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#1 [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:05 am

The night air was cold, biting. A clear sky of stars could be seen above, lighting up the darker areas of the town's streets. Few people moved about at this hour of the night, but a group of raucous thugs moved from bar to bar, drinking, causing trouble and being general nuisances. One man in particular, was smiling broadly. Built like a tank, he had the look of someone who was more than happy to brutalize a person on a whim. He had before. He was her target.

Kana followed the group, sticking to the shadows of the street. She wore black clothes, a jacket with a deep hood that hid most of her face. Silver hair spilled from the hood, the only color besides her pales white skin that stood out. She walked forward from the shadows, and they looked towards her. One of them leered openly at her, as a second one blocked the path. "Good evening, honey." One said with a grin. Another asked to see her face. The target smiled and stepped forwards as she pretended to try to move past.

He put a hand on her arm, stopping her. And the cold from her body made him recoil. Ice spread from her feet, an in an instant a black ice knife appeared in her hand, moved with unseen speed. It slashed across his throat, blood splashing her black clothing. He staggered back, gurgling and holding his throat, and slumped to the ground. Before the others could so much as scream for help, she killed them too. Not targets. But they were as bad as the ringleader. She seen it as a service. And also there was no denying she liked to kill.

Kana made her escape, down a side alley and out onto the next street. The blood on her leather jacket froze and fell off. It might lead authorities that way, but by the time they arrived she would be long gone, off to collect the second half of her contract fee. Another days' work. Another job unworthy of her skills. But she needed money, would keep going for the freind she'd lost.
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#2 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:30 pm

Sir Harry Claus was knighted by King Edward the IV in 1450. It was one of his greatest accomplishments ever as long as he could remember. Back then, being knighted by the King made you an important person in society. You were no longer beneath or equal to normal people. Being knighted gained you status and respect from fellow people around you. But that was then. Things have changed now. Changed for the worst. Society is now a shell of what it's used to be. It's nothing but filled with rampant degeneracy. Harry didn't like it one damn bit. He wanted to change that. But he knew even though how powerful he was, the fight against corruption was too strong for him.

Walking along the lonely streets at about 11.30 PM, Harry glanced around as he kept walking. There was no one in sight. It felt unusual to him. "Was there some kind of event taking place?" He asked himself as he kept going toward. Not that he cared the slightest. He was just curious. Harry was not the type to care about people. To be honest, he really didn't give a damn about people. Because he was an arsehole. A racist, sexist arsehole, in fact. However most people don't notice what kind of person he really is at first hand. Since he was good at faking to be someone he was not.

Harry felt that there was some kind of disturbance going on nearby. A fight most likely. He wondered if he should go check it out. Knowing him, he knew that he would make the current situation going on there much worse than it is. He wanted to go, but for some reason, he did not want too. That reason being; whoever it the person was is actually closing near him. Harry was not fazed by this at all. He kept walking forward in hopes of meeting the person.
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#3 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:00 am

Kana kept her casual pace, even as the initial sounds of the first responders hit her ears. Sirens could be heard in the distance, and each step she too away from the mission site brough them closer. It was just as well she hadn't taken the time to enjoy those kills, because someone must have spotted them almost seconds after they'd left. She doubted they had seen her. And even if the police caught her trail and pursued, there really was not much they could do against her. She would relish the chance to spill more blood, if only because she was bored with the jobs she was receiving as of late. It was hard being a talented murderer when high paying employers wouldn't hire you.

As she moved farther from the scene, she noticed a man walking her way. She looked him over, and at first glance he seemed unremarkable. He had no power, as far as she could tell with sensing. But instinctively, she felt something. She looked at him again. She was sure he was more than a mere human. Or so her gut told her. She passed him. And kept walking, but as she passed out of the light of a street lamp she stopped and looked back, and let out a small portion of her power, brushing it passed him. She watched to see if he reacted, if he sensed it.

Perhaps it was the blood lust that had stopped her, or perhaps it was curiosity about the human who had her instincts on edge. She didn't really know what she intended to do if he did react. Attacking him would be a bit rash. Though he might be powerful enough to defeat her, which, if he didn't kill her, might mean she had found someone worthy of following. She waited, breath held, as she watched him.
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#4 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:14 am

Sir Harry saw a figure appear in front of him slowly out of the shadows. The person was walking towards him, as Harry was towards the person. He stopped at his tracks as he let the unknown person pass him, only to Harry to see that it was a woman. At least that was what he guessed since the persons long silver coloured hair was spilling from the hood like thing she was wearing, as it covered most of the persons face. "Menacing." Sir Harry muttered towards himself as he knew whoever this person was, she was not human. He could just fee it. There was something about her that stood away from normal humans. Harry knew this from experience as he has fought battles and wars for more than five centuries. Also the fact he had met thousands of people over that period of time. Harry was a people person, even though most of the people he knows hated him with a passion.

