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#1 Altima on Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:10 am

Robot Template

Basic Information

Name: Altima (Artificial Life-form: Tima Ingrez - Mechanized Advocate)
Age: 21
True Age: 0 She's a Robot and time has no meaning.
Sex: Female
Personality: She sees beauty in all things. Good and Evil. She could be smiling watching kittens play or watching someone viciously ripped apart by savages. She is the equalizer. The balance. She sees all things as equally important and strives to maintain neutrality between things. While this doesn't keep her from forming her own opinions about matters it does keep her from teaming on the winning side of a situation. She goes for the underdogs or the weak side or even the losing/lost side of a conflict to help even the playing field. As a robot she is built to be highly intelligent and skilled leaving nothing to be desired beyond her mission objective as Balancer. She is capable of complex planning and keeping things as tidy as humanly possible with little to no effort for either thing. She loves everything equally so she essentially hates nothing. This doesn't mean something cannot annoy her however. As she does have her own base of emotions ranging from fear to happiness, but the concept of anger is not within her functions. She is there to do a job and realizing that she intends to do it.

She is a very caring person. Probably a trait picked up from the melding of Tima Ingrezs' mind into the computer that built Altima, but that won't cause her to stray from her primary mission objective. She does not feel emotions the same way other sentient beings do but she understands and experiences emotions in enough of a range as to make her seem human on the inside. She is realistic and logical as a robot should be but she still has her own feelings on matters. She is also very optimistic, an odd trait, she believes, considering that her mission is one of unending struggle, but she is optimistic nonetheless and enjoys every day to the fullest because of it.

Since she goes through with her mission and any contracts she makes to the fullest she can be easily seen as courageous though she'd say she's merely doing what she is meant to do, and because she doesn't back down she can be seen as confident as well though she doesn't understand the difference. She is both playful and serious. playful when it's her own time and serious when it is time to perform her mission directives or a contract or even both. She loves to be imaginative despite her logical unbiased mission coding. She loves to talk with people too because she finds them fascinating. No matter how many she talks to. Each one is unique in one or more ways. Even it is is a subtle difference.

Despite the fact she is programmed for the duty of Balance Maintainer, Tima Ingrezs' mental influence over the computer data core, due to her integrating into it to make sure the calculations were input correctly, has made her still capable of seeming very human. The only thing she can't seem to do is experience anger and she seems to be able to maintain the difference between on the mission strict balance and her own free time when she isn't on the mission. As it would be impossible to be on mission all day every day.

Character Appearance

Height: 5'6''
Weight: 126 LBS
Physical Traits:

Clothing: Usually light brown/tan lawyer-style suits with matching Khaki pants.
Accessories: highly refined glasses. She doesn't need them but she likes them and her robotic eyes can refocus so she doesn't lose sight with or without them anyways. Mostly for show.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Altima can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent seeming like she can see into the future. She is able to elaborate complex plans and strategies and apply them in not just battle but any other activity that involves cunning intellect. E.g Strategic games. Because of this she is a very brutal fighter using all of her tactical knowledge to it's fullest. She also prefer pressure style attacking and drawing out a fight rather than trying to overcome obstacles quickly because as she puts it "If I go all out from the start and it is not enough how will I have enough power left to try and start a new plan of attack?"

Strengths: Robot Physiology - Being a being created of machinery all of her physical capabilities are increased dramatically to put her on par with nearly any spiritual or nonspiritual being her tier. she is unaffected by temperature, lack of air, can survive unreal pressure (Like the bottom of the ocean) and all forms of environmental fire such as burning buildings not another person's fire abilities. She exerts no spiritual energy. Thus is unable to be detected by any spiritual means. She is also unbelievably resilient due to being a machine as a lethal blow to a flesh a blood being, even a spiritual body like a shinigami, would not necessarily be the end of this robot. The head is still vulnerable though as it is the most important part of her body.

Weaknesses: Electric attacks do triple damage against her. Including all spell-like, kidou-based abilities, and unique skills that involve electricity.

Passive Abilities

Ability Name: Robotic Awareness
Description: Altima's eyes are capable of seeing all spectrums..light, color, energy, thermal, night vision, etc as well as detect which direction any certain amount is coming from. She is able to heighten her eyesight to be sharp enough to snipe as if trained in military sniper fashion and purposely dilate her eyes if necessary. She can also change their color though she generally keeps her red eye color as she likes it.

