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Accelerator walked around the streets of Tokyo, causing a fuss as one might expect him to seeing as he had attracted the attention of mercenary groups for years. This one, was not as lucky as the last few though, because now he was armed and dangerous, which was probably the last thing he needed to be. None the less, as the 50 troops surrounded him with loaded guns, he couldn't help but laugh at their incompetence in thinking that they actually had him cornered in any way. They asked him to lower his weapons, and he gladly obliged. First placing his guns on the ground, then their ammo cartridges, then his knives, and then his vibroknives. They thought they were clever, having him cornered and now, as far as they knew, defenseless and at their mercy. They were also wrong, and didn't have enough time to realize this before the knives, began spinning in a circle, all five of them. Just the normal ones of course, and he cut the throats of every man in that circle without moving a muscle. He simply sighed, placing his weapons back in his belt, blood pooling out onto the ground around him. Before he knew it soldiers had opened fire once more..

"What the hell did I do to you guys eh?.. I just went on a relaxing stroll, and you all had to come here and fuck with me and ruin it, do you know how tiresome that gets?.." As he sighed, and placed his hand in his palms, the bullets continued to ricochet off of him as though they were simply inadequate. Well, they were.. So I guess that would work out sort of.. None the less, he used the bullets they shot, and redirected them back, before controlling them with Telekinesis for homing purposes and lodging them in the men's throats, then having them go back out and penetrate their skulls. He couldn't help but laugh at the blood flying everywhere. He was tired of this, and made an example of all who would opt to oppose him or attempt to harm them. These fuckers, were no different than anyone else in those regards.. and they were dealt with as one might expect.. "well now that that's over with.."

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Rin had arrived shortly after the mercenaries because the Committee had been tipped off that those very mercs were about to start a ruckus and she was supposed to stop them. However it didn't seem to make any difference as by the time she had gotten out of the helicopter and moved to the site of the disturbance that the other reason she had been sent promptly dealt with the mercs. She sighed as she pulled out a cigarette that had weed it in and lit it with her zippo before taking a puff of it and blowing out the excess, "You sure do like to make a huge mess of shit don't you Accelerator?"

She was clearly younger than him, if not by much, though he was one skinny bastard given his height. She figured he was a buck twenty? Give or take a few pounds? standing at 5'0 Rin was by no means bulky or otherwise and she was 108 pounds. Well.. it wasn't her job to tell him he needed to eat more and bulk up. Skinny bastard, "You do realize I have to arrest you and take you to the Committee Headquarters to be properly dealt with right? These fools didn't have a chance and should have known better than to try and deal with someone within the Committee's Jurisdiction."

She puffed another bit of her weed cig and sighed as she exhaled the smoke, "Don't make things stupid and ultimately pointless. Even, if, somehow, you defeat me here, now, they would just send someone better and stronger until you were captured. You have no choice in the matter." She waved an arm in an arc motioning to all the dead people, "Thousands of these guys could do little to anyone like us. The Committee on the other hand would at most need to send two or three.. If you understand than you'll just come along yes? I'd rather not waste my time. I have better things to do than babysit someone older than me."

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Accelerator smiled as the Committee made it's appearance and as always, they were a day late and a dollar short. "Well look what the cat dragged in, hell, looks like they even sent the daycare unit to come get me, how cute can it get?" He looked at her and raised his eyebrow ever so slightly as she took a drag off the Mary Jane she had rolled into a cigarette, for whatever fucking reason she couldn't just smoke a bowl like the rest of us.. "So.. aren't you a bit young to be giving yourself lung cancer there dear, and more importantly.. isn't it a bit illegal for you to be smoking at all little one?" He rolled his eyes and chuckled ever so slightly, though he was only chuckling to himself at this point in time.

"Making a mess is kind of my gimmick now isn't it, and how the hell do you know my name anyway kid?" He placed his head in his palms and shook his head. "Don't tell me.. one of them has an obsession with Loli's up there at the Committee headquarters don't they, let me guess, it's that Maki chick isn't it?" He looked up at the chick as she spoke to arresting him, he couldn't really help but laugh at how.. presumptuous she was at this point. "You know, you're pretty cocky for a five year old.. this assumption that you or anyone else could arrest me is one of the cutest sentiments I've ever witnessed, it's almost as though you didn't just watch me kill all these people without batting a fucking eyelid.." He once again face-palmed slightly, "I'm sorry... I forgot, I shouldn't curse around people your age, guess I'm a bad influence on the youth.. oh well..."