The strange woman continued walking past him, as Harry turned around and looked at her walking away from him. She did not walk for long, as she made an immediate stop a few feet away from him, and turned her head towards Harry. Confused, he started to walk towards her wanting to know what was going on. Sir Harry only could make a few steps toward the person as he felt a strong wave of spiritual pressure gush past him. "Interesting." he said with a smile on his face, only to put his hands inside his pocket as he made one step forward to disappear completely as he re-appeared behind the woman. "What are you looking at woman? If it's me, I'm right behind you." Harry said with a lopsided grin awaiting the person to react.
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#5 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:45 am

He was watching her when she let out the pulse of energy. He seemed to smile, finding it interesting. He took another step and vanished. She didn't react as he appeared behind her, and spoke. She turned towards him, and despite his closeness she took a step towards him. Not away. He might be the most powerful being in existence for all she knew, but she was not afraid. Because he might be what she was looking for. Or he might die at her hands. It was a win win, either way. However that all depended on what happened next. She had no reason to attack him after all.

Kana Tilted her head to the side slightly and looked at the man. He was tall, a giant compared to her. Not that she was intimidated. Size meant nothing when powers came into play. "I find you curious. Even before you showed you had power I sensed something from you. Not energy. But something.. What are you, exactly?" She asked.
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#6 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:43 am

Sir Harry was now face to face with the unknown women. Even though he was very close near her, Harry still couldn't see her full face. Which kind of infuriated him, since in his view he always thought that cowards are the one who doesn't want their faces to be seen by the masses. But no matter, no matter. Harry knew that she would reveal herself sooner or later. They all do at the end.

"I find you curious. Even before you showed you had power I sensed something from you. Not energy. But something.. What are you, exactly?" She asked Harry curiously top which he made a small laugh, and said, "Why does it matter to you, woman?" the way he said it came out ruder than it expected to be. Harry was a rude person in general, but he knew that he needed to put up his kind act if he needed to find common ground with this person. So Harry cleared his throat and began speaking again, "What I meant was I really don't think it matters that what we are. I'm well aware that you are no ordinary human. But since you really want to know what I am, I'll tell you. I'm a bount."
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#7 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:00 pm

He took a rude tone with her, though she didn't show a flicker of anger at that. She was raised to be a weapon not a woman. But he went on to correct his tone. He told her what he was. She nodded. "A bount. A soul eater in a human body, right?" She asked. She had never met a bount before, only heard of them. She wondered if he was a killer, or if he found his food a different way. She was curious enough to ask him, when she heard footsteps.

"You there, freeze!" shouted a man. She turned around to see a couple of cops. "Hands behind your head" the same fella said, and another spoke into a walkietalkie. "We located the potential perp, requesting back up." the man said. They had guns drawn but hadn't approached. And kept shouting demands. "So I was seen. Well, Mr bount, I suggest you walk along now. Or you can try and stop me. Eitherway this is going to get messy." she said, her voice excited.

"This is your last-" she cut him off as she moved faster than their eyes could register, a black sword of ice slicing through his neck, seperating his head from his body. The other one fired a shot that ripped past her cheek, pulling her hood loose, but she was gone before he fired, appearing at his side, the blade driving through his side up into his heart. She ripped the weapon free, and looked at the bount. Her hood had fallen back, revealing a beautiful face, and cold silver grey eyes. She was smiling wildly as her own blood dribbled down her cheak.

She heard sirens in the distance. More would be coming, and when they seen what she'd done, even more would arrive. This would spiral out of control unless she vanished right now. Or gave them a reason to stay away.
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#8 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:26 pm

"A bount. A soul eater in a human body, right?" She asked him. To which Harry arched his eyebrow quite surprised. It was quite clear that this woman had never heard of what a Bount is, nor she knows what kind of type of people Bounts are. What kind of powers they have etc etc. Be that as it may, Sir Harry was insulted at the fact that she thought he was Soul Reaper or that he was a soul reaper inside of a humans body. "Is this bitch retardered?" Harry thought to himself, as he wanted to give her a piece of his mind but he knew he needed to put up with his good guy act. Sighing Sir Harry looked at her and said, "No. I'm not a soul reaper inside a humans body as you put it. I'm a Bount. We have no correlation with Shinigamis. However we are quite similar to Quincy's, in a way."

