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#1 Kaede Melk on Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:15 am


Name: Kaede Melk
Age: 18
True Age: 350
Kaede has a laidback demeanour, even in situations when he is called out for being an antagonist, such as hiding and with holding pertinent information. Kaede always acts like a carefree person, but in order to protect his friends being threatened, he shows a much more serious side. Even then, he holds back when he has no desire of harming his foes, unless they force him to.

Despite his lighthearted behavior, Kaede is one of the more clever and influential Shinigami in the Seireitei. Kaede is known to be very resourceful and good at "pulling strings" with the help of his sources. He often uses any advantage or piece of information he has to obtain objectives mainly for the sake of others, especially his comrades. Kaede's amiability and high rank makes him popular and well-known among Gotei 13 members and counts as another advantage because of all the networking and connections he has to get things done.

His opinion on other races for the most part is just this, he feels that they can be useful and powerful allies in the Gotei's Continuous struggle in maintaining the balance of the universe. The only exception to this particular view is hollows and Arrancar, who he does not treat with the normal Distaste and hatred seen among his peers but instead with a simple kind of understanding. They are doing exactly what they are designed to do, just like any other predator in the universe, even if they tend to be more sadistic about it than lets say a wolf or shark.


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160lbs
Physical Traits:
Clothing: Kaede wears a sleeveless variation of the standard Shihakushō. His Haori is also sleeveless with his squad symbol both on the front on each side of the central seam roughly where breast pockets would appear on shirts, as well as in its normal place on the back.
Accessories: Kaede is occasionally seen with a flower pinned to the lapel of his Haori.


General Fighting Style: Kaede normally tries to end most combats before they even begin. Though when that fails he takes on a much more fluid way of doing things, changing how he fights based off of what weapon he is using, fluidly flowing from offense to defense swapping weapons on the fly as he goes, much like how the tides shift in the ocean, pulling back the water before crashing on the beach with a massive wave.

Kaede is a master of using weapons, and before you ask what kinds the answer is simply yes, this also includes his body.
Hakuda Mastery, Hoho Mastery.
Kaede's biggest weakness comes from the lack of durability in the weapons that he creates with his Zanpakuto's Touei ability.
Kaede is also not good at using higher levels of Hado, being restricted to anything rank 60 or lower.


Sealed Appearance: N/A


Call Out Command: N/A
Appearance: Arturia does not have a physical embodiment, upon being released for the first time she fused entirely with Kaede.
Rules of Arturia's abilities:

  1. First any weapon copied with this ability is removed from his 'Armory' at the end of the topic unless I obtain the owners consent.
  2. The weapon copied is at about 75% the strength of the original, and is easily breakable, lasting only a few direct hits against something hard before shattering.
  3. If the weapon is allowed to be permanently added to his repertoire it is done so at the same rank and with abilities that it had at the time of copying. So even if its owner gets stronger if Kaede does not re-copy it his version will not.
  4. If the weapon has multiple forms (ie: Zanpakuto) Kaede will only be able to use the versions he actually comes in contact with, as well as the ability restrictions on that. Meaning if he only copies the shikai of a Zanpakuto, he can not use its bankai abilities.
  5. All weapons created will have the same traits as a Zanpakuto minus durability. (purifies hollows, can perform Konso, etc.)
  6. Kaede can not duplicate bankai-level weapons while in shikai
  7. Kaede can not create any form of fire arm, or weapons that rely on chemical reactions to work (IE: guns/bombs/etc)
  8. Kaede can not create any weapons to large for him to pick up and wield (No medieval siege weapons IE: no Balistae, trebuchet, etc.)

Name: Torēsu (Trace)
Descirption: Through Arturia Kaede gained the ability to copy the structure and abilities of any weapon that he comes in contact with, adding them to his 'Armory' of weapons. There are restrictions to this however -see rule list-.

