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Kokoro Nashi (The Psychopath)

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on Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:46 am




Name: Kokoro Nashi
Age: 28
True Age: 1500
Sex: Male
Personality: Kokoro is a man of science, and despite the frequency in which that phrase is thrown around it could never be any truer than what it represents with him. He is calculative in combat and in life and analytical to a degree that is unmatched throughout the universe. As one might guess from his abilities, he is a masochist by nature and despite the fact that he fights to win, he relishes any and all pain an opponent might be able to cause. Unfortunately for the bulk of his opponents, he is also a sadist, and takes an equal amount of pleasure in destroying his opponents in mind body and soul, as well as causing immeasurable pain to them (which could probably be inferred from the whole sadist deal, but I digress..)

Kokoro views the Research and Development Department as his home, as the one true place he is readily suited for when the other squads are taken into account. He enjoys his work, and spends much of his leisure time developing new toxins and armaments for his squad, as well as the Gotei 13 in general to enjoy or use when they want to. He’s even taken after Ika Mazi, (or Mayuri in the Canon universe) in editing his Zanpokuto beyond recognition. Many aren’t even sure what his original Shikai’s and Bankai’s truly were, due to the extent in which he has warped the contents of his releases.. On top of this, he enjoys studying the powers of other races, so much so that he has had for a while a secret lab behind the Maggot’s Nest, where he studied the corpses or live specimens brought to him with almost reckless abandon..

He is apathetic to the pain of others, he almost seems to relish in it and his empathy is a net zero. One could sooner move him with song than they could with their claims of pain and suffering. He views human suffering at times as a meaning to an end, and at times he can persuade himself as seeing it to be the end in and of itself. He is known for his skills within the realm of manipulation, and despite being honest could very easily become a liar at the drop of a hat if he found it necessary to be so inclined. Thankfully for many, he does not feel so inclined very often, but his eccentric personality and his way with words leaves many with a sour taste in their mouths, and many more feeling a tad suspicious of both he himself, and the motives within him.

Personifying the mad scientist to a scary extent, Kokoro is viewed with an odd mix of both fear and admiration by his peers both within his squad and outside of it. He has a weird view, where he sees all living creatures not as living creatures, but rather as objects to be studied and otherwise fucked with to learn, and practice new methods of dispatching them. He even views himself in this light, though he unlike many scientists does not have a true stake in things, and has no true absolute objective outside of his own narcissistic pleasures and joys from matters he partakes in. Rather his only true objective is to maintain his post within the Gotei 13 as squad 12 Captain, and to maintain the funding and resources he holds on account of this prestigious position.

Unlike many Captains, Kokoro has little to no feelings of camaraderie or companionship with his squad mates or his fellow Captains, rather he has a unique way of going about things that seems almost unbefitting of a Gotei 13 Captain. As part of his overly analytical mindset, he will literally factor in the loss of lives in each action he takes, and if he feels that his ends are more important? He will engage anyway, completely disregarding those too weak to avoid his power, or whom are simply too unfortunate to get the hell out of his way when they should have. Regardless of this very simple fact, he will still warn others of danger if it suits him, or he feels for whatever reason that it is owed to them based off of whatever loose idea’s of respect and dignity he still has instilled somewhere within him..

Slightly Nihilistic in both his approach and mindset, Kokoro does not value the same things as most people in terms of attaining perfection or anything close to that, and views such pursuits as pointless. He views his continued research as a way to avoid despair, all the while keeping him busy towards a positive ends, despite the grim implications of the meanings in which he meets those dastardly ends. Much as one might expect from a man with an IQ well beyond 200, Kokoro is a highly intelligent man, so much so that it almost, if not definitely impedes upon his ability to properly communicate with his fellow Captains and Shinigami. In spite of this, he is seen as being incredibly well spoken, and well written, even doing a few articles detailing his findings within magazines within the Seireitei.

In combat, as elaborated on above Kokoro likes to toy with his opponents, wearing them down little by little and prolonging the fight if possible. This is not to say he won’t go for a killing blow when it is presented, but he relishes in testing himself and his opponents while in combat, and finds their screams to be almost intoxicating, one may even call them arousing to some extent for him, though not in a sexual sense. Though Kokoro has an obvious affinity for the female vessel, and views their screams and mannerisms as a tad more interesting and enjoyable as opposed to Males, he has no sexual inclinations towards them, nor males. Sexuality is not something he contaminates himself with, and he views it as a net negative in terms of productivity on most people, much as he views most forms of gratification.

