off of Styxx in which his opponents senses are effected, slowing healing, slowing speed. His electric personality remains the same except for the electric pulse that comes off of him and the lack of need for the speed boost. Someone effected by the electric pulse sent out by electric personality gains a sort of immunity to it until next time pulse.

Yoroi no henkō (Armor Shift):
Yoroi no henkō allows for Styxx to modify his body's structure, more so his exoskeleton like exterior, or armor. Changing it's purpose from pure defensive to other forms to fit the purpose.

Tújí móshì - Assault mode
Within his assault mode his armor becomes pure electricity, increasing his speed and his thorns like effect shocking those who come into physical contact with him, be it there causing or his. Within this form, his defenses drop down to x1, his base defense, but his power increases to x4, and his speed becomes x5. His armor becomes more segmented into what seem like serrated edges allowing for his entire body to act like a blade of electricity. Each piece being held close to his body by an electrical current.

Guàn móshì - Tank mode
Within his tank mode his armor bulks up, restricting a large amount of his speed x2. However his defense and reiatsu based abilities elevate upward to x4 boost. His gauntlets, grieves, and a hole in the chest piece of his armor all act as funneling points for his electrical personality allowing him to concentrate and fire off the reiatsu like a cannon up to four times total during the duration of the tank mode. The concentrate blast is equivalent to a Gran rey cero and can only be fired once per post, twice with an immediate boot out of tank form.

His armor shift last for 3 post or until canceled, regardless of when it's canceled it has a 4 post cool down after activation.

Boosts: Speed x4 Defense x3 Power x3

Back Drop:

One of the first of his race, Styxx was born a true arrancar. The son of Arngrim Wolfcloak, yet this could be seen both as a miraculous blessing, or a devilish nightmare for the child. Arrancars, were creatures that had been created from hollows feasting upon those weaker then themselves, and arrancars were subjected to the same thing within history. So the child himself had been born at an extreme disadvantage, for his father himself could eat the child. Yet the man had taken mercy upon him, his child,  and decided to see how well his offspring would fair within the years.

During his youth when he could finally stand and begin to speak he heard voices within his head, one's of that of an adult much much older then himself, and it wasn't his fathers voice it was a voice ringing through his entire body speaking his name. His true name, telling him never to forget. During this time his father also tried his best to train him to be a strong child who could fend for himself, yet he showed little potential against his father, even against those his father trusted enough to allow help the boy train. Exiling his own son out into the desert of hueco mundo.

After being exiled into the desert the young child understood what it meant to have to fight for survival, something had clicked with his head just as he was about to be eaten, something that strived for him to fight. Yelling out his true name he took on a demeanor much different then his original one of someone much older as he crushed the hollow reverting back to his original self, the small child began to feast upon what had just attacked him, knowing that it would be best to develop quickly to survive out in the desert and learn exactly what it was he had just accomplished.

He continued to devour as he grew older and older he began to realize what it was that he had called upon all these years, it was himself. He had called upon himself to protect him as he grew into what he was meant to be. It was a strange means for his own self to become what it was, and yet he didn't care he had slaughtered those of his own kind to get to where he was, and it was all to please himself.

As he seems to near human maturity he returned to his father, claiming he should revoke his banishment, that he could prove that he deserved to remain now. That his mere standing before him was proof that he had grown, since he had been exiled as a child, and now returned much older. That he had to fend for himself finally and that if he had not grown stronger how would have survived to even reach this point.

After a short sparring match that nearly killed the boy his father finally accepted the fact that his son was capable of growing even stronger, allowing him to stay, and finally be considered his fathers son. The young boy arose prepared to continue to try his best to best his father, hoping he had inherited something from his father.

Side notes: The history is directly pulled over.

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#2 Re: Styxx Abysswalker on Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:06 pm

Approved, 0-5. Would like you to apply for Espada Razz, but if you need a thread to get into that let me know and I'll have Rena or Graven get with you.

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