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#1 Bounto Race Information on Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:03 pm

The Bounts (Baunto) are an (anime-only) group of Humans that live by consuming Human souls (Pluses), plus Shinigami and Quincy souls which potentially increases their abilities.

Bounts are living beings just as Quincy are, but the difference being they have a special component that is encompassed by a Human soul. Bounts absorb Human souls, making them their own. It is these abilities that have named Bounts at various times in Human history as "vampires". As the accidental creations of a Shinigami scientist, they were once affiliated with Soul Society. Currently the Bounts in general are only a small tribe of beings from what they once were. Due to their circumstance they are neither affiliated with Soul Society nor the living world, they are pariahs, accepted in neither dimension.

The natural abilities they possess due to their unique creation differentiate them from normal Humans and even Quincy. These abilities include:

•Soul Absorption: Bounts normally try to absorb the Human's soul after the person dies and is trying to pass on. But they are also capable of taking the souls of those who are living, to do so kills the Human.

•Immortality: By absorbing Human souls, a Bount can live forever. When they absorb Human souls, they gain eternal life.

•Empowerment: By taking the souls of living Humans, Bounts gain unique abilities.

Reishi Absorption: Bounts are able to adsorb Reishi and increase their power and healing factors in accordance to how much they absorb. This is especially hard to counter if a Bount is in a Reishi rich environment, much like Karakura Town. In such environments, a Bount within a mid class range can easily become a nearly impossible to kill target, as they rapidly heal gashes and deeps stabs in places such as Seireitei. In Hueco Mundo, they're virtually invincible as they can restore vital organs and limb in less than thirty seconds due to the massive abundance of Reishi that freely exists there. The brain is the only organ they cannot restore, as well as the stomach and heart.

The Bounts were created by Ran'Tao as the accidental result of an explosion during an experiment by the predecessor to the Seireitei Technological Institute. The experiment was an attempt to develop eternal life using the already slow-aging Shinigami souls as the base, but the materials used in the experiment crossed with the development of souls in the real world and led to the creation of a new spiritually-active Human race, the Bounts.

The Bount souls were scattered about the world, giving rise to a new race that never aged after reaching their twenties or thirties. They were generally treated as outcasts due to the fact that they did not age. The Shinigami scientist responsible for their creation, Ran'Tao, gathered most of the Bount into a small community in a secret cave structure, several centuries before the main story-line. It was her intent to improve the quality of life for the people whose suffering she felt responsible for.

However, the embarrassment of this accidental creation, as well as the fact that a tenth of Seireitei was destroyed in the resulting explosion and the possible threat they posed to the balance between the worlds, led the Chamber of 46 to rule that the experiment and its failure was to be covered up, and the Bounts destroyed. Shinigami were dispatched to kill the Bount community, but a handful survived, including a young boy saved by Ran'Tao herself, to whom she gave a seal that would help unlock the Bounts' true power.

The Bounts who survived the massacre wandered like nomads and eventually fell prey to constant attacks by Hollows. It was during this time that the boy, who would later become known as Eugene, activated the seal's power and merged with his doll - the Bount equivalent to a Shinigami's Zanpakutō - and killed off the attacking Hollows. The survivors eventually found refuge in another cave and began devising a plan to return to Soul Society, which they saw as more of a home than the real world ever could be. Eugene, now an adult, was against this plan. He had witnessed the massacre and believed the only thing that would await the Bounts if they returned to Soul Society would be subservience or death. Regardless, the Bounts' leadership decided to gain access to Soul Society by means of the Quincy's' power. The Quincy were unwilling to assist, and a battle ensued, in which the Quincy and Shinigami killed most of the surviving Bounts.

Further infuriated by this, Eugene took the last few surviving Bount, all of whom were of a similar mindset to him, and began plotting revenge on Soul Society. These Bounts managed to perfect the control of their dolls, and by the time of the main story-line Eugene, now going by the alias, Jin Kariya, was ready for vengeance.

Unfortunately, Kariya's plan was doomed to failure, as most of the Bounts he assembled were either killed by the Shinigami and their allies or rebelled against him and was forced to kill them. The only Bount that wasn't killed was Gō Koga, who ironically ended up living with the Bount's creator, Ran Tao.

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