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#1 Yukari Hirai on Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:21 am


Name: Yukari Hirai
Age: 13
True Age: 75
Sex: Female
Yukari's personality differs vastly depending on whether or not she is inhabiting her gigai, well her outward personality that is. Preferring to act weak and helpless to attract strong targets, feasting on powers that they passively leak out. Though one trait that remains no matter whether or not she is in her skin suit, is that she is extremely flirtatious, manipulative. Paying complements and attempting to seduce others to do things for her.

While not in the skin suit, Yukari can be rather cold and haughty. Acting like she is better than everyone unless she wants something from them. That arrogance really manifests itself in battle, where she openly taunts her opponent trying to goad them into into being reckless. Yukari tends to view her fellow hollows as disposable peons, more a means to an end rather than another being.

While wearing her skin suit Yukari puts on a facade of being a helpless, somewhat clueless, danger prone young woman, who needs someone strong to protect her. One of her favorite pass times while in her Gigai is staging attacks from weaker hollows to draw in potential victims. Then after the weaker hollow gets disposed of by whoever shows she tends to lay it on thick, crying, freaking out, and acting scared hoping that they are gullible and will keep her close.

Likes: Yukari likes finding powerful fools that she can hang around and absorb the reiatsu leaked.

Fears: Being consumed by a stronger hollow. She fears that even more than being slain by either a Shinigami or a quincy.


Height: 4'8"
Weight: 77lbs
Physical Traits: Yukari's bone fragment is over her collarbone about halfway down her right breast. Her hole is abnormal in that it is a cross-shaped pattern, though its location is kind of typical dead center of her chest. The hole span's the lenght of her sternum, and stops mid-pectoral on each side, looking more like a pair of slashes than a normal hole.

Yukari's outfit is almost identical to Shana's favorite in all aspects except color, consisting of a white form fitting vest like shirt with a silver zipper that comes up to her collar bone. A white pair of relax-fit jeans held on by a black belt with crescent moon shaped buckle, adorn the lower half of her body. Her feet are covered by a pair of black combat boots.


General Fighting Style: Yukari's fighting style is rather indicative of the element that she embodies. Slow moving and resilient Yukari weathers enemies attacks waiting patiently before crashing down on them like an avalanche. Raining monstrous deceptively heavy blows on her foe with deadly precision.

While Yukari's normal way of doing things involves her weathering what her opponent dishes out, she is far from a fool and will avoid any ability that she feels might be far too dangerous for her to tank.

Hierro Master: Yukari's hierro is amongst the strongest of all of the Arrancar currently in existence.
Immense Strength: With the high durability from her Hierro Yukari also has a deceptive amount of strength in her small form able to easily lift beings and objects up to six times her own size. This strength is felt in the devastating blows she rains on her opponent,
Agility: While her skill with Sonido is lacking, her physical speed, and reflexes are top notch.
Brawler: Yukari is a brawler, preferring to use her hands and feet in a fight to take full advantage of her monstrous strength, though she lacks any formal training which can be just as much as an advantage as a disadvantage.

Sonido: Yukari's proficiency with sonido is sub-optimal, as such she can only use it up to five times every two posts, and it comes with a one post cooldown afterwards.
Sensing: Yukari never saw much need for investing time and effort into her sensing, her prey tended to come to her and would be put on ice before escaping, so why does she need to be able to track and hunt.
Size: While Yukari is immensely strong and durable her diminutive stature requires her to get in close to be able to put them to the good use leaving her at a constant disadvantage if she can't get in range.


Sealed Appearance:
Zanpakuto Name: Drago
Zanpakuto Call Out: Freeze
Cero: Cero abilities your character can use.  etc.
Cero, Bala, Gran Rey.

Name of Technique: Bajo Cero [Below Zero]
Technique Description: Cooldown:2 posts Yukari fires a cero that will encase all that it hits with a thick layer of ice on top of the the normal damage that it would deal.

Name of Technique: Dragon's Hide
Technique Description: Passive Yukari's very flesh is like that of a Dragon's hide making her already impressive Iron skin even greater, her Hierro is x2 stronger than that of your normal Arrancars.