As he listened to her babble on about making things stupid and pointless and the Committee sending everyone they could and yada yada yada yada.. he couldn't help but smile ever so slightly at what she said. "They don't have one person there that I have to fear, they don't have one person there that I even remotely, even half care to fear and if you think you, or any other member will arrest me? You've lost your mind." He smiled at her a bit, hoping she'd take the hint. "Now.. If you'll excuse me I've got shit to do, I just wanted to go on a casual fucking stroll, and these guys had to make a mess of it. Don't make the same mistake that they did, please, for your sake I'm asking."

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"Do you think you have the luxury to spout nonsense to someone who has already stated they are here to arrest you?" Came Rin's voice from behind Accelerator while he kept jabbering on uselessly like he was her alcoholic father. Nearly snapping power-suppressing cuffs on him in that same moment before his shields activated in their normal automatic fashion. While they kept her from cuffing him they failed to bounce her away. So she merely took a step back and sighed softly again as she took yet another drag of her weed cigarette, "I see.. So the shielding is automatic.. no wonder they sent me. No one else could spend enough time to figure out when to cuff you.."

She figured he'd continue his dialog. Being every bit as arrogant as the report said he would be. This time however she bothered to reply, "First.. I am senior officer Rin of the Capture of Dangerous Humans sector within the Committee.. My age is irrelevant in light of my ability and success rates. So I can do whatever the hell I want.. Not that smoking this hurts me in the slightest anyways. Second.. Your name isn't a hidden secret you foolish boy. The Committee has been keeping an eye on you for some time to best decide where they should stick you if you calmed your shit and how they should deal with you if you kept being a piss ant."

She brushed a bit of hair behind her ear and sighed yet again, "I am here because you chose to be a piss ant. I've lost my mind? You have had plenty of time to register under the Committee and be freed of outside prosecution and have done nothing but bitch and whine like a little child throwing tantrum.. You don't seem to comprehend the amount of information we have on you that less focused groups like those mercenaries would clearly lack."

Rin put the cuffs on a belt loop and sighed as her legs tensed and she vanished from view again. Even with Accel being on a higher level than Rin..that only mattered in regards to his powers and physical well being. The latter of which she could match, even with her current limits, enough to where he couldn't be very effective against her.. and as she didn't give off any energy signatures he wouldn't be able to keep track of her visually as easily as someone else. The human eyes can only move so fast... so if Rin didn't stop moving... He'd have to do something and hope it was enough to make her stop.

She was the pinnacle of humanity, in a way, as she was physically peaked, cellularly effective to the point of self healing, and didn't rely on abundant supernatural power like Accel did. Her one inhuman feature was her ability to negate Inertia. Something he might have or might not have witnessed when she tried to cuff him earlier. Not that it would help him.

She didn't stop moving, waiting to see what he'd come up with first, she didn't move in a circle pattern either. That was far too predictable and useless. Instead she incorporated a zigzag hexagonal pattern around him to never be in the same motion of pattern twice while moving around him.

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"Well I don't see anyone who's going to take that luxury from me, do you, am I missing something here my dear or are you having trouble looking around?" He could only laugh slightly bemused by her attempt at cuffing him with those darned cuffs. As she took a step back and sighed softly, he turned to face her as she took another drag off of her incumbent cancer stick. She wasn't bounced away but.. She wasn't deterred either, which could result in being quite a nuisance for him down the line. While they kept her from cuffing him they failed to bounce her away. As she spoke, presumably to herself, he couldn't help but smile at her observation, "Well.. That's not bad for a girl who's lucky to be in Middle School, tell me, what did you say your name was dear? Just curious."

As she spoke giving him her name, he couldn't help but smile, a Senior officer at twelve years of age, wasn't that just the cutest thing ever? Caputr of Dangerous Humans Sector within the Committee eh?.. Did they actually think they could stop him unless he WANTED to be stopped? Preposterous is the only way Accelerator could even think to word it, but none the less he continued to listen to her speak. "You're a successful little one are you now? That's intriguing, and though I am lightly amused by the fact that smoking doesn't hurt you for whatever number of reasons, I am more than a bit surprised they went through all the trouble to track and keep tabs on little old me.. I mean what could I possibly.." As he said this, a man fell from the roof tops, apparently gravity worked him towards being fully cut in half, and the front half of his corpse collapsed to the ground below.. "Okay he was up there when I got here... and he was like that.. probably.."  