Name: Touei (Projection)
Descirption: Through the use of his reiryoku Kaede manipulates the reishi particles in the area to generate any weapon that he can think of (within the rules), though if it is not contained within his library it will not have any abilities of its own. Kaede also gains an instinctive knowledge of how to use any weapon he is actively wielding making him a natural master of the weapon.

Boosts: x1.5 Everything x2 speed


New Name: Arturia Pendragon
Appearance: Just like in Shikai Arturia does not have a physical form, in fact the only change to differentiate between when Kaede is in shikai and when he is in bankai is that while in bankai there is a shadowy silhouette behind him. The silhouettes form changes shape to be the silhouette of the master of any weapon that he is wielding, for example if Kaede happens to be wielding a copied Zanpakuto the Silhouette will resemble that of the person he copied it from.
Abilities: Kaede maintains access to all of his shikai level abilities while he is in Bankai.

Name: Anrimiteddo Bureido Wākusu: Mugen no Kensei (Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords)
Description: Kaede creates a 'Reality Marble', basically a dome of enclosed space that from the outside appears about 50 yards in diameter however seems endless on the inside. From the outside Mugen no Kensei looks like a Giant black sphere with a diameter about 50 yards in all directions. On the inside however it is an open, barren desert with monolithic black gears gyrating in the distance. It is a kingdom of rubble littered with countless swords, spears, and other weapons anchored in the ground like grave markers in a waste land. Among those weapons there are also copies of every weapon in his Armory.

Name: Gēto obu Babiron (Gate of Babylon)
Description: Kaede manifests up to Ten Weapons at one time with a rippling effect, making it seem that they are being thrust through crystal clear water. Kaede can then launch these weapons at Bala level speeds. Due to the rapidly structured nature of the weapons they are relatively unstable and shortly after impact (will last long enough to pierce through flesh) they will detonate doing rank 30 Hado level damage in a one foot radius around the weapon.

Boosts: x2.5 everything but speed, x4 speed.


New Name: Buki masutā Arturia Pendragon
Appearance: With the exception of the fact that Kaede's eyes changed color to now look like they are molten steel there is no difference from his bankai in appearance.
Abilities: Kaede maintains access to all of his previous abilities.

Name: Pāfekutopurojekushon (Perfect Projection)
Descirption: Through the use of his reiryoku Kaede manipulates the reishi particles in the area to generate any weapon that he can think of (within the rules), though if it is not contained within his library it will not have any abilities of its own. Kaede also gains an instinctive knowledge of how to use any weapon he is actively wielding making him a natural master of the weapon. Unlike in his previous states however the weapon he copied will be at 100% of the originals power making it a near perfect copy of the original.

Name: Gēto obu Babiron (Gate of Babylon)
Description: Kaede manifests up to Ten Weapons at one time with a rippling effect, making it seem that they are being thrust through crystal clear water. Kaede can then launch these weapons at Bala level speeds. Due to the rapidly structured nature of the weapons they are relatively unstable and shortly after impact (will last long enough to pierce through flesh) they will detonate doing rank 50 Hado level damage in a one foot radius around the weapon.

Boosts: x3.5 everything but speed, x5 speed.


Name: Kanshou and Bakuya
Description: Total length 3'6" blade length 2'6"
Effect: Kanshou and Bakuya has the following abilities.

Name: Kakuyoku Sanren (Triple-Linked Crane Wings)
Description: Cooldown: 3 posts Kaede infuses the blades with his reiryoku and attempts to strike his target with the swords, throwing them upwards afterwards success or fail, his reiryoku maintaining their shape and causing them to spin around overhead. He then creates a second pair infusing them with reiryoku as well and attempts a different strike before flinging these ones away as well, joining their twins in floating around in the air. Repeating the process a third time Kaede shunpo's backwards before throwing the third set. The third pairs are thrown directly at his target from a distance, the other two pair homing in on the third as it approaches colliding with a massive explosion. Does Cero level damage.

