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Kokoro was basically still under watch due to the fact that he had recently slaughtered every member of the Central 46, but no one knew about the fact that he did so. Regardless of that, he didn't really care much for the whole deal of reporting back and forth, and preferred the efficiency of being able to move and research at his own pace. Recently, he had sensed the presence of a Captain level Vizard in Karakura Town, and while he normally only monitored the area for Hollows, he decided that he wanted to run a few tests on a Vizard, a high leveled one preferably though any would do. The problem was the ones in Bogota seemed to have a protector whom's power exceeded that of the Captain Commander herself, meaning he was a definitive no go. "Oi, Koro, I'm leaving the Squad barracks in your hand, if I find anything out of place upon my return you'll join the last idiotic squad member that fucked up, in there!" Kokoro pointed at the tube which held the liquid preserved remains of the last idiot dumb enough not to take what Kokoro said to heart.. "Now then, I'll be off."

Kokoro went through the Senkaimon and arrived in the Human World, the coordinates of Karakura Town were matched and he arrived, right around where the Vizard had been loitering about. He took a whiff of the air, "It stinks of Humans and Hollow Half-Breeds... no doubt that this is Karakura Town, and no doubt there's a Vizard afoot, looks like it's time to introduce myself.." As Kokoro slowly walked throughout the town he couldn't help but wonder if the Vizard was aware of his presence, and whether or not he should make himself known. After carefully considering his options, he opted to wait it out and see if she really knew he was there. If she did, he would have to act a lot more aggressively in order to draw her out or find her. For now however, he was simply going to enjoy his casual, leisurely stroll. "I should really do this more often.. and maybe set up a lab down here.. hm..."

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Shana sat on a roof, legs dangling over the edge kicking back and forth as savored a fresh Melon bread, its flaky crispy crust, soft spongy center, all permeated with a savory sweetness. Eyes closed, and an innocent smile on her face. Any who would stumble upon her at this point and time would not believe the fact that the crimson haired girl was in fact a warrior trained to fight and destroy monsters who feed upon the souls of people, or that she had one of those same monsters living in side of her. As she finished her melon bread Shana leaned backwards a bit exhaling with pure pleasure she began to speak to herself. "Ahh, it was so worth it to return to japan to get one of those. I will definitely need to remember pick up more before I go back to Bogota, oh and maybe some other sweets."

Though as she was starting to make a list of the various sweets that she wanted to bring back with her, and deciding on how much it would take to last her until the next time either duty, or leisure would bring her back to Japan Shana felt something that snapped her out of her blissful contemplation. There was a subtle disturbance similar to that of a Senkaimon opening, followed by the feeling of someone powerful stepping through the gate, if Shana's senses weren't failing her the person was easily powerful enough to be a captain of the thirteen court guards. Not sure what would bring a Captain to the world of the living, seeing as far as Shana could tell right now there was nothing in the vicinity of Karakura Town that a greenhorn couldn't handle. Well aside from her that is, though she knew full well that the sensors that the Soul Society had available to them was far more accurate and reliable than her own.

All in all the arrival of this person stirred a strange combination of fear, and curiosity within Shana. She was afraid that the soul society had a policy change that saw Vizards as more of a threat than just as abominations and made decisions that the best way to take care of them would be a preemptive strike against those who were out on their own. Though that fear also fed into her curiosity, she had to know whether she was what brought the shinigami here, or if there was something that she couldn't pick up. In the end her curiosity won out and she started to make her way towards the source of the pressure that she was feeling, running across the roof tops Parkour style, barely even noticing when the roof she landed on wasn't flat.

After a couple of minutes Shana was getting close to the person she was looking for, leaping off of the roof she tried to blend into the crowd on the sidewalk, slowly making her way towards Kokoro, her eyes carefully scanning the crowd for something that did not belong, taking great care to make sure her own Zanpakuto stayed hidden underneath her coat. It did not take long to pick the Red-haired shinigami out of the crowd, as he was the only six foot tall feudal-era ronin looking person on the street, his white Haori confirming her fears of him being a captain, . Thank god there was some comic convention or other cosplay event in the area today, or he might have been harder to spot. Welp might as well see if I am the one he is looking for, and if so move this to a less crowded area. Swallowing hard Shana slowly made her approach towards him waving at him she called out to get his attention. "Hey you, Mr. Captain person. Quick question are you by any chance looking for little ol' me?"

