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#1 Kurisuten Mu-a on Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:35 am


Name: Kurisuten Mu-a
Age: 24
True Age: 631
Sex: Female
Personality: Out of battle Kuri pretty much remains the same, calm, laid back, protective, though she likes to talk a lot. She is never the second to strike, allowing her enemies to make the decision if they should fight. She is kind hearted and playful, loving a good practical joke or just a regular joke. She loves to play jokes on her friends, though she steps out of the way to stay kind and not rude. Her competitive nature goes hand in hand in with her moods, always wanting to be the one who has the best joke or the best race time. Though her competitive nature runs much deeper than just her joking moods, she loves to wrestle, race, spar anything that she could strive to be the best at. Because of this competitiveness, people are often surprised about how gentle she can be, always gentle outside of battle. Her voice reflects that, soft, velvety, smooth and calm.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165 lbs
Physical Traits: Kurisuten wouldn't consider herself beautiful, but she definitely isnt ugly. In fact, she is quite the opposite. She has angular features in face, but they are still gentle angles,leaving her with a fair look. Her skin, however, has an ivory hue to it making her seem pale, but not in an unhealthy way. Her eyes have a slight angle to them as well, but not in an oriental way, and have a violet hue. However, she always seems to have a bored or emotionless look in her eye by always having her eyes half closed. Kurisutens hair also has a violet hue to match her eyes and reaches to about mid shoulder blade, which she generally keeps it in a ponytail. Her zanpakuto rests on the back of her waist line with the handle facing her left side. Though the girl isn't very curvy, her curves compliment her slim physique perfectly and though she is slim, her muscles are defined. If anyone was ever luck enough to see her naked, they would also see the tattoos encompassing her torso and left arm. These tattoos appear to be one singular tattoo in black ink and in the shape of multiple Oriental dragons fighting each other.
Clothing: Kuri wears a modified shihakasho, though most of it appears to be nothing more than normal. Instead of the bamboo shoes, she wears tabi socks to simply add more stealth to her steps. Her shihakasho has the right sleeve missing as well as adding a hood to the collar. She wears her Captains coat as more of a hoodless cloak, leaving less restrictions on her arms. On her hands she wears a pair of black leather fingerless gloves and over the lower half of her face, she wears a black leather mask.
Accessories: Around her neck, Kuri wears a gold chained amulet with a peculiar spider symbol etched into the face of it, though this is generally tucked into her shirt. She also carries a broken katana hilt on her right side. This hilt has a crimson hand wrap and the crossgaurd is in the shape of a five pointed star. This hilt belonged to her twin brothers zanpakuto.


General Fighting Style: In battle Kuri has much of the same qualities, calm, laid back and most of all protective. Like said before she lets her enemies strike first, but if someone goes after a loved one she takes initiative. She will go out of her way to protect anyone she knows, even taking a vital blow to save them. However if someone comes after her, she always plays it defensively, making her enemy tire rather than tire herself. She will throw a few attacks here and there, to distract them, but she has taken the saying, “A strong offense is a strong defense” to heart. She voice remained the same, calm, soft, smooth, reflecting her fighting style well. Talking is another favorite tactic of hers, either distracting them or talking them into a making a hole in their defenses. In battle, her gentleness still remains unless they attack a loved one causing her to anger. She generally starts combat with hand to hand combat, only drawing her weapon if it was needed.
Strengths: shunpo,  Hollow Powers and hand to hand
Weaknesses: kidou, zanjutsu(sealed form only, due to using hand to hand in released States)


Sealed Appearance: Purotekuta appears to be a normal style katana with a violet hand wrap and an eight pointed star guard. Hanging from a chain on the pommel is a singular black feather. However, the blade of the katana is reversed so the sharp end is facing her and the blunt end towards her enemies.
Spirit’s Name: Purotekuta
Spirit’s Appearance: Kuta is a female spirit with a similar physique as Kuri, but much more beautiful. She has blonde hair with crimson highlights, which lays straight down to her waist line. She keeps a multitude of black feathers on her hair in a very Native American way. She has fair tanned skin and crimson eyes. Her height is only a few inches taller than Kuri, but she has always made her presence make Kuri feel much smaller. Though the majority of her appearance seems normal, she has one feature that is peculiar; A pair of black wings. Her entire body, however, is fully clad in a brass colored armor with a faint glowing red light from between the plates.
Spirit’s Personality: Purotekuta comes out to be outwardly cold, speaking hard truths and dealing with absolute honesty. However, she does this to aid Kuri rather than hinder her. Even though she speaks harshly, she is actually a very kind soul, helping to protect Kuri and anyone that Kuri wishes to protect herself. Her idea of training is harsh and grueling, but it serves the purpose is making Kuri strong enough to protect those she loves. Purotekuta is always in complete control of herself and is fond of meditation and inner peace. She is commonly found smoking out of a peace pipe cand breathing out what Kuri calls, "The stinky giggle smoke".
Inner World: The inner world is pretty basic, to be honest. Purotekuta resides in the middle of a empty plain with waist high grass, though in the center of the plains is a rather large teepee. Inside the teepee is generally where Kuri finds her, smoking her peace pipe.