He views his one and only objective as protecting the Seireitei, which is the only place crazy enough and otherwise stupid enough to allow him to be what and who he is. He has no qualms about killing any and all who oppose the Gotei 13, and expects all of his comrades former and present to fight to their last breathe in order to protect it. He holds himself to this same standard as well, but the expectation that others must do the same is generally where many people get upset with him. If you die on the battlefield, do not fear! He will use your corpse for multiple tests, and presumably do so in the name of bettering the Gotei 13!


Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 pounds
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: A master tactician, Kokoro specializes in combat which meets his elaborate pace. The more he can learn about one’s abilities, the better off he becomes in the long haul, and thusly the better he can become at adapting to it. Prefers speed to strength in general, and Zanjutsu to Hakudo. Kidou is something Kokoro practices due to it’s vast versatility. Obviously, his greatest attribute is his mind, and ability to decipher things while in combat.
Strengths: One of THE most proficient Shunpo users throughout the Gotei 13, his general Hoho abilities are second to none. His Kidou is probably his second strength of note, and due to the versatility of it Kokoro puts a lot of effort into practicing it.  Super Strong, on Par with almost anyone.. Kokoro's control of Reitsu, as well as the sheer quantity of Reiryoku he possesses, is quite impressive as well..
Weaknesses:  Has very little skill with Hakuda, as hand to hand combat never meant as much to him as Sword to sword did.  He also sucks at sensing Reitsu, Only really able to sense approximate power and a general area, and avoid being assassinated. Low Stamina, never really needed it given his combat style, but moving around a lot is NOT his forte. His defense is also the shits given he's so used to taking ungodly amounts of damage, and thus has no need to dedicate much of his time to defense..


Sealed Appearance:
bottom one

Personal Abilities: Ability name: Sewing Needle/Tendrils Manipulation
Description: Tendrils-Smaller, more threadlike strings within Kokoro's body with a maximum range of 50 feet. They are covered in hyper-active stem cells that are controlled by Kokoro's Reitsu, which allows for Kokoro to designate what they do exactly. Usages include, but are NOT limited too-
-Stitching limbs back on and grabbing them if they go flying.
-Replacing nerves, muscles, and even bones if given a post or so to mold.
-Can outright replace limbs when given the chance.
-Can be used to create a small outer layer to the already existent endo-skeleton of Kokoro. (Light Heirro more or less)
-Can make Kokoro move without nerves, or even muscles, by simply controlling them to move his various parts though much of his normal impact will be lost.
-Tickle Tickle!

Ability Name: Toxic Tentacles Manipulation
Description: Tentacles-Larger than the tendrils with far more range, up to 500 feet to be exact. Kokoro seemingly has an endless supply of these within his own body, and they are laced in a toxin that only Kokoro is immune too. The toxin causes one to experience the most excruciating pain one could ever hope to imagine, ten times more severe than even the Bullet Ant for scale. One will of course be at risk of going into shock, and or experiencing convulsions based on the pain alone. The toxin works by penetrating the skin on contact, (your skin is essentially a door mat to a house with the door kicked in) and then it proceeds to bind to your nerves and constrict, while also sending signals to the brain to max out on pain receptor signals.
Possibilities with this manipulation include, but are NOT limited too
-Strangling you with tentacles capable of anaconda level constriction
-Giving you the most painful experience of your life!
-Tickle Tickle Tickle!
-Tentacles can grow out of tentacles!
-Deflecting things like bullets cause tentacles Blarg (Thrown physical objects as opposed to energy based can be stopped or at least slowed down with this)
-Tentacle Porn, for the ladies Wink
-Think Kakazu from Naruto, but toxic.

Ability Name: 5 Hearts and a Head..
Description:  By removing/destroying all 5 of Kokoro's hearts, (which take 6 posts each to regenerate, one at a time. 10 for 2) OR Destroying/Impaling Kokoro's brain, you can kill him! Otherwise? Not happening :D

Ability Name: Systems control.
Description: Kokoro has control over his bodily systems, be it his nerves, his muscles, or even his circulatory system and can shut each off, or turn it on at will at a very small cost of Reitsu.. This allows him to for example, opt as to whether or not he wants to experience pain, or simply say nah no thanks.


