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The woman tried to speak but it was futile, Kokoro was on her like white on rice and planned to stay that way, she seemed to dodge forward in something of a hall roll half flip deal not that it was gonna help her at all.. As she did this he simply Shunpo'd forwards planting his foot directly in the side of her head as though she was a football, and kicked her across the forest clearing before Shunpoing quickly to follow up, apathetic to whatever the hell she would attempt as he went forwards to follow up.. He had nicked her coat to begin with, so she was lucky to not be skewered at this point anyway. She seemed to catch his transformation out of the corner of her eye while she rushed him, but not enough to keep her on guard. She barely caught herself in time to avoid the first slash coming in under her, and she lashed out from the second slash with one of her own, but the interruption to her momentum seemed to cause her to just slash his chest to the muscle more or less.

The woman seemed as though she was temporarily pleased with the damage she had dealt to him from the opening blow, but boy was she about to be disappointed. "Such a wound isn't even a cat scratch for me.. your foolish resistance to my desires will cost you your life if that's the best you've got to offer me in terms of offense.. HEHEHAHA" His laugh was what you might expect from some delusional, mad scientific psychopath. She seemed to be analyzing him, attempting to form some semblance of a strategy not that it would really amount to much more than just that. Some little strategy Kokoro planned to thoroughly shit on. She seemed to be well beyond upset when she watched his chest be repaired due to his high speed regeneration, and his tendrils more or less sewing him back together. "I'm sorry, did I kill your little celebration? Have I driven home the fact that you can't win yet?.. Hehe.." He smiled maniacally, choking up just a little bit on his scythe. "Don't cry little Vizard.. I'll make sure your corpse is for the betterment of your kind, and my knowledge.."

The woman seemed to be thinking of some new plan, probably something to do with her fire bullshit since he hadn't really had to bother healing up from that yet..She rushed him up close, trying to get inside of his scythes effective range which he allowed with a very particular plan in mind. He used his tendrils to form a net around her on both sides, some grew out of his back covering over the top, and he quickly dragged the scythe backwards. She would either have to go through the tendrils and learn of their sadistic, neurologically unfathomable properties, or she would have to be cut in half. She seemed to leave a dopple gangar when he went to proceed with the next series of attacks ,and a Bakudo 79 took hold of him, Black Holes binding him in place if only for the moment.. She then Reappeared behind him, launching a fireball at him directly. He sighed as he was locked into place, incapable of avoiding it, but he still had an out of sorts. "Bakudo 81, Danku." The Fireball smacked against the Bakudo, and he couldn't help but smile from ear to ear as it did so. And he soon broke free from the restraints of the Bakudo by releasing enough Spiritual Pressure to Usurp it. "That's all you've got?.. How pathetic.. I'm not even sure you're worthy of being one of my research projects now.."

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Shana felt the change in movement as Kokoro transitioned from his slash combo to kicking her in the head when his first swing missed. And even though she had felt it coming, she was not in a position where she was able to react to the strike in time causing her to be sent flying away in a slight daze. Acting on pure instinct Shana twisted her body mid-air causing herself to spin slashing out with her Zanpakuto she released a ball of fire that opened up into a hand of flames reaching out to grab the approaching shinigami, exploding immediately after successfully grabbing him.

Catching herself with her left hand she righted herself before transitioning into the aforementioned slash across the chest. As she closed for her second strike (the one with the flaming slash) Shana noticed the tendril cage forming around her, as well as the shift in Kokoro's stance as he started pulling the scythe in, not sure what the tendrils were capable of aside from stitching the twelfth captain back together she didn't want to be caught in the net itself. Using the Shunpo that created her doppelganger to duck under the encroaching scythe, spinning around Kokoro, launching her strongest fireball at near point blank range as he got caught within her trap. Though much to her dismay the attack got blocked by a Bakudo. Disengaging from the Captain with a shunpo that brought her all the way out to the far edge of the clearing, answering Kokoro's taunt with only one word of her own "BANKAI!" Wings of fire sprouting from her back before the word even left her lips. So he want's to see what I am capable of, I am pretty sure that I can oblige him at least that.

