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#1 Shojo Izanami Done on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:08 am


Name: Shojo Izanami
Age: 12
True Age: 160
Sex: Male
Personality: Shojo is like the little brother that everyone wishes they had, He like to help his mother around the house even though they have servants to do that for them and puts others needs before his own due to the fact that he has always helped his siblings before he died. Shojo doesn't really like his full name due to it sounding so formal and just can't stand creepy thing that appears from shadows or the dark in general. He likes to play games with others instead of getting straight to the point which leads to him getting yelled at by his higher ups. He often sleeps on top of high places even though just Like a cat and is very quiet when he is in a room with his higher ups. When Shojo is faced with very stressful or frustrating situations his second personality that goes by Shiro appears who is the exact opposite of Sho in many ways. Shiro is the cold blooded killer that everyone has buried deep within them but keeps suppressed but he can take control of the body whenever he sees fit unless Shojo stops him. Shiro wants nothing more than to have power and will stop at nothing to get what he wants even if that means killing his own comrades to do so, he may not the best planning but Shiro is good when it comes down to fights.


Height: 5'6
Weight: 140 lbs
Physical Traits: Sho has Light brown eyes and brown hair that he keeps in a small ponytail with a white string while Shiro has light purple eye's. He has a star shape birthmark on his left side of his chest his, He has a slim build and tan skin.
replace the yellow parts of the out fit with black with a small white trime around them with a white cloth holding up the pecies on his arms and legs leaveing the Blue shash around his waist.

Accessories: Gas mask


General Fighting Style: Tiger Style Kung Fu
Strengths: Shojo excels in zanjutsu more than he does Kido due to him incorporating his Tiger style into his attacks which make's his attacks even more effective when they land. On the other side, Shiro is good at shunpo as he uses the more lethal moves from Tiger style as he goes for vital parts of the body while using his Bankai which just gives them, even more, the power to land destructive attacks. Shojo makes up for his lake of Kido with his above average Hakuda skills that help him with his Shikai and Bankai and some Zanjustsu kills.

Weaknesses: Shojo is really bad at using kidou along with defending against it in any way so he tries to Limit his fights with Kidou users. As he focuses more on staying up close to whomever he is fighting most of the time that is other times he will just recklessly throw punches and kicks at them until he lands one.  Shojo and Shiro fall for Niju Eish more than anything when they are fighting as they heavily depend on their Zanpakuto and Tiger style to pull them out of tight spots.  


Sealed Appearance:

Personal Ability-

Ability Name: Cold Flame Manipulator
Description: He is able to form balls, beams, waves, explosions, shields, etc of cold flames with which to combat with made of his own spiritual energy and power, aka he can form these from nothing as long as he has energy. Anything used in this ability gains an appropriate CD depending on the power of which he did say attack/defense. Attacking moves and defending moves do not share a CD, but while on a CD for Defense he cannot use any other defense and while on CD for Attack he can only do small "bala" cold flame ball blasts.

Ability Name: Flaming surfaces.
Description: He thinks it. and once per post, he can light the surface of something on fire but usually the floor. This can include walls, tables, plates, windows, a flat rock he picked up and tossed Freezeing them and the object.


Call Out Command: Show them you Flames of Ice Azure Gato

Abilities: The daggers that manifest Ice that looks like blue flames.

Raging Storm!!: While doing an upper cut motion he sends two slash waves of fire at the person. (Equivalent to Hadou 40)

Frost Flame: Lights the sides of the daggers on fire and throws it at the enemy that then encircles them in a cocoon of flames. (Equivalent to Hadou 40)

Snow Flame: Throws the Dagger (s) into the air and burst into 6 small fireballs the freeze anything they touch, (Equivalent to Hadou 40)

Boosts: Speed


New Name: Azure Frost Gato
Battle Armor:

Abilities: Still manifest Ice as Blue flames

Blazing Ice: Punches or kicks in an upward position that sends a small flame wave that looks like a claw  (Equivalent to Hadou 40)

Raging Storm!!: Punches or kicks a small Blue flaming Cat at the person that in cases the person in Ice. 1 post cd (Equivalent to Hadou 40)

Icy Body: By focusing his Reiatsu into his arms and legs he increases his speed and power.  (Equivalent to Hirerro)

Frost Ignition: Punches the ground creating pillars of his flame Ice around the area trapping, whoever he is fighting in an arena of Ice Flames. (Equivalent to Hadou 40)

Ember Blizzard: Sends a flurry of flaming punches and kicks at his opponent each one cooling of freezing the person slowly if they hit  (Equivalent to Hadou 40)

Boosts: his natural strengths are speed, strength, and stamina, and his spiritual energy


Background: Shojo lived during a dark time with Oly his Older sisters and brother to look out for him as their parents died in a bombing while they were at school. During that time he was only eight so he didn't understand what was going on until much later that he found out what really happen to them but didn't let it bother him too much or so he showed towards his siblings even though his second oldest sister confronted him about it on several occasions but instead that he had no Idea what she was talking about until she saw him talking to himself as they cleaned the dinner dishes. A few months later Shojo started to have random mood swings whenever someone called him that and instead that his name was Shiro and that he wanted nothing to do with his Family and stormed off to his room where he and Shojo talked about him taking over when others are around.

A year had passed and Shojo was sixteen years old and has just started his third year of high school when his two sisters moved on to college leaving him and his Older brother even though it felt like it was just him due to his brother always leaving in the middle of the night to do whatever. One night Shiro left the house shortly after their brother and then switched back to Shojo to look for him. It took hours but he thought he saw his brother enter a wear house only to find  himself in the middle of a gang war as he looked for his older brother unawear that his brother was in the rival gang and ended up being gunned down and just before he died his brother came to his side telling him that it was gonna become until he died in his arms with his brothers tears running down his cheek. When he awoke he found himself still in his brother's arms but then realized that it was someone that looked like his brother but it wasn't him he quickly placed the pieces together and realized that it was his brother had found him the two embraced each other until Shojo asked just where exactly they were. After having his brother explained just where exactly they were and how he found him he told Shojo the that his brother only did what he need to do to make sue that they were safe, Shojo asked his father  why he became a Shinigami but he gave no reply so he took it upon himself to in role into the Academy after waiting for a month to get his brother to let him go even though it was Shiro doing all the talking.

While in the academy Shojo found that he excelled in combat despite not getting into a single fight while he was still alive. When the time came to find his Sword spirits name it took him eleven days to find out as Shiro need to be a part of the ritual which resulted in everyone finding that he has Mulitple personality disorder which almost got him kicked out if not for him explaining to them that it's nothing to fear, but his classmates felt differently as they picked and bullied him every day while still managing to keep a smile on his face while inside he was holding back Shiro with everything he had. Shojo did this from his brother as he didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Once he graduated from the academy Shojo found himself looking up to the Second division as he thought it would be a nice fit for him and Shiro even though he wanted to kill a captian to take there spot without having to work his way the ladder.

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#2 Re: Shojo Izanami Done on Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:53 am

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