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#1 Reno Kitsugi on Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:43 am

Vizard Template

Basic Information

Name: Reno Kitsugi
Age: 20
True Age: 1947
Sex: Male

As he was already afflicted with multiple personalities, with himself being the core wrapped in them as buffers, his emotional state and thinking process can jump anywhere and everywhere. Which explains why some, if not all, of his personality conflicts with itself.

Loner with the case of Loneliness - Due to being alone for so long..he has grown to feel loneliness even when around people in the real world. As such.he had developed a thing where he talks to himself a lot or in riddles or nonsensical whimsy form.

Reclusive - He tends to be very reclusive after battles or dramatic / tragic events. This usually points him as a loner since he doesn't tend to socialize in combat with his allies..even during training. This side of his personality is usually dominant..especially when his inner beast is giving him trouble.

Friendly - Though he tends to be a recluse during aforementioned moments..he is very friendly to anything that isn't an enemy and has an extremely kind air about him since he is so nice to everyone. This side of his personality usually has to be coaxed out..but when it is dominant over reclusiveness.

Stubborn - He won't quit an argument if he knows he is right and won't back down from any challenge until his body simply won't work anymore. This sometimes makes him seem reckless..but he really isn't. This personality is constant.

Jack of All Trades - He has been around the bush many times over his long life..and has picked up general knowledge and skills about nearly everything possible..making him highly handy and intelligent. Though he doesn't specialize in any particular area of any kind..he is slightly above average at all things.

The Neutralist - He doesn't take sides in a conflict. though if his friends are the ones in danger he will aid them. he remains outside the black and white area and allows himself to see the entire picture instead of one side. This has allowed him to avoid many unnecessary battles with hollow, arrancar, and a couple of hinrichten. He doesn't blindly attack out of a seemingly good versus evil perspective..He waits until hostility occurs to act.

Living Bomb - Though he is neutral when weighing decisions..he does have a short fuse..easily goaded into anger if constantly reminded about his dead lover or continually insulted..He can only brush off comments for so long before they anger him..though he doesn't immediately get physical about it..he does get obvious anger in his face and body language.

Protector - He remains neutral in all conflicts..but truth be told the VERY few friends he allows himself to have..would definitely take priority in his decision making. He can't sit by and do nothing as his friends are in danger. This for friends only.. not comrades or people he works with / for. this may extend to family...should that possibility arise.

The Arse - He is kind and friendly to all most of the time.. but being a being that is not perfect.. he cannot keep himself from being a major jerk sometimes. He does try to hide this feature of his personality by keeping silent and thinking the things instead of saying them..but there are simply some times when that isn't possible. He Can't stand it when people are acting retarded. He just can't stand it. Most of them people who act stupid and retarded aren't literally so..thus he finds it offensive they would act like morons and can't help but call them on it. this usually leads to arguments. This side of his personality is more dominant when his hollow side is at an advantage.

PeaceKeeper - When in a conflict..due to his neutral nature he will try to resolve it with both sides benefitting..Though he understands that in some cases this will be impossible..he would try to do so anyways just to see if he could make a peaceful solution to a dangerous situation. Though he is not above the line of thinking that power may bring peace through presence. Thus he diligently trains to strengthen himself to try and attain peace.

The Berserker- In combat Reno is not a thinker, he will not only fight first, but he will maim second, kill third, and if he is not prompted to by what remains of his conscience he will not ask questions afterwards. One could say he is much akin to the typical mold of a brute, he is ruthless and beyond aggressive, but outmaneuvering him or taking advantage of his bullish nature given that you possess the requisite power or mind isn’t necessarily impossible. Nonetheless Reno is a man of reckless abandon, and will remain the muscle of whatever group he is in.

The Asshole- Continuing the theme on from here, Reno is a man who cares little about the lives of others, and even less about their feelings. If he thinks something, there is little to no filter in between his brain and his mouth and he will say what he thinks and what he feels regardless of who it may hurt or piss off. He will not falter on the basis of petty emotions from the minds of others, and he will indulge himself in whatever he wishes to indulge himself in. He may also offer the occasional blunt, sarcastic quip if the situation calls for it.

The Psycho- Part of the reason Reno has no general regard for the lives of others is that he is a product of constant suffering, and the conflict caused by the multitudes of voices in his head has more or less caused him to snap. His mind has become a muddled mess of voices with varying mentalities, but the loudest is the one that screams apathy to suffering. Because of this, Reno has no problem making people suffer, or putting them in an emotionally compromising position simply for the sake of it. His concerns are selfish by nature, and his lack of regard for the lives and feelings of others borders on Sociopathic. His emotions in combat are simple, angry, angrier, and angriest.