Name of Technique: Cryokinesis
Technique Description: [passive] Yukari has the ability to freely create and manipulate Ice and Snow, and can even cause the temperature in the air to drop by freezing the water molecules in the air. This ability also allows her to use her Reiryoku to enhance ice and make it harder than steel. She can also control Ice in the area around her so long as it isn't under the effect of another individuals Reiatsu. Doing so allows her to create attacks up to Hado 40 in strength or attempt to encase her foes in a Bakudo level 30 trap, as easy as thinking


Appearance: Yukari grows in size, increasing to over eight feet tall, and about 250lbs as she takes on a form almost identical to the one she wore as a Vasto Lorde

Name of Technique: Aliento de Escarcha [Frost Breath]
Technique Description:Cooldown:3 posts Yukari releases a breath attack from her hand that will freeze who/whatever hit hits turning them into ice. For player characters this will act differently encasing them in ice rather than turning them to it. The ice can be broken even if the target is fully encased, similarly to a rank 40 bakudo.

Name of Technique: Tempestad de Hielo [Icicle Storm]
Technique Description:Cooldown:3 posts Yukari releases a barrage (~20) of eight inch reiatsu enhanced daggers of ice that will fly towards her target, attempting to pierce their target. If successful the dagger will modify itself to have a one inch barb on it before ice and cold will start spreading from the dagger, literally starting to freeze the target from the inside out. (On player character the freezing inside will not be anything permanent, atleast no more so than having a dagger stuck inside of you. It will instead start encasing the user in ice similarly to Aliento de Escarcha does, at a rate of approximately five inches per post). Any icicle that misses will stick around for two posts after the attack, and can be picked up and used as a weapon.

Name of Technique: Muro de Hielo [Wall of Ice]
Technique Description:Cooldown:5 posts Yukari generates a wall of Reiatsu enhanced ice to block attacks, The wall can be shaped as Yukari sees fit from a flat square to a half dome. The wall itself can withstand up to a #95 hado,

Name of Technique: Estallar [Burst]
Technique Description:Cooldown:3 posts Yukari causes all of the ice that is infused with her reishi explode, turning them into shrapnel bombs sending razer sharp pieces of ice in all directions.

Name of Technique: Dragon's Scales
Technique Description: Passive Yukari's hide gets coated in steel like scales, increasing her hierro's strength even further. Yukari's Hierro gets a x3 boost.

Boosts: x3 all


Appearance: Yukari's appearance doesn't change much between the two forms, in fact the only major change is a reduction about six feet tall, and she now weighs only 180lbs

Name of Technique: Aliento de Escarcha [Ice Armor]
Technique Description:Cooldown:2 posts; Lasts up to 4 post Yukari encases her body in an interlinking armor of ice, designed as much for allowing her mobility to remain unrestricted as to increase her protection. When combined with her Hierro, she can sustain attacks equal to that of a #80 hado. On its own though it can only protect against up to a rank #50 hado, and Yukari will have to wait before using it again

Name of Technique: Diamond Scales
Technique Description: Passive The scales that coat Yukari's body strengthen even further, her Hierro strengthening to being x4 normal.

Boosts: x4 all


World of the Living
Yukari was born as one half of a pair of near identical twins, the only difference between the two was their hair and eyes. Yukari's were black and brown respectively while her sisters was a brilliant shade of red. Their lives were full of love and care, nary a want in sight. The first time either of them truly encountered any kind of strife was when they entered school, Shana's hair and eyes drew the attention of the meaner kids practically hanging a blinking 'Bully Me' sign around her neck. Yukari being the kind caring sister, stood up for Shana, both using her words and fists to get the bullies to back off whenever she was around. Then one day the obliviously spiritually aware Yukari saw a young boy following a ball out in front of an oncoming car.

Her protective instincts kicking into over drive she moved before thinking trying to get the boy out of the way of trouble, only to be caught by surprise as he vanished just as she reached him. Luckily the car saw her coming and had managed to slow down enough to only knock her back a bit as it came in contact with her, though her head impacted a rock as she struck the ground. She was dead before the paramedics arrive, however because both her and Shana had promised to never leave each others side she chose not to move on when she had a chance, preferring to stay in the land of the living watching over her most precious person.

