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#11 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:17 pm

She noticed the smell as well. "Didn't smell like this last time I was in town.." She walked to the bar and said to the man behind the counter, "What is with that stink George?" She said. He shrugged. "Couple of bikers got into a brawl, and one of them gutted the other one. Shit smell's been around since." He said. She scowled at him. "I'm going down stairs then." She said without asking him. "You know the bosses don't like that."

"To bad. They can't kill me so they can't stop me." She said. She waited for him to give the Bount his drink and took the bottle of wiskey goarge slid to her. She took a second glass, and headed for the back, nodding for the bount to follow. Down stair was much nicer. The smell of shit and death was gone, and the decor was a little less rancid. She found a booth at the back of the room, and set down her bottle.

She threw herself into the seat and poured a glass. "I drink. Not allot. I cut down after I trashed a bar and nearly froze everyone in it to death. Not exactly a good idea for my line of work." She said. "And my name is Kana. Yours?" She asked him with a tilt of her head. "So where do you hail from then?" She asked him.
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#12 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:12 pm

"And my name is Kana. Yours?" She said as she in-turn asked Sir Harry to reveal his name to her. Clearing his throat, Harry looked at her and said, "My name is Harry Claus De Xerxes." he paused for a moment as he continued again, "But you can call me Sir Harry. I was knighted by the King of England a very long time ago. I doubt you would know. Though do you?" he was unsure of the powers that this woman possessed. Even though she claimed to be a human, who knows what kind of human she was, and the true extent of her powers. She could have also been living that long. The sooner Harry knew what her powers and intentions were the better. As far as he was concerned he couldn't trust this woman.    

"I hail from Albion. But I think you would know it now as the Great Britain." Sir Harry said in answer for Kanas question. "It was such a great place back in the day, to be honest. The people, the land and etc. It was really wonderful." he paused as he regained his thoughts as he was drifting away thinking of the old days, "Sadly the same cannot be said today. Too much cultural Marxism at work now. I couldn't stand it, so I left the place." he stopped talking as he looked down sad as emotions rushed through his body. Regaining his desire to continue the conversation, he glanced towards at Kana and spoke, "Enough about me. Who exactly are you? What is your business here?"
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#13 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:32 pm

Kana shook her head. "I wouldn't. I know what the title means, but I'm not that old that i was alive when England still had a king." She said. She
frowned in the darkness of her hood. So there was a history lesson. She'd never learned this kind of thing. History was important, of course, but not going back that far. She nodded. "It sounds like a good place to live." She said. She had her own problems with todays society. Mostly with the rich who decided they could kidnap and train children into murderers. She would put an end to it, one day. She was to busy thinking about it, to notice the ripples of emotion from him. But then he asked her a few questions,

Kano cleared her throat. "I'm an advent human. I'm sure you've heard of full bring, but they are not the same thing. And if you haven't figured this out already, I'm a hired blade. Assassin, spy, saboteur. I do it all." She said. She didn't understand why she even told him this. He could go to the police, not that it would change much. They didn't have the capacity to deal with her. Perhaps because they were unlikely to ever meet again, she felt no reason not to talk to him.

"To answer your second question, I was in town to kill a man. I'll be leaving as soon as my client pays me." She said. "What about you?"
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#14 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:08 pm

Kana told Harry how she was not a normal human but an advent human. She was a fullbringer. Harry has heard about fullbringers before but he was not much knowledge about them. The only thing he knew was that advent humans or fullbringers in particular had the ability to manipulate souls that resides in all physical matter. That was the only aspect that Sir Harry knew of Fullbringers. But he was curious to know more about them and what they could do. But what also intrigued Harry the most was the fact that Kana was a hired gun. He didn't know many woman as mercenaries. Because it was, in Harry's view a man job. Since he couldn't imagine a female being a mass murderer.

