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#1 Jun Tomoshibi on Sun 20 Nov 2016 - 20:28

Jun T

Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Jun Tomoshibi
Age: 16
True Age: 16
Sex: Male

Personality:  Often viewed as a delinquent, that assessment could not be more wrong. He only fights when he has to, otherwise he’ll try to weasel his way out of a fight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen too often. Generally mild mannered, he’s very respectful to authority figures. Oddly, he hardly ever gets in trouble because he is always on the defensive and never throws the first punch. Unless he sees someone picking on another. His attitude is typically bratty and arrogant and easily annoyed. He isn’t really pessimistic or optimistic. Surprisingly, he’s very caring and kind to his friends and any and all kids.

As a whole, despite his initial bratty attitude, he is one of those people that one almost can’t hate after interacting with him. Intelligent and resourceful, he doesn’t much like his parents and gets into fights with them. And is consequently sent to his room. That doesn’t stop him from leaving his room and his parents have tried everything to keep him grounded. They’ve even tried security systems, but he’s beaten them all.  He is also mildly claustrophobic.

He is also a techie and loves to play internet games and net surfing. He knows a lot about his great uncle, Riku Tomoshibi, as well as his great grandparents, even knows that shinigami blood runs through his vains. It kind of irks him a little bit, but is willing to accept it.

He'll always find ways to get to the bottom of a situation, and get answers. His judgement is almost eerily like that of an experienced adult at times. That sometimes can make him appear scary. His enthusiasm for helping out when he can often leads him to trouble, but he often sorts it out very quickly. He is also bisexual.

After facing hopelessness, he's matured a bit and learned a bit of what sacrifice really meant. That doesn't mean to say he's more cautious or anything like that, but a more calm and reasoned recklessness, knowing to approach a fight with that chance that he's gonna die, and be at peace with that.

Likes: Friends, technology, internet games, net surfing, music of most kinds, Winderlin.
Fears: Very small rooms, power outages, being bound/tied up.

Character Appearance

Height: Five foot, six inches
Weight: 135 lbs.
Physical Traits: He is ambidextrous, that kind of runs in the family. Despite his size and how skinny he appears, he does have a lot of muscle. It's just dense. His green eyes darken and lighten dependent on his mood, the happier, the lighter, the more mad/pissed off, the darker. His blonde hair isn't particularly long or short, just short enough not to get in his eyes, but long enough to be easily grabbed if someone decided to play dirty. He's fairly athletic, even though he doesn't look like it at all, being wiry, even enough to near perfectly cross-dress.

Since his powers evolved, his rings had turned into tattoos, an Asian dragon with his middle finger being the head of it, the thumb and pinky fingers having an arm and hand, and then down on the top of his hands, coiling around his forearm. Both dragons are a mix of red and blue in color, aside from the teeth and claws, which are white. When his fullbring is in use, his hair turn silver (or half of it turns silver, the same side that it's activated on), along with his eyes, which are slitted.


Clothing: Pretty much the picture above, but clothing styles vary.
Accessories: Whatever fits with whatever he's wearing.

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Since his powers evolved, he is almost more reliant on hand to hand more than ever. Even when his fullbring is in use. He's still very much a glass cannon, just even more so, and have to use his fullbring's abilities sparingly. He still uses his kido as kind of a fill in the gaps tactical use. Almost growing more reliant on it, while reserving his fullbring's abilities for that big move or three. His kido ability has improved, however, though not by much. He is still every bit as resourceful as before.

Strengths: Hand to hand combat expert, Stamina

Agility-including blur, his version of shunpo, and is very proficient in it. Can even use the Shinigami Cicada technique twice a thread.

Immense Strength-he is strong enough to punch through tough hierro. He can punch or kick through walls and crack strong barriers despite his size. Although high leveled barriers will hurt his hands, but he'll likely crack and even break through them.

He also can use minimum kido spells, due to having minimum shinigami blood in him and reading his great grandmother's diaries that detailed Soul Society and most other things. He is mostly limited to lower end kido spells, but he can use mid-range spells, though at a cost of his body.

Weaknesses: While he can take some hits, his durability is rather lacking.

His fullbring abilities are high energy consumption and hurts him, compounding to his low durability and drains his average energy amounts quickly.

His final form is also limited due to the strain it puts on his body. His control over his own fullbring, while better, is still low, so while he can reestablish control much faster, he practically has to "reset" first. While before a bala would have been enough to ruin his control, it now takes slightly weaker than a cero to do so.