Unfortunately now that she was a ghost, the only person who seemed to be able to see and interact with Yukari was Shana who shared her ability to see spirits. This prevented Shana from grieving over Yukari's death in a normal way causing her parents to worry and call in experts who explained that she was just in shock. Though Yukari quickly discovered the upside to not being seen by people as she was able to find out how people truly felt eavesdropping on those around Shana when she wasn't near.

She found that at first all of the people around Shana had ceased picking on her, even behind her back because even though they were jerks they didn't feel right picking on a girl who just lost her sister. Their parents however were a different story all together, at first they were fine no different from how they were before Yukari's death. Though after months and Shana still insisting that Yukari was still there they started acting differently when Shana wasn't around, saying mean and spiteful things about their daughter who they were starting to worry had grown strange because of Yukari's death. Their negative emotions, and spiteful comments actually started to cause Yukari's spirt self pain.

Spirit no More:
Not wanting to worry Shana, Yukari left while waiting for the pain to pass, though it didn't in fact it only intensified, feeling as if a portion of her was being forcefully, and painfully ripped away from her. Suddenly her body split at the seams, popping like an over inflated balloon though when it reformed it was not in the same shape it was before, looking more like a fur covered lizard with long talon tipped arms. Though her appearance wasn't the only thing that changed, no her being became not only twisted in appearance, but right down to its very core. Gone was kind, gentle, loving girl, in its place was a ravenous monster who put herself, and her desire to feed before all else.

The emptiness in her soul called to her, beckoning her to return back to her home where she found her parents still sitting around the table arguing. Smiling to herself she set about brutally slaughtering the beings who were quite responsible for bringing her into this world, both as a human and as the monster she now was. Their souls safely consumed, and bodies brutally mutilated in the messiest way that she could imagine Yukari was still not satisfied with herself, she desired more. More specifically the other half of her soul, a particular pocket sized red head, whose decadent scent permeated through the very pores of the house.

Figuring the easiest option would be to wait for her to return, Yukari did just that, the time passed quickly enough as Yukari had spent most of the morning making a mess of the place. She had set up in a corner of the house, within easy reach of the front door, should Shana decide to run but out of sight should she choose to enter. And enter Shana did, collapsing at the sight of the mess and letting loose a scream so filled with anguish and terror Yukari was filled with sadistic glee, letting loose a hissing laughter right up until she pounced at her sister. Ripping Shana's soul from her body and knocking her into the wall Yukari started slowly piercing the young girls spiritual flesh with one of her blood soaked claws, savoring every inch it penetrated right up until Shana's power flared up and the sadistic glee she was feeling was replaced with pure agony. Her talon was missing, As Yukari raised her other claw she felt the approach of something, she wasn't sure what but she knew whatever it was she didn't want to be there when it arrived.

Ripples of Heat
Her pray of choice escaped her grasp, and her hunger was far from sated, now that she was safe from the beings that interrupted her earlier meal, at least for now, she went on the hunt again. Eating any hapless soul she came across, before fading back into the desert realm of Hueco mundo. This was Yukari's life day in and day out, with the occasional need to assert her dominance, and even consume other hollows who tried to pick a fight with her.

It was during one of these fights she decided that instead of eating them out right, she would press them into servitude under her, if they proved themselves worthy, letting them gather around her, and pick up her scraps. They proved useful in keeping weaklings at bay. Shortly after obtaining her thirteenth minion, she felt a ripple of power through the air. The surge felt familiar, filling her with desire to find its source, compelling her beyond reason to enter what was possibly enemy territory to savor its flavor.

Gathering up her minions she ripped open a hole between the dimensions, showing up in the outskirts of the Rukongai. She told her minions to run wild and eat their fill of the souls,though if she found that they so much as harmed one hair on the head of her target she would torture them endlessly. Breaking them completely before granting them a merciful eternity as a part of her. Though the travel between the dimensions had not been a quick one and her prey's presence was lost to her.

Over looking the destruction and gobbling up any soul unfortunate enough to run with in her reach she scanned the crowds to try and find the source of the sensation that dragged her all the way here. Finally spotting a familiar looking head of hair she started to make her way towards it, but before she could reach it a man snatched her up and vanished. Loosing a roar of frustration she started searching again, though her search was interrupted as the man from before had returned, sword gleaming in hand wading his way through the group of hollows that Yukari had brought with her.