The Sadist- Reno’s nature is a mold shaped by both his leader and the prevalent voice in his head and one would expect that given who and what Reno is. However, there is a darker side to Reno’s real conscious that has begun to surface because of the untold suffering he endures on a day to day basis, and that is purely and simply the Sadist.. This side of Reno is going to be present in combat to an almost unfathomable degree, and he will be the type of man who would savor any amount of pain, so long as he could inflict the same on an opponent.. His goal in combat is no longer just victory or murder, but is now also to inflict pain, and to dominate..

Character Appearance

Height: 5'10''
Weight: 220 lbs
Physical Traits:

Clothing: As above
Accessories: A pack of cigarettes, which are actually packed with weed instead of tobacco, and a red dragon themed Zippo lighter.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Due to his inability to fight very well with hand to hand combat he honed his Zanjutsu skills to the maximum in order to be able to fight with his zanpaktou regardless of the situation to full effect..Coupled with his extensive training in the demon arts makes him a formidable opponent. He is very defensive in his fighting..not willing to give up being safe for attacking recklessly. This may make him seem weak..but in truth it helps keep him alive in difficult situations as he won't succumb to recklessness. He is a very keen on offense when given the chance though.

Strengths: Strength, Speed
Weaknesses: Durability, Endurance

Personal Powers

Being a fucking BADASS.

Zanpakuto & Kidou

Sealed Appearance:

Spirit’s Name: bankoku seigyoki or as she has named herself since she dislikes the name..Aura.

Spirit’s Appearance:

Spirit’s Personality: Aura is extremely kind hearted as a reflection of Reno's soul. Even though he is under the strain of the constant turmoil inside his soul he is still a kind person. Thus this true self is reflected. Aura weeps at the destruction caused by the other two beings within Reno and usually is very sad..but can be very cheerful and perky when in a very good mood. She loves to talk and Reno usually has trouble getting her to be quite once she gets going. But she doesn't mean anything by it..She is however..a major catastrophe.. clumsiness..forgetfulness.. she's a walking disaster..she means well though and its the thought that counts. ( We hope )

Inner World: Torn apart by the constant fighting between Inner hollow and Inner beast. Aura can only fly in the skies above and weep at the desolation of her home...however..all hope isn't lost for she has a place in the sky she can take refuge in while the two below battle it out in a never ending fight to the death.

Torn World -

Aura's Sanctuary -


Eishōhaki User - Though most shinigami adept in the use of Kidou can use this technique. Reno ALWAYS uses it to start with. Allowing him to use Kidou without an incantation. Though this drastically cuts down the time needed to use a does make the spell weaker.

Kōjutsu Eishō User - This technique is usable to those who are practitioners of Kidou..allowing them to use an incant AFTER the spell has been used in order to power it up immensely. Reno utilizes this with his bakudo mainly in order to make them more effective AFTER they have begun to work. Because he uses Eishohaki to make his kidou faster..this skill makes kidou more effective during travel or when in effect.

While he is not a Kidou "Master" he would certainly fall under an Expert.


Call Out Command: Rise and defend, Aura! (Despite being her nickname she happily accepts this and responds)


Ability Name: Energy Emission
Description: He is able to form balls, beams, waves, explosions, shields, etc of Energy with which to combat with made of his own spiritual energy and power. Anything used in this ability gains an appropriate CD depending on the power of which he did said attack/defense. Attacking moves and defending moves do not share a CD, but while on a CD for Defense he cannot use any other defense and while on CD for Attack he can only do small "Half Bala" energy ball blasts.

Ability Name: Soul Speed Combat
Description: Reno is constantly encased in a 6 by 10 "sphere" of influence in which he is able to control his spiritual power to such a degree as to actually form spirit energy blades and strike with such speed inside the influence that it literally seems like he was not "moving" at all. he only forms one of these blades but they can block standard projectiles and melee attacks within "Reason" (IE: He will not be using this ability to deal with Cero). This ability is defensive only and cannot be used to attack only to defend. (Example: He is attacked by a dozen swordsman. This ability would parry/block/sword push each attack within a second.) This ability can block up to five Separate Attacks/Combo's/Barrages before undergoing a single post cooldown. From an observer's view, unless they have some means of enhanced perception, it would look like he parried every attack just for standing there, but anyone with some means of enhanced perception, whether it's energy sensing or accelerated perception like robot eyes or whatever, would see his movements to some degree and note how he did what he did.