His kido, despite having been improved slightly, still isn't very strong. And mid-leveled kido spells often bites back at him a little bit.

Abilities & Weapons

Appearance: A chain like glove, surrounding the tips of his fingers down to a bar at his palm that extends, forming a dragon's head at the end with several blades. The chain links run down to a single wrist brace that coils down most of his forearm. On the actual chain whip, it is now bladed, allowing it to cut. While it could still restrain without harming someone, it is much more difficult to do so. This is on both hands. (Think a modified design on Kurapika's from Hunter X Hunter)

Also, his hair and eyes turn white/silvery in color. If only one hand is active, then only the half on that side changes colors.

Powers: The main abilities are the Fullbring standard form. But he can control the whips telepathically and stiffen them up for sword fighting or use them at range. This includes shrinking and lengthening the chain. As mentioned before, he doesn’t have full mastery over his weapons. He no longer has a set range limit, though the longer it is the harder to control it becomes. The odd "glove" does allow him to bat away bala and weaker abilities away without harm.


Note: He can combine abilities or hide an ability within another one. Also note that all of his abilities bite back. Often resulting in heavy bruising and even some broken bones in random locations.

Name: Esoteric Burning
Effect: And ability destruction ability. It burns whatever ability it's used on and "destroys" it for a set limit. The ability it is destroying needs to be active. If it's a racial ability, it is disabled for four posts. If it's a zanpakutou ability or other, it is disabled for three posts. This has a five post cooldown in either case. It is a stream of silver fire ranging in size. It does not do any actual harm.

Name: Magnetic Force (player permission only for full version.)
Effect: The target is infected by white electricity. Often hidden, one can detect if they're infected. At that point, Jun can restrain them fully (player permission) or partially (most often used). They are pulled to whatever Jun decides, often the ground, at tremendous forces. Unless you're strong or significantly stronger than him, you're not escaping it. It lasts for three posts. Four post cooldown.

Name: Esoteric Flamethrower
Effect: A stream of white flames is fired from either the dragon head of his chain whips, his hands, or even his mouth. He can choose what he burns (assuming it is not overlapping with another ability), from just someone's hands to strictly their clothes. This does at minimum a cero's worth of damage, but can do up to a gran rey and half of damage. 4 post cooldown.

Name: Esoteric Shock
Effect: A shock of white lightning hits the target, then electrocutes them for a cero's worth of damage for three posts (as in each post, not total. Total would be three ceros). five post cooldown.

Name: Warp Blast
Effect: White lightning swirls and absorbs whatever ability that comes his way (up to forbidden kido, but only one of those, the rest MUST be cero or weaker, up to 4 abilities either way). The next post, he fires a blast of white fire at bala speeds at the same strength as all of the abilities he's absorbed. Combined cooldown of all the abilities absorbed plus 2 posts. If none of the abilities had a cooldown, then it is 1 post cd for each ability, plus the 2 post extra cd.

Name: Electromagnetic Shield
Effect: Jun can defend using a powerful shield. It does do a single cero worth of damage if the opponent touches it. It can block a forbidden kido spell. 5 post cd.

Name: Burst Strike
Effect: A double blast of white fire and lightning occurs at a point of contact. An explosion that is 30 yards in diameter occurs. But damage is not immediately incurred. With a snap of Jun's fingers, the target takes a cero oscuras amount of damage. 6 post cooldown (it is two attacks, one of fire and the other of lightning).

Name: Dragon's Rage
New Appearance: Black gloves cover his hands, each with four hidden blades connected by near limitless amounts of chains (he uses his spirit energy to lengthen them). Just above where the blades come out are metal studs. There are two chains with blades like his whips, two in the forearms, and two on each calf. Their length limit is ten yards and is controlled telepathically. After 5 posts, he goes back to normal and cannot move. He might be conscious, but he's defenseless. It allows for the following enhancements to his abilities as well as a major boost to his physical strength and speed (detailed below and also obviously lasts as long as this form is active).

Name: Multi-storm
Effect: A combination of the Lightning Storm and Fire Storm with their abilities. Same conditions apply to get rid of said abilities when hit. Because both is fired at the same time, it is harder to dodge than in the primary stage.

Name: Elemental Enhancement.
Effect: Pretty much the exact same except with all eight chains whips. The blades and chains in his gloves are not included. And which chains have which version is even, four have fire and four have lightning.