"I'm a traveler. I travel all around the world admiring and experiencing other cultures in this world." Harry said as he raised his glass up a took a sip off his drink , only to continue again, "My immortality grants me a lot of advantages. One of them being having the chance to suck of souls of humans." he smiled as he said it. "Don't get me wrong, I do not enjoy doing such. But a man's got to do his thing to keep living, nomsaying?" with that there was a loud bang as a mob out of cops entered the pub shouting, "EVERYONE STAY WHERE YOU ARE! NO ONE MOVES!" Sir Harry sighed as he looked at Kana and said, "I thought you said the cops wouldn't find this place?"
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#15 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:40 am

She heard the shouting, and the footsteps on the stairs. Kana stood up and looked at Harry. "They've never been this ballsy before. Perhaps I shouldn't have killed those cops." She said. Of course, she didn't regret it. Or even care. She was a monster, made by monsters. As the first one appeared, She clicked her fingers and a barrier of ice blocked the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. "Killing more of them will only make things worse. Still, you don't need to get caught up in this." She said, heading for the back of the room.

"Stay here if you wish. Finish your drink. They wont get through that ice for a while, and when they do they'll be after me. Worst case scenario they'll ask you some questions." She said, as she pushed on a block, and the wall slid back and to the side, revealing a passage. "Or follow me. But they'll assume your an accoplice. Its your choice." She said. Shots were fired, the bullets hitting her barrier of ice and slowly chipping away at it. If he stayed, she sealed the passage with a wall of ice too, and vanished into the darkness.

If he decided to follow, she waited for him, and then sealed the passage. And started to run, but slow enough for him to keep up.
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#16 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:25 pm

Kana entered the secret passage as she went inside of it. Telling Harry that he could either follow her or stay behind. If he was to do the latter she would seal of the passage using her ice powers. Which meant if the cops were to find him suspicious he would have to fight them no matter what. However if Sir Harry was to do the former he has the chance to make a swift escape without getting involved in any kind of quarrel. But if he did pick the former -- there would most likely be no fighting involved, which kind of was the only problem he had with that option. Be that as it may it was time for Sir Harry to make his decision. Which could be for the better or the worst. It was a risk he was going to take.

Harry got up as he walked near towards the barrier. He could see that it was breaking away. The cops were shooting at the barrier nonstop. Taking his Derespina knife out of his pocket, Harrry spined it around using his fingers only to stab the barrier using his full force. He saw big cracks appear on the ice barrier as huge parts of it began to fall down. With that Harry dashed towards the passage in hopes of meeting with Kana. He knew that the barrier would completely fall down in a few seconds because what he has done. Hopefully Kana wouldn't have seen Harry doing it, and in his defense, he only did such because he wanted a good fight. Also for the fact that he wanted to devour the souls of those cops once they were done away with. It was vital for his survival and immortality.

Kana was running a few feet in front of him. Sir Harry increased his pace as he caught up with her, as he spoke, "I thought you ditched me. The cops have grenades with them. So putting up barriers against them are no use." it was an obvious lie, but he knew she didn't know that. Harry wished she would stay ignorant about it.
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#17 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:48 am

She smiled at him. She'd felt something hit that ice, and there was no explosion. He'd done something. Meaning he wanted a fight. He was basically affirming that sne could relish in her blood lust. And perhaps he got something out of it too. Souls? Or maybe witnessing someone stronger than him in action would help him improve his own skills. Eitherway, she was looking forward to the bloodshed. She led him down the tunnel and moved to the side as the passage opened into the room. "I'm surprised they would use grenades and risk lives like that. Eitherway, there's no outrunning this. If your up for a fight, better get ready." She said.

Kana held out her hand and a spear of black ice formed. She put her back to the wall, and waited for the sound of approaching boots to reach them. Then the cops started spilling out of the passage, and her spear found its mark in the back of the second man to pass by. It peirced through him and into the man ahead of him, their armor providing little protection. Kana dropped the spear and daggers formed as she moved pased the third man, kicking him towards Sir Harry. The man tried to raise his gun and shoot harry in the chest.