As he continued to listen to her cocky, almost absolute manner of speech he couldn't help but chuckle and wonder where all this confidence was coming from, but he was sure he'd find out soon enough. "Well... I don't know how many pissants you've dealt with, but I've yet to meet one that talked back.. then again you deal with those guys in the Committee so I suppose you would be used to such a manner of speech now wouldn't you? That's a bit of a drag in all honesty, really not going to make my day any easier at all.." He scratched the back of his head, not because he had an itch but rather out of compulsion. "Man everyone's got their eye on me, I'm not a bad guy, just  a bit misunderstood is all.." He grinned with this statement, showing a little bit of sarcasm in his tone, not that it was at all uncommon, but it was thick at this point. He was more than entertained by this, but he was not sure how long that would really last. He did feel a bit of sympathy for her though, for some odd reason. He kinda liked her, in a platonic way that wouldn't make Rena want to strangle me while I sleep. Perhaps camaraderie, but a bit early, would be the best way to put it.  
As she brushed the hair behind her ear and sighed, he couldn't help but notice she seemed like she would be ready to jump some time in the near to immediate future, and at that point he would have to exert himself as best he could. "I know why you're here, and I've gotta be honest with you on this, I really don't care in the least as to why you're here.. I don't know that you've lost your mind, but I will wager that those that sent you are certainly lacking in the brain department, I know I've had time to register, I was hoping my lack of doing so would be a sign enough that I wasn't overly interested then, and you don't have much to offer me now.." He smiled about the comments as it pertained to the mercenaries, "I won't argue that you have the necessary info to take me down, and when I'm honest about it you have some firepower that is capable of taking me down, but is it really WORTH it? That is a question I'm not sure you can afford to have answered for you dear."

Accelerator smiled as she put the cuffs back in the belt loop, "Now, have you seen reason, or is madness urging you towards suffering once more?" He looked towards her, noticing her legs tense and she soon disappeared, incredibly fast, and she lacked Reitsu.. This was interesting, but he had to stay relatively calm in order to counteract her advantage. He couldn't keep track of her naturally, she was simply going to be too fast, but maybe.. He wouldn't have to initially.. he had to find a way to get her to stop moving and think.. And with that in mind he had an idea. He used his Telekinesis and launched the 5 Vibroknives in his belt, and let that spin in circles within his perimeter, Then, he used the other 5 knives and had them spinning in random directions, covering the angles she could get him at from up top, they were small so they were spinning at Bala speeds, but there wasn't much else he could do at this point. Keeping them going in a way that could negate her advantage was going to be all he could do at this point. She continued to move around him, in some zig zag pattern of sorts, not that it would matter, if she continued to try the blades would slice her to bits.

"Not let's see what you've REALLY got.."

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"Continuing to be a piss ant is it then." Was the only comment Rin made as she was too busy trying to figure ways around his shields to care what he was saying, while she was doing her high speed movement however he pulled out some knives and started having them spin around. Which was almost laughable. What did he think he was going to do? Have her run into them herself? Have her NOT avoid them? Hell no. She stole them from mid air while running. Her physical strength matched or exceeded his limitations of control so all she had to do was figure out where they would be and snatch them as they reached said point.

With her already doing her pattern of motion around him that wouldn't exactly be hard. She just a few steps back, enlarging the pattern's circumference. and kept moving while she exampled the vibro knives trajectories. As those were the only major issue. After snatching all five of them out of the air a moment later she did stop on top of a car outside of his normal knives range and sigh as she gripped them all by their handles tightly, as they were still fighting under his telekinesis to do his will, "This is your threatening way to deal with me? Really?"

She planted a hand into the engine of the car and yanked a cord which she then wrapped around the handles of the knives after crushing all the handles together in a tight mesh of junk in her hand to make life easier. Then took a piece of metal from the hood with her free hand and quickly folded it over the knives to further make them useless. Sure he could just move the car. And he probably would considering what she planned to do next. But the point was that he was going to have to do bigger and badder shit if he was going to be anywhere near as "threatening" as he boasted to be.