Flapping her wings, Shana released a Dozen feathers all aimed in the general direction of Kokoro, though about a four of them Shana had intended to miss completely, two of which embedding themselves in the ground, and the other two will embed themselves into two separate trees behind Kokoro. The remaining 8 that are on a direct path for Kokoro will if they impact him, pierce into his flesh searing their way in as they go, as if they were red hot dagger instead of feathers.

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The woman had effectively avoided his scythe slash but he did not necessarily avoid getting her head kicked off at about one hundred miles an hour. She seemed to rebound though as he made his approach, twisting herself around in mid air and using her Zanpakuto, she caught him with some flaming hand gimmick that blew up the second it grabbed, enveloping his body in second degree burns. He laughed ever so slightly, as the skin from all over began to regrow all over his body. It would take a minute or so to fully reappear, but the process started on impact. (Next post the skin will be fine pretty much.) "Impressive move Vizard.. my turn again now.."

She caught herself with her left hand, seemingly righting herself before she transitioned into the slashing at his chest. As she had closed for the second strike however she seemingly noticed the tendrils that formed around her, and as he dragged his scythe back he noticed the appearance of the doppleganger after she used Shunpo. He cleaved it in two as the Bakudo had made contact before he could react to it. She seemed to have used it as a trap of sorts, launching a giant fireball which he had proceeded to block with a Bakudo of his own. "Tough luck, maybe try something a tad more effective next time eh?.."

She disengaged from him as he broke free of her Bakudo, and she seemingly retreated all the way to the far edge of the clearing, answering his taunt by going Bankai.. She seemed to sprout wings of flame from her back, before the words even left her lips seemingly. She seemed to have a new feeling of determination for her, one that he fully intended to squash with relative immediacy. "Impressive, now it's my turn though little girl.." He held his scythe out in front of him "Kokushibyō, Bankai.." and as he said this tendrils sprouted out from his spine, from his back, and from all over his body." Wanna see real fear Vizard?!" His scythe had become dual sided now, and his speed had became borderline ridiculous. "Let's go then.."

She launched some daggers at him, at a rapid speed. One made impact with his shoulder, searing it's way through as it went. He smiled slightly as the pain seared through him, almost reveling in it as it peaked. "Not bad you pest, but now you'll have to die in the most painful way I can bestow upon you, it'll be beautiful, you'll scream, I'll climax, it'll be fun yeah?!" He ripped the feather out of his shoulder, digging his hand into the wound, and holding it on the shoulder blade to sear it shut, which helped the stitching along as well, leaving only the regeneration left to do it's needed job as he dropped it to the ground.

He swung the two sided scythe in circles, before having about ten tendrils approach her from the side trying to grab the woman's arms and her wings. He smirked slightly as two more made their way around from the sides, launching a flurry of hundreds of needles at the woman, which were laced in a toxin that would cause unfathomable pain to rack her petite little body. The screams were the part he enjoyed the most.. and he had a feeling he'd hear them yet.. If she escaped she'd have the scythe in her face in no time, as he would launch it at her like a Frisbee, before his tendrils once again tried to cage around her from behind, as he would use the scythe to distract her from his usage of Shunpo to get behind her. "My turn to play tricks little miss..HAHAHAHA!"

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Shana smirked slightly as the flaming hand caught the arrogant shinigami, exploding and inflicting second degree burns over the majority of his body. Though Shana was aware that it would be a short lived victory on her part. Especially as some of the damage was already repairing itself. Watching as Kokoro engaged his own Bankai his form becoming even ore grotesque in appearance in the process, his scythe growing a second blade from its other side.

Much to Shana's dismay only one of the ten feathers that had struck home, The remaining nine that had been knocked off path by the captains increased pressure. Though Kokoro's reaction to the one that hit home left Shana with a bit of confidence. Here is hoping, that he is as arrogant as he seems, because I might have a plan to put him down permanently. Shana's muscles tensed as he started to swing his scythe in circles, ready to move at not even a moments notice, movement out of the corner of her eye caused her to flash step away, turning mid step to see the cause of the movement, a series of tendrils that Kokoro had sent after her. As Shana stopped she was facing Kokoro again, though not even close to being phased that she avoided his tentacles yet again, instead he just threw his scythe like a giant frisbee of death, catching his Shunpo on the other side of the incoming scythe.