Name: Kanshou-Bakuya Ōbāejji (Kanshouand Bakuya Overedge)
Description: Cooldown: 3 posts By feeding more Reiatsu into Kansho and Bakuya their shape changes, the blade extending to be four feet in length and taking on a feathery appearance (see image below). However with the physical change the weapons become extremely unstable being unable to withstand more than one or two hits before literally blowing up, doing damage equal to a rank 50 Hado.

Item name: Caladbolg
Description: Caladbolg is about 5' in length 4' of which is its blade.

Name: Seinaru Surasshu (Holy Slash)
Description:Cooldown: 3posts Infusing it with Reiatsu Kaede slashes with Caladbolg releasing a slash of pure gold energy similar to Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho. Its power is comparable to that of a Cero.

Item name: Gáe Bolg
Description: About six feet in length with a one foot bladed spear head on one end, and a spiked pommel on the other.
Name: Ugachi no Shusō (Piercing Crimson Lance)
Description: Infusing it with Reiatsu Gáe Bolg starts glowing, and when he thrust it outwards it will release a bala-esque projectile that will bounce off of up to two objects in an attempt to chase Kaede's target.

Copied Powers
Name:Kurai hi megami (Dark Ice Goddess) (Rena Lisola's Shikai copied at 0-3)
Ability Name: Dark Crystal
Description: She is able to create dark crystals that brim with negative energy and are at 10 degree's Fahrenheit in temperature at all time making them extremely cold to the touch. She is able to form these from nothing at a amount of 20 feet total a post and she can't form them more than 100 feet away from her being. She can however create some dark crystal and hurl it at her opponent as a projectile weapon past this 100 range she just can't control it once it leaves the range ( so no homing ). She does not have to touch the crystal herself in order to control it. So it seems like she has telekinetic powers but she really doesn't. She can also hurl said created shards from her blade itself as it is made of the very same material she is creating during shikai. This means of using it is limitless but can only be used to hurl foot long shards at a quantity of 3 per swing..this also means her blade is at 10 degree's and covered in negative energy at all times and is able to leave 1/2 inch of ice on anything within 1 foot of it's swinging arc as long as it can be affected by temperature due to its coldness not enough to really do anything but it would definitely be noticeable. Each projectile shards hardness is increased as if covered in an slightly above average heirro by an arrancar of equal tier to Rena.

Ability Name: Bone Shards
Description: All of her bones in shikai become shards of the very dark crystal she uses to attack with. Making her just as cold and giving her a more defensible body that regular bone. She is able to repair these shards if damaged fairly quick but can only regenerate them 50 at a time. There are 206 bones in the body thus she has 206 shards in her body during shikai. She is able to spike out dark crystal from her skin at any point in her body without pain to herself and is capable of covering herself in a thick layer of Dark crystal allowing for even more defense. however..the full body cover uses more than her body can regenerate in one post..thus is only usable once per 4 to 5 posts. ( technically 4 and a half for full regeneration ) However a limitation to this is she cannot make the dark shards within her body leave bodily contact (So she can't shoot crystals out of her body.) When used as a full body armor it can last up to 2 posts ( which doesn't start her CD til it's over ) and during this amount of time it is like she has a arrancar hierro on an high level for her tier.

Ability Name: Ankoku Shuuha ( Darkness Release )
Description: Her Zanpaktou borrows her spiritual energy passively since she has so much of it to spare. this energy can be released in the form of a massive wave. or in a spear like motion by thrusting it and releasing. ( it would look more like a kamehameha beam than a spear when thrusted ) this is possible once every post as it takes that much time for the Zanpaktou to obtain more energy. She is able to charge this attack either strengthening it by double or making it's area of effect quadrupled. She cannot enhance it in both ways at the same time and it gains a post to it's CD if she does either enhancement. The base power of this ability is similar to a cero.

