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#1 Adalicia Blas (done) on Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:02 am


Name: Adalicia Blas
Age: 18
True Age: 1829
Sex: female
Personality: Ada doesn't care about many things and because of such indifference, she doesn't care what happens. As such, if The Espada Leader or commander told her to do something, other than harm herself, she will do it without hesitation and even with a fierceness that is not rivaled... Ada is spiteful, hateful and yet somehow apathetic to everything at the same time. In a way, she is the perfect attack dog and even seems to act like one.

However, for the few things she does care about... Mostly only the Espada leader and her Commander, Tara, though the caring is more simply just respect and loyalty. She doesn't truly feel feelings or passion for them. She is heartless. She will do anything for the things or people she "cares" about, except anything that directly injures herself. Like jumping in front of a sword to protect them. She would rather watch them die than die herself.

Even though she seems to hate everything, what she hates more than anything is love. She freaks out and goes beserk when she sees or hears any sign of the damned thing. However, despite her deep hatred of the feeling she ironically has a thing for her Commander. (Not the Espada Leader). Though the feeling exists she has no awareness or willingness to care.


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Physical Traits: Ada has beautiful black hair that naturally contrasts with her abnormally pale skin and runs down to her neck. Her long bangs reach down over her face to partially cover Her extraordinary green eyes. Her eyes shine brightly as if they were they only color in a black and white movie, making her eyes seem even more intense than they already were. Her lips are naturally tinted black, though it is barely noticeable, and are always in a flat, emotionless line. Though the black finger and toe nails are definitely noticeable compared to her pale skin. Her figure brings her less attention than her eyes, being simply a normal/acceptable curve. She is slim, yet muscle toned, and always seems to stand in a very confrantational way. Ada's hollow bone piece is around her neck in the shape of what seems to be a collar and her hollow hole is located in the palm of her right hand.
Clothing: Adalicia wears a pair of black hakamas with laces running up the outsides of the legs. These pants run straight down to her bare ankles, leaving her feet bare to enjoy the sand. Running only through the right side straps of these pants is a black leather belt, which dips down past her left hip. This belt has a white linen silk skirt attached to it, resembling that of a gypsy. From her hips to roughly a few inches below her bust is bare, leaving her stomach open to view. To cover her bust only, is a white linen cloth that wraps around her torso, also leaving her shoulders bare. The linen cloths are also wrapped around her arms from her elbows down.


General Fighting Style: Adalicia Blas is a very upfront combatant, always prefering to give each fight everything she has. She will never hold anything back from her opponent and will never simply play with her victims. She prefers to simply kill them and go on with her life. Ada will use every weapon and ability she has to her disposal so that she can win. On top of her brute force and strength, Ada has exceptional speed and intelligence. She will use all three of these to completely overwhelm her opponent. However, Ada acts very much like an attack dog and will only fight if she is ordered too or is threatened.
Strengths: Intelligence Sonido, Pesquisa, High speed regen
Weaknesses: Physical Strength, Short Temper, Impatience, Hierro


Sealed Appearance: Adalicia's Zanpaktou is an interesting site, unique and exquisitely beautiful. It is in the shape of a normal no-dachi, however it is completely made of stained glass. The handle of it is a crimson red glass and the hilt gaurd is a simple X. The entire blade is a random display of stained glass that reflects light in prisms.
Zanpakuto Name: Vitral
Zanpakuto Call Out: Vidrio Manchado del Fragmento
Cero: Bala, Cero, Granrey Cero and Cero Obscuras


Appearance: Once Ada releases her Resurreccion, The Bone Collar around her neck extends to cover parts of her body. So both her of her arms, neck, shoulders, lower half of her face and down to her breast. This protects the most vital areas of her body. The bone also changes from bone to crimson glass. However, that is the only physical transformation that occurs to her. On top of this physical change, Her sword turns into a shroud of shattered stained glass that orbits her body like its the sun. Thousands of shattered glass, slowly orbiting her body and reflected the light in all directions. Adalicia calls this form the most beautifully brutal reserreccion.
Name: Shards of Dismemberment:
Effect: Swirling in a constant motion around the girls body are hundreds of razor sharp glass shards. These shards aren't swirling fast enough to do any harm normally, though at will Ada can speed them up to the point of tearing flesh open at the speed of a tornado, and can speed them up for a full two posts before having to stop and they orbit within 3 ft of her body. She can also send the glass shards out to attack someone up to 100 yards away or cluster them into shield to block an oncoming attack that is up to a Cero Obscuras and at half the speed of a bala. Shield cooldowns go as followed:
Normal/Bala lvl attacks: No Cooldown
Cero level Attacks: 1 post
Obscuras level: 2 posts
Granrey Level: 3 posts

Name: Lucifer's Light
Effect: Ada can now use the shards rotating around her to reflect the light to temporarily blind her opponent. This acts as if someone were to use a mirror and reflected the sunlight into your eyes. It only blinds the person for however long she can keep the reflection going, which is two rounds. Even then, the blindness isn't true blindness. An opponent can see, just with extreme difficulty.

