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Quick sidenote for easy understanding;

Combined Charge/Cooldown time for an ability that deals Gran Rey Cero damage or stronger is at least 3 posts.

Cero Oscuras is 4.

Cicada/Gemelos is a 2 post CD 5 max per thread.

Moving on...


1. Dark Matter
2. Gravity control beyond 200%
3. Anything Autohit
4. Anything God-Like.
5. Any infallible healing
6. Time Manipulation
7. COMPLETE Obstruction of the senses.
8. Multiple release variations. You can't have one release that shoots fire and one that shoots lightning and one that shoots ice and so on..
9. Try to keep it to 2 elements, or 3 unique gimmicks assuming they aren't all encompassing to begin with. (I.E. Accelerator only has Vector Control based powers because that encompasses a fuck ton of stuff.. where as Ika has poisons, toxins, and weapon control/throwing. Hurrayyy)
10. Lowering of an opponents abilities. Should be more reserved to things that would impact their abilities indirectly, or simply boosting your own. Nothing that like, makes your opponent 50% Slower.
11. Anything that outright negates a Canon aspect of the show I.E. Ha no more Shunpo, or Release, or Kidou, or whatever.
12. Anything Nuclear.. This is Bleach not Fallout..
13. Spatial Distortion
14. Anything that shits on the plot.


1. Gravity outside of amplification of it's effects..
2. Illusions
3. Anything that negates tiers..
4. Combat Teleportation

~ Limited ~

1. Plasma
2. Poisons
3. Matter Manipulation
4. Vectors
5. Mimicry

While we're on the subject.. Character Concepts.. I'm all for originality, but this is Bleach not Magic the Gathering or Terminator.. Thus I'm limiting everyone to one android/cyborg/robot and one spellcaster/sorcerer/sorceress.. this is a PER PERSON RULE... And to get either of these approved, I expect at least one normal humanoid, Bleach-Esque character to match. Any questions, PM me.

Keep in mind these are guidelines and I reserve the right to at any point deny something that isn't exclusively mentioned on this list.

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#2 Character Development Limitations on Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:33 am

In the recent influx of apps, we've come to the realization that certain advanced techniques and character mechanics should not be allowed to new members from the get go. Please understand that we are not trying to put a damper on your fun, we just wish to keep mechanics like this meaningful, rare, and relatively limited. We reserve the right to add to this list as we see relevant, and appreciate all cooperation with staff.

However, after a solid reputation of posting consistently, in detail, and you are known to be in good standing with the other members here, you know, make friends, have fun, make quality posts and all that, then the staff may allow you to use the mechanics listed here on a case-by-case basis. We're aiming to keep each listed mechanic allotted to 4-5 people maximum at any given time.

-Shunko (It's super powerful..)
-Hollow Harmonization (Vizards aren't hollow, it can be done, but it takes a LOT of time.)

In addition to these, we may have some mechanics that aren't super limited strictly by number. We expect these to change as apps continue to rush through, so please check this post frequently and bear with us. Remember, the staff makes the final call on apps. We don't wish to inhibit your fun solely to throw a damper on things, we try to make this fun for everyone.

-Constant Release States (Shikai, Bankai, etc.): The main issue with this is it requires the Zanpakuto to be broken in some way. We simply request that this be done in character, unless by some varying shenanigan that we can approve.
-Energy Absorption/Draining
-Custom Kidou (you can make them, but don't get carried away)
-Supplementary boosts to releases. Shikai at max is x3, and Bankai at max is x4. At no point will you get a release anywhere above x4, and there needs to be sufficient reason to have said additional boosts.

The following character mechanics are banned outright, not due to limiting mechanics, but because they are either too powerful, or just make zero sense in Bleach logic.

-RNG (due to the 'trust' mechanic involved)
-Good Sinners (....why even..)
-Hollows with hearts (they couldn't even be hollows then..?)
-Bounto with two Dolls (They can be nearly anything.. you don't need 2)
-Silly arguments as to why certain characters can't act certain ways. Your OCD is gonna have to make room for the egos of other people, sorry.

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