Ability Name: Pulse Strike
Description: The user is so spiritually or Physically powerful that they are able to essentially create a "pulse" from any motion they make a back hand, a pulled punch, a sword swing and cause massive damage to other harmful effects against beings and constructs. The damage against other beings is capped at being half a cero of increase with repulsion properties similar to Bakudo no 9: Seki. Against objects and landscape the devastation is much greater capping at that of a gran rey cero.

Ability Name: Blur Inducing Motion
Description: The users reflexes and movements are so supernaturally honed that anytime they "move" to avoid anything, reflexively or otherwise, that they leave behind blurs of where they were and where they are and on the way to where they are already moved to making it hard to predict their defensive reactions to most attacks and almost impossible to get the drop on them. The user can increase movement speed to this effect as well and gain the same effects. It doesn't make one a "perfect" dodger. it is just an explanation that his speed is at such a level that he moves fast enough to gain this visual effect.

Boosts: X2 Speed, Power


New Name:

Zanpaktou Appearance:

Appearance: ???%
Abilities: Based on need, desire, pain, emotional distress, happiness, or any range of emotional spectrums being felt. The users powers can fluctuate up and down. This passively increases the users abilities by 50% but can spike as high as 200%, however when 200% is reached the user loses self control over themselves and usually act on the "Trigger" that brought them to 200%. This number changes every other post, regardless of circumstance.

Ability Name: Telekinetic Aura
Description: Once per post the user is able to form a barrier of psychic energy around themselves which blocks up to a single  cero's worth of damage. If the barrier is depleted it goes under a one post CD, if not it is usable at full strength next post. This can be extended to one forbidden Kidou worth of damage, but fades as soon as this is done as well as gains a CD of 5 posts even if the Forbidden Kidou worth of damage is not fully depleted.

Ability Name: Telekinesis
Description:  The user is able to hurl buildings at you with their mind. The user is able to effect any object within 100 yards, as long as that "object" is not someone elses energy, element, or something like their weapon. (unless grapple permission is given)

Ability Name: Telekinetic Pressure
Description: The user is able to use it's psychic ability to deal damage to areas and people as if having struck them with physical or spiritual blows, using only the power of their mind.  This is still traceable as energy however and as such can still be dealt with by most fighters. Movement is not required for this ability to function.

Ability Name: Psionic Slash
Description: Similar to how Telekinetic Pressure works, this ability allows one to use psychic ability to "Cut" objects and people. This is still traceable as energy however and as such can still be dealt with by most fighters. Movement is not required for this ability to function.

Ability Name: Psychic Compression
Description: The user is able to crush objects using the power of their mind. This can work on attacks but gains a CD equal to the power of the attack that was crushed plus two..

Boosts: X 3 Speed, Strength



Abilities: Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Strength, Regeneration, Advanced Heirro effect, Mask Repair.

Hollow Powers: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero

Custom Mask ability: Spacial Rend - his is able to "cut" out a rift in reality and transport instantaneously to any conceivable spot he can think of. He does not have to physically make a cutting motion but one is visually made with his spiritual energy before he can disappear into the rift created. This is not a combat power however as he can only use it to enter an area and leave an area (area = thread)

Mask Timer: 4 posts full posts consecutively. 8 total summons if he dismisses it.  (Which he generally does) before needing a single post cooldown.


Appearance of the Weapon(s):

Appearance of the Hollow:

Abilities: Juggernaut - Reno's Hollow Form feels no pain, expresses no emotion, fights regardless of damage taken. Short of killing this beast or wearing it down til it simply can't make its body respond to it's will. You will not stop the hulking monster that is Reno's Hollow. This doesn't mean he does not take damage. you simply won't be able to gauge how much damage he is taking.

Boosts: x5 Strength, x5 Speed

Back Drop

Background: Human Life - The human aspect of Reno was quite frankly dull and boring as most human life is. He did what he could to scrape by for a living, but never really aspired or achieved anything of great importance. The only real notable thing that he did in his human life was care for his family the best he could with what little he had. He kept to himself..even to the point of alienating himself from all contact..though he kept in touch with his family. Beyond this little is truly known..though it is known that he care deeply for a human woman during his time like most men do. In is noted that he followed her into the afterlife after spending his entire life with her..taking his own life freely in order to do so.

