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#1 [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:20 am

Altima had been awake for several hours now. She had determined things she liked, things she didn't really care about, things she really wished she never had to be near again, and even managed to grab a lawyer/scientist suit of clothing for her to wear that she thought was very appropriate for her given her role in this world. The Android, Altima, was the culmination of everything Tima Ingrez had wished to accomplish and died in the process of making a reality.

Course it hadn't been so simple. Despite knowing the laws of human society Altima had little choice but to use her Realty Interface in order to gain access to an Atm by downloading access to an account that had so much money in it and gained so much money every day that it suddenly missing a few thousand dollars, while probably noticeable, wouldn't even be missed. Let alone needed. Humans.. what could they possibly do with so much money?

All dressed up and having her new sudden favorite pair of glasses, which she didn't even need, she headed to an airport and attempted to clear security. This was more of a test on her part than a lapse in judgement. They had metal detectors. She was an android. They were going to detect some metal.

Or maybe they wouldn't? She didn't know if the EM field given off by her "skin" sheathe, her fabricated almost completely realistic skin and blood that flows over and around her metal frame as if it belonged there, would be enough to thwart the Metal Detector or not. It would be interesting if it did, slightly annoying if it didn't, but all around much needed information either way.

Lo and behold the Skin, while supreme technology in and of itself, was not enough to keep the Metal Detectors from going off and sending the entire Airport into a state of confusion and panic as they kept telling Altima to surrender all metal items. Except she didn't have any. She merely was one. So she kept telling them that was all she had and they kept searching her and searching her to no avail.

Eventually they tried to bar her access. Stating that  they simply can't risk her being on board. This was a problem because she needed to get from New York to Oregon to check and see if any remnants of Tima Ingrez's family or belongings had survived to the current day.

So she started a street brawl. Wasn't like bullets were going to do any lasting or even dangerous levels of damage to why not. She needed onboard a plane one way or another and they were getting in the way.

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#2 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:26 am

Maki Kesshō~

I got an alert from one of our lower-ranked members that there was evidence of a strange human in New York City's main airport, attempting to board a plane, but with minimal success. There was also a report that the human even insinuated a fight? A bit ballsy, I thought, but I'd check it out.

So now that I knew the area well enough, and my English was getting progressively better, I figured I'd better check it out before that son of a bitch Accelerator was called. Somehow I don't think he'd handle it with the right finesse. Upon arriving at the airport, I didn't see anything particularly strange, aside from people yelling and throwing poorly calculated punches at random people and things. The guards were attempting to get everything under control, but in the end, they failed. I assumed lack of influence.

I smirked a bit, taking in a deep breath, "HEY! Calm yourselves, you idiots!" I said at the top of my lungs, even feeling my own voice echo off the walls of the spacious center. The people all froze, seemingly terrified of my presence. All except for one. Bingo. I walked up to the one that was vastly different in appearance in comparison to the rest of the people there, with white hair and red eyes. I narrowed my eyes, almost accusingly of her "You girl. What is your business here? I need to know who and what you are, now." I put my hand on my waistband, ready to grab my staff if I needed to.

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#3 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:36 am

Altima had, by this point, dealt with the general bulk of the Security on site when someone else arrived who didn't seem to be like the others. The energy levels given off by this being was far exceeding normal human parameters but the DNA scans confirmed it was a human. Ah.. So this is one of the Advent Humans she had information of in her database. She hadn't met one yet so this would surely help to confirm the outdated information or verify that it is current and accurate.

She dropped the man, whom she had ahold of by the collar, that she had just finished knocking out and turned to greet the newcomer and listened as she asked the generic questions, "I am Altima. Who and What I am are beyond your jurisdiction. I just wanted to go on an airplane ride to get to Oregon quicker than simply running, I don't feel like travelling by car or bus since I don't have the former and I ran out of money getting my new clothing.."