Name:Tsumetai shi no megami (Rena Lisola's Bankai copied at 0-3)
Ability Name: Zanpaktou Mastery
Description: Her Bankai grants her retainership of her Shikai powers. She does not lose them and they increase in power with her Bankai (Though their functionality remains the same)

Ability Name: Ice/Water Manipulation
Description: The name almost speaks for itself..In essence she is able to control and manipulate ice and water regardless of circumstances. She is able to increase the speed of what the ice and water is doing by double if she uses her hands to guide the actions though. This has a 500 foot range. Once it exits this she has no control over it at all.

Ability Name: Water Creation
Description: she is capable of creating water from essentially nothing using the power of her Zanpaktou and her own spiritual pressure, empowering it with her reiatsu so that it can be used as a weapon..without actually changing the nature of the water itself. She can only create within 150 feet of herself.

Ability Name: Water conversion
Description: she is able to covert water to ice and vice versa and control it thus as if it were made by her..however if the water or ice is already in motion she needs time to do it. So she can't convert them if it is within 10 feet of her and moving. It'll hit her anyways.

Ability Name: Purity
Description: She can remove the impurities in the water around her, creating a liquid that is below the freezing point, and cooling it further and causing it to become quick ice if it hits another object.

Name: Inazuma Kettou (Sakura's Shikai copied at 0-4)
Sakura's Shikai takes the form of two identical gauntlets in the shape of a lion's head, with steel plating, bronze trim, gold ornament and reiatsu leaks. The two gauntlets are rather heavy, about fifty pounds each, but Sakura does not feel the weight of them due to her connection to Inazuma Kettou. With a simple steel lion's head as a base, the gauntlets have bronze trim aroud every edge with gold to signify more important pieces of the lion, such as his nose and whiskers, and has glowing blue eyes, as well as three teardrops in a circle on the top. The two weapons also form bracers on Sakura's wrists which protect them, due to the nature of how they are used making it necessary for Sakura to be in close combat extremely often.

[雷ブレード]Lightning Blade
By channeling her reiatsu through each weapon, Sakura is able to form solid blades of compressed lightning-like energy that form from the lion's mouths on her Shikai. These blades are one foot in length from the edge of the mouth to the tip, and are a very pale blue. Having the properties of lightning, neither blade ever seems to sit still, always sparking off in random directions. While this technique is active, the three teardrops on the top of her Shikai also glow in the same bright blue as the eyes. This technique can last indefinitely and has no cooldown.

[雷玉]Lightning Ball
By compressing her reiatsu in her fists, Sakura can unleash a ball of pure lightning with the destructive force and speed of a Bala, released by throwing a punch. While this is normally used for ranged combat, Sakura can also use this in melee to augment her punching. This technique has no cooldown, but can only be fired a maximum of 20 times per post.

[雷撃の鎧]Lightning Strike Armor
This technique allows Sakura to cover her body in lightning. While this provides no explicit defense, it does increase her offensive capabilities dramatically, with everything she touches being electrocuted as though struck by lightning. This technique lasts for 3 posts with a 5 post cooldown.

Zanpakuto Name: Arashi (Storm) (Copied from Akane at 0-2)
Soranoken (Empty Sword): Layers of spiritually powered wind encompass Akane’s blade, bending light in such a way that it renders her blade completely invisible. Making it difficult to gauge its shape and length. This is a passive ability when drawn from its sheath, as if she was simply drawing a hilt without a blade.

Soranoken: Harikēnrasshu (Empty Sword: Hurricane Rush): Sheathing her blade, Akane takes a low stance before she bursts forward. Rushing beyond her opponent while drawing her blade to attack as she passes by. This attack is designed to keep pressure on her opponents with swift, hard to dodge attacks.
- Shunpo Speed
- Single Attack
- Cooldown: 1 Post

Seinaru Mikadzuki (Holy Crescent): A simple attack, by unleashing a portion of her substantial pool of energy while lashing out with her blade, Akane forms a crescent of dense reiatsu-infused wind that slices through the air at tremendous speeds. The energy attempts to cut clean through whatever it hits, capable of piercing all but the most sturdy of armour and barriers.
- Bala Speed
- Cero Power
- Cooldown: 2 Posts
- 5m Tall, 1m Wide, 50m range
- Armour Piercing (Armour/Barriers at 25% less effective against this ability)

