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~Saio Hira

Most people would have retaliated, beaten the shit out of the fucker in front of me, scythe, seething arrogance, tentacle sodomy and all. Most people can tell you, I am not most people. Most people will tell you I barely qualify as a person, and that doesn't really make a difference to me. He really seemed pissed that I was interrupting his interaction with Hirai, but hey, back off, she's mine.

I was kinda pissed, and honestly, combat didn't sound like a bad idea. At least... not at first. You see, out of all the confusion, something was missing. I didn't realize it until... well.
Clownpiece was now in a FUCKING CRATER. She had come falling down after me, and unlike my beautiful, graceful self, she couldn't fix her landing and crashed. Really, really hard. Right in the middle of tentaclemonster's rant about messing with his experiment. I rolled onto the ground, dying of laughter (lol sort of not really). After I finished my laughing fit, I switched my hair to pink, and my gaze to him, softening and firing a flirtatious look at him. "Oh an experiment on me instead you say? If it means I get to take her place, honey you can do whatever you want to me. Just be gentle" and as I finished rolling with my arms outstretched, asking the Shinigami to take me, I stuck my tongue at him and winked.

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Kokoro glanced up to see a stick in the ground as he ranted, and noticed the woman was rolling on the ground laughing... Bad move. Kokoro snatched her off the ground with his tentacles and began to choke her out, before she could even get started with doing anything else. He walked by the first downed Captain Level Vizard and kicked her in the head, being sure she was out of it for good. After this he made his move, he glanced towards the bag the woman brought and saw a squeaky toy, and immediately a smirk crossed his face. He grabbed his scythe and cut the woman open across her abdomen, and proceeded to rip out her lungs with violent authority, using his tendrils for precision. He then proceeded to continue the pressure with his tendrils, allowing them to keep choking her to the point where she would not lose oxygen and die, but she would not be able to regain consciousness either. It was a fine line, but Kokoro, could manage.

Doing his damnedest to stifle the inevitable blood flow, he continued inside of the strange, psychopathic woman and began to stitch the new lungs inside of her. Then? The deed was done. He slapped some handcuffs on her to bind her spiritual pressure, and chucked her in a bag. He kicked her in the ribs once to make sure the noise was heard, and much to his delight a "squeak" was loud and clear. As he began to slowly walk away from the area, he couldn't help but smile, his work had been a success.. He opened a Senkaimon, and went back to report to his lab.

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