Call Out Command: Protect Us, Purotekuta
Appearance: After calling out shikai, Kuri's sword vanishes in an explosion of her violet reiatsu and reshapes itself around her right arm. Those new form reaches from her shoulder all the way to her fingertips in a singular gladiator style gauntlet. The armor resembles that of Purotekutas, but is a silver color with faint blue light emitting from between the armor plates. Her fingertips are elongated into three inch claws and the remaining areas of her gauntlet is covered in three inch spikes as well. These spikes, however, retract into the armor when her own body touches it as to not stab herself. Dangling from chains on her shoulder are five black feathers. The shoulder also has a plate that sticks up to protect herr neck. When Kuri charges reiatsu or uses an ability, the blue lights shine a bright violet to match her actual reiatsu.
Abilities: #1
Purotekuta's primary power is the ability to create small purplish clear bubble like shields that would resist the attack of oncoming attacks, whether it be Kidou or physical. They can defend her against any attack up to the force of acero before breaking. The bubble shield is only about diameter of two feet in a circle shape, making it so to block effectively it would have to be placed accurately. They are also in the shape of a half sphere, curving around the gauntleted arm. Someone with a stronger attack than her defense would be able to break through the shield, naturally. The downside of the Shikai version of the bubble like shield is that it can only be placed where her arm can reach at the time of placement. She can only create these shields from her right arm, the gauntleted arm. The shields will only stay there until either five posts, she calls it off, or someone breaks through it. She can only make one shield at a time, but she can create up to 15 without one of them dissolving.
The second ability that purotekuta has is the ability to launch the spikes of her armor at her enemy. When she uses the ability, she infuses her reiatsu into the spike and fires it. In shikai she has a total of 15 spikes, but can only fire three at a time. They have a range of about 120 yards and simply dissipate if they travel further. The spikes regrow on the gauntlet after about five posts. If a spike makes contact they will explode after two posts with the force of a bala.
The final ability Purotekuta has is offensive and defensive in nature. She can form energy blasts. She has two specific ways she has learned to use this ability. She can either fire it in a concentrated beam like a cero, or explode it in every direction. The Beam is offensive, reaching out to 150 yards and has the force of a cero. The explosion is defensive, though it can injure, it isn't made that way. It's meant to force projectiles or enemies away from her. It only has a range of about 25 yards and has the force of 50 mph winds. The overall ability has a recharge time of a a single post.
Boosts: shikai increases her speed x2, durability x3 and stamina x2


New Name: Shīrudopurotekutā
Appearance:  Again, once called out the gauntlet explodes in reiatsu and rearranges itself. This time encompassing Kuri's entire body from neck down in golden plate mail that directly resembles Kutas. The light emitting from between the plates is now crimson, but still shines violet when charging reiatsu or using an ability. The plate that protected her neck is now a full gorget, including the front, which covers over her nose. The entire armor is covered in her spikes and all of her fingers and toes have three inch claws. On her back is a single black wing, though this wing is as hard as her armor itself.
Abilities: #1
She can still create her purple shields though instead of only being 2 feet in diameter they are 7 feet in diameter, curving around her body in a half sphere. She can adjust the size of the shield anywhere between 2 to 7 feet in diameter according to the situation. Though instead of the reach of her arm she can place the shield anywhere within 10 feet around her, making for very useful distractions or surprises.The shields can have either, spikes or not. Instead of only 15 she can now form 30 of the shields. These shields can defend her up to the force of a cero and last twice as long without dissolving. However, she can now increase the protection limits of her shields. She can spend up to three of her discharges to create a shield capable of blocking a granrey, which lasts for three posts and has a three post cool down. She can also use up five of her discharges to create one that is capable of defending her against a cero obscuras which lasts for three posts and has a cool down of four posts.
Her spikes are now encompassing her entire body, giving her more like 50 spikes to work with and she can fire up to 6 at a time now. She has a range of about two football fields, and they can regrow at the same speed. Now, when the grenades make contact, they explode immediately and with the force of a cero.
With her third ability, the power of the blast is greatly increased along with the recharge speed. The concentrated blast now has the power of a cero obscuras and can reach out to 300 yards. The explosion now has a force of 100 mph winds and does add a very small amount of energy damage, similar to that of a bala. This ability has a recharge speed of four posts.
Boosts: Bankai greatly increases her speed x3, durability x3 and stamina x3


Appearance: The mask Kuri can call forth is very primal, resembling the skull of a dragon. The face has the same design of red marks on the face and has six horns shooting backwards from the back of the mask, which are half colored red as well. Her eyes shine through the mask and resemble the hollows red and black snake eyes.
Abilities: Greatly increases strength x3 speed x3 and stamina x2]
Hollow Powers: Cero, bala, hierro and high speed regen


Appearance: [What does your Full form look like?]
Abilities: [What new abilities does your character gain?]
Boosts: [What boosts does your character get?]