Awakening: After learning to control her energy to a finer degree, Akane has learned to harness it in such a way as to condense it into a more powerful force. With it’s weight she can completely snuff out energy based attacks by overwhelming them with her own energy.
- Reiatsu boosted to x3
- Reiryoku boosted to x3
- 50m Range
- Bala (5 Bala, 1 post cooldown)
- Cero (2 post cooldown)
- Gran Rey (4 post cooldown)
- Cero Oscuras (5 post cooldown)
- Must wait for cooldown to end before using ability again, as it is shared.

Bankai Name: Joka no Arashi (Purifying Storm)
Callout Phrase: Purify the unjust, cleanse the wicked.

Shinseina Mikadzuki (Divine Holy Crescent): Channelling the excess of her power into her blade, Akane releases a larger and more concentrated wave of energy. This wave of power is focused into miniscule slivers of dense reiatsu that enhance its cutting ability. Innately a very destructive technique, leaving deep gouges along the land should it travel across it and leveling buildings with ease.
- Cero Speed
- Gran Rey Power
- Cooldown: 3 Posts
- Armour Piercing: (Armour/Barriers at 25% less effective against this ability)
- 15m tall, 2m wide, 100m Range

Spirit of the Zephyr: Utilizing the sheer increase in power received in bankai, Akane is capable of particularly high-speed combat. Enhancing the ability of Hurricane Rush, she is capable of launching an intensely swift attack from almost any location to dash forward and strike through her foes, launching herself off of anything she could get a foothold on (Including momentary air-walk if need be) or simply increase the sheer speed of any swing she makes.
- Grants two speed enhanced attacks, with a 1 post cooldown (Shunpo Speed Attacks)
- Enhanced attacks may be straight dashes or simple quick attacks.
- Speed is passively increased by x1 (x4 in Bankai)

Enlightenment: Once released into bankai, Akane’s innate pool of reiryokyu becomes even more overbearing than it already was in shikai. Crushing down upon those around her while granting to ability to snuff out energy based attacks without a hint of exertion on her part.
- Reiatsu Boosted to x4
- Reiryokyu Boosted to x4
- 100m Range
- Can ‘extinguish’ attacks that enter this range, nullifying them completely.
- Bala (5 per post)
- Cero (1 per post)
- Gran Rey (4 post cooldown)
- Cero Oscuras (5 post cooldown)
- Forbidden Kidou (6 post cooldown)
- Cooldowns are shared

Shinseina Jimen (Sacred Ground): By stabbing her zanpakuto into the ground, Akane releases an astounding wave of energy in all directions. The torrential wave pushes back anything it touches while shredding it to bits.
- Wave Travels at Cero Speeds
- Deals Oscuras Damage
- 25m Radius
- 4 Post Cooldown

Name: Fūsoku (Copied from Noz at 0-4 During Hueco Mundo War)
Appearance: Noziel's Zanpakuto develops edges, and elongates to 4.5 feet, with a more crystalline structure to it, as if the winds themselves were frozen in ice. The bright blue-white of the blade is often the last thing his targets see. As always, the true strength of Noziel's sword lies in it's point.


Vaccum Chamber- Noziel clenches his fist and air is either pulled towards him in a heavy stream, or a vacuum is created, devoiding an area of air.

Vacuum Blade- Noziel fires off a wave shaped blast of wind where the area within is an area of negative pressure. As such, it behaves as though it were able to tear through most objects when it comes into contact with them. The overall damage at the point of impact is equivalent to a Gran Rey Cero. This can be used once every three posts.
Alternatively, it can be downgraded to a weaker power for multiple uses.

Call of the Winds:
Noziel can bend the winds to his will, at least enough to shape them, and contain objects in the air. He will use this to further boost his already dangerous movement speed, force of impact, and near-perfect velocity/inertia control. Long and short, full-on wind manipulation.