The battle was fierce, and short her minions were dispatched one after another with apparent ease. Yukari tried her hand against the man with the sword and was heavily injured forcing her to retreat. Back in Hueco Mundo Yukari had to regather her minions, though this time she was planning on being much more selective about who she let gather around her.

Attempt Two
For years Yukari continued her futile attempts to fill her seemingly bottomless pit of a stomach. Eating hollows and humans alike, even daring to kill the occasional strong human she encountered to eat their soul fresh. While her hunger never seemed sated, her power did continue to grow. After the previous loss of her minions she kept the numbers of her followers low, only keeping the four strongest as her minions, though they would regularly get changed as a stronger challenger would appear and defeat one of them. This was the way her life went as she gathered her strength, in preparation for another attempt to capture her red-headed prey.

Once she felt she was strong enough she gathered her forces, and even goaded other hollows into joining the attack before opening a rip between worlds. Sitting in the gap with her three strongest allies she sent the rest through, depositing them in random points hoping that one of them would be able to find the being that she was looking for. It didn't take long for Yukari to feel her target appear in approximately the same location she saw her last.

Fading through the veil between the worlds Yukari appeared with her minions seeing her sister dressed in black vanquish the hollow that was attacking that district. With a nod of her head Yukari signaled the beginning of her plan to let them incapacitate and capture Shana for Yukari to enjoy at her leisure later. One of her three hollows pounced at the young soul reaper, bounding away as soon as it landed the pounce itself missing its mark. The second hollow released a barrage of feathers at Shana attempting to slash her to ribbons. Shana expertly swatted them out of the air with her sword, though the attack itself appeared to have succeeded in distracting the small girl as a massive furry paw that knocked her into an already destroyed building.

Yukari took this opening to try and encase her in ice using her freezing breath, Shana still dazed got up and started to try and flank around the attack just to be stopped by the first hollow, allowing the breath attack to hit true. Smiling Yukari started to make her way towards her newly obtained sis-cicle. Though before she could claim her prize the ice which should have lasted until Yukari melted it herself was starting to melt and crack, then burst, leaving a slightly chilled and damp but otherwise unharmed Shana.

Shana loosed an arc of flames that Yukari intercepted with a burst of her freezing breath, though that was only enough to weaken the blow which still damaged her and her two ground bound cohorts. Not wanting to risk taking any more damage Yukari opened up a  portal to phase away while Shana destroyed her third minion, dragging the other two with her as she fled.

Walking through the Forest
Once 'safely' back in Hueco Mundo Yukari decided that it would be best to start from scratch. Devouring the two injured hollows that she dragged back with her absorbing their power into herself. Yukari felt her self grow stronger with each bite, though she had failed to notice that as her strength grew, her sense of self faded. When she had finished the second hollow her body dispersed again, reforming as a massing tower of creature. Following an instinctual urge Yukari made her way to the forest of the Menos, surrounding herself with like beings where she wandered aimlessly, occasionally feasting on another Gillian when the urge struck her. Her mind was was like a packed coliseum of screaming voices, each one trying to take charge, though none of them were able to be distinguished from the others.

This was Yukari now, mindless eating machine, aimlessly wandering around the same portion of Hueco Mundo. Her true self all but lost within the sea of voices complacently floating there until one day she happened across a rip someone, or something had opened between dimensions. Peering through it she saw her sister fighting off a pack of hollows. The sight of her blazing hair stirred something in Yukari and she started clawing her way back in control of herself, beating back all of the other personalities that were vying for dominance. In one fell swoop she went from being just another voice in the crowd, to the only one left. Loosing a terrible shriek that was heard all across Hueco Mundo her Gillian shell split open and out stepped her new sleaker more powerful form.

Intermediate Great Hollow
Silence reigned as Yukari's thoughts were her own again, after all that time surrounded by chittering, and chattering voices she really wished to put her new claws to the test. Going on a rampage throughout portions of Hueco mundo Yukari killed off other hollows indiscriminately, rarely eating those she was killing, relishing in the wanton destruction, as she killed just for the sake of killing, all while testing the limits of her newest form.

