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on Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:55 am


Name: Hagane Jaken'na kokoro

Age: 22

True Age: 79

Sex: Male

Hagane's old personality:
Hagane has quite an optimistic outlook on life. The way he sees the world is that everyone chooses there own path, and only you have the capability to choose where it will go. There are a lot of things he hates about the world, and the people, but it will never force him to be someone he's not. He will not compromise himself for someone else, especially if he has to get rid of who he truly is.  

Hagane is considered to be an Idealistic person over realistic. He follows his heart and does the things he wants to do when he wants to do them, Even if he has to break rules, laws and regulations. He believes that to truly fill the void of ones own existence, they must be willing to try new experiences.

Hagane could be considered both an Imaginative and Logical thinker, but more often than not he doesn't really try to see the world more than it is. Simply put, he sees the potential of everything and everyone, he sees no point in believing there is more because what he sees should be enough. Sadly people don't see/nor think the same way often leaving his views ignored.

Hagane is playful when he wants to be, although perhaps sometimes his version of fun or playful is another's nightmare. For the most part Hagane is serious, especially in battle, even if it doesn't seem like it. He can seem stupid at times, but his head is screwed on just right. He is playful with others when they appear playful with him, and is serious with others when they appear serious with him.  

Hagane when not in battle or fighting, prefers to be alone. Although he enjoys the company of the people he knows, He just simply likes to be by himself. Perhaps it's just the large crowds or certain people that tend to get on his nerves.

Courageous is perhaps a very good way to put hagane. He will stand up for anything he believes is right, and he hates it when others try to force their ideals onto him. He will not back down from a fight especially when the things he cares for are in danger, however Hagane is not stupid. He knows when he needs to back down from a fight.

Hagane is a very confident person, and loves to show others it's true. Hagane knows where his true strengths lie, and where he falls short. Perhaps a little to confident with his strengths, yet that's never stopped him before, nothing has.

Hagane is perhaps a little more Naive than clever, but he has his moments. It seems however that sometimes he's too naive to trick and instead leaves a persons clever plan to fly too far, if that makes sense.

Clean. Hagane can be clean, sometimes. It's not like he leaves everything a big mess. Well the battlefield he does. He's clean when it comes to his appearance, most of the time. Everything else, not so much. It's not because he can't organised things. It's just because a lot of the time he doesn't know how, especially when it comes to paperwork.

Hagane may seem like a happy person on top, but inside, he's angry. As to where the anger originated is unknown. But it may have something to do with when he was still alive. Not many know or will ever know but Hagane's life was full of abuse and hatred. His family disregarded him as a failure and he suffered beatings constantly. His anger can often show the most while he is in battle, sort of a way for him to vent his rage.


Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 181 lbs

Physical Traits:

Clothing: As shown in Picture.

Accessories: He has a necklace which is made of red metal beads.   


General Fighting Style: Hagane is a pure brawler who uses his body as a weapon with high efficiency and power. His powers allow him to make strong attacks consistently.

Strengths: Strength, Reiryoku, Reiatsu, Zanjutsu, Stamina, Endurance (Extreme Pain Tolerance, Hagane is capable of withstanding a horrid amount of pain, almost to the point where torture is a cake walk for him).    

Weaknesses: Shunpo (Hagane's Shunpo is the slowest out of all the Captains and Vice Captains. He is also only able to use it once per post.), Hakuda (Hagane only has the basics learned from the Shinigami Academy, mostly due to his Brute fighting style), kidou (Hagane is only able to use Kidou up to 30).

Personal Abilities:

Self-sustenance: Alot of Hagane's physical needs are removed. He has no need to breath, sleep/rest, eat, drink, shelter to environmental effects and their lack (heat/cold, dryness/wetness), etc. This allows Hagane to survive in conditions that would kill most people. This means that Hagane has almost godlike resistance to heat and cold effects, but not impervious.  

Levitation: This ability essentially allows Hagane to Airwalk and fly without needing to use Spiritual Energy.


Name of Zanpakuto: Tomerarenai-ryoku

Sealed Appearance:
Sealed Zanpakuto:


Call Out Command: Tomerarenai-ryoku

Shikai Appearance and Hagane's new Appearance:


A two-handed War-hammer made of steel.


Hagane grows in size and mass. His height becomes 7 feet 5 Inches and his weight drastically changes to 600 lbs. His clothing also changes, giving him what appears to look like traditional armor. (Clothing in Appearance)


Subdermal Armor: Hagane generates an innate hard shell casing of armor underneath his skin. Blocking 10% of all damage taken. Also acts like an average Hierro. (When entering Bankai this percentage is raised to 15%)

Carbon Density: Hagane generates/subconsciously manipulates carbon in a way to make it form a hard shell casing of armor around his body. Blocking 10% of all damage taken. Also acts like an average Hierro. (When entering Bankai this percentage is raised to 15%)

Collision Inducement: With this ability Hagane causes damage equal to a full powered strike he can make, which occurs when anything makes contact with any part of his body. The damage is considered blunt force. This ability only activates if Hagane is IN MOTION and is always functional as long as the motion requirement is met. While moving this ability also Blocks 20% of all damage taken. (When entering Bankai this percentage is raised to 30%)(Note that a full powered strike from Hagane would equal that of a cero or higher)

Earth Manipulation: Hagane can create, shape and manipulate earth and "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc. Within a 50m Radius (Becomes 100m Radius when entering Toukai).