Background: Rukongai: Life in the 79th district of West Rukongai is harder than most people could imagine. The run on slums of poor citizens bickering, brawling, and stealing, Kurisuten being one of the many. Kuri's beloved "mother" had died, when she was really little. Kuri had to steal what little food was around just to settle her starving belly for a couple short minutes. And most of the time, she didn’t steal very well. She was forced to run, doing a style of freestyle city jumping to escape the other hungry boys and girls. She ditched the food a lot, remaining hungry for most of her stay in 79th district. She knew that most people in the Rukongai didn't need food, technically neither did she. Her "Father" had told her at one point that hunger was a sign of exerting her reiatsu, which is a good sign when she wanted to be a Shinigami. She snuck into richer sections hoping to see a Shinigami, her idols. She wanted to be one for a long time, though she never had the guts to attempt to join them. And so she remained, hungry and tired within the poor districts of West Rukongai.

On an overly hot, normal day Kuri and her best friend Lilli were strolling along a part of the richer sections. They were naturally getting angry or disgusted looks, seeing that they were dressed rather shaggily. Kuri didn’t care though, the way they were dressed was a sense of pride to Kuri, they survived this long in 79th district and these people haven’t. Those were the train of thoughts going on in Kuri’s head, before she saw two Shinigami walking toward them. Her thoughts shifted immediately from pride to awe. These once citizens of the Rukon District were now Shinigami, why couldn’t she? This was her chance to become one of them, she tugged Lilli towards the Soul Reapers and asked to take she and Lilli with them to the Seireitei. The lead Shinigami studied the two for a long while before nodding and taking them to the Shinigami Academy.

Training: During training Kuri and Lilli stuck together, along with one or two other slum citizens. Kuri strived to prove herself, while Lilli didn’t seem to be trying at all, which made Kuri jealous. Kuri was naturally weaker than the others, she knew, but she was sure she was more determined to become a Soul Reaper. It all seemed so effortless to them, which only made her work harder to earn her place within the Seireitei. Somewhere in the six year training program she lost track of time, focusing on almost everything else. She trained with Lilli and the other two some of the time, and the rest of the time she studied.

Kuri and Lilli slowly stopped talking to each other at some point within their training, Lilli thinking herself superiour and Kuri knowing she did. She ended up keeping to herself and not bothering with friends, since they all had their bad sides. She even formed a rivalry with Lilli, wanting to prove that Lilli was still just a girl from 79th district. Near the end of her training she got that chance, a duel between Lilli and herself in front of all the teachers and recruits. (rest is the Sample RP.)
Side Notes:
RP Sample: Adrennaline was already building up inside her, urging her body to swing her Zanpaktou at Lilli, the girl who used to be her best friend. They stood across from each other, staring each other down as they took their ready poses. Lilli held her Zanpaktou with both hands in front of her with it angled up at Kurisuten Mu-a, while Kuri held her right hand foreward, fist toward Lilli, with the double bladed Zanpaktou going towards the ground. The go was already given for them to fight, but neither of them moved from their stances, everyone was dead silent. It seemed to be a patience test now, since they both have fought together many times before hand so they know each others tactics.

Kuri was starting to get impatient, though she strived to keep that from her expressions. Sweat began to build up on her sword palm and on her forehead, the sun was blazing hot. Kuri let out a slow controlled breath as she gave up and dashed forward towards Lilli, blade running up her back and poking over her opposite shoulder. A few yards away from Lilli, Kuri leapt into the air bringing a small flurry of strikes down at her rival. The strikes were blocked easily by the girl, whom suddenly retaliated with a few strikes of her own.

Kuri fell back a few steps and bringing her own sword up to parry, then spin and kicked at her chest roughly. Kuri, let out a small grunt and fell to her knee for a quick second as Lilli sliced her shin with a grin. “You’re the same as I am Lilli, they all know it. We’re the same.” Kuri spoke calmly blocking the series of shots Lilli threw at her. Kuri continued to parry and dodge flurry after flurry of attacks given by Lilli, a few of them scratching up Kuri’s soft skin. “Why do you think you’re so much better than me Lilli? Remember whom got you your food?” Kuri taunted, causing Lilli to scowl and throw more powerful attacks, making Kuri move faster.

Kuri and Lilli danced with their Zanpaktou’s, loud clashes echoing among the silent crowd. Gasps from the recruits occasionally sounded out as Kuri or Lilli pulled a dangerous maneuver to try and outsmart each other. Kuri shoved Lilli’s sword away roughly before moving in to elbow her when Lilli’s foot slammed into her chest roughly, sending her a few yards back.

Kurisuten landed on a knee, shin and left hand heaving out air that seemed like it burnt all the way down her throat. She looked up at her former friend to see her heaving as well, though standing shakily. “Come ‘n’ get it Kuri.” She growled as Kuri stood, putting herself in her ready stance once more, remaining silently. “Come on Kuri, friend…Beat me.” She hissed in a darkened humor. Kuri growled and charged forth swinging her Zanpaktou, only to get a gash along her own belly.

The girl fell coughing and clutching her bleeding belly. “Ah. See Kuri. I am better than you.” Lilli chuckled, raising her sword to deal the final blow when a Teacher called over the silence. “Enough! This battle is over.” Lilli sheathed her sword and walked off, while Kuri was carried off to the Squad four personnel for healing.

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