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Wandering through this god-be-damned town wasn't just a waste of time, it was getting to be outright tiresome, and if another one of those ignorant snot-nosed slobbering brats ran into him ONE MORE FUCKING TIME.... and then, a miracle occurred. The woman spared him the trouble of having to find her, and probably spared the lives of these many children around him. Though it is true most Shinigami hold human life as being sacred and in need of protection at all costs, Kokoro did not subscribe to these theories. He was in a position where it was very possible that he was about to kill every human being around him, but this red-headed woman, this weird Loli wannabe, had saved their lives. She swallowed hard, she appeared nervous, and she was clearly aware of his Captain status given he was wearing Haori at the current time. As she approached, Kokoro turned to face her, his eyes twinkled with interest, and ill-thoughts.

As she spoke, his mouth opened seemingly before he'd even bother to think, not that it would truly matter in the grand scheme of things. "Yes, I regret to inform you I have a personal matter I would like to take up with you my dear and it cannot wait, I can discuss the terms of it in private if you'd prefer, but if not I have a feeling a lot of people are going to die.." He looked at her as Tendrils slowly revealed themselves, as though they were black ropes growing out of every pore in his body. "What do you say we go elsewhere, and discuss the terms of what I wish to discuss where there are less people at risk of a bad day, and more importantly, you have an easier chance of making a smart decision.." He smiled a bit, mouth stretching from ear to ear, on opposite corners. "If you want privacy.. come with me, this isn't going to be a short yes or no question game my dear. So what do you say?.."

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"Well when you put it that way, I guess I don't have much choice." Shana said, her scarlet eyes not missing the tendrils growing out of the Captain's visible pores. I have no clue what those are, but I am pretty sure they will not be pleasant, at least for me. she thought to herself as she gestured towards the woods on the outskirts of town, "There is a heavily wooded area off in that direction, we should be able to find a relatively isolated spot there, away from prying eyes, and should it come to it collateral damage."

The last thing Shana wanted was privacy with this person, but she was pretty sure no matter how the questions played out, things were going to end in violence. And she knew better than to use her abilities in highly populated areas when she could avoid it, any splash over effects of it had a tendency to grow out of control rather quickly, causing mass amounts in damages, both to property and to civilians, and something gave Shana the impression that being burned in a fire would be a blessing in comparison to whatever this captain might do to them.

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Kokoro listened as the woman came to the conclusion that she should have given the current circumstance, "No.. no you really don't have much choice my dear.. nice to see that you're aware of this.." His face conveyed zero remorse, and that was a high-end estimate. Her eyes seemed fixated on the tendrils that had been growing out of his body at various points, and he retracted them as quickly as he had let them slither outwards. There was no need to cause a scene, that would complicate matters rather quickly after all. The woman gestured towards the woods out in the clearing and mentioned some need or yearning to avoid collateral damage, and though Kokoro really didn't care he simply smiled from ear to ear, sadism as much as sarcasm dripped with every word he spoke. They were dry but had a scary life of their own. "Yes, avoiding collateral damage is probably the best course of action given our current state of affairs.. let's move then.." And as he said this he began to walk into the woods behind her, being careful as to not lose track of her by more than a few steps.

As they walked into the woods Kokoro stopped them, coming to a noticeable stop behind her and he then spoke. "This is plenty far enough Vizard, and I won't waste your time any more than I want you to waste mine so here's the deal, you're coming with me whether you like it.. or not.. though I'd prefer you came quietly so we could avoid making a scene here, and destroying this lovely little forest.." He sighed slightly, shuffling his feet as he did so, and maintaining a hand on his Zanpokuto, "But.. if you choose to be a pain, I'll have to take you back either beaten to a near death state of unconsciousness, or... well.. you know the other option, you'll be a lovely little test subject either way.." He cracked his neck, and the tendrils once more emerged. "The decision, is in your hands, Vizard. I'll say it once more for clarity. Come quietly, or be dragged back screaming for death. I don't care which.."