After months of killing any poor fool who was unfortunate to cross her path Yukari had grown bored of the bland lifeless scenery of Hueco Mundo, and decided to go to the world of the living for a while, maybe make a meal out of a human or two. Stepping into the world of the living in a massive city, she found that the shear amount of life energy being released by its inhabitants was fulfilling unto itself, though it wasn't as satisfactory, or savory as Yukari remembered eating a soul to be it still sated her hunger, well mostly.

While she was not hungry any more she still craved the flavor of a fresh whole soul, untainted by the hollowfication process. Not particularly caring whether or not she will have to extract the soul herself Yukari flew over the city scanning for a particularly scrumptious looking morsel. After a few moments her eyes fixed on one, the being practically radiated power in comparison to those around her. Stalking her prey keeping her presence hidden as she did so, she followed her target until she had isolated herself from the crowds of people. Once her prey was alone Yukari rushed in ripping her targets soul from their body so that she could torture them then eat them while they were still technically alive.

However once the soul was forcibly removed from the body Yukari was not expecting what she had found. The soul of the person she had targeted was decked out just as Shana was the last time Yukari saw her. The shock at seeing her prey in that outfit left her open for a counter attack. Though luckily for Yukari her prey was already exhausted and injured from an earlier encounter with a hollow Allowing Yukari to win with relative ease. Taking the body back to Hueco Mundo with her she set out to finding one of those scientific hollow fellows.

New Skin Suit
It took Yukari the better part of a year to find someone who fit what she was looking for. Once she did she delivered the Gigai that she had taken off of the soul reaper she had slain and had the Arrancar perform certain modifications to it, allowing her to possess it as if it was made for her, which made her seem human not only in appearance but in spiritual signature as well. After taking the time to learn what abilities she had access to in her Gigai she started to wreak havoc in an attempt to test the full extent of them.

One of these tests lead to her trying to use Gargantua to escape a hollow she had annoyed, the foolish creature had followed her to the world of the living, and after chasing her was destroyed by a quincy that happened to be nearby. The sheer amount of power the human was radiating caused Yukari to draw up a plan that made up the better part of the next chunk of her life.

Every five years or so Yukari would move on, returning to Hueco mundo for a bit, and causing a similar situation to occur where she would be chased by a hollow get rescued by someone and feast off of the reishi that they naturally release.

Great Lady:
While Yukari's preferred form of sustenance came from absorbing the residual life energy from people going about their every day lives in the world of the living, she was like others of her own kind occasionally struck with an irresistible urge for cannibalism and would feast on other hollows. It was after one of these such fits that Yukari's form changed, becoming smaller and somewhat humanoid in appearance. With her new form, came new powers for her to test, and test them she did. Once she felt like she had a good feel for her powers she returned to life as normal, staying primarily in the world of the living, returning to Hueco Mundo whenever the urge to cannibalize others struck her. Though with her new powers came another urge, one to hunt down Shinigami consuming them for the large increase in her powers that seemed to come with it.

One day after a particularly vicious fight with a Shinigami, Yukari brought her Shinicicle with her back to Hueco Mundo. After consuming her frozen treat an arrancar approached her and extended her an invite she couldn't refuse. Following the creature to the base of the Espada Yukari underwent a Shinigamification procedure, which while excruciatingly painful left her understandably enraged causing her to lash out at the closest person at hand, which unfortunately for the third espada at the time, happened to be him.

Beating the poor fool t within an inch of his life, with what was quite possibly the most spectacular display of a hilariously, unexpectedly one sided fight. Yukari put the beast out of his misery by slowly crushing his skull in her bare hands.

After being taught the ropes by the other Arrancar, she replaced the third Espada. Over the next few years she also learned how to increase the power of her Resurreccion through the use of a second, and in her case more compact form.

Side Notes: Shana's Twin Sister, Also has a Gigai.
RP Sample: Le Nope.

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#2 Re: Yukari Hirai on Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:12 am

Bumped, she be done finally

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Approved 1-2

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#4 Re: Yukari Hirai on Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:27 am

You have 3 major strengths:  Agility (2) and Strength(1), coupled with Sonido and Hakuda
You have 2 weaknesses. Sonido and Size (which doesn't really mesh with our stat system, but I'll allow it since the reasoning given can be taken as an appropriate weakness.)

Add at least one more major and minor weakness each, or two minor, and I'll call it good and give you your 0-5 back.

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Approved at 0-5, Welcome to the new Ice Age.

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