AfterLife - this is where it becomes more interesting. Since he died to follow the only woman he had would be fair to note that he did indeed find her in Soul Society's Rukongai District. Although she was furious to find he ended his life to be with her in the afterlife..her feelings for him overcame her anger towards his suicide and they started to spend all of their time in Rukon together. This continued..for a very long time until something happened that ended up being unexplainable..because at the time the shinigami couldn't find out how it occurred..The woman whom Reno had spent all of his time with in life and death..suddenly vanished without a trace. He tried desperately to find her, but without any real power..he couldn't do anything on his own..and the Soul Reapers were convinced she was killed by hollows..though they never found anything to prove this.

The Beast Emerges - Following the months of the girls disappearance..something snapped within the mind of the poor man who had followed her into death and had followed her in life..he became extremely into bursts of unreasonable rage at any and all contact with any being that wasn't female. Though females didn't bring forth a fit of rage..they also couldn't get him to talk..or come out of his secluded state of being. They eventually gave up on him and left him alone. This continued for centuries..until something else within him finally caught his consciousness' attention and pulled him back to his sense's. HIs mind finally kicking itself into gear..he wrestled control back from the beast that had taken him for so long..and slowly began to return to a normal life style.

The path of the shinigami - When his consciousness was pulled back to his senses..he realized that a hollow must have killed the woman he loved..and sought after the means in which to take his revenge..thus joining the shinigami academy in order to do this. He seemed to excel in all area's of the academy..quickly rising to the top and continuing to rise until he graduated. It was soon after this that he fought a hollow that seemed not only stronger than the average hollow..but caused a festering wound that took a very long time for the fourth division to heal. The wound physically..had closed..but it continued to effect his spiritual power and cause fatigue to occur much quicker than normal to him. Soon after this..he started to become ill..though stubbornly continued his duties as a shinigami.

The beginning of the end of the shinigami ways - It was on a mission in the world of the living..that his sickness finally took effect on him and caused him to begin to vomit a white filmy substance..his team immediately moved to subdue him..but failed as his mind deteriorated and he slaughtered them in a lapse of conscious thought. When he finished however..he stumbled into a empty alleyway and continued the puke a white substance that formed over his body..not soon after..he lost consciousness..and saw that his inner world..once beautiful..was now torn apart as if ravaged by war.

The beast and the hollow - While inside his inner world..during the unconscious state he was in as he attempted to hollowfy due to his illness. He found the beast he had long thought destroyed..fighting a hollow spirit. The two clashed and raged against one another as if being possessed by the god of war himself..they fought and fought..and neither seemed on the edge of being defeated. With the aid of his still intact Zanpaktou spirit..he managed to tip the tide of the battle in favor of the beast..who..unlike the hollow..was simply a manifestation of rage and survival.. Choosing the lesser two evils..Reno chose the beast in order to attain survival. The battle still continued for an hour or so in real time..but..the beast was the victor..but quickly turned on Reno and his Zanpaktou spirit. Due to this..another long..much more difficult battle ensued..where Reno and his zanpaktou were fatigued..the beast didn't seem to be..thus making a hard battle even more luck..the two managed a surprise attack..ambushing the beast in a random building inside the torn inner world..causing the beast to slip into the unconscious part of the mind and fuse again with the spirit. In the meantime..Reno awoke in the world of the living..still in the alleyway he went unconscious in. with bits of hollow skin crumbling around his body.

In the centuries that followed..Reno was wracked with pain as the revived beast and hollow continued to wage all out war in his spirit. Eventually..he became so accustomed to the pain that he began to be able to function normally during it. this time..knowing he had killed his team of fellow soul reapers.. he knew that he could not return to Soul Society and rejoin its ranks. Thus he started to act on his own..slaying hollow whenever he could while doing his best to avoid being detected by shinigami and humans alike. With more and more humans becoming aware..that had become more the present time..Too many people were beginning to notice him..and he had considerable control over his own decided to make himself publicly known..

It didn't take long for him to get into trouble however. He ran into a man named Jecht and lost badly.. damaging one of his zanpaktou beyond repair, the same zanpaktou he ended up losing mere weeks later after recovering from his wounds. This loss drastically reduced his power and he would have to work hard again to obtain his lost power.

Side Notes: Yeah..

RP Sample: you know me as the Ice Bitch. Lol :3

Theme Song!? >:O!?

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