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#21 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:13 am

(ooc Sorry for the wait. I think this thread is coming to its conclusion soon too.)

Kana shrugged. "I can't be right all of the time. There's a small chance they'll find us. Which is probably why you should go your own way as soon as we get to the surface. The more we kill, the worse this gets for us. And there are forces we can't just cut down with ease. If they decide to get involved. Being on their radar will not be good for us." She said to him. She led him on. The tunnel exit soon appeared, as a set of stairs. Kana climbed the stairs and opened the door. Looking out, she seen the red and blue lights, and sirens and the sounds of chatter.

They would be looking for the way out. Someone would have called it in. "If you can airwalk, I suggest you go up and get away from here. I'll be fine escaping on foot." She said. She looked at him and waited for his response. Then she pulled out a piece of paper with a number on it. "You ever need a hand, call this number. Its not mine, but they can reach me. I don't work for free mind you. But I'm sure a knight can manage to pay. This is goodbye for now, Sir Harry." She said. then she stepped out the door and started walking away.
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#22 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:09 pm

Kana led Sir Harry towards the end of the tunnel, where they found a staircase that led them up, in which they found a door as both of them entered the outside area. It was filled with police light's and sirens, which suggested that the cops were very near by. Most likely just waiting for them to show up so they could strike at them. Kana looked at him and said that she was going to travel by foot. "Likewise." Harry said responding to her. He knew that they were going to part away. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Sir Harry took the small paper she gave him, which contained her number, if he ever wanted her help. He knew that he did not need her help but to be honest, he did not mind it. With doing so Kana began to walk away. Harry looked at the woman still she disappeared out of his view. He personally enjoyed their small adventure together. He had fun, for the most part. He wished he was able to fight her. That was one thing he wish that happened that he missed. Maybe one day, if they ever cross parts again, it would happen. Smiling towards himself at the thoughts, Harry straightened his suit as he started walking. Right towards the police cars and all that shit. As far as he knew, his day wasn't done.

The end.
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