Earth Colosseum: Hagane can form 4 walls in a 30 foot area around him, with a ceiling over the top which allows enough light in for the opponent to see, but not to slip through. (Regardless of any shenanigans, teleportation doesn't work in here.) This essentially traps the opponent in a 20m arena with Hagane, making them far easier pickings for him. Hagane cannot use Earth Manipulation when this is active, and it lasts 2 posts with a 4 post Cooldown. The walls of the arena can withstand up to Gran Rey Cero damage. (When in Bankai the Coliseum is slightly smaller, being a 15m area around him instead. The walls while in Bankai can withstand up to Cero Oscuras damage, and the ability lasts 3 posts with a 5 post cooldown instead.)

Inertia Negation: Effectively Hagane is unaffected by Inertia. Essentially although his body has mass, this ability makes it so his body acts as if it had low mass or was massless. Leaving his Body unaffected by the effects of Inertia while still retaining all his Mass.  

Boosts: x2 Strength, x2 Reiryoku, x2 Durability, and x2 Endurance.


New Name: Chikara o koeta tsuyo-sa

Bankai Appearance and Hagane's new Appearance:

His Zanpakuto grows extremely large in size and turns into a two-handed giant mallet made of Steel. Surprisingly it doesn't weigh that much for Hagane, it holds the same characteristics as Thor's Hammer. Light for Hagane to lift, and heavy as hell for his Opponents to do so.

Hagane's musculoskeletal system grows massive in size and mass. Size and weight change drasticly. His height growing to 9 feet 5 Inches and his weight changing to 1500 lbs. His clothing changes into an armor like shell with a dome like helmet all bolted together.


Regeneration: Hagane has accelerated healing, he can heal all external damage such as fractured bones and deep cuts, burns, bruises, ETC. If a limb is cut off he can re-attach it, with a bit of time. Hagane is also capable of surviving severe blood loss. (It can take up to 6 posts to reattach a limb.)   

Enhanced Strength: Hagane is able to exert super physical strength. He can lift objects exceeding over his weight, up to 2 Tons, and cause blows and punches capable of making objects fly meters away from him. (This weight is not exact, but is the largest feat of strength that has been witnessed.)   

Absolute Fist - This ability allows the user to use his own fist as a means of dealing with abilities and attacks that normally transcend physical limits, but is not completely limited to such. While this ability is active the user is able to "punch" any single attack and cancel it. Effectively punching it out of existence. After doing this a single time however the power cannot be used again for a short time. That time is dependent on the power that was cancelled. So punching a cero would be a one post cooldown. Punching a level 60 kidou would be a 2 post CD. Etc. This ability does not function against powers and attacks whose power exceeds that of a Cero Oscuras. (This Ability can also be used as a means to mitigate damage, meaning if the user was to Punch a forbidden kidou with absolute fist the damage would be mitigated down by the highest amount of power it is able to cancel.)  

Shockwave: By clapping his hands together with immense strength, Hagane is able to emit a strong shockwave from his clap. The shockwave itself is equal to that of Cero force, Knocking opponents not only on their ass but also knocking them back. Its range reaches to 10m and is in a 270 degree cone. Can only be used twice per post. This clap can also incapacitate hearing and balance for a few seconds, depending on who it's used on.    

(When In Bankai, Hagane still has access to the abilities from his Shikai. Some of the Abilities increase in strength.)

Boosts: x3 Strength, x3 Reiryoku, x3 Durability, and x3 Endurance



Hagane's Hollow mask resembles that of a Human Skull.


Earth Liquid Swimming: An incredibly unique ability, which can only be used while the Hollow Mask is active and in Toukai. Hagane can quite literally swim inside any form of earth as if it was water, at Cero speeds.  

Hollow Powers: Cero, Bala.  

Boosts: Strength, Speed.


Hagane Full Hollow:
Changing in appearance drastically, Hagane becomes a monster. His Musculoskeletal system grows further and become vastly more dense, making Hagane add up to a height of 10'5" and a total weight of 2500lbs


Gaze of Stone: Hagane is capable of  shooting a Cero laser beam from his eyes, which travels at Bala speed. Which can be used once per post and has Armour piercing properties.  

Helm of Stone: Hagane has a constantly regenerating dense stone helmet covering his head and neck. It is boxy in appearance, It also has a visor gap to see out of and sits over the top of his shoulders (slightly resembling his Juggernaught helmet from bankai). It is capable of withstanding 2 Cero's worth of damage, anything above this will shatter it. When shattered it can take up to 1 post to fully reform.