Ability Name: Living Organic Metal Tissue
Description: Her body is made of an extremely durable metal that seems capable of regenerating itself. She is also coated in a self repairing living tissue "sheathe" that makes her appear, smell, taste, and bleed, like a regular human being. This may make it "appear" as if she has taken no damage but that is not true. The longer a battle drags on the less likely she'll spend the extra energy to repair non-important parts of her body. Generally she is able to repair "flesh" wounds with no effort but Metal Generation covers repairing more damaging wounds. This is merely to state that 99% of the time she'll look perfectly fine (Even if that means her cloths get destroyed and she fights nude.)

Ability Name: Instilled Knowledge
Description: The user can instill and infuse vast amounts of knowledge into their mind by unnatural means. Altima does this by using her Reality Interface as the catalyst for downloading the needed or wanted information.

Ability Name: Omnilingualism
Description: User can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language including computer codes, languages they have never been heard before, sign language (even lip-reading), illegible words (Making them back into their origin language then translating that), and backwards speech and writing with little or no training. User may even communicate with animals or read body language.

Ability Name: Planeswalking
Description: The user can travel to other planes of existence, myriads of different realities all simultaneously coexisting within the same expanded cosmology. (This essentially means she isn't stuck on Earth and is not a combat teleport skill) She cannot go to a location she is not aware of and has at least relative coordinates for. (So no Shinigami world unless she gets through to it through a Senkaimon first. Same with a Garganta for Hueco Mundo.)

Personal Abilities

Ability Name: Reality Interface
Description: Altima can interface with and control the world around her like the settings for a system, allowing her to manipulate it like any type of system such as computer, on supernatural, physical, metaphysical, mental, or conceptual, etc. levels. She can rewrite various natural/supernatural phenomena, bring anything into existence or erase it. She must have at least one free hand to do this and cannot do major changes without both hands and standing still. This does not allow her to destroy, alter, directly mess with, other beings and what belongs to them due to "Spiritual territory" preventing her access. This does essentially allow her to manifest anything she can think of. However the power/durability of anything she creates cannot exceed two cero in strength or standard construction steel in durability nor can she create something larger than a standard vehicle at any one time. She is able to use this ability five times in one post with a two post CD but she can extend this and in doing so gets an additional CD for each "interface" she makes during the post of use beyond the fifth. (So she makes six things this has a 3 post CD instead of 2 and so on)

Ability Name: Propulsion Pressure Manipulation
Description: By generating with a wave of pressure/shock wave/vacuum at any point in her body in any way she chooses she can add speed and power to her attacks based on where and how she used this ability. At most is allows her to make up for a Shinigami's Shunpo by giving her a more scientific means of achieving the same thing. She can use this to shoot towards her opponent or into the air, stop herself mid-movement, or even fly. This force will never exceed, in damage, half a cero, should it be used to attack an opponent and had a range up to 100 yards.

Back Drop

-Note that after a certain point her background is inclusive of Off-site RP elements which will be ignored here at BleachStory-

Background: In the early 1970's a female scientist by the name of Tima Ingrez was attending a conference of the minds in Europe. They were discussing how to use science for the betterment of humanity and most of the scientists present did indeed come up with brilliant ideas while Tima felt like something was missing. Something they had all ignored in their efforts to better the world with their knowledge..

What gave them the right to decide what happened and how the future was shaped?

So, having this epiphany, she stood straight up exclaiming, "No more! Balance must be preserved!" and stormed out of the conference never to be seen by human eyes again. At least human eyes that weren't hired helpers. She took all of her life savings, which was a substantial amount between her late husband's death money and her own income being mostly saved back for the last twenty five years, and hired group after group to construct an elaborate well hidden bunker of moderate size in the middle of the Nevada desert. She then hired smiths, and security devices, welders, engineers, mechanics, and anything else she needed over the next five years as she made the bunker into a fully operational machinery. She had inside the bunker a super computer that she purposely re-programmed herself to continue to upgrade itself, but a computer cannot upgrade physical parts on it's own so she built a small army of repair robots to fix the computer and themselves when it became necessary.

She would need vast amounts of data from across the world. Visual data and scanning data of individuals who's supernatural powers become a threat to the balance she was seeking to help with. To do this she created thousands upon thousands of flying insect robots which scattered to the four winds and began their endeavor to watch the world fight and grow and evolve in the future years to come. This process sapped away many years of her life as she had to make sure they were programmed well enough to keep from being easily destroyed or corrupted.

