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#1 Alexander Kerensky on Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:14 pm

Bounto Template

Basic Information

Name: Alexander Kerensky
Age: 25
True Age: 516
Sex: Male
Personality: Despite being a scientist, he is somewhat laidback, but can be strict with his students, especially with any of his favorite pupils. He is very particular about students paying attention, but is generally good natured. Despite being a bount, he holds no grudges against the Quincy or Shinigami, as he believes holding grudges is a sign of both weakness and stupidity. He believes the same thing with insults, and thus never uses them. While he enjoys being with those of his intellectural magnitude, he also doesn't mind helping out students not quite there yet. While being an optimist, he tends to keep his mouth shut if the situation is bad enough. Among his many occupations, being a scientist, teacher, and occasional medical doctor for the Committee has been his favorite jobs, and thus is extremely loyal to them. Even the more arrogant jerks.

He's since been working for the Committee, though is still a teacher at Jun's high school in New York. He enjoys creating equipment for people to use, even custom making things for them to use. Inspirations can come from many sources, but often from other people's powers and abilities.

Likes: New things/abilities, humans, teaching/helping people.
Fears: Running out of new things/abilities to look at. Jun dying. The Committee dying.

Character Appearance

Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 150 lbs.

Physical Traits: He appears to be of Caucasion decent with green hair and teal eyes. He is of a lean build, but has greater muscle density than most. He is also ambidextrous and has no facial hair at all. He is seen almost always smiling.
Clothing: Refer to the picture above, minus the brown glove things on his hands.
Accessories: He wears a black bucket hat in addition to his normal outfit. Always.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: He tends to wait to use his doll, using its sealed form to attack and defend and holding back, only stepping up when the opponent does. After analyzing his opponent's moves and techniques, then he unleashes his doll to finish the fight quickly, often combining his doll's powers with his own natural talents to deadly effect. He also has the tendency to dual wield. His reiatsu analysis on the fly is top notch, so nullifying abilities in some fashion is a bit of a favorite "bitch" move of his.

Strengths: Analyzing moves/reiatsu based attacks/sensing powers.

Weaknesses: The section between the doll's head and tail blade is quite vulnerable.


Sealed Appearance A black cane in which the head of the doll is at the top, albiet smaller, and the blade tail is at the bottom, also smaller. While it can be used in combat in this form, none of its abilities can be used.
Call Out Command "Zeige Dich, Loran!"
Released Appearance Refer to the picture above. Can stretch up to 45 feet long.

Abilities: His doll possess multiple abilities.

1. Energy Beams-The body and head of the snake like creature can fire green energy beams similar to a Byakurai. While weak, his reiashi analysis capabilities allows him to modify them to tackle any number of abilities, including targeting weak points in attacks and destroying them. He can also make them bend and deflect off of surfaces for multi-directional attacks.

2. Shield-Loran can activate a lime green shield around both him and Alexander for a short time (1 post). The shield can block physical attacks completely, but energy based attacks are only lessened by 25%.

3. Refraction Shield: More efficient than the normal shield, it's also more flexible. Multiple smaller shields are used to defend against attacks, and can reflect or completely nullify elemental/reiatsu based attacks. Cooldown dependent on attack that is nulled/blocked, plus one more cooldown. Max attack blocked is cero oscuras.

4. Poison Gases-The head of the doll can let out a poison gas based on color. The effects are short lasting (lasts 3 posts) their effects do not stack, if the person inhales the other gas while still under the effects of the other, nothing will happen and they will still suffer from the same gas effects. They are also temporarly immune to the other gases after the effects of the last one is gone (2 post immunity). Green gas has distractionary effects. Namely potential diaherria, a really itchy rash in random places, and phantom pains. Yellow gas screws up their nervious system to everything opposite and diagonal. Example: Opponent tries to use left arm, moves right leg instead, Opponent moves head, they wiggle their butt instead. Blue gas makes the person feel incredibly hot, like they're working/fighting in 130 degree weather. They will sweat and tire twice as fast than normal. Alexander is immune to all of the gases.