Name: Through the Looking Glass
Effect: This ability causes everything within a 200 yard radius become reversed. This means, that left is right, right is left, up is down and down is up. So if Ada punched at someones left side she would look like she was punching towards their right. This works for her opponents and allies as well, though being caught by your own attack doesn't happen often. Through the Looking Glass effects only the physical senses and doesn't affect any spiritual sensing. This ability will last for 5 posts then needs a recharge of 10 posts, before it can be used again. It is activated by saying, "Vitral Invierta mi mundo" Or "Vitral, Reverse my World."

Name: Mephistopheles' Satanic Destruction
Effect: Ada's final and most powerful attack is the MSD. She will charge both hands with her red reiatsu and then slam her hands to the ground, creating five blue balls of flame around her. The blue fire would then spread to form a flaming pentagram around her, while keeping the five balls of flame at the points. Once this is complete an explosion of hellfire will occur taking up a space of 500 yards with the destructive force of unimaginable magnitude (Dmg chart underneath). Anyone that is unable to escape the explosion is at the very least maimed to the point of not being able to fight, if not dead. However, it takes two posts two charge for preparation and can only be used once during a single battle. The attack takes all of Ada's energy and causes her to no longer have the ability to fight or let alone move, which is why she only uses the attack as a last resort.
100 yards is equal to two Forbidden Kidou
200 yards 1.5 Forbidden Kidou
300 yards 1 forbidden Kidou
400 yards a Cero Oscuras
500 yards, at the edge, little more than a Cero

Name: Glass Trap
Effect: Adalicia can take some or all of her glass shards and turn them into a pile of dust on the ground. She would then leave them there and when an opponent steps on it, Or stands "above" it within 100 ft or lower, Ada snaps her fingers. Afterwards, the dust would explode upwards with the overall height of 100ft and a width of 50ft. The dust explodes in prism reiatsu then reforms into the stain glass shards , blending anything within for 1 post. She can set four down simultaneously and has a cool down of 3 posts.

Boosts: Speed, Stamina, Her Hierro improves dramatically where she has covered in glass


Appearance: Adalicia's entire body is now encased in glass, though it isnt just a smooth glass structure. Her outer glass structure is rugged and spiked, giving Ada a very demonic presence. Behind the eye sockets of the mask, Ada's green eyes shine like glowing smoke, as her reiatsu seems to leak out from her eye holes.
Abilities: Adalicia keeps all of her old abilities at the same level and power, except her Shards of Dismemberment become ultimately stronger. They Seem to have broken down from their normal size to half their original size and continue to orbit her body in a gentle form.  The glass, due to its lighter form, can also speed up in unimaginable speeds, including shunpo speeds around her body and bala speed for throwing. She can now use her  thrown Shards at up to 300 yards away, where as the orbiting shards still stay within 3 ft of her.

Ontop of her old abilities, Adalicia gains these two abilities:

Name: Glass Manipulation
Adalicia is able to control all forms of glass from anywhere within a 100 yard radius. She can form them into blades, create more glass shards to use against her enemies or just about anything you can think of. Once she takes possession of outside glass, it immediately becomes infused with her reiatsu as to become as strong as her orbiting glass. However, she can only control up to 100 lbs of outside glass at a time and can control them for up to 6 posts before they fall useless to the ground. This ability has a post cooldown of 2 posts, before she can start controlling more outside glass.

Name: Glass Dome
This ability takes all of Ada's orbiting glass and all of the surrounding glass within a 500 yards, creating a dome of stained glass. Though, it is true, this ability is the only one that leaves Ada without orbiting glass to protect her, but she now has access to a lot worth of glass around her. She can call forth glass from the dome and create weapons, glass to shield or protect her or to simply attack as normal. While this ability is active, her Shards of Dismemberment are amplified in strength by two and can strike from anywhere within the dome. The dome, itself, is a 300 yards in radius and can withstand attacks from within and from the outside from any force equal or less than a granrey. She can sustain this ability for a duration of 8 posts or until it is broken and has a cooldown of 5 posts. The Ultimate attack of this ability is this; Adalicia can destroy her dome on command, create billions of reiatsu infused glass and control it for a total of 3 posts before they become useless to her.

Boosts: Speed, Stamina, Her hierro now ecompasses her entire body and her High speed regen becomes near instant.


Background: Ada never speaks of her personal background to anyone, however she has mentioned memories of certain events or people coming and going through the ages. Such as the fall of Constantinople and Rome. Things that prove her age... To a certain point. People have only started guessing at her age as well, going by the events she has described before. The oldest event dating was the fall of Rome.
Side Notes: Adalicia is like an attack and guard dog for Tara Tertrezo
RP Sample:

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#2 Re: Adalicia Blas (done) on Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:04 am

So I fixed the things that you told me about the other day. Just need a response for my Looking Glass I believe, right?

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#3 Re: Adalicia Blas (done) on Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:23 am

Approved 1-1.

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