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#1 [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:51 am

A dark night with no moonlight and a city painted in the colour of lights as Clouds coated the sky like thick smoke and rain poured down. The loud crashes and rumbling of thunder roared in the sky as the inhabitants of Tokyo rushed into shelter from the rain.

Hagane stood amidst all this, soaked and wet from the rain. It didn't bother him that much. In fact he rather enjoyed the rain, although it's atmosphere could appear quite lugubrious sometimes. He stood staring out onto a highway as cars rushed by and rained crashed onto it's surface. All the while noticing the vast number of people passing him by holding umbrella's and other things to shelter themselves.

What was he doing in Tokyo? why was he in the human world? Well he wasn't ordered to come to Tokyo for a mission, or check up. He wasn't told to get something or do something for someone. He was simply in Tokyo for the rain and thunder. Listening to rain pour down and thunder roar was perhaps the most relaxing thing for him to listen to. It made him calm and sleepy. It made him feel at peace.  

After Hagane had taken in the sheer beauty of what he was listening to he continued to walk further into the city of Tokyo. He continued to walk until he saw a park. No one was there, obviously because of the rain and it being night, but he walked in and stood still again. He looked up at the sky taking in more appreciation for the world around him. It not like he could see anything, but he could Imagine it.

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#2 Re: [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:11 pm

Wade Winston Castle was a contact killer and a mercenary. Or you could say he was a hired gun. Most of his associates and clients called him by many names, however the name that struck with most with his enemies was, in a way, a kind of a cool name. They called him "the demolition man." Why would anyone call him that, you may ask? For what purpose? Simply put that Wade Castle was a man who is well known for destruction. He would go well beyond lengths to finish what he started. Even if that meant tearing half of the world down with him. That is why he was so unique and different from other contract killers and mercenary. Wade Castle was a man on a mission, and if you get between his way it would prove fatal on you.

He had visited Tokyo this week due to the fact that he had a contract to finish here. He was contracted to assassinate 10 people that were part in a huge drug smuggling rig going on in the city. Wade was not really into assassinating low-key drug dealers, however the money presented to him made him go one with it either way. If it wasn't for the money, he wouldn't even be here, since he hated Tokyo with a passion.

As he kept walking by the rainy streets of Tokyo, it was about 10.30 PM in the night. The streets were quite as people have gone to their respective houses. Wade was the only one walking in the lonely street of Tokyo. He didn't care. He was used to it. It was all part of the deal.

Wade was now approaching a park. He made glanced towards it as he kept walking. It was empty and damp, most likely because it was rainy and no one visits the park in the middle of a storm. However he saw one figure standing in the middle of the park. The person stood motionless, while looking up at the sky, as if something was going to drop from above. At this moment curiosity took over Wade as stopped in his movements and started walking towards the stranger.

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#3 Re: [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:21 am

Hagane was in pure bliss, or at least it was the happiest he'd been for a long time. He didn't quite take to soul society, it was dull and full of heartbreak. The biggest reason why he doesn't like it, is because it doesn't feel real. Perhaps he wasn't expecting the way his life would change, to him it seemed more like an over hyped surprise party. So much for the surprise.

As Hagane looked up at the sky, he created pictures in his mind. He could see gateways opening, and the eyes of something even death would fear pear from their wake. All he could see from it's eye was hatred, Pure hatred.

While Hagane was bringing to life his thoughts, he heard a footstep behind him. At first he didn't think anything of it. He thought he might just be hearing things. Until he heard a footstep drop into a puddle. He flinched, hesitant to turn around. Not because he was scared, it's just that he wasn't expecting anyone to be out at this time. Especially because it was raining. He turned around slowly, while doing so making eye contact with a stranger. He stared for a bit before looking behind him and then checking if anyone else was around.

"Why the hell is he out in the middle of a storm?" Hagane said to himself, with a face of sheer confusion. Before coming to a conclusion that the stranger might find the same interest in the rain as he did. Hagane continued to stare at the stranger, as the stranger glanced back. Hagane looked around himself once more, to see if the stranger was actually staring at him or not. He wasn't expecting someone to see him, well he wasn't expecting anyone to see him. "Can you see me?" He asked wiping the water from his face. Still confused as ever.

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#4 Re: [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:06 am

"Can you see me?" was what the unknown man asked Wade from a few feet away. In that moment he knew that this person, whoever it was, was not an ordinary human being. Which made Wade more interested in finding out more about this man. As in like; who he was? Or for what purpose was he standing in the middle of the rain staring up towards the sky? So many questions. But would this strange man be willing to answer him? Would he find Wade as a person who can't mind his own business? In Wades defence, he was naturally a curious person. He didn't see it as bothering someone.

He looked at the unknown man, as he spoke back, "Yes, I do see you. Shouldn't I be able too see you?" He paused as he took a few steps forward, "You are not an ordinary human, are you? I can sense that you have a spiritual pressure residing inside of you. You are not doing a good job containing it mate. You're going to attract unwanted trouble that you may not like. I doubt you would want that." Wade stopped as he straightened his jacket as he looked back at the man and continued, "So tell me; who exactly are you? What are you doing here? Are you a shinigami? Haven't seen any of your kind roaming here for a long time."

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#5 Re: [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:02 am

As Hagane stood waiting for his reply, he was iffy as to whether or not this stranger could see him. Another Crack and roar of thunder bellowed across the sky, and then, he got his answer. "Yes, I do see you. Shouldn't I be able too see you?" the stranger said to Hagane. His eyes widened in surprise before he gave the stranger a weird look, obviously showing the fact that the stranger shouldn't be able to see him.