Can cut down another man with twin daggers, and was forced back by a point blank bullet shot that grazed her shoulder. Her retreat allowed more men to file into the room. Kana clicked her fingers and ice spread across the floor under the officers feet, making it slick and hard to keep their balance. The ice stopped at Sir harry, and when he moved the ice would retreat from his feet, so there was no chance of him slipping. Kana didn't bother doing the same for herself. She was well used to ice.
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#18 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:38 pm

The way Kana spoke Sir Harry knew that his game was up. She knew what his intentions were. Or at least she assumed what they were, which was correct. He knew that he made a mistake underestimating her. Not only she was more powerful than him, she was also smart enough to see through shit. The more Harry began to know about Kana the more he liked her. As a friendly way, of course. Even though, in a way, he did not like her brutal methods. She had away of getting things done. "I'm always ready to fight at any given time. Living for more than 600 years, you kind of get used to it since history and humans have a thing for violent outbreaks." Harry said with a blank expression on his face as he was ready to face the enemy. In this case it was the police.

It was an all out fight. A cop was raising his gun in an attempt to shoot Sir Harry on the chest. "Too fucking slow, fella." He said towards him in a calm tone, as he used his knife to cut off the cops hand. He did it in a matter of seconds. Harry wasn't the ones to waste time. The cop shouted loudly as he fell on his knees, Sir Harry spun behind him only to twist his neck as the lifeless body fell down to the hard ground. "Tch...sorry about that mate." Harry said almost feeling sorry towards the cop. He did not die in vain however. Since the mans soul would be used to further expand the life span of Sir Harry's. The cop died serving a worthy cause. Which he should be proud of.

Looking ahead he saw that Kana had used her powers to spread ice across the floor, only to it stop at Sir Harry's feet. "Ha, good one." He said smiling, seeing that he could take advantage of the situation at hand. Even though there was a chance of him slipping and making a fucking fool of himself, Harry knew that it was a risk he was going to take. Besides he was good at ice skating. He has been doing it, even before the concept was introduced. Taking a step back Harry counted how many cops were stuck at their steps. "Six fuckers. Nice." He said to himself grinning as he dashed forward, using his knife to slash each of the cop's throats as he went forward. Harry knew that even if they were to react they would be too late to do so. And for the fact that they new better no to do such since they would loose their balance and fall down hard.

Sir Harry watched the six bodies falling down motionless down to the ground. The fellas who still had any kind ofconsciousness were struggling to survive as they gurgled on their own blood. Sighing Harry turned his head and looked at Kana, who was a few feet behind him, "Such a sad way to die, don't you think?" He said with a sad look on his face. Only to see a cop appear behind Kana, and put his hand around her neck trying most likely to strangle her.
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#19 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:12 am

Kana watched Harry move. He was no slouch, even if she was stronger than him. And he made quick work of the remaining cops, earning a smile from her, though he wouldn't see it. He watched them die, then turned to look at her and speak. She opened her mouth to reply when a cop wrapped an arm around her throat and tried to choke her out. Ice spread across his arms, as it vaninshed form the floor. Then her body exploded in spikes of ice that ripped through the mans body. Blood sprayed the walls, and the ice receded. She shrugged the corpse off, and looked at Harry.

"There are worse ways to die." She said to him. "We should get moving before more of them show up. I know a better place than this, but we'll need to stay off the streets... You might also be wanted, but hopefully we killed anyone who seen you." She said. They would never find her at least. Kan shrugged, let him gather himself, and started walking into the tunnels again.
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#20 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:17 pm

Kana used her powers to eliminate the threat that was the cop that tried to strangle her. He should have known better. Then again, none of the cops who attacked them knew of their powers. Even if they did knew about such they would have still attacked them nonetheless. Especially Kana. Since she had attacked them earlier even before she met with Sir Harry. She did not seem like a person who would negotiate. More like an individual who fought first and asked questions later.

Sir Harry and Kana began walking down the tunnel in an attempt to find another location that Kana thought that was safe for them to go. Harry wondered if the police would also find this location like the last one, even though Kana said no one would find it. Glancing towards the woman, Harry started to speak, "So this location that you're taking us...Is it safe?" His tone was filled with doubt and curiosity, "Just asking since the last time things did not go the way you planned. The location we went was compromised." Harry stopped talking as he kept walking forward.
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