The woman had no time to reply as the cops had caught up with her. There were about three or four cops surrounding them at the moment. Sir Harry knew that the number would increase as they start to call for back-up. The woman turned her head toward Harry and said that either he went off or he try and stop her in someway. Harry only could look at her with a blank expression on his face. "This woman is clearly mental. The fuck would I want to stop her arse?" He said as he jumped a few feet backwards as she started to attack the cops. It was not his place to interfere. Harry leaned his back onto the nearby lamppost as he interestingly watched the scene unfold. He liked to view fights. It was a obsession for him at this point.

The woman was clearly good at what she was doing. Her posture, technique and fighting style was very good, which made Harry quite impressed. But he knew that she was still not in the level of a man. A woman could never reach a mans level even how hard she tried. That's how it is. But whatever it is, Harry was running out of his patience. It was time for him to involve himself and maybe, just maybe, help this woman out. He reached to his pocket as he took out his Derespina Knife. It was his baby. Harry was not the person to carry any guns or any sort of such mambo jumbo. However he took his special knife with his every where he went. It always came in handy. "Time to raise some hell." he said, as he took a step forward and disappeared only to appear a few feet above the the woman as he thrusted the kife towards her at full force.
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#9 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:51 am

Kana raised her black sword and parried the blow from the man's strange knife, knocking it away. She was slightly underwhelmed, she expected him to be so much more powerful than that. Her desire to fight him vanished with the wind. "Hmm. I'm not impressed. No offense, but I doubt I could see myself following you. Not until you became much stronger." She said. She hadn't actually expressed her intention to follow someone strong, so he was probably going to be really confused by that statement. Sirens closed in on them. "Forget fighting. I'm still curious about your kind though. Why not come for a drink with me instead. Eitherway, if you stay here, the cops will think you made this mess."

She said. She used blur to vanish down the allyway, but sent out a pulse of her energy, to lead him if he followed. She Kept moving then, until they were well away from the scene. If he followed, she would be waiting outside a seady bar well out of the cordon the police were likely to put off. That and this wasn't the kind of place they came looking, unless they intended on causing trouble with the crime syndicates. this was one of the places she collected her contracts. It would be safe enough.

When, and if, he arrived, she would speak. "Oh I should clear this up. I didn't ask if you were a shinigami in a human body. I asked if you were a soul eater. I was under the impression bounto devoured souls, much like a hollow. But unlike hollow, they're living beings. I can't say I know much of your kind, I didn't learn about people of different races in my life, just how to kill them." She then proceeded to pull up her hood, and go inside to order drinks.
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#10 Re: [Open] Darkblade's Mission on Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:05 pm

Sir Harry was taken back at the fact that she so easily stopped his attack even though he used most of his powers, when he performed that attack. Also it was true that he was not in any way trying to harm her or try to start a fight or anything. The sole reason he attacked was to just show off. That was it. But unfortunately it didn't go the way he had hoped for. Not only that he had made a fool of himself. He couldn't remember the last time someone humiliated him. What worse was that out of everyone it was a woman to do so. "Thank god most of my mates are long dead. Or i'll never hear the end of it." He said to himself as he decided to follow her instructions and meet and maybe talk with her since she herself was interested in doing such.  

He followed the pulse of energy she had released after she disappeared into thin air suddenly. It was most likely of her way of letting Harry know how to track her down. Even though he did such, Sir Harry was still shocked of the experience he had a few minutes ago. He in no way expected the strange woman to be that powerful. Even Harrys centuries of experience was no match  to her. "Fuck me. I can't believe this." He said to himself out loud disgusted about everything, as he looked forward only to see the woman standing in-front of bar. By the looks of the structure it seemed like a bar where all the criminals and thugs got together to be merry. Sir Harry did not like it, but he didn't care. He was more curious to know what kind of person she was. As he met up with her and entered the bar not knowing what was going to happen next.

Entering inside of the bar Harry noticed that he decor inside the bar was horrendous. Not only that the bar smelled liked people have been shitting inside of it. Shaking his head, Sir Harry looked over towards the woman and said, "You really couldn't pick a better place rather than a shit-hole like this?" as they went over near some empty tables only to sit down. Harry was not interested in drinking at this moment, but he needed a drink to get the horrible experience out of his mind, as he ordered a bottle of Black Label. Looking at her he spoke, "You drink, woman?"
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