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#11 Re: [Open] The Newcomer on Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:12 am


Kuri could tell that the man wouldn't believe her lie about the Stealth Force and the girl tilted her head in curiosity as his lips contorted into a knowing grin. She couldn't help herself, her lips twisted into a mischievous grin as Ika called her out. "Now I never said that it was a requirement, did I? Call it a personal preference." The girl said, sarcasm thick in her tone. "But alas! I suppose you are correct, Ika. I tell people I was in the Omnitsukido because I would rather not explain myself to others, nor could I care less to explain myself. However, since you are persistent..." Kurisuten continued, mischievous grin still in place on her lips and her tone switched to a normal tone, "I wear the mask to keep my identity secret from those I'd rather not know. It's not only about being a hunted Vizard, it's more like a... Comfort blanket. Reiatsu isn't the only thing to think about, sure they may know my race, but I'd rather not have them know who I am." She paused as he made his joke about Hannibal. "Ah, yes, but you were the one calling me Hannibal, hmm?"

Kuri watched and listened to the man, her fingers still intertwined on her lap. He seemed to think that she was interested in the power of the other Vizards, which was less than the truth. As long they could handle themselves, she was okay... Her lips stayed at the same mischievous look, only painted on as a smirk now as she listened to him. "Y'know... I have no interest in the strength of your other followers, Just the group itself. I have no reason to judge anyone by their strength. It just seemed, at first, that you were propping the group up to make it more appealing. I was simply trying to imply, that it matters not to me. All I need to know is if the group, and you, are worth my time in joining... Not that you particularly need me, but I like to know what I am getting into."

The man in front of her proceeded to begin to threaten her once again, her eyes instinctively narrowed to the threat, but she lifted the hostile expression. She leaned forward as the Vizard spoke to her, propped up on her elbows leaning on her knees. Her right hand lifted to pull her hood down, releasing her violet hair fully. Once he began speaking about his group, she began to respect the mans view points and his ideals for his group. The girls eyes closed and a sigh escaped her lips as she listened. Then he released some of his reiatsu, without releasing his weapon... This time she was more prepared for it and wasn't as taken back. Her mischievous grin spread across her lips once more and she looked dead in the mans eyes. "Ika, I cannot promise you for complete transparency... I dont tend to vocalize or even express a lot of my opinions or feelings. However, that being said, I won't lie to you. If you ask and I feel like telling you, I will speak honestly. You've convinced me to stay and I won't do anything to compromise your trust in me."

She listened to his side of the debate, though she disagreed with most of what he said, she didn't see the point in arguing the subject much further. "There are certain points that I would agree with you, I cannot believe that I don't have the potential to become your equal. I cannot and will not believe that. I have come too far and fought tooth and nail for what I've earned." The girl paused a moment and a wild grin spread across her lips as she continued. "One day, Ika, my own strength will rival yours and we'll both know I'm correct." She teased playfully.

Ika began to extend on what she had expressed and the weight of what she had been through hit her. She could tell that he could sympathize with her to a point, but how could he completely at his level? "It is miserable, which is why I decided to follow the lead that lead me here. Being alone, knowing that anybody and everybody that knew what I am was after me, is more than I could handle. I may not be trusting, but I'm a people person. I enjoy speaking to friendly faces." She leaned back into her seat once more, but her face lit up almost instantaneously as he mentioned the new Captain Commander. "Oh you mean, Ren Ren?!" She expressed, almost bubbling. She cleared her throat and pretended that her burst of excitement didn't happen. "Err, I mean, Rena... The C-C is a close friend of mine actually, from the Academy. I spoke to her recently actually, so if you did have an interest in some kind of truce... I can send her a message pretty easily. " She giggled a little in amusement.
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#12 Re: [Open] The Newcomer on Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:40 pm

Ika MaziOnline

The woman seemed to catch on that he didn't believe the BS she was spewing, which was fairly smart on her end given the current state of affairs. She tilted her head seemingly curious, as her face moved to a somewhat childish, 'ya got me' type grin. It was as though she couldn't help it, not that it would actually matter in the long run given the current state of affairs.. As she spoke, he returned her mischievousness with a knowing smirk of his own "Liars know when they're caught my dear, just as you do now, but to rebuke that statement, if that were to be the case than the Onmitsukido would be a tad bit irrelevant to your story now wouldn't it? His smile grew, as he caught on to her general way of doing things, it would be a fun relationship overall.. If things went as they should at least. "But I'll excuse the evident BS on grounds of sarcasm.. you're welcome.." he smirked, before listening once more.

"Well I know I'm correct but it's certainly a welcomed change of pace to hear that sentiment echo'd for once in this miserable tree-ridden jungle I call home, ya know talking to yourself can get a tad tiresome, even out here!" He said this with evident sarcasm and joking intent as he could muster from himself at this current point, but his general vigor remained evident through his stature and liveliness. He then paused a moment, and switched to becoming a little more serious in his tone and demeanor, "I do not blame you for not  wanting to explain yourself to others, but if one that offers you a new life and livelihood asks of it you'd be best to do as they say.. I offer you reprieve from the elements you so desperately wished to avoid, and I expect that kindness to be returned to be in full.." He then shrugged his shoulder dismissively "call it what you want, I call it diligence on the part of a man whom is currently with people whom have everything to lose..."