Formless Shards: Noziel can freely create solid chunks of energy capable of withstanding up to a Cero or a strike from a Zanpakuto either by hand or by the tip of his Zanpakuto. Drawing shapes fills them in, and drawing lines acts as though it were a steel sword, blocking only one strike completely before fading. If Noziel disables his mental lock that ties down his sanity, these shards will cause lacerations on contact as if it were able to pierce Hierro.

(Passive) Zero-Point Obliteration: When Noziel makes a strike with just the tip of his Zanpakuto in any state, it releases a condensed implosion of wind and spiritual pressure at the point of contact. This can cause internal injuries, including cracking of ribs and damage to organs. This damage is focused on an inch of radius from the point of impact, funneled into the body. Damage is Hadou 40 level per strike.

Transfigured name: Fūsoku no Koete (Copied from Noz at 0-4 During Hueco Mundo War)

Noziel's bankai seems to not only call the winds, but control them with every swing. Though it's better for long range slices, it still has a good enough point for Noziel. Those curious, the sword is roughly 6 feet long, with a blade that is sharp as a katana, and a blade width varying from a quarter inch to 2 inches.

Boosts: x3 Speed and Reiryoku. Elevating to Bankai generates a forceful gale of a wind, precisely cutting up nearby plant life, including dicing up nearby trees into perfect 3 inch cubes.


All Abilities from Shikai are retained, aside from the upgrade to Vacuum Blade.

Vacuum Blade EX - Passive/Upgrade
If Fusoku no Koete is swung, a Vacuum Blade will fire from it, directed where the swing would follow with no range limits, no cost, and no cooldown. However, if Noziel chooses to, he can charge it for up to a Gran Rey's power, only able to do this twice before he can no longer charge it for three posts afterwards.

Hall of Mirrors:
Noziel summons a cage in the shape of a hexagon, with a dome-like top to it. The top follows the edges of the octagonal cage. The walls are made of a special type of energy that will burn when touched by anyone but Noziel. He himself however, when touching a wall, will appear on the reflected side of the opposite wall, effectively phasing through the cage.
Example: Noziel touches the inside of the left wall of the cage. He appears on the inside of the right side. Other person can do the same thing. Touching the top leads to the reverse side of the top.
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

Frozen Strikes: Noziel can create afterimages of himself in mid-combat. These afterimages can be used to store kidou and abilities, as well as filter into other abilities. Ya hit one? It breaks. Each one lasts two posts These afterimages look like and have Noziel's energy emanating from them, but someone with decent senses should be able to tell the difference.

Technique: Kaze kōru - mi etsuran arī
With more power in hand, Noziel summons an additional copy of his bankai. With the winds assisting him, the additional copies of his Bankai with the winds. They can each use any weapon based abilities that Noziel has, excluding kidou, and can be used with the original copy as well, which Noziel will be wielding by hand.
4 posts duration, 8 post cooldown.

Toukai (Copied from Noz at 0-4 During Hueco Mundo War)
Toukai appearance is the same as Bankai, save for the fact that Noziel's suit turns white, a silvery-blue raiment appears around his body.


-Further Beyond : Noziel can pull energy such as Reishi and Reiyoku from the atmosphere and non-essential non-PC elements. With this, he can use Kidou as if he were standing elsewhere. This also prevents him from using his own energy reserves. He is allotted one free cast of a kidou up to the 80th level, with energy consumption otherwise mitigated by a small percentage.

-Trace Displacement : Noziel can leave traces of his reiatsu behind, causing internal damage after a full post. This ability functions much in the same way that his Zero-Point Obliteration works. If Noziel's body or any part of it makes contact with his opponent, he can leave a trace of energy that leaks into their body, slowing causing internal damage, bleeding, and damage to the skeleton. For every point of contact, a Hadou 40's worth of energy leeches into the contact point, causing internal damage concentrated primarily on the initial mark.