"How to make sure balance stays in the world.." She would mutter to herself night after night working and re-working the computer's code and formula for creating the perfect robot for her ideals.She spent fifteen more years in that bunker calculating and re-calculating every conceivable thing about the super computer, the repair robots, and the robot in which her ideals would be realized. One night she awake in a cold sweat from a nightmare vision she had had about the future. Whether or not it came to be accurate was never found out, but she came up with the perfect way to keep balance. Though it would be highly unfair to her creation.. She must make it to where the android always helps the losing side. She would only forma "contract" with those who needed help. Yes! That was it! A contractual system that was based on a neutral and unbiased range of logic and knowledge! Using this she could make sure that her creation would only help when it was needed and would only help whichever side has the obvious downside going for it. Good and evil had to co-exist because without one the other is a lie. She could not make a robot that was only evil or only good. She had to build a robot that would remain neutral and maintain a balance.

But how would she make a contract system that could not be interrupted or act too slow to be useful in a high danger situation? She thought, and thought, and spent years working out different methods before coming to the conclusion that the technology and scientific limitations of her time were simply not enough to finish the system. At the edge of despair she had a dream of her robot in action and it rekindled her efforts to finish her life long goal. The technology wasn't yet available but she was certain it would be before Altima was finished. As for the calculations needed for a "Time" bubble. One person could spend years trying to do it for one specific thing and still not come close to finishing.. but a computer processes faster than a human.. and a computer can work on a task for countless months until it finally solves the problem..

So she put all of her own mind into the data bank of the computer because she did not know any other way she was going to get the computer to be able to understand her calculations due to technological limitations of her age. Something that was unheard of in her time to begin with because it bordered on the suicidal and the deranged. However she managed to make it work after years of trying and for the first time in a long time.. she simply smiled.

Fatigued both mentally and physically from her long tedious work. The years ticked away as she continued making sure everything that could ever be needed was set up for her precious machinery bunker and she eventually just faded with no more strength left to work with. The cleaning robot doing it's job and scrapping her body into the incinerator, but she knew the day would come and had prepared for it. She had set the super computer to continue her calculations with the information sent by the insectoids being taken into account every day it got updated. They witnessed the rise and fall of several super powerful beings and took note of the rising increments of power that trended through the years. This was taken into account after a full year of documentation and factored into Altima's creation as the computer projected the increase of power would continue to rise exponentially as time continued to pass.

In more recent years they have collected more data about super powerful beings than they had in the past couple of decades..They witnessed another robot created by humanity go about on a destructive rampage until being brought down by the leader of the supernatural humans organization. They witnessed countless clashes between spiritual beings, as robots simply record data on several visual spectrums and have no issues capturing ghosts in their cameras, and humans alike as the years continued to tick on. Finally. They witnessed the arrive and invasion of a seemingly robotic army as they raided the headquarters of the Coalition.

With this final data input the super computer decided no further data was necessary, and it began the process of creating the android. Because it had taken so long to finalize the data. Technology, and therefore the bunker resident robots, had improved drastically while keeping the computer upgraded which kept the robots upgraded. Endless repeating cycle of improving. Making the actual creation process of the robot rather simple though the materials were certainly difficult to come by in the middle of the desert. It was managed and the full metal body of the robot was synthesized and coated with living tissue as to appear and seem human unless badly damaged enough to reveal the truth.

Six hours ago in the present day this robot was finalized and all data from the super computer was uploaded into the robot's memory. The mission objective. Tima Ingrez' hope for the future. The reality of the androids new existence. All of it.

Two hours later. The bunker self-destructed. Everything inside was turned to dust and left a nice big hole in the nevada desert. The only thing that would have been seen from satellite footage was a lone figure rising out of the ground and walking off towards a nearby town shortly after that a kind looking smiling young adult of a woman strolled into the nearby town and began collecting vast amounts of different information to update her memory banks with. She was going to have a long and difficult road ahead of her, but she was ready for it. It had taken one hundred and forty years to finish her completion. Models had been built upgraded, improved and scrapped countless times by Tima Ingrezs' computer before finally settling on Altima.

She wandered the town, as her first objective was to discover who she was, then she would be tasked with being Balance Maintainer. Tima Ingrez realized her creation would have to have a sense of self or it would be too cold and cruel to work for the intended purpose. After spending a few hours here and there around the city Altima had a decent idea of what she liked, disliked, and wanted for herself, but she understood the importance of her mission and after grabbing a pair of glasses, which she had to hack an ATM to get the few bucks to get, she headed off towards the nearest airport.


Theme song!? >:O

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#2 Re: Altima on Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:33 pm

I approve at... -drum roll-

1-3? (If you wanted higher PM Me, it just best went along with her tier on Era X)

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#3 Re: Altima on Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:23 am

Nah thats fine. She needs time to adjust to the new place and work on obtaining information to get higher forms of power.

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