She moved her hand to something, a weapon? Interesting.. but largely irrelevant. Altima only wanted a plane ride to Oregon. Whether she had to semi-peacefully hijack a plane to do it was all that was left to debate, "Are you going to assist me in getting to my destination or do I have to go through you to do the one simple thing I wanted out of this place for the day? I'm not on mission.. so this could literally go either way."

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#4 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:46 am

Maki Kesshō~

She dropped a human rather quickly upon noticing my presence, apparently looking me over and gauging my strength? I wasn't sure what to make of this person. She introduced herself as Altima, but refused to show me any sort of identifcation or prove that they weren't a normal human. I became even more puzzled because even though my spiritual sense was kind of poor, I couldn't sense anything I recognized from this person. I could at least tell if she was a hollow, human, or shinigami, but she felt like absolutely none of those.

Wait, did she say... Oregon? I hadn't taken the time to read up on America's geography yet, but I assumed all she wanted was to board a plane. I thought about it a bit, thinking that under the assumption that she wasn't a threat, it'd be best to figure out what the problem was, solve it with force if necessary, but try for the most painless solution. "What seems to be the problem with boarding the plane?" I asked the guard. "She keeps setting the metal detectors off, but we can't figure out why." I looked back over to her again, looking closer.

I decided to zoom in a bit and saw that her skin wasn't that of a normal human. She couldn't be... could she? For the first time in 6 years, Maki was visibly baffled and shocked. "Miss... you are a special type of person if my eyes are right. Assuming that you don't have any poor intentions, I will see to it that you board a plane to Oregon as soon as possible." With that I shot a look of dire bitterness to the nearest guard and he called the supervisor, asking us to head to the main office soon after.

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#5 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:24 am

"I have the ticket. Money being a problem notwithstanding I did at least remember that. It would have been pointless to arrive without one. I did not intend to hijack a place for my travelling purposes." She said in response as the woman looked her over. Altima's scans using her own eyes detected some form Building up behind the other womans vision centers. She thought perhaps this was the woman's way of scanning or maybe she was charging an eye attack of some kind..But decided it was probably the former since she looked positively baffled.

"I'm travelling to Oregon to confirm information. There was no hostility planned or needing to be involved if that is what you are implying by "poor intentions"." When asked to go to the main office she followed this strange human girl who could do some odd eyeball anomaly using her energy, but kept quiet about her observations on the matter as it wasn't that much of a conversational topic atm. She could inquire further at a later time.

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#6 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:36 am

Maki Kesshō~

After noticing that Altima did indeed have a ticket, and had a legitimate reason for going to Oregon, we were walked to the airport's office to talk with a supervisor. I looked the supervisor in the eye, explaining "Listen, this girl here needs to board a plane to Oregon. She would have been on it by now, but the metal detectors keep going off, and she has... well, a prosthesis. She cannot quite remove it to pass through without setting it off. Would you mind escorting her and her belongings on the plane yourself?" The supervisor seemed like he would to want to argue, but I simply glared him down, and he shuddered, nodding. "Alright, I'll escort her onto the plane...." The guard that escorted us in seemed a bit worried about his position, but one look at me shut him up too. I looked at the white haired girl and winked at her, smirking a bit. I don't normally smile, but I hoped that helped convey the message that she seemed more than intelligent enough to perceive.

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#7 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:04 am

Maki smiled at Altima as she aided in the endeavor to get aboard the plane. While Altima questioned her sudden motives she figured it wouldn't matter enough as long as she reached her destination in that particular state.

The plane ride, after the events leading up to it and all being considered, was relatively boring and longer than Altima would have liked.. But she was trying to not do anything needlessly so it served it's purpose. After landing in Oregon she headed to the outskirt area towards the Falls of Klamath City and searched around to see if the Cabin once owned by Tima was intact. While it was.. there was nothing noticeably present. No inhabitants. no animals in the place seeking shelter. It seemed relatively abandoned.

She was about to begin a more thorough search of the place and the area, but she thought she was being folllowed. So instead she moved over to the falls and started playing with the water "seemingly" "absent-mindedly" and waited to see if they would show themselves or attack her or whatever they had in mind while she tried to more properly locate them.