Hagane was about to speak until the stranger took a few steps towards him. The stranger stated "You are not an ordinary human, are you? I can sense that you have spiritual pressure residing inside of you. You are not doing a good job containing it mate. You're going to attract unwanted trouble that you may not like. I doubt you would want that." After the stranger had finished and straightened his jacket. Hagane replied with a grunt and said "I don't think many things would wanna fuck with me" as he said this he smiled.

Hagane was then struck with a flurry of questions, who exactly are you? What are you doing here? Are you a Shinigami? Hagane was flustered by all the questions. He looked down at his clothing and replied to the last question with "I may not look like it, but I'm a Shinigami. I'm just not too keen on wearing a dress like the rest of them do." As for the Other questions he completely ignored them and stated "Perhaps it would be courteous to state your own name if you wish to know someone else's. Although Who ever said I was to be the courteous type." he said scratching his head before continuing "Hagane Jaken'na kokoro" he said pointing at the stranger with a big grin stuck on his face.

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#6 Re: [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:16 pm

"Hagane Jaken'na kokoro" said the man revealing his name. To which Wade tilted his head a little bit to the right and raised his eyebrow in reaction to hearing the person's name. It sounded like an African name to him. Be that as it may, what Wade wanted to know was that how the hell do you even pronounce such a name like that? Surely he has to have a nickname of some sort. But Wade wasn't the one to ask him. Putting a smile on his face, Wade said, "I'll call you Hagane. If that's alright. I'm Jimmie Reese."

Wade had the tendency of not giving out his real name to strangers that he did not know. This was one of those instances. Even though Wade was the one to initiate the conversation, he did not trust the man enough to reveal his real name. But to be honest, he did not trust anyone. Man or woman. It was one of the rules that he followed dearly. It made him free of any kind of burden. Because trusting people in the past really never got him anywhere but trouble. Wade had enough of such.

"So..." he began to speak as he looked at Hagane, "would you mind lending me a hand? I'm in need of assistance." which was nothing but a blunt lie. Wade did not need help from anyone. However, he was curious to see what this man was made of, and if Hagane was really a person people did not want to fuck with. What Wade was intending to do was to try and persuade Hagane to come with him to kill the drug smugglers Wade was contracted to assasinate. Looking at the man again with quite a stern look, he said, "So what say you?"

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#7 Re: [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:48 am

After stating his name, Hagane noticed the stranger give him a weird look. An aura of silence seemed to surround the both of them, perhaps the stranger wasn't expecting an answer. "I'll call you Hagane. If that's alright. I'm Jimmie Reese." Jimmie Reese said smiling. Hagane wasn't sure he believed the stranger or not, but either way, a name's a name and a label's a label.

Hagane Looked up into the dark sky for a second, which calmed him even more. Jimmie Reese spoke once more, "So..." Jimmie said as he turned his gaze to Hagane,  "would you mind lending me a hand? I'm in need of assistance." Hagane raised an eyebrow after he'd heard Jimmie say this. Hagane had to think about this, after all why would he help a stranger? Hagane has been known to be friendly most the time, and quite willing to help others, however he was out in the middle of a rainstorm alone. Seems a little off that a stranger like Jimmie Reese, who can see Hagane, would ask him for assistance without an ulterior motive.

Hagane noticed that Jimmie had suddenly given him a stern look, "So what say you?", Jimmie said. "Well..." Hagane said crossing hims arms, "Sure! Why not? but here's a couple good questions for you" Hagane said, with his grin still across his face, "Why exactly do you need my help? and What is it that I get out of it?"

The first question was reasonable, the second question? ... A test. Hagane looked out at the streets, while also analyzing his surroundings? Not that he was being cautious, but he didn't really wanna be ambushed, especially if Jimmie had planned to do so. All Hagane wanted to do was enjoy the storm, and now he was probably gonna miss out on it. Then again, who says that Jimmie won't make things interesting, if only a little.

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#8 Re: [Private] Curiosity is Dangerous on Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:09 pm


The man seems to be interested enough to lend Dre a hand, however, he had some questions towards him, which Dre was quite interested to hear. Though it did not mean that he would answer them. But depending on the questions that the man would ask him, he would answer them, if he feels appropriate to do such. Be that as it may, he had a good guess what the man's questions would be. It would most likely be regarding why he needs help out of him, and what would the man get for helping Dre. Obviously, he would get nothing. Absolutely nothing. But he wasn't going to tell the man that. That would ruin the chance of him getting Hagane to assist him. And he did not want that.

As he guessed the man asked the questions he predicated. Then again, any idiot with a brain would have predicted the questions Hagane was going to ask. Bending his rightarm in a L-shaped position, Dre would twitch his fingers, gathering the air upon to the palm of his hand, he converted it to blood, only to materialize it to a red-ish energy sphere. Gazing back at the man, Dre began to speak, "I'll tell you everything in detail if you choose to assist me." He paused for a good five seconds, "I have no intention of letting you know the reason only for you to decline my request." the sphere would start to rotate around itself, "As for what's in return for you; money of course. a smile spread across his face as he said it because he knew that he wasn't going to give Hagane anything. "So tell me; what is your decision?" he wiped his smile off his face as he asked the man in a blank monotone slate.  

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