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on Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:46 pm


Cero Espada
Cero Espada
The woman saw the slash coming and released the blade, jumping backwards.. It had cut Kokoro's Captain haori but it hadn't done any more than that in terms of actual impact.. As he hacked away trying to trap her within the tendrils, a pair of black ice swords formed in the woman's hands and she started blocking and parrying Kokoro's attacks. The pressure was being applied, and his scythe caught her should slightly though she spun out to avoid getting hooked and taking major damage, but Kokoro smelled the blood in the water as the gash formed on her shoulder, and he had the pain causing tendrils close in on her from the sides. If she were to continue spinning out from the cuts, she was going to have to deal with the tendrils in a rather personal manner.. The scythe cut cloth and skin alike as the newly forming gash poured blood down her now exposed shoulder. She seemed to enter her second form relatively quickly, and her power spiked rather intensely.. Perhaps she was going to make this interesting..

He had her pinned down initially, but it seemed as though she was far more capable of keeping up with his strikes now, so he picked up the intensity as well. Though she was parrying well, he figured she would try to create some level of distance, she stabbed one of the blades into the ground and in an instant ice blades burst out at him from all directions, 20 of them in total from his on the fly estimating. He knew she was trying to get away, so he made a decision. He knocked away three of them with the tentacles while using Shunpo to close the gap she had tried to form, He took one in the thigh and one through his left hand, but it didn't matter. He would deal with that later, for now? She needed to die. He got in her face one more and closed her in tightly with the tendrils, any movement backwards or sideways would mean a painful wake-up call. He made a slash downwards, aiming at her right shoulder, hard. As she formed the ice javelins he grabbed her arm and pointed it away before kicking her forwards, hoping to get rid of the attack, while still launching her away from him hopefully into the tentacles..

At this point she would either have escaped or been knocked forwards, and she would have by good fortune got away, slipping through the archways of the coliseum that led into the arena itself. The arena floor was gorgeous but not genuine, it was clearly remodeled and the sand was new, it did not have the look or smell of blood and death that it would radiate with even thousands of years later.. "Isn't it fitting?... That you'd become a footnote on the face of history here, where gladiator's used to spill their blood to survive, shame we don't have a viewing audience like they did eh...?" He looked up to see her smiling, and he laughed a bit himself.. "Well nice to see you're in a better mood than before, Christ you were a fucking buzzkill!" As he officially made his way into the coliseum, he noticed that she shot at him, and that this time she moved but didn't leave a trail of ice.. the attack didn't either, but he Shunpo'd to avoid it and when she got in close.. It was then that Kokoro had err'd a bit.. but so had she. She drove a sword forwards, driving it straight through his body and out the other end, he was more than surprised that she had the balls to make the attempt but.. She had err'd. Just like he had..

He lifted his scythe and aimed it at her leg, hoping to rip it up from the Achilles tendon up to the calf muscles, he really wanted to stunt her mobility here.. He was dripping blood, and he could feel his stomach leaking.. It was a painful experience but.. One he'd have to deal with.. As the scythe swung there regardless of whether or not it hit he would flip it around to land a strike to her head with the blunt end, knocking her forwards while closing off her path with the tendrils.. She would pay for what she had done to him.. Oh fuck she was going to pay.. "You know.. that really hurt.. Hehehe... My turn.."


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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