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#8 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:08 am

Maki Kesshō~

Alright, so I'd lied to the girldroid. Only a little bit though. I'd boarded the plane, ensuring that I'd been far enough back for her to not be suspicious of me. Though my intent was merely to learn more about this strange girl. None of this made sense. She's not exactly... normal. I trusted her morals and motives, sure. But I had no idea what she was.

Carefully and quietly following the white-haired girl, I came to a place of ruin. The cabin that was here was empty and abandoned, along with the hope that may have once lived here. It was almost sad to see. Altima started splashing in a puddle, almost as if she'd had an air-brained moment of derpiness. I wasn't quite sure about the reasoning, but it didn't matter to me. This was a place that I could get my answers, so I could find out just who this girl was.

"Alright, I'll show myself. Now that other people aren't in the way, would you kindly tell me who exactly and what you are, Altima?" With this, I extended my staff, just in case she decided to be less than cooperative.

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#9 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:22 am

Altima's scanners went off once again reminding her someone was nearby, but since Altima wasn't trying to focus her scans she didn't actually know who or what was there until it showed itself on it's own which is what she wanted. She had already known someone was stalking her since her plane ride, and while it didn't shock her to find it was the same woman that helped, it did raise the question of why help if she wasn't trusting of Altima. Seemed rather...odd.

Of course the first thing the girl said was "who and what" was Altima, "Because of the energy build up detected around your eyes I can assume you have similar sight functions on par, or superior it matters not, to my own.. so you know exactly what I am even if you can't seem to understand "How" I am."

The girl actually grabbed and extended a staff-like weapon this time, where as before she had only reached towards it. Altima sighed softly, "Why are you all such Hostile creatures.. If I was a threat don't you think I would have killed those who attacked me at the Airport and just took a plane for myself instead of being careful and knocking them out trying to sort the mess out? Honestly.."

Altima actually stood up and stopped playing with the water at that point, her fancy lawyer/scientist suit making her look like she should be working for the government, which she didn't and never intended too, and she pushed up her glasses despite the fact she had zero need for them and they were just there because she liked them, "That leaves the question of Who I am.. You are a stranger. You helped me get here but clearly it was simply so that you could follow me and learn me. Why would any normal person trust you given these circumstances?"

She made a silent" sighing motion with her face, head, and shoulders as she shook her head, "And to top that off you pulled a weapon.. So no.. I think I shall first have your name.. who you work for.. and why you have decided to stalk me.. Then you will possibly get the answers you sought."

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#10 Re: [Private] Metal Detectors Stink on Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:09 am

Maki Kesshō~

I had to say, she seemed rather innocent like this, playing in the water. I almost dropped my guard. Without turning around, she addressed me and asked me why we humans were so hostile, so I took the liberty of responding "I suppose I cannot speak for the others, but I myself am hostile because I cannot afford to take chances. We are in danger every day, and as such, must fight to survive. Though I must admit some humans are indeed terrible. I suppose you could have indeed killed me."

The girldroid stood up straight, turned around, and I saw that she was wearing glasses, along with a labcoat similar to what I wore, but a little more formal. Clearly her glasses were just for show, as I could see them calculating and buzzing with energy and data. She was quite an impressive creation, a robot sure, but one of high sophistication, possibly even containing a once-human soul.

After hearing her monologue for a bit about what she wanted to hear, she asked for my name. Of good faith, I gave it to her, "I am Maki Kesshō. I work for the Human's Committee, which is responsible for the watch and defense of the world of the living from spiritual beings and other strange forces. I'm with the Research and Development department. The Defense department should be handling this, but honestly, the leader of that sector is extraordinarily lazy and as such I am here to investigate who, what, why, and how you are."

Walking closer with a more relaxed stance, I looked directly at her, lowering my staff. Keeping my strong gaze, I asked, "I'd like to know the 'how' to you, Miss Altima. However, should you disagree to this, I will still try my best to find out what I came here to know. I do not see you as a threat, though I am prepared to handle you as such if necessary."

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