Call Out Command: Kurushimu


Ability name: Sewing Needle/Tendrils Manipulation Enhanced
Description: Range of the tendrils is enhanced to 75 feet.

Ability Name: Battle Knowledge
Description: Programming his cells with nanobots any contact made with him helps him figure out one's abilities without even seeing them, as they report information back to his brain using an electrode network via his own Reitsu. If one were to sever a limb for example, or stab him through, he would pretty much have their abilities figured out, and could begin to work on formulating a proper response to them.

Ability Name: High Speed Regeneration
Description: On top of his Sewing Needle, he has high speed regeneration as part of his stem cell research program, this however only lasts for 8 posts. Any damage incurred past that point can only be restored by his Sewing Needle. This basically forces you to inflict a mortal wound on him, to truly kill him.

Ability Name: Toxic Tentacles Manipulation Enhanced
Description: Tentacles- Tentacles can be solidified on the edges with Reitsu, and be used to dig holes under the ground, and or impale weaker, fleshier opponents. (If you have any level of Heirro odds are you'll be fine.)

Ability Name: Constrict
Description: Kokoro's tentacles lash out and will restrain the opponent, this works exactly the same as Bakudo 63 and has a 4 post CD.

Ability Name: Needle dance
Description: Kokoro can use a tentacle dissipating to form about a hundred needles that will launch at an opponent as Kokoro wishes. They are still made of his tentacles. They are also filled with the same toxin as Kokoro's tentacles, AND are meant to pierce armor.

Ability Name: Scythe Throw
Description: Attached to the scythe are tiny threads reinforced with Reitsu, allowing for 100 yards worth of range, as well as a boomerang function through a simple flick of his wrist upwards to make it go forwards or back. If he flips it sideways, the scythe will launch or retract and spin horizontally, at cero Speeds for both ways. For finer control, he can still use the strings.

Boosts: 2x Everything


New Name: Kokushibyō



Ability Name: Tendril Body
Description: Can extend his body in all sorts of ways using the tendrils all over his body, and use them to wrap up, catch, punch, kick, throw, or do whatever the hell else can be elaborated on with his limbs, and the tendrils themselves. If you are grabbed by Kokoro's hands, or tendrils, they will secrete acid causing 2nd degree burns.

Ability Name: Needle Rain.
Description: Same as the last needle gimmick, but from the sky.

Ability Name: Twin Scythe Throw
Description: Same as his Shikai Ability, except now with two scythes. Fancy as fuck I know.

Ability Name: Tentacle Explosion.
Description: Once his Tendrils are cut, they explode instantaneously causing damage equivalent to that of a Cero, once they are extended out at a range that exceeds 15 feet. Kokoro can also explode them manually, but only up to 3 per post. He has implanted explosive chips in each one to accomplish these ends.

Ability Name: Tentacle Blocker
Description: So Kokoro essentially spins his tentacles really fast and condenses them with Reitsu, allowing for them to block/mediate a Cero worth of damage on any attack. Once per post only.

Ability Name: Super Kick and or punch and or slap
Description: When his leg or fist or open hand/backhand makes contact with an opponent when launched, a form of hyper-kinetic exertion will occur that will allow for amplified punches, almost like a rocket punch. Though it won't be a metric megaton of force behind the punch kick or slap/bitchslap, it would still be a metric shit ton of pain for the opponent to deal with.

Ability Name: Muscular Bypass
Description: For 5 posts Kokoro will have 4 x boosts to speed, and strength, but this can only be used once per Bankai..

Boosts: 3x All


New Name: Shi no ito
Appearance: Doesn't change.

Ability Name: Evacuation Device
Description: Kokoro can in a pinch send one heart, or his head, away from his body using his tendrils for one post/one move, then reattach it.

Ability Name: Scythe Tentacles
Description: Kokoro can stitch up to twenty scythes, one being his Zanpakuto onto his tentacles and launch them at the opponent, or simply pin in a circle hoping to cut them to bits.

Ability Name: Lift Physical Restraints
Description: Kokoro's Speed and Strength will ascend to 5 x for 7 posts. This can only occur once during Toukai.

