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#1 Kana Lasdren on Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:02 am

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Kana 'Darkblade' Lasdren
Age: 32
True Age: 32
Sex: female
Personality: Kana is a dark brooding type. She is a monster at the core, relishing the spreading of death and terror among her leaders's enemies. She does not follow any person willingly and must be tamed in battle. She has a trecherous side and is not to be trusted to much by anyone, good or evil, and is unfit for a position of power, or to lead. She also will not follow anyone other than the person who has won her sword, making her an liability when placed under a different commander.

Kana does not speak often. She is cold like the power She wields. She has no freinds, nor has She wanted any after Alice's death. She preferes silence, especial sweet silence that follows after death. Kana is resourceful and uses that when on a mission, but isn't prone to doing anything without first receiving orders. If She's told to do something, She will persue that task with a strange vigor, weather it be to kill someone or save someone. She is so intent on completing her task that She will kill anyone who gets in her way, man woman or child, unless of course She's told not to. Kana became very reserved after the death of her handler Alice, and is very much in control of her anger.

Kana is good at detecting lies, by watching a person's facial expressions. She is skilled at gathering intel and finding people, even if they dont want to be found. She's got connections in the underworld, old clients and contacts who share information for the right price. She can be persuasive, either through coersion or threats.

Kana has no issue with fighting anyone. She never stays her blade to the pleas of mercy, She lives only to serve and kill. She has no hatred towards any particular race. She acts in combat like She acts socially, cold, brooding and if She's fighing as an order, with vigor and conviction.

Likes: Silence. Being alone. Alice.
Fears: Failing. Being powerless. Going to hell, which is where She's going if She dies.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'3”
Weight: 122
Physical Traits:

Kana is short. Her body is hard like iron, all toned muscle and sharp edges. There is nothing soft about her, and while she’s attractive, its in a dangerous way. She sparks fear, not lust, in most people. Her skin is laced with scars from a brutal life of fighting and killing, though her face is unmarked. Kara has long silver hair and dark grey eyes. She is cold to the touch and pale, because of her ice abilities.
Clothing: Kana usually wears black since part of her job involves stealth. A black top under a A black coat with a deep hood, and black form fitting pants that help maintain mobility. She rarely takes her hood down, and keeps her face hidden in its depths. She wears Black leather boots, to finish her theme of black. This is her usual attire for a mission, however she may wear other clothes depending on the situation.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Kana fights tactically, planning her moves in advance. She uses her various abilities to change the battle and turn it in a direction She likes. She is a master of melee combat, well versed in the use of swords, daggers, axes, spears and any bladed pole arms, as long as it has an edge She can use it.

Kana despises guns and avoids using them. She likes to get in close when fighting, and if the opponant tries to get away She uses her ranged abilities to attack. If She's overwhelmed She may fall back to set a trap for her enemy.

Kana's biggest asset is her summon Alice, who is capable of using several of her standard ice abilities, and receives upgrades as She level's up her power, though she is unsummoned when She enters fullbring. When she is on the field though, they work together, Kana staying in close combat while Alice attacks from a distance. She's not all combat though, and acts as a companion to Kana too.

Kana is incredibly acrobatic and agile. She has excellent Reflexes and reacts to danger on instinct. When attacked from behind, from an unseen location, or caught unawares She is likely to react on instinct, dodging out of danger. when She is in single combat where She can see her opponent this wouldn't kick in, and her heightened reflexes wouldn't mean She auto dodges, it just increases the chances to avoid a sneak attack.

Strengths: Speed: Kana is incredibly fast, and matched with her high durability She is very hard to take down in close combat.
Durability: Kana is able to take a heavy beating, and get back up.
Reflexes and Acrobatics: Kana has advanced reflexes (described above) and very acrobatic, capable of ninja flips and freerunning across rooftops to chase down a mark.
Stealth: Kana is excellent at keeping Herself, and her reiatsu, hidden outside of combat of course.

Weaknesses: Stamina: Kana puts allot of energy into killing her foe, and tires Herself quite fast. (fatigue after 6 posts for 3 posts)
Range: Kana's attack range is quite limited, most of her abilities not being able to go past 30 ft.
Fire: Kana is naturally colder than other people, and while this keeps her comfortable in snowy environments, She doesn't fair well against fire or heat based abilities, taking 25% extra damage.

Abilities & Weapons

Primary Stage

Name: Frost Edged blades
Effect: Kana Can create blades of black ice, that are as strong as zanpakuto steel, and can come in several forms, ie greatsword, longsword, dagger, scimitar, spear, halberd, but it has to be a bladed weapon. These blades are attuned to Kana, and if anyone else, even an ice user, picks up one of these blades, it will stick to their hand and cause nasty ice burns even through gloves. This only happens if the weapon is picked up or grabbed by anyone but Kana.

Name: Cold touch.
Effect: Kana is cold to the touch. She can coat anything She touches in ice if She so wishes, including the ground as She walks. The ice is slick and easily slipped on, although it doesn't effect Kana. This can be turned on and off as She pleases. She can also leave a streak of ice behind her as She uses blurr to travel quickly. only affects inanimate objects, excluding Zanpakuto or soul bound weaponry

Name: Ice manipulation
Effect: Kana can create and control ice with ease. She does not need water to do so. She can do various things, from shooting spikes of ice, or creating a one foot thick wall to block an attack. It is limited to an object of 5 foot squared, so it could be 10 foot long but would have to be 1 foot thick only. She can use this ability without limits, but the more She uses it the faster She'll tire Herself out. The ability is disabled when She enters fatigue state. This has a range of 30 ft.