5. Loran can transform into a sword, with the head transforming into the hilt, and the tail becoming the blade. The blade keeps the same pattern, just four feet long. While in this form, Loran cannot spew out poison gas, but can still use the shield. Instead of the energy beams, the power is compressed, and is fired by the sword, pretty much acting as a green Getsuga Tensho, though power varies with appropriate cooldowns. The energy snakes becomes the size of two anacondas, twenty feet long, and there are only two, each half the strength of a Gran Rey Cero if they explode. While the two can still bind up an opponent, one with average strength can break both of them. Lasts for five posts, 3 post cooldown. (this removes his weakness, so that's why the duration and the cooldown)

6. Energy Snakes-The doll can summon up to twenty green energy snakes from either its body or Alex's. These snakes are six feet in length. While fairly weak, numbers account for that. They can tangle up the opponent, but as said before, they're weak and easy to break. When they break, they'll just disappear. They can, however, explode with the power of 1/20 of a Gran Rey Cero. 3 post cooldown.

7. Rebinding: The "center" part of its body is super fragile, being easily cuttable and destroyed. However, Alex can rebind it, though it takes a lot of power to do so. He can only do this three times a thread before Loran goes back into its sealed form. And knocks out Alex.

Back Drop

Background: His background, as far as how he came to be, is very similar to all the others, though he was created a little late. After somehow being transfered to the world of the living, appearing in Medieval England. He became a smith, and was fairly good at the occupation, creating weapons, armor, and tools for all that needed them. Surprisingly, he was well respected and well liked. The only oddity was that he frequented cemetaries and battle sites, to absorb the souls of the departed. Soon after he replaced his dead mentor, he created his doll on his own. It was then he started to learn the fighting trade on his own. After nearly a hundred years, he was finally chased from the village for his seemingly immortal self.

Despite that, he showed to have no grudges, and went off to gain the experiences of his world. Throughout the decades, he took many identities and occupations, including a knight for the king of England at one point as well as a doctor, which he has kept up with modern practices. All the while, keeping his doll, Loran, a secret and his secret weapon. It was during those years that he got to know his doll and practiced with it. It wasn't untill WWI when he began to take interest in science, both of this world and the supernatural. However, fate had him thrown into the trenches. Somehow, he managed to survive the war. The experiance showed him he needed a new way to absorb souls.

In the next couple of decades, he was able to invent armies of small machines that would collect small amounts of reishi from humans, as to not kill them, and completely absorb the weakest of hollows and half the reishi of normal souls. This allowed him to continue being immortal and to further his scientific studies. Meanwhile, he stayed away from a rumored bount named Jin Kairya and his minions. As WWII started to show up, he worked on new weapons for the British military. After it was discovered the Germans were creating a weapon of mass destruction, Alexander went to the states and played a minor role in the Manhatten Project.

After the second world war came to an end, he focused his projects to science on both ends of the spectrum, with sometimes his doll being his lab assistant. After fifty years, he decided to take up teaching. A few years later, he got his teaching degree and for the next decade, he went about teaching at a school in New York city. He since found out about the Committee and joined up as a part of the R&D divisions, assisting them in creating weapons and the like to combat hollow and other spiritual threats. He also recommended Jun to the Committee, after finding out the lad he saved eight years prior had developed spiritual powers of his own.

Side Notes: Alexander can form energy swords out of reishi, much like Starrk. Or any other melee weapon for that matter. After seeing an energy based attack two to three times, depending on how complicated they are (For example: Standard Cero and non-custom kido would require seeing them twice, where Cero Oscuras or Custom cero or kido or zanpakutou abilities would require seeing them three times), he can change the composition of his energy weapons to either bat them right back at the opponent or easily slice them in half or somehow nullifying them to some extent. Even modifying them to pierce defensive techniques. He can also change their shape on the fly, within reason(Ex: Turning a dagger into a scythe would take a little bit, while turning a spear or dagger into a double edged sword will be much quicker).

Original Tier: 1-4, 1-1 in HM and SS

RP Sample:

He isn't in there a lot, but he's in there.

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#2 Re: Alexander Kerensky on Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:52 am

3 posts is a bit much on the inversion gimmick, maybe reduce that one to two? After that I'll approve.

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#3 Re: Alexander Kerensky on Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:54 am

Kk, Approved at 1-2.

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