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Shana watched as Kokoro retracted his tendrils as he confirmed what she had already suspected. Though as the captain continued to speak, the red haired vizard got the sinking suspicion that there would be very little that Kokoro woudl like more than to cause some mayhem on these poor souls that he was mandated to protect. Walking past Kokoro to lead the way Shana turned her head, looking at the back of his Haori catching the squad 12 emblem on it. As Shana lead the way she sarcastically thought to herself Joy he is the head of the science nuts. Well who knows, he might be doing something noble, like looking into a cure for hollowfication. As she lead on she made sure to keep safely out of immediate arms reach, yet close enough that he shouldn't feel like she was trying to run.

Once they were a decent ways into the forest they came across a clearing, Kokoro called out for them to stop saying. "This is plenty far enough Vizard, and I won't waste your time any more than I want you to waste mine so here's the deal, you're coming with me whether you like it.. or not.. though I'd prefer you came quietly so we could avoid making a scene here, and destroying this lovely little forest.." Shana turned to face him, agreeing that they should be far enough in to the forest that should things get messy, there shouldn't be too many innocents caught up in the mess, looking over the captain she noticed his hand casually resting on his zanpakuto, ready to draw it at a moments notice. Rolling her eyes as he continued to threaten her Shana thought Honestly what is with the people I keep encountering. Does no one out there believe that things can just be talked out. Keeping her stance non-combative but her muscles taught and ready to react she spoke, clearly and precisely. "Well that all depends on the reason for why you wish for me to return with you. Granted I can't think of any reason that would convince me off hand, I know a couple who would be willing to take my place for the right reason."

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The woman seemed to watch as his tendrils began to retract, digging their way back into his body as though they were stitches of clothing, or stitches that held him together at the seams, but that was only half right.. " He smiled ever so slightly as the red-headed Vizard looked around, clearly noticing the possible casualty count he could leave in his wake with or without her help in doing so. As she walked past him, he noticed her cast a glance towards his Haori, which would reveal to her his squad number, and his position, so he was aware that she was more than likely knowledgeable of his position and interests. She seemed to be making an effort to remain out of arms reach, while simultaneously staying close enough to keep him from ripping her back towards him a little closer, which was a wise move on her part. Kept things from getting unnecessarily messy earlier than they had to..

Once they were a decent ways into the forest, and a clearing was laid out before them beautifully, encapsulating the landscape in all the ways that Kokoro enjoyed from his scenery.. only thing that was missing at this point was blood and screaming, but he'd get to adding those brushstrokes of paint in later. The woman turned to face him, seemingly agreeing that they were far enough into the forest to avoid collateral damage of note if the situation became messy.. she looked at his hand which was placed firmly on his Zanpakuto, and his intent was exactly as it appeared.. she rolled her eyes after he proceeded to threaten her, her stance seemed to be relaxed, ready to react rather than act first, which was fine by him..Her voice sounded as though it had instilled confidence within it for some reason, though he couldn't decipher as to whether or not it was false or truthful. The clarity was appreciated regardless.."My reasons are rather simple my dear.. I want to study you, the Vizards after all are still very much unknown, and though I can complete all my research in an autopsy I've always preferred live samples.." He smiled a bit before continuing, "Rest assured, you will have a reasonable bed, food and water provided to you 3 to 4 times a day dependent on your preference, fresh water and a grooming area. As well as a bathroom and other contemporary amenities.. all of which are probably well beyond preferable in comparison to the luxury body bags you could be retrieved with.." As he spoke the tendrils once again showed themselves.. "I will not warn you again.."

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"Study huh, I get the feeling that I will not enjoy that, no matter what kind of promises you make about the amenities. And frankly the way you say it makes me not feel like volunteering anyone I know for it either. So unfortunately I will have to decline." Shana said, watching the tendrils reappear out of the captains body, as he continued to threaten her. One of these days, I will encounter a powered stranger and I will be able to have a nice civilized conversation. I hope so anyways. The red haired vizard weighed her various options of attack, knowing full well that her best option in this case would be to attack as relentlessly as possible until a chance to escape presented itself. Shana rushed forward using Shunpo to close the distance, drawing her sword in an Ia style slash transitioning to its blazing Shikai as it cleared it sheath. Slicing horizontally from her left to her right in one clean swing.