Description: This move takes two posts to charge, and effectively launches Kokoro's head and a single heart back to his lab at Bala Speeds, via a rocket propulsion system that he controls WITH his head. This is unfortunately for the opponent followed by an implosion. Kokoro's body will at this point decide to blow the fuck up after a massive tentacle out pour. The damage and range of the explosion is simply extraordinary. Covering 300 feet in all directions, and dealing a maximum of two forbidden Kidou worth of damage to the foe.

Drawbacks are obvious, Kokoro either dies, or lands away from the foe unable to fight any longer. (He usually uses Bakudo 26 once hitting the clouds, so that he is not detectable.)

Boosts: 4 x all


Background: Kokoro was born during the peak of the Black Plague in 14th century Europe, if you’re a twat for specifics he was born in Britain, but he now has adopted a Japanese name because he doesn’t remember his original name, and he’s in the Gotei 13 which revolves around Japanese Language. Fuck you very much, now then.. Kokoro grew up with a rich family, that lived within the walls of a forgotten empire AKA one he can’t recall. His parents were tasked with finding a cure, and when he came of age and became scientifically literate, as well as medically competent he was tasked with helping them. Kokoro’s passion for Science and experimentation was born here, but he was not as interested in helping others, but rather understanding the ailments that impacted the people so harshly. This wasn’t for the reasons many would suspect though, not in the end anyway, but more on that later.

Kokoro and his parents were close to developing a cure, but they needed to have a live and dead patient in order to examine whether or not the cure actually worked on a proper scale. It did initially, but soon enough the patient began having the same issues as the dead patient had before dying, and soon passed on. The problem was further exasperated by the fact that Kokoro’s parents caught the plague, and passed on soon after. But Kokoro was a strange demon, and felt that the common good was the only thing left in question, but his true reasoning for the actions he began to undertake could be best summarized as a sadistic, almost sociopathic mindset derived from a childhood of isolation. The subjects of his tendencies were live and dead people, some diseased some not, but all were provided by the king and his court, and to these ends Kokoro felt justified in his work, and took the satisfaction, the pleasure as an almost.. Secondary perk of sorts.

The patients were subjected to every kind of test imaginable, males and females alike screaming their hearts out, he subjected them to treatments testing their tolerance to the plague and it’s symptoms. He tested their nerve endings and their ability to withstand pain, he tested the way their muscles and minds reacted to various stimuli, but he always relished in two things within the set confines of his experimentation and torture of other humans. The pain in which they so easily endured, and the sounds of the screams, particularly from the females. Strangely enough despite this, Kokoro never truly felt any sexual urges towards any of his experiments, rarely even displaying a thought towards matters of promiscuity or obscenities outside of the general core and pain he caused within his lab. Suffice it to say, this was a stark contrast from the bulk of people in this era, and it set him apart from most scientists and murderers alike. This could only last for so long though..

The end of his life was one of ironic proportions, and one that set up his subsequent visit to the Soul Society which obviously occurred post-mortem. He was one day tasked with cutting open a corpse, and examining the contents of the plague ridden vessel that once was. The only problem was that the Scalpel had cut his gloves and other clothing without him knowing it. And the corpse had so much pressure build up due to the length of time it had been deceased that it exploded when the scalpel came in contact with it’s stomach, spilling the plague ridden contents of it’s belly all over Kokoro. Kokoro was in bed, pain stricken and ill for days before he finally succumbed to his ailment, the one that he was forced to deal with for the entirety of his life. The one that had claimed his parents now him as well. But it was not with sadness that he passed on, it was not in misery, he still for whatever, dark and unreasonable way of thinking, relished in the pain that he was now experiencing. His last noise, the last thing that left his body was not a breathe, not a sigh, but a laugh, an expression of true joy. Demented and contorted, his face was locked into a grin stretching from ear to ear as his human existence soon faded to blackness.

As he awoke from what seemed like a dream, his human existence had been long since diminished to a flicker of a candle in the annuls of time. He was welcomed into the Rukongai as every citizen was, but as many men before him can attest to, life in the Rukongai was a boring, and unusual way to exist when held in comparison to the way in which he lived prior to his death as a human. Upon hearing about the Gotei 13, he recalled the stories he had read of a child detailing knighthood, and stories of war and conquest and the spoils that went along with them, he read of the codes and the statuses these men of myth and legend all held. He didn’t really care about any of that granted, but he was curious to see if it was something of equivalent value, equivalent worth, or equivalent anything really. It was here that he heard about the Research and Development Department, and the things that they were able to accomplish, and strived to achieve. He took a great interest in this, and almost immediately enlisted, he wanted to become a Shinigami, so that he could continue the work he did in life, ironically, it was to be continued in death as it had been prior to.

