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#1 Additional Important Information on Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:08 am


This is just so everyone is able to be more "aware" of how things match up for each race. The order, in case it's not easily discernable. Is as follows.

Human - Shinigami - Quincy - Hollow - Bounto - Vizard - Arrancar - Sinner

First stage = Shikai = Quincy normal  = Gillian hollow = Bounto without doll = vizard shikai = normal arrancar= Sinner 33%

Second stage = bankai = Quincy final form/Letzt Stil = Adjuchas hollow = Bounto using doll = vizard bankai = resurreccion = Sinner 66%

Hyper mode = Toukai = Quincy Vollständig = vasto lorde = Bounto/Doll Fusion or 100% = Vizard full hollow form = Segunda = Sinner 100%

|-Vizard marks aren't there? Why?-|
Vizard masks can be considered a "temp" boost and are not a true factor in the total power of their race. While this still can give some vizard an advantage over some other characters and races. It isn't always so. That is why it isn't mentioned formally.

|-What about my Fullbringer!?-|
Fullbring, while not having multiple stages like a typical advent human, matches up just the same as a human who can use all 3 stages. If you are a Fullbring you can fight someone who is using Hyper Mode or an Equal just as if you were also using that level of power.

It's more of an RP thing really. You'd say that you powered up to defend or attack at that level. Thats about it.

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#2 Re: Additional Important Information on Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:53 am


Powers and how they compare to other powers.

Now.. as with anything. Despite all the balancing attempts done to make things as far as possible. Some characters and races are just going to have some kind of advantage. It's part of the RP. But the least we can do is make sure no one overplays an abilities strength right? So here you go!

Bala - Now this is basically a condensed Cero that gives up power for being 20X faster than Cero. Which makes it akin to hadou no 4 and quincy arrows and bullets I guess in terms of speed. but in terms of power it's actually weakened to be between hadou 4 and hadou 31 in strength depending on who is using it. On the forum I would say that no matter how gifted and powerful the user is with Bala it will never exceed the power of a hadou past the 40th level.

Cero - Bleach fans recognize the word that means someone just fired a big beam of death at someone else. On the forum this thing is able to be on par with Hadou within the range of 52 and 63 depending on how effective, or lack thereof, the user is of this power.

Gran Rey Cero - a special cero that requires users blood to be mixed with a normal cero to form this thing. It's clearly superior to any normal cero on the show and we keep that here. On the forum it is able to block/counter and otherwise be on par with any hadou up to the 82nd level. This also means Bakudo 81: Danku which can block up to the 89th level. Can block this cero and anything as powerful as this cero.

Cero Oscuras - Now while we only see this special cero in the released form of Arrancar.. It's still made to look like it is infact even more superior to the already stronger than normal Gran Rey Cero. Which is reflected here as well. On the forum this cero can take any kidou up to the 89th level and can effectively OVERCOME Bakudo 81: Danku dealing severe damage or minor damage after breaking it depending on strengths and weaknesses of both users.

Forbidden Kidou - While they've always been shown to be these almighty end all abilities there isn't really anything else that can feasibly be compared to them. on the forum this is the pinnacle of damaging power. You don't want to take this hit unless you are a tank character and you are relatively uninjured or at least not in bad shape. Anything compared TO this level of damage will effectively screw up someone in some way if it hits them.

Final/Trump Attacks - These are forum specials that characters make up for themselves. These are the ONLY feasible moments where Forbidden Kidou isn't the damage cap and generally the power drastically drops depending on factors. This attacks are allowed to be so powerful because once used your character is done. Not half done. not I can fight weakly and uselessly done. you are done. You'd be lucky if you got to remain conscious. These will almost always have enough power behind them to scare even the strongest of characters. It doesn't mean you'd die if it hit you. Though I don't suggest anyone willingly just full on tank one of these.. but still.

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#3 Re: Additional Important Information on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:56 pm


Reishi is what your arrancar's body is made of. Considering you are a spirit yet you can be physically hurt and bleed.
~but reishi is still spirit energy

Reiryoku is the amount of spiritual energy you have access too
Most characters have a decent amount of this at minimum which is why they have powers.
~Even people with little to no reiryoku that they can "control" still have this baseline or else they couldn't use their powers or see spirits

Reiatsu is the physical aspect of your spiritual energy. It is the pressure and the power.
~It's what makes a cero bad to let hit you

"But I have super high energy" Well that doesn't mean you are ultra-powerful with it.

"But I have ultra spirit power" Well that doesn't mean you have endless energy.\

"But I am good at both" Well that doesn't mean you can't burn through it quick. it may help you to not do so. but that involves control and just "how" much energy you have as opposed to how much you "use"

"But Wiki and Canon" Are not this forum. They are based in a universe full of plot armor and rules which are constantly subject to change and surpassing. You will not always get the same treatment/powers/etc they did for that reason. We are also super limited in what we can interpret and use in a "fair and balanced" forum.

Otherwise someone would just make an Ichigo Clone and kill us all. ;P

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