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#1 [Private] Searching for a ghost (Wade/Sakiko) on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:21 pm

Sakiko Tsuchi
Vice - Captain of the 4th Division

Sakiko had gotten her request for a few days of Personal time approved for the human world, She called it a way to find herself once again but in all honest truth she is here because of Rumors of a subject she has been researching from centuries past. There were said rumors of a Once known Captain that went rouge and dissappeared from existence until recent reports of someone fitting the possible captain has been said to be in Karakura Town. Sakiko want to see for herself if these Rumors was true. She wanted to know why this said Captain had went rouge and how the hell, she hasnt been found until recently. This would explain so much and maybe she would learn what the real shinigami of the past were really like. oh the possibliities excited Sakiko.

She Adjusted the Reading Glasses on her face while she brushed her cherry red bangs out of her face. She was looking over the reports and the rumors she has heard from other shinigami and those who live in this world that was willing to speak to her on the 'crazy' subject. Most said she was chasing a ghost and others said her person of subject is just some myth someone made up. whatever the case she was on a trail she wasn't going to give up on.

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Wade Winston Castle was a contact killer and a mercenary. Or you could say he was a hired gun. Most of his associates and clients called him by many names, however the name that struck with most with his enemies was, in a way, a kind of a cool name. They called him "the demolition man." Why would anyone call him that, you may ask? For what purpose? Simply put that Wade Castle was a man who is well known for destruction. He would go well beyond lengths to finish what he started. Even if that meant tearing half of the world down with him. That is why he was so unique and different from other contract killers and mercenary. Wade Castle was a man on a mission, and if you get between his way it would prove fatal on you.

He was strolling down the streets of Karakura town, minding his own business as usual. As of late, he was spending a lot of free time of his own. He had finished all the contracts he was assigned to do, so b
he wanted some time off to be free of his burdens and responsibilities. At least for a small amount of time. Though however Wade knew that trouble would find him as always. He was prone to it. But what intrigued him was that what kind of trouble would be coming his way next and what it had to offer him. As far as Wade was concerned; trouble always had something special to offer him. Which makes him embrace it.

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Sakiko Tsuchi
Vice Captain of the 4th Division

Sakiko continued going over her notes before a large reaistu slowly came her way. She kept herd completely hidden as she watched the.crowd scanning for the source. Once she found it she moved from her spot stopping Infront of the source "your wade castle aren't you? I have questions that you might be able to answer for me." Said sakiko not caring how she had a finger pointing at him as if accusing him when in truth she wanted to make sure he was listening to her so she didn't have to repeat herself.

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Wade was walking along the way as he sensed the presence of someone or something. It was not a familiar spiritual pressure that he could recognize. However he realized that it was quite strong one. As cautious as he was, Wade started to examine the area in hope's of locating where the spiritual pressure was coming from. Though he knew one thing for a certain. Whoever or whatever it was the person or thing was here to meet him. That's how it goes every damn time. So whoever it was, Wade welcomed the person to appear in front of him.

It didn't take long to the person to appear in front of him. However what Wade did not expect was that the person to be a woman. A very good looking one, by the way. She had long strawberry coloured hair, emerald green eyes while her skin complexion was very fair. "A true beauty, indeed." Wade thought to himself as she began talking to him, as she said, "your wade castle aren't you?? I have questions that you might be able to answer for me." She was pointing her finger towards him as she said it. Wade arched his eyebrow, as he replied, "Ugh, you're mistaken. My name isn't Wade Castle. I don't know who that is but you got the wrong fellow." He stopped for a second togather his thoughts as he was obviously lying towards the woman, as he continued "I'm Jimmie Reese. Nice to meet you."

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