Upon Enlisting at the academy, there was only one thing he particularly excelled at, and that was speed. Shunpo, Cicada, and general speed as well as reaction time were the general area he truly excelled within. He placed top of his class in these areas, and was really above average as it pertained to Kidou usage and Zangetsu. He was not very strong despite his fitness, and his hand to hand combat skills were minimal at best, and at worst they were non-existent. His Stamina and Durability were all top notch as well, and it was duely noted that his pain tolerance was obscenely, almost excessively high, when he continuously put himself in situations to get hurt, almost for the hell of it. He was considered an oddball, but one that could be useful as fodder within a setting of war, and perhaps more than that down the line. He got out of the academy within 5 years, and applied for 12th squad almost immediately. This was where his true brilliance began to shine.

He studied Kidou and Zanjetsu techniques for the first 100 years of his time in 12th squad, allowing him to properly execute most techniques not with the mastery of someone with an inclination towards them along with a practiced mastery of them, but rather execute them to the extent of an average person with a practiced mastery of them. This wasn’t to say he was bad, quite the opposite. He was never going to be as good as the 11th squad Captain in terms of sword to sword combat, and he was never going to be as good as the Kidou Corps Squad leader in terms of Kidou, but he would always be in the conversation for 2nd or 3rd best in these two categories, or at the very least close too. By the time 100 years had passed, he was a 20th seat in the 12th squad, and soon began to realize that his power had peaked, seeing as he had little interest in Hakudo, and all effort towards improving his strength had summarily failed miserably. It was time to practice for this Shikai thing everyone had been talking about..

After reading books on how to do it, he began to combat Hollows regularly, hoping that one of them would back him into a corner so that his need for the Zanpakuto to manifest itself would take over, hopefully allowing for him to attain it in an organized fashion. Then, a miracle. One day, while training, and working on his Zanpakuto in the comfort of his lab, he heard his Zanpakuto’s name for the first time, and immediately said it. It turned into a scythe, and he immediately took it to the training grounds. As he began to develop a feel for the Shikai and what it’s abilities entailed, he wanted more power from it. He wanted more painful capabilities added to it, and soon found a way to infuse the black threads the Shikai created, into his own being. They then began to display healing properties, but they were only self sufficient, working towards external injuries and only towards his personal injuries in most cases.

As he began to research stem cells, he found a way to properly utilize them towards regeneration. By stimulating them with his own Reitsu and infusing them inside of him, leaving them in a passive state until needed, he more or less invented his own method of internal healing through High Speed Regeneration, which also allowed for him to heal whole limbs if they were destroyed, and do plenty more along the lines of General High Speed Regeneration, but with expressed focus towards Internal or more necessary injuries as opposed to his Sewing Needle abilities. He soon got bored of this, and opted to train to achieve Bankai. He had long since become a Vice Captain, but 200 years later he became bored of this status and wanted more power, and opted to train for Bankai.

Upon more or less bitch slapping his Zanpakuto's spirit into submission within it’s own inner world in near record time due to the fact that all of his abilities were amplified, and otherwise improved upon, he began to tinker with it as well. The Bankai was initially a little bit disappointing to him, giving him a dual edged scythe that could split into two, all the while enhancing and furthering the abilities he had prior to. With that in mind, this was not good enough. Finally, he began to implant explosives into his tentacles, as well as acidic and toxic properties, in order to properly fuck with people while using them. As he developed his Bankai and became beyond battle tested, all the while training himself to max proficiency within the confines of his Bankai, his talent became immeasurable and could not be ignored in mass. It was soon time to make him a Captain, and he finally began to run the division of his dreams, the 12th squad of the Gotei 13..

Ayeee btw Kokoro furthered the research of the deceased Anzai Kuroi and successfully caused the first Hollowfication ever in the hopes that it would bolster the Gotei's power. Unfortunately that went wrong andwe'renottalkingaboutthatwithpeopleintheGoteiayeeee

RP Sample: I think everyone knows how I RP.


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on Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:16 am


Cero Espada
Cero Espada

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on Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:40 am


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