-Line of Dismissal : Noziel can make single dashes, up to three per post that charge through any and all obects in that line, at a maximum distance of 10 meters. The effect applied to all objects is the equivalent is a clean slice through said object. If deflected by an equal power, the dash continues, but for a meter, the damage is halted. While his body phases through any object, an attack is made against all objects he passed by or through similar to a sword cut made by his Toukai. If deflected by a lesser power, the damage is halved. This is not shunpo and and will not interfere with the usage of Shunpo

-Archaic Obliteration : Final Strike.
Noziel's final ability, he prepares to call in all the Reishi he can, as well as the remainder of his Reiryoku and funnels all of it into his blade. He then makes two strikes with his blade, and the energy does not dissipate until the two strikes have been made. Each strike contains one forbidden kidou worth of damage, and will disperse itself throughout the target's body, further aggravating any already existing wounds. This ability leaves Noziel nearly breathless, having to Senkaimon out.


Kaede was born in to the lap of luxury, to a wealthy family in Junrinan the first district of west Rukon. As such he wanted for not spending his time in blissful happiness playing around from sun up till sun down, not a care in the world. That was until he first met a Shinigami, they radiated such a presence and practically demanded respect. The Shinigami had left such an impression on Kaede that he knew what he wanted to be. With goal in mind he set forth studying everything that he could get his hands on to help him achieve his goal.

Years later Kaede took the application exam for the Shinōreijutsuin, passing both physical and written version on his first try though his scores were not entirely exceptional. During his training there was the first time that Kaede realized that he enjoyed the act of inflicting pain and misery on others, which caused him to excel in all of the studies that lead to him doing so well, however his studies to in kido were sub-par especially in hado, where it consistently blew up in his face.

After his time in the academy Kaede joined up with the thirteen court guards within Squad 11 at first, where his violent nature flourished and thrived. While mixed in with the other fighting nuts he nourished his skill with Zanjutsu and even his hakuda proficiency. As he worked his way up the ranks through his feats of combat and increasing his power he ran into the Shinigami who had inspired him to join up with the Gotei 13. That Shinigami was a seated officer of Squad 10, and even though they weren't in the same squad Sei befriended Kaede so much so that, Kaede ended up putting in for a transfer to squad 10 about a year after joining up.

Though the transfer wasn't all bad it came with a promotion all the way up to the tenth seat of the squad, which was pretty amazing seeing as Kaede still hadn't even learned the name of his Zanpakuto. Now that they were in the same squad Sei and Kaede spent their free time training with each other, all trying to help Kaede release his Zanpakuto, to no avail. One day a few years later the pair of them were sent to help coordinate the forces sent to deal with a problem in the world of the living.

The situation was a coordinated attack of hollows lead by a single Arrancar raiding a warzone for the souls of the fallen, and even slaying the various soldiers on each side. As the ranking member Sei took the lead, and after dispatching the forces he was allocated to deal with the various hollows that were scattered across the battle field. Sei himself decided to take the lead on the arrancar.

Kaede was assigned to focus on a trio of hollows who had taken a particular interest in assaulting live soldiers on one side of the combat. Charging into the combat Kaede drew his sword and went to work on them. Their team work at first prevented Kaede from getting a good flow to his combos, though after a lucky blow he managed to disrupt their team work, from there he went to dispatching them one at a time. After his assignment Kaede surveyed the battle field, finding a few more Hollows who were wandering around uncontested he bounced between them splitting their skulls in one to two moves each. Once all of the hollows had either been dispatched or were otherwise occupied by the other Shinigami Kaede turned his attention to Sei's battle against the arrancar. While the Arrancar did not feel like they had even made it to Gillian class before his shinigamification the fight was not going in Sei's favor.

