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#1 Tier-Up (TEMPLATE+GUIDELINES) on Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:47 am

Tiering up via Coins: Pretty self explanatory. Ask, and we'll keep track.
4 to 3-5 (50 coins)
3-5 to 3-4 (75 coins)
3-4 to 3-3 (100 coins)
3-3 to 3-2 (150 coins)
3-2 to 3-1 (200 coins)
3-1 to 2-5 (250 coins)
2-5 to 2-4 (300 coins)
2-4 to 2-3 (350 coins)
2-3 to 2-2 (400 coins)
2-2 to 2-1 (500 coins)
2-1 to 1-5 (600 coins)
1-5 to 1-4 (700 coins)
1-4 to 1-3 (750 coins)
1-3 to 1-2 (850 coins)
1-2 to 1-1 (900 coins)
1-1 to 0-5 (1000 coins)
0-5 to 0-4 (1250 coins)

You may not tier up any higher than this without being an org leader.

Character Name:
Their tier:
Link to app:
Desired tier:
Coin Count:

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Their tier:[/b]
[b]Link to app:[/b]
[b]Desired tier:[/b]
[b]Coin Count:[/b]

NOTE: New rule as of 3/30/17 for clarity purposes. Not all threads with org leaders and staff are tier ups. If you're in a thread with an org leader now and wanna use the loopty loop-hole fine. If not? From this day forwards there will be none of that ish. 10:50 AM EST.

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