Name: Ice blast
Effect: A freezing blast of cold energy with the power of a cero. When it explodes large spikes of ice forms in the spot it hits. The ice left behind can be manipulated.

Final Stage

Name: frozen skirmish
Effect: Kana creates 20 thick spear length spikes of ice and launches them at a target area at half the speed of a bala. 2 post cooldown.

Name: flash freeze
Effect: Kana fires a sudden blast of freezing cold air (counts as wind/ice ability) capable of chilling a person or object. A direct hit will cause the person to be knocked back, and start shivering, and also slow a person's movements by 25%, unless the person has ice/cold ressistance. Doesn't affect Kana.

Name: Ice blade dance.
Effect: Kana sticks a black ice sword into the ground and twenty 7ft blades of ice pop up out of the ground around her. 3 post cooldown.

Name: Frost Core
Effect: Kana forms a ball of ice and fires it. The attack hits with the force of a cero. The frost core then explodes with the force of a gran rey cero with a 100yd radius afterwards, with a slight delay. 5 post cooldown.

boosts: Speed x3, durability x2, strength x2. Increased Ice manipulation range. (45 ft)

Hyper Mode

Name: Frozen cuts.
Effect:Kana swings her blade and a six foot cresent blade of ice shoots out of her weapon and flies in a straight line up to 30 feet. 10 can be fired before a 2 post cool down.

Name: Frost Beam
Effect:Kana sweeps a beam of cold energy across the battlefield, doing a gran ray cero worth of cold energy damage to anything caught by the beam, and also leaving ice spikes on any surfaces she hits. The beam has a 5 second burst time, allowing for one sweep across the field before it dies out. 4 post cooldown.

Name: Mega Ice blast
Effect: Kana fires a larger more powerful blast of cold energy at the power of a cero oscuros. It explodes leaving a 30 ft area frozen by large ice shards. 4 post cooldown.

Name: Ice storm
Effect: Kana creates thousands of ice shards that swirl around her in a 10 foot radius. Anyone who enters the radius will be slashed multiple times by the ice shards. This ability lasts for 2 posts and acts as a defensive manoeuvre as Kana's movements are limited.

Boosts: Speed x4, strength x4, durability x3, Reiatsu x2. Increased ice manip range (60ft)

Back Drop:

Background: Kana was born in germany, but did not reside there for long before her parents were killed and She taken by a strange society of assassin trainers. She knew only what they showed her her entire life. She was raised to kill efficiently without causing a mess or getting caught.

The training was brutal, and her every milisecond of brain activity was monitored, and watched for signs of insanity or mental degeneration. Such things were countered with drugs and other methods. By the age of 15 She was ready and sent on her first mission, which She preformed without a hitch. Though her young mind was slightly influanced by what She'd seen.

Kana was taught to serve only one master, and not obay the orders of any other person. She took this to heart, it shaped the man She is in the current day. Every mission She was sent on changed her from the mindless drone they'd trained, and She eventually began to enjoy what She did. She also became curious about the world, though She rarely spoke of what She'd seen outside her compound.

Kana grew up knowing only one person, her handler. A girl named Alice, who was not much older than her. She was trained to monitor her brain waves and watch for dangerous activity. A person who could be her freind, to keep her sane and relay her orders. She was taught to obay her. As Kana became a better assassin, She was sent on longer missions, their team was better trusted, and soon She wasn't required to return to the compound so often.

Kana's will was stronger than they understood though, and that was never reported because Alice had fallen for her, unstable as she was, and she didn't want to loose her. She kept her under control, the only person that could, despite the exposier of the outside world. Alice was possibly the only person She liked, and the only one She'd ever called freind.

Kana did her best to control Herself, and at times was going insane. her will to keep Alice safe from the organisation that controlled them was strong and She started to level out again, and become more normal, even more efficient. But eventually something went wrong, as it always does.

An overseer paid them a visit one day. A random check that ruined everything. She discovered Alice had been withholding information about Kana, and shot her in the head before Kana could even blink or stop her. Kana went into a fit of psychotic rage and tore the place apart in her attempts to kill the man. It was then, when her powers emerged for the first time. Kana lost her knife fighting with the man and was about the die, when a blade of freezing black ice formed. She didn't think twice, just drove it into the overseer's throat.

After Alice's death Kana changed again. She was a monster, her only wish to kill. Masterless She searched for the strongest one out there, killing as She pleased. The Overseers were furious and sent men after her, but her powers gave her the upper hand, and Kana killed most before they got close enough to shoot.

Kana was 24 when alice died, and 8 years passed, constantly being hunted, fighting, and maturing into a more stable human untouched by the overseer's influences. She never touched a gun after her death, forsaking them for her more up close and personal fighting style. She continued her search for a master worthy of her.

Side Notes: Kana keeps all attacks from previous forms.
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#2 Re: Kana Lasdren on Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:24 am


Approved at 1-2. :D

Ice Bitch has competition Owo....
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