She then continued to drone on, Mischievous grin still etched across her face as though it was drawn on with a marker. Her tone switched to a tad more normal as she spoke, and Ika intently listened to her explanation with both intrigue and watchfulness, if she lied it would probably end her chances at staying around here. He couldn't stand a liar, and he wouldn't stand for one that he could kill in an instant either. "I understand a need for comfort and secrecy, even I after all can be overwhelmed.. I mean if you send the Captain Commander, the Onmitsukido, and the entirety of the Kidou Corps even I am generally screwed.. Which.. Thankfully that has yet to happen.. Though they did send the two squads after me before.. Didn't end well for either of them.." He shrugged, "So I guess given that you're an average-level Captain, I can understand your need for secrecy..  But granted identity I've learned to care less and less about over the years.. "I made the joke about the mask, I'm still the one with the ability to turn you into a lamp shade, my dear."

She seemed to be fairly content, her fingers intertwined in her lap as she listened, and her face seemed to keep the same mischievous smirk it held from the get go.. He listened to her speak, and rolled his eyes a bit as she spoke "Why would you lack interest in the power of the sanctuary that is meant to protect you? After all, our power is much like that of the Gotei 13, and any other group known to man or whatever you prefer for us, Vizards, Shinigami, Mutts, I myself am an Ika, but who gives a damn.. Anyway, the sanctuary is only as strong, only as worthwhile as the combined power of those whom use it as a sanctuary, only as powerful as those whom use it for what it is intended to be.. I care very much about the power of whom stays here, for I do not want a liability.. The nice thing about us Vizards.. is that to make it here we had to pretty damn tough.. but to assume that outright is still somewhat stupid, after all, flukes do occur.. I'm rambling I suppose.. but the point is, you need to be concerned with the power of your peers, because they are your protection, just as much as this new home is. And you, are likewise their protection.."

As he threatened her again he noticed her eyes narrow to the point of interest, and instinctively, Ika became a wise ass, moving his hand slowly towards his dick, with the sword. "Oi, Pervert, my eyes are up here." He grinned, trying hard not to laugh as he put the sword back, kind of breaking the tension he had intentionally created through the release of his own Reitsu. Not that it would matter, she wasn't a weakling so she could handle it somewhat he was sure. She seemed to buy into the things he spoke about, she seemed to believe in the things he was saying and that was a welcome sign over the course of this discussion. She had placed her elbows on her knees, and her violet hair fell down to it's fullest length as she prepared to speak. He listened as intently as he could, before sighing in return. "I ask for transparency only in what I require. You are not being asked to be a mirror, or even a speaker, I'm asking for truth, and honesty when it is required. If we speak, I do not accept lies. I will take your word for now, as we have established the reasons for your prior lies.. I hope you will prove me right in trusting you, as opposed to the other option.. His eyes conveyed what speech did not, and could not be trusted to say. Fuck me over, and you'll wish you were never born.

He listened to her viewpoint and simply shrugged his shoulders in her direction, "Not that I'm intending to negate your speech, as passionate as it is I would hate to do such a thing but.. beliefs are not what matters, facts are.. It is said, and it is known really, common knowledge here.. that Hollows evolve through consumption.. But some are doomed.. they'll consume thousands upon thousands of souls, and never reach the pinnacle of power.. Then there will be the one that eats them, who ate 100 prior too, and he'll become a Vasto Lorde, or an Arrancar.. It's nice to think that scrappy Hollow that ate the thousands and thousands was the stronger of the two, that he had the same potential, but I can prove he did not.." He smirked, "I welcome a rival, I just hope you know the numbers whom have tried to be that powerful and failed, just within my lifetime.. It's sweet that you've scratched and clawed for this, and that's what it takes ultimately.. but.. that's not all that it takes.. It's not good, it's not better, it just is that way for whatever reason.. He tried not to get too emotionally involved in these discussions, as most people that thought this way tended to end up dead. He'd have to ignore that for now though, despite thinking he maybe shouldn't.. "Anyway.."

Ika knew that he given his current power could not be seen as a figure worthy of any measure of sympathy, and he himself could not empathize with the plight of a woman like this beyond a certain point.. Sure he could convey the message in a rousing, empathetic manner, he could show that he had been there but he was ultimately omitting the detail that he could have slaughtered any one, or even two people who ever chased him, without ever even needing to utilize his Bankai. He listened to her speak and nodded along, showing interest in what she was saying not for the first time, but maybe a little more so than the usual, it was being absorbed as opposed to rebuked.. " I think everyone enjoys speaking to friendly faces, and it is a bit fucked-up when one day your best friends with someone and the next.. he gritted his teeth slightly, before looking back up.. "And the next that same person would rather be the blood on your hands as opposed to letting you live, for something completely outta your control.." (HA! GAYYYY.. Sorry, I hate the soft gay moments so but it fits. Moving on) Her face seemed to light up a bit as she mentioned that the woman Rena, was now Captain Commander. "WHAT?! THAT RENA CHICK IS CAPTAIN COMMANDER NOW?!" Ika's eyes were wide with surprise, but her face lit up almost instantaneously as he mentioned the new Captain Commander by sheer accident apparently. The woman tried to right off her excitement, coughing to avoid what might be an awkward conversation before admitting that they were friends and she may be able to help form an alliance. "I would have never guessed that you two were friends given your reaction there my dear!" He smirked, clearly doing his best to be as obvious a smart-ass as possible. "Though I am more than intrigued with the prospect of a truce, so please feel free to get back to me on that once you are formally made a member of our little group here.. He tapped his fingers on the desk quietly, perhaps a tad more intrigued than he wanted to let on, and awaited her response.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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