If the first slash connects she is going to follow it up with a diagnal slash from her right hip up to her left should releasing a razer sharp wave of flame with it, as she performs her Hien.

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The woman spoke, as though Kokoro really cared at all as to what she thought of things, but the outright refusal of his beyond accommodating amenities was more than he cared to hassle with inside his own brain, so he simply. She seemed to be tensing up and prepared to attack, but the second she spoke in the beginning he had more or less readied himself, with a sigh he commenced. Utilizing Shunpo to get behind the woman he drew his Zanpakuto on the fly before launching 3 slashes at her back, Horizontally inclined with a slight tilt to each bordering on diagonal, though they were really at about a 10 degree incline/decline each time. Kokoro was one of the fastest Shinigami in the Soul Society, and this went hand and hand with his proficiency towards Shunpo, which he was also skillful at, so much so that he was often in the conversation for the fastest Captain in the Gotei 13. The woman would either have her spine severed, be cut and retreat, or retreat in order to avoid the attacks all together. He remained expressionless, bored with the current state of conflict. “Reap, Kurushimu..” (It’s his one of his few physical strengths, so prepare for that. Speed Blitz for dayz)

As he said this, the dark lines that resembled stitches on his skin, the points that harbored the tendrils grew far darker and more pronounced. His veins looked as though they were pumping black sledge through every inch of his body, his head and body contorted as the tendrils spewed out from his arms and legs. (Think Kakuzu in Naruto out of combat kinda, or without the stuff on his the three heads gimmick..) He smiled evilly, knowing that this form was best suited towards inflicting pain. His tendrils were covered in a clear liquid toxin that on contact would cause the most excruciating pain one could imagine by binding to the nerves and sending them into overdrive, constricting the most delicate points throughout. The toxins seeped through the skin, and the opponent would be ignorant of them until it was too late.. The last notable difference was this Curved sword turned into a long Scythe, with a spear/lance as the tip at the bottom. It was also attached to a cord that was bound to Kokoro’s Reitsu, providing him numerous ways to utilize it.

If the woman proceeded with her attacks as expected, (the attacks you had planned.. pre-interruption..) he would be only temporarily taken aback by the fact that she had transitioned to Shikai, as she began to swipe left to right at his chest with one clean swing, he did nothing to avoid it, only encroaching with slashes at the same time of her own, forming an x pattern aimed at her chest and abdominal regions with a downward diagonal slash followed by an upwards one to finish out the X from the opposite side. Had she avoided she’d have stopped her attack prematurely, but he’d be bleeding regardless.. “Oh what’s this?.. Blood.. Oh how I’ve missed it with a passion.. It feels good doesn’t it, the heat of combat, your urges to inflict pain taking over you…or perhaps it’s simple self-defense from someone more in tuned with those urges..?” The muscles and tissues in his chest would be exposed, but she would notice the blood quit pumping out as High Speed Regeneration kicked in, fixing the injured tissues while the Tendrils stitched the wound shut for him, effectively negating the injury.. Nanobots in his blood (See Battle Knowledge, my Shikai ability..) Detailed the abilities of the woman’s Shikai to him. “I see.. A fire user… how precious, matches your hair too… Interesting..”

If she continued with her attack, using some form of condensed fire energy in a diagonal slash, Kokoro would simply sigh a bit before using Shunpo twice, once to avoid the attack moving left, and one to get right back in the woman’s face before proceeding with a flurry of strikes, one vertical at her left shoulder, and then back down at the right, one diagonal across her chest, before flipping it in a hurry and swiping it back the opposite direction, hoping to cleave her knees off out from under her. If she avoided, he would use Shunpo to gather momentum before flicking his wrist quickly and repeatedly causing rotation, making his scythe function as though it were a single helicopter blade at super high speeds, and launching it at her with the cables to a distance of about 50 feet total in terms of chasing her, before retracting it back to his hands. He was hoping to keep up close in personal in order to keep her from garnering distance where she could fry him at minimal risk. He wanted to keep her gambling, and taking damage, for that was a game he would win every time. He would prioritize getting up close to her again as the scythe was retracted, hoping to maintain the advantage he had thought out prior to.. This was only the beginning after all..