With one mighty flap of her wings Shana shot up into the sky like a rocket, turning herself mid air to face her opponent, gripping her zanpakuto tightly she thrust her Zanpakuto towards Kokoro, a spiraling torrent of flames rushing down towards the captain.

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The woman seemed to smirk slightly as though she assumed this damage she had inflicted would last, or that it would even phase him in the mean time, and boy would she be disappointed. The damage was already being repaired, and he didn't even slow down in his pursuit of the Vizard, who would soon enough be made his bitch. As Kokoro turned into a grotesque creature through means of Bankai, he could see the visible concern on the face of the poor Vizard, whom was seemingly unaware of the fact that her shit was about to get brutally fucked. She would regret not succumbing to his relatively polite advances prior too.

Much to the woman's more than evident dismay, only one of the ten feathers found it's mark seeing as he released around the same time as the attack's launching. She seemed to garner confidence from his reaction to the attack, though this would be a dumb-ass move on her part if she let it go to her head. She probably was trying to figure out a plan to finish him off entirely, not that it would ever work out to any extent. The woman's muscles seemed to tense up as Kokoro swung his scythe in circles to replicate a helicopter blade, she seemed ready to jump whenever it would be needed. As the tendrils became visible out of the corner of her eye, she used Flash Step to avoid them and his scythe. As he tried to catch her with his tendrils he smirked, the scythe was a decoy if that at this point.. More like a distraction..

As she flew into the air, she would notice the tentacles closing in on her from all directions, and needles coming towards her from every direction. Kokoro would simply Shunpo to the side to avoid her little spiral sword gimmick, and counter it by Shunpoing to his scythe, then throwing it at the woman with a fury as she was, hopefully, in pain from the needles or tendrils. He would then try to grab her once more with his tendrils, in the hopes of constricting her. This was really just to distract her, at least a little bit anyway.

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Shana noticed her mistake as she stopped to launch her attack, in her peripherals Shana could see the encroachment of the tendrils. Though by the time her failed attack had ended, the gaps between the tendrils had already become to small for even her minuscule frame to slip through with enough space to not get run the risk of getting caught. Sheathing her sword Shana picked a spot near where she had launched her flamethrower-esque attack earlier. Thrusting both hands out towards the spot she launched four one foot cubed fireballs in a square pattern with a slight overlap to force an opening in the trap either by exploding and destroying the tentacles, or forcing them out of the way.

Diving through the opening that she made with her fireballs Shana thought she was in the clear, at least until she felt a trio of stings, like some large vengeful bee chose to sting her twice in her left leg, and once in her right calf all at the same time. At first Shana thought she was fine, though as soon as she touched down on the ground the poison had already started to take effect sending excruciating amounts of pain shooting through her entire body, almost as if she had been electrocuted. The sudden spike in pain caused the Red haired Vizard's legs to buckle and she collapsed, Kokoro's scythe passing harmlessly over her head. And though she could see the tendril's approach the pain shooting through her legs was overpowering the commands to move she was sending through her body. As the tendrils enclosed Shana tried the last thing she could think of, "Bakudō #73 Tozanshō" As the words left her mouth the pyramid started to form around her, raising her off the ground slightly as its tip dug into the soil. Hopefully this will by me some time to recover from whatever has me stopped thinking to herself as the scar on her left shoulder pulsed slightly.

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The woman seemed to notice that she had royally fucked up, as she seemed to catch a glimpse of the tentacles in her peripheral vision, not that it would matter. By the time her failed attacks were made a moot point, the tendrils had closed in around her far too small for her to get away from. The woman seemed to sheathe her sword and launch some flamethrower esque attack towards the tentacles, it was a smart move, because it would serve to blow the tentacles out of the way, or at least cause enough blow back to under normal circumstances squeeze her tiny frame through. It wouldn't matter though, Kokoro made it a point to appear on the other side, where she appeared to be jumping through, he had enough of this worm, and it was time to put it back in the dirt where it belonged..