Name: Dragon Storm
Effect: Either his fists, feet, or the blades and chains in his gloves erupts with lightning and flame in the shape of a dragon's head. The attack is extremely powerful, being able to shatter Bakudo 81 Danku with a single hit from just about anyone. Obviously, this is his strongest attack and can only be used once before returning to normal and being helpless. Equal to two hado 90 somethings (one being from his fist, the other being from the dual element dragon, which can be launched as well).

Name: Physical Boost
Effect: His physical strength and speed dramatically increases, and only these two stats, by 7 times. This part is what causes the most strain as it is constant. Though if he uses Dragon Storm, it guarantees he will not be conscious. This part is what makes this his last resort. Lasts five posts, as stated multiple times.

Name: Wave manipulation
Effect: He can fire more accurate waves of fire or lightning from his whips. The new strength is that of a standard Hado 63 from a kido expert.

Name: Spiker
Effect: From the whips, himself, or anywhere within fifteen yards of him, spikes of flame and/or lighting can come up to attack the enemy. Kind of a last minute defense. The fire will set the person ablaze for two posts, with the same weaknesses as his fire storm. The same with the Lightning spikes in relation to the Lightning storm.

Back Drop:

Background: Born in New York City, he learned to take care of himself for the most part. His parents are fairly young, currently in their mid-thirties. Jun was spoiled beyond belief, but always showed a fascination towards the technology side of things. His grandfather always told him stories about his great uncle, and how much the man had meant to all of them. In fact, the only real difference between the two is height and eye color. Jun wanted to be just as great as this Riku Tomoshibi guy that was related to him through his grandpa. Unfortunately, he stopped trying to be after failing so many times when he was young. Because of that, he was jealous of the guy. His jealousy developed after that.

Like his elder counterpart, he could see spirits pretty early in life, at eight years old. Unbeknownst to him, while his mother was pregnant with him, his mother was attacked by a hollow. His grandfather saved her with his own powers. Eight years later, Jun got shoved into a small metal box by some hollow. In the box were several other souls, except he was the only one that was alive. This was when his claustrophobia and fear of being bound came from. He was saved, by a green haired giant by the name of Alexander Kerensky. The man explained to him about shinigami and hollows, and about his own race, the bounto. The boy admired him for not holding any grudges and the like. It was cool in his opinion.

As his powers grew, so did his arrogant, yet kind nature. Despite his own private training, he still left plenty of time for fun and games. His parents became overbearing, and he rebelled astonishingly well. Alexander Kerensky also took him under his wing a bit, and assisted with his growth. Now, Jun is at the minimum age to start working for the Committee.

Side Notes: Kido list: Bakudo: 4, 9 (Horin only, not Geki), 8, 21, 26, and 39

Hado: 1, 4, 31, and 32

RP Sample:

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#2 Re: Jun Tomoshibi on Fri 25 Nov 2016 - 7:57

Ika Mazi

Approved. 1-5, 1-1 in Hyper mode.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#3 Re: Jun Tomoshibi on Thu 22 Dec 2016 - 5:23

Jun T

Changed the "second" form into an ability. Same appearance for it, stated it allowed for the following abilities, LOWERED duration to 4 posts. Changed the physical boost to not include the tiers and instead estimated. Might be on the high side, but that's up to you guys to decide. Changed Dragon Storm slightly...basically, once he uses that, he's guaranteed to not be conscious and goes back to normal, specified a level of attack power on it as well...not sure if it would really be worth or not.

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#4 Re: Jun Tomoshibi on Thu 22 Dec 2016 - 20:53

Ika Mazi

Dragon Storm I'd change to two forbidden Kidou's worth of damage.
Maybe make a blast release from the punch in the shape of a dragon, like Goku's dragon. Hit by that=A forbidden Kidou, Hit from the fist and that thusly is two of them.. The fist can shatter a Danku and the Dragon gimmick still gets launched after..

As for the boosts, down them to 7 up the duration to 5, or talk to me about it in PM when you have the time..

Other than that? I'll approve.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#5 Re: Jun Tomoshibi on Fri 23 Dec 2016 - 8:41

Jun T


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#6 Re: Jun Tomoshibi on Sun 25 Dec 2016 - 5:59

Ika Mazi

You took out the duration for the physical boost for some reason. That's all, it's an easy fix. Then approved.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#7 Re: Jun Tomoshibi on Sat 31 Dec 2016 - 4:40

Ika Mazi

As stated multiple times, (I caught that ;p) Approved. 1-4 for the trouble, thank you very much.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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