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Shana barely got the words out before she had to move, dodging forward in a sort of half roll, half flip movement she could feel the blade bite into the hem of her coat as she narrowly avoided it, Looks like he doesn't take rejection well. she thought as she turned into the aforementioned drawing slash. Catching Kokoro's transformation briefly as she rushed him, she barely stopped herself in time to avoid his first slash coming in under the second she lashed out with her opening slash, though the interruption to her momentum had caused her to misjudge the distance in her attack, causing her strike to not bite him as deeply as she intended her blade opening his flesh revealing the muscles and other assorted tissues beneath, rather than practically eviscerating him with her opening move. Note to self, Practice impromptu shunpo slashes if I make it out of this. At first Shana was pleased with the damage she had dealt with that opening blow, leaping back to disengage and find another opening, she came to the realization that her small size might actually be advantageous here, even if she doesn't have the mass to put behind her blows that a larger fighter would.

She hadn't even came up with another plan of attack before the wound on Kokoro's chest had ceased bleeding, and was even starting to be stitched together by his own tendrils. I was afraid he would have some freaky technique like that up his sleeves. I guess for now I will have to rely on my flames. Lets see how well he deals with burns, and cauterized dismemberment. Plan set Shana rushed forward again hoping to get inside of the Kokoro's scythes effective range before he could react, preventing him from using its longer reach to further put Shana at a disadvantage. However she was prepared, should he go to strike out at her she would shunpo away, leaving her custom Utsusemi the Hosoku sa reta Utsusemi behind in her place to take the hit filled with a 'Bakudo #79 Kuyō Shibari'. And as soon as Kokoro's attack strikes the doppleganger, the Bakudo would activate releasing the eight black holes with a purple outline that emit spiritual energy out around the target, the ninth black hole forming at the center of the target's chest, once all nine are formed, they will immobilize Kokoro ability to move, at least for a little while. And while that is going on Shana would be reappearing behind Kokoro firing off her largest and most powerful fireball at point blank range.

If her rush goes uninterrupted however Shana will continue with her previous attack, performing an upward diagonal slash from her right hip to left shoulder, releasing her slash of fire. If Kokoro reacts with his double shunpo Shana would weave out of the way of the first two slashes, using her custom Utsusemi at this point so that Kokoro's third swing should impact it releasing the Bakudo #79 stored in side of it, using the movement to get behind the hopefully trapped Kokoro to fire her largest fireball at him.

Abilities used:

Technique Name: Hien
Technique Description: 2 post cooldown - Shana swings her zanpakuto creating a wave of flame, that expands outward in a circle like pattern, however it does not form a full circle, and leaving the area behind the Shana's back untouched. The wave itself has the same cutting power as her own zanpakuto, though the flames will prevent the wound from bleeding, by instantly cauterizing it dealing up to second degree burns in the process and doing damage equal to about a rank 20 hado. If this attack is empowered the cut depth will double.

Technique Name: Hantei
Technique Description: Cooldown Varies - By far one of the most basic abilities that Alastor possesses being just a simple fireball fired from the blade of the zanpakuto that explodes on contact. The only variation of this technique is that Shana can fire off fireballs of variable sizes. The sizes in feet are as follows:
Fireball Chart:
12x12x12: These are the most powerful of the fireballs that this technique can generate, dealing damage equal to 150% that of a normal Cero, causing second degree burns on impact, and first degree to anything in the blast radius. Shana can only fire one of these per post an the ability goes on a 5 post cooldown afterwards.

Technique Name: Hosoku sa reta Utsusemi
Technique Description: 2 Post Cooldown - The Hosoku sa reta Utsusemi is an advanced Utsusemi where Shana can leave behind a kido spell inside of the after image that will dissipate if ignored, but should the after image be struck she the spell itself will be released towards the nearest source of spiritual pressure. Any kido stored in the after image itself has its power cut in half.

Spell Name: Kuyō Shibari
Spell Type: Bakudō
Spell Number: #79
Spell Incantation: N/A
Spell Effect: The caster twists their hand in front of their face, forming eight black holes with a purple outline that emit spiritual energy out around the target, the ninth black hole forming at the center of the target's chest, once all nine are formed, they immobilize the target's ability to move similar to how spiritual pressure can immobilize a target by focusing spiritual pressure against them.

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