The woman probably thought she was in the clear when she had dove through the fireballs, but she was beyond fucked at this point.. Needles caught her in the leg, and as he went to cleave her into pieces she fell over pathetically, which was the only way in which she was able to avoid the blow. She then saw the tentacles coming, and appeared to be incapable of moving out of the way at this point, it was at this point that Kokoro grinned, seeing that she had used Bakudo 73, effectively trapping herself. "Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness! Hadou 90.... Kurohitsugi.." The Black coffin would enclose around the pyramid like defense she had just used in the hopes of protecting herself, but much like pharaoh's of old this pyramid would not serve as her requiem, but rather as her tomb.. As the Hadou 90 closed in, and she had trapped herself in the thing, he couldn't help but think that he had seen blood, beginning to puddle out from beneath the pyramid. Was the fight over?..

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Shana was relieved to find that her rapidly placed bakudo was enough to buy her precious time to get the needles out of her legs. Though much to her dismay, the removal of the three needles was not enough to relieve the pulses of pain, even enough to get allow her to move again. Looks like I won't have a chance to put my attempt to finish him off in to play, though I can at least rob him of his toy. She thought surging her Reiatsu as high as it could go, the air around her inverted pyramid started to shimmer with heat, then suddenly her body started to combust, her arms and head igniting as she got ready to cremate herself. Unfortunately she was so focused on her task she didn't see the lines forming a cube around her.

She didn't notice the fact that she was trapped in one of the deadlier Hado's that she knows of until the light inside of the pyramid went from blue filtered sun-light to only what light was being generated by the flames that were starting to consume her, and by then it was beyond to late even if her legs were functioning at normal capacity. Within an instant from the Black Coffin completely closing there was an audible sound of her pyramid shattering, and that was the last thing Shana heard before her world turned completely black.

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~Saio Hira

After being punted pretty hard by Ika, only one thought went through my lovely crazed mind. 'Hello, welcome and thank for Air Saio, the peanuts are on the right, and your overhead compartments have now been locked, and you can no longer access your baggage. As always, we regret to inform you arrival time has been delayed once again' Fucking hate airlines.

Anywho, I saw beneath me the land I believed to be Karakura Town, and beneath me, what looked to be a really messed up shinigami with a scythe, and a large mass of forbidden Kidou trapping what I could feel was my beloved loli. I leaned toward them, aiming to deposit all 80 pounds on the shinigami's foot. My cheeks were flapping from the sheer velocity of my descent. I was even doing the whole YEEEAAAAHHHHHHBLLLGHHLLLBGGLLLGLGGGG thing. At the last moment, I switched my body around from that silly thing to a MOTHERFUCKING SUPERHERO LANDING. "Bitch you don't get to molest the loli. That is MY thing, okay?"

I looked over at the bastard with the scythe. Without a moment's notice, I tossed one of my spirit sticks at him, tapping it with a little of my energy. "Catch. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it my way. So if you wanna have a loli orgy, you'll have to do it on my terms." My hair changed to a dark red brown, and my eyes black.

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Blood poured out of the pyramid, the woman was beyond unconscious at this point, and as Kokoro went to reap the spoils of his success, he heard something falling from the sky.. then he saw it... "Is that a bird.. is that a plane.. That's.. what the hell is that..?" And like that, the Vizard known as Saio began to fall towards Kokoro, cheeks flapping in the wind as though they were in a comic.. She came down as though gravity had been abusing her for years, and as she was about to make impact with the ground?.. He jumped into the air and kicked her back up into the air, hitting her in the head with incredible velocity and force. "Don't interrupt my work you no good vermin piece of.." he mumbled to himself, as he went to approach the downed Vizard he originally intended to take in..

"Now then where was- oh you're still alive.." He cast a judging glance in the general direction of the Vice Captain level Vizard, she was barely that level in fairness... "What the hell do you think you're doing, interrupting me with your ignorant spewing from the mouth, I don't care about your 'loli' and unless you plan on replacing her as my new lab experiment? I suggest you leave, otherwise I'm going to make this a two for one deal.." The creature threw a stick at him, a stick. What the **** was going on with this no good little runt, that she would feel even remotely compelled to throw a freakin' stick?! "What the heck did that accomplish you fool?" As he listened to her speak, he simply could no longer take it. "You have five seconds to back off, and be my little lab pet, before I tear you limb from limb and string your carcass up in the trees here alongside your Loli friend there.."

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