She slid her bum off the car hood and took yet another drag of her weed stick, "Man you sure don't live up to your rep. I told you at best you would stall the inevitable. I really meant that. It's not that I'm more powerful than you. it's that nothing you can do has any real effect on me." As if to try and prove her point she lifted the car with one hand and chucked it at him still using the one arm while still looking very bored smoking more of her weed as it started to make life seem more fun instead of so boring. Rin had never known defeat. While she was open minded enough due to her training to realize it was possible. It was unlikely. She wasn't going to act like it was possible either because her abilities had granted her a bit of a god complex. She was just smart enough to not show that side to her superiors.

"If you are the invulnerable shield. I am the invincible sword. Cliche I admit. But that seems to be where things stand. It is why the Coalition sent ME instead of someone else. Sorry man."

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He couldn't help but laugh as she basically shit on his whole knife gimmick, as if it were some trivial child's game.. He retrieved them via telekinesis and began to examine them, taking particular note of the crushed handle. "Well.. I'll have to fix those later.." he said this as he removed the metal from them returning them to a usable form, minus the handle.. "So, here's the part where you'll need to correct yourself.. I was told to kill them by the Committee, because they haven't just been targeting me of late, they've been targeting ALL Advent Humans within the Committee, and they even killed one and injured another just a little while ago. Need proof I actually did join the Committee? Here.." He pulled out his badge, signifying his role as the Commander of Council of Defense. "And yes I was an asshole but.. adrenaline still does crazy shit to me.."

He laid back on the car and continued speaking. "Anyway.. Long story short, not really going to end up going back in cuffs but I don't want to hurt you either, no, quite the opposite in fact.." He smirked a bit at this point. "What we are, is a clash of phenomena, the unstoppable force, meeting the immovable object is about as apt a description of our encounter as one could begin to come up with on their own.." He thought for a second before continuing, "We're similar in that we're both way too young for this, and have powers beyond normal comprehension, thus I've taken an interest to you, didn't really think we'd meet on these terms though.." As his face returned to a smirk again he spoke aloud once more, "But while you're here.. What if we worked together as a team from now on?.."

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Tch "I had already made the sword and shield comment.." Was the first comment that left her mouth after waiting on him to finish his speal about him being part of the Committee, "I'm also not correcting anything. They sent me on false intel. That is on their end not mine. I'm merely doing my job." She actually gave his thought of teaming up an actual genuine moment of thinking, "I don't care.. You are my superior within the organization so it isn't like I can just say no anyways."

(Shit post but..meh.. Just..tired..)

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The woman started off with a sarcastic remark about how she had already made the sword and shield comment, as a first comment it would probably set the tone for their relationship there on. "Sorry, I was unaware you'd made a copyright claim towards the phrase "sword and shield.." He rolled his eyes lightly, "not that it would matter anyway, it was to describe something within context of my point.. not exactly stealing it for my own selfish reasons.." He listened as she mentioned that the Committee had sent her on false Intel, "Well, that's not exactly unusual, especially since this was supposed to be somewhat secretive, not that it really matters now since they've all been dealt with.." He looked around, once again taking in the scene around him, which was pretty much a city block littered with various corpses. "Might've overdone it a bit.. meh.."

She had seemed to give the pairing up between the two, the sword and the shield, some genuine thought at this point, which amused him a bit. As she spoke, he kind of grinned to himself seeing some similarities between the two in terms of character, though he was clearly the more psychotic and otherwise crazy of the two. "Well, I suppose that is true though to be fair I would give you a choice in this, but if you're not going to object I guess we should probably start training to see each other's strengths and weaknesses eh?.." He thought to himself and then spoke after a moment, "After we get back to base, see what happened, and relax for a bit of course.. Don't really wanna deal with that here.."

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"We already know each other's strengths. You said you read my file. I've read yours. Not much to expand on there." She let the sword and shield matter drop entirely because his stupid ass had not listened. She didn't care if it was copy righted. That had zero relevance to the situation or the context. She had already made literally his same comparison and all he did was repeat it redundantly. Thats why she had brought it up, but whatever if he wanted to look stupid let him.

"I agree though that whatever is to happen next should not happen here. Enough has happened and I'm sure the civilians would like to hear it was settled instead of escalated." She pulled out a cell phone and recalled the Helicopter that had brought her here. Whether Accel used it or not she'd still get in and head back to the Committee Headquarters in it. No sense in wasting her energy running when this thing could take her itself after all.

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