Joining in the battle the two of them managed to make the fight far more equal though it was still in the arrancar's favor. After almost ten minutes of exchanging blows with the arrancar Sei was knocked away landing under a building almost a hundred yards away. Kaede was next, being kneed in the stomach before being back handed into a building. It was at that time that that Kaede heard her voice, the voice of his Zanpakuto calling out to him telling him her name. Calling her name as he extricated himself from the remnants of the building when his sword shattered into nothingness leaving him with nothing but his fists to defend himself with he was ready to throw in the towel then and there. Wishing that he could just get his sword back he was surprised when it appeared right then and there in his hand, exactly as he remembered it.

Rushing back to the arrancar he swung the sword against the beings flesh, though due to the creatures Hierro the flimsy Katana that he had made snapped on impact. Cursing his luck and wishing for a stronger weapon another weapon appeared in his hand, this one sturdier in appearance than the previous and when he swung it he found that it felt so natural that it was almost as if he had been using it his entire life. The new sword lasted a couple of swings before shattering. So the fight went on, him creating better and stronger swords just to have them break, until Arturia whispered the design for Caladbolg in his ear. Wishing for the weapon that she described he was not disappointed when it appeared, feeding more of his reiryoku into the blade he swung it releasing a blast of pure concentrated reiatsu that injured the Arrancar, forcing it to retreat back to Hueco Mundo.

With their leader beaten, the few remaining hollows did their best to retreat as well, unfortunately for most of them they were not so lucky. Situation resolved Kaede made his way to the rubble of the building Sei was knocked under and started to dig his friend out. Once they were all gathered together they returned to the seireitei where they were both promoted to the third and fourth seat respectively. Kaede and Sei with the help of Arturia spent the next while testing the limits of his Zanpakuto, and even learning that Kaede has the ability to copy the weapons of others.

Though with all of their testing, they never figured out how he can return his Zanpakuto to it's normal form. After they felt they had a good feel for what his limitations were they swapped from working on his Shikai to helping each other unlock their bankai. Years later Sei was sent out to coordinate another large scale operation, though he failed to return from it. Stricken with grief Kaede swore to curb his violent nature to try and be more peaceful like Sei, though that was quite a chore itself, and because of the memories that kept flooding him as he wandered through the Squad 10 barracks and associated buildings Kaede put in a squad transfer request, and after large amounts of deliberation he figured both his talents and the kind of person he was trying to be would be best suited for the second squad.

It took a couple of years for the transfer to get approved, and once there Kaede was pulled from the main force and thrust into a rigorous Hakuda, hoho, and stealth training regimen. While undergoing the required advanced training for joining the squad Kaede encountered a young woman who had taken an interest in his abilities and in him as a person. With her help Kaede was able to resolve some of his problems that he was having with Kido, and even strengthen his Bakudo skills to where they should be. At the end of the advanced training Kaede was assigned to the third seat of the squad and as such was put in charge of the detainment center. The young woman who helped him in the advanced training was assigned as his second there.

During his down time, Kaede worked on strengthening his bond with Arturia, and manifesting her outside of his inner world so that he can activate his Bankai. After succeeding in being able to manifest Arturia on command, she generated a field of swords and told him that his task was to find which sword was the physical embodiment of her. The test seemed pretty straight forward so he walked through the field picking up and trying swords at random, looking for something different about them other than their appearance. After the tenth sword that seemed to have the same spiritual feel to it Kaede tried a broader approach, extending out his senses to encompass the entirety of the field to try a broader search, though no single blade seemed to have a unique feel to it. He puzzled against the test up until his spiritual power seemed like it was about to give out. Walking over to Arturia he answered thusly, 'No one sword here is the physical embodiment of you, For they are all you, and you are all of them.' Nodding with a smile Arturia told him her full name, and thus the release command to the Bankai.

Bankai unlocked Kaede swapped from spending his free time learning how to manifest Arturia to mastering his bankai. After years of training and testing its limits to the best of his ability A series of openings happened within the Captains of the thirteen court guards, and Kaede got nominated to replace one of them. Choosing to the option to test for the position he knew he passed, and now he waited on the results to come in for what squad he was going to be put in charge of.

Side Notes: All your weapons are belong to me
RP Sample: Le nope

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