Magma/Lava Manipulation: Essentially Hagane can create, shape and manipulate molten rock, within a 100m radius.  

Inferno of Hatred: This Ability can only be activated when Hagane is psychically on the brink of death or severely injured. Doing so will surge his body with massive amounts of Spiritual Power, healing all wounds (Does not include brain). His Stamina will become limitless while in this state. However while in this state Hagane will be subjected to vast amounts of physical pain, and will be mentally impaired (unable to tell friend from foe). Because of the large amounts of spiritual power being subjected to his body, his skin will burn continuously and his blood will boil inside his veins. Giving him limitless amounts of rage to direct at his enemies (or allies). (Conditional use. Can only be used once per battle, and will leave Hagane unable to battle afterwards.) (Lasts 5 posts)

(When In Toukai, Hagane still has access to the abilities from his Shikai and Bankai.)

Boosts: x4 Strength, x4 Reiryoku, and x4 Durability, x4 Endurance.


Background: Hagane was born in Colorado in the U.S.
His birth wasn't planned and it was actually unexpected. His mother and father didn't want a child at the time but seemingly they went along with it. They were having trouble in their marriage and had both become abusive to each other. They fought more often than not, and it would be over the most simple of things but sometimes they just fought for no reason.

As a young child Hagane saw and even experienced a lot of this abuse. He was always told that he was a failure, and that he shouldn't exist. He was sent to school like any other child but he never really made any friends, didn't try to. He was slightly taller than everyone throughout his school life, but would be best described as lanky. He did his work at school and thrived to do it well, hiding his abusive life behind sheets of paper. In fact when entering high school, he gained quite a liking to literature and started to think like a philosopher. Every time he witnessed abuse from his parents he always told himself, that he was going to never be like them and that he was going to choose his own path in life as they didn't seem to care.

Upon becoming an adult, Hagane didn't really get very far in terms of a job, but that never put him down. He moved away from his parents as fast as possible, renting a small room on a farm, which was owned by an old lady, he didn't care. He worked in a small market for that same old lady who sold fruit, said to be the best fruit for miles. specifically apples. He made money, and unlike his parents the old lady was kind, she'd always cook big beautiful meals and made the best desserts. Hagane would do his thing, and she would do her own. Her name was Mable. After what had seemed like 10 years but was in fact 2, he had earned enough money to go travelling. He said his goodbyes and went on his merry way. Mable had told him of a friend of hers which funnily enough enjoyed to travel to exotic places Such as Greece, France, Japan, and just about everywhere else. His name was Rodney. So Hagane set off and traveled along the US to north Carolina where he was assured to meet Rodney. He was told to wait near a specific old dock, which appeared as if it had never been used in years. However shortly after arriving he could hear a big engine chugging along the water. Mable had told Rodney to make trips regularly to this old dock and to stay around the area waiting for Hagane's arrival. Upon docking Hagane introduced himself, and so did Rodney. Rodney was a short and spunky old man, funny combination. He appeared to be in about 60 years old. He had a chat with Hagane and agreed to take him travelling as long as he did at least half the work and helped pay for supplies at each of their stops. Obviously Hagane agreed, he wanted to be as far away from him family as possible.

Along his travels Hagane saw many sights and seemingly started to feel more complete as a person. Rodney told him many stories, even if a lot were just stories. Possibly his favorite one was about a man who could run through anything like a Juggernaut. Presumably the meaning of the story was to keep moving forward. Years had past while Hagane was on his travels with Rodney. Soon however his wondrous adventure was going to end. An unexpected storm had hit and was thrashing the boat like it was nothing. The wind was so strong it was as if it could push you over, and the waves were like punches against the hull of the ship. Everything seem to be going fine, until one of the supply crates holding their food had come undone. Hagane noticed this immediately ran out of the cabin to strap it back into place. Rodney had told him it was too dangerous but he ignored Rodney's words, seeing that this crate was their only way to stay alive. Soon after reaching the crate though the ship leaned over from a wave hitting it and the crate slipped off board. As soon as it did, Hagane followed unaware that a rope still attached to the crate had caught his foot. He was dragged to his death. However he didn't think about death while he was dying, funnily enough he was thinking about that story Rodney had told him, the one about the Man who wanted to be a Juggernaut.

He opened his eyes, as if he'd just awoken from a dream, lying on the ground. He questioned whether he was dead or not, but was quite unsure. He tried to recall whether of not he'd just had a bad dream. He leaned up and took a look around. No familiar faces or surroundings.He jumped up onto his feet, and began to walk. Looking around the place as he did so. To his discomfort This new world seemed primitive and sad. but he kept walking. He was then approached by a young man around the same age as him. Dress up in some strange crapy attire. The young man said "welcome". Hagane was still confused about where he was to care to much about who was here. He introduced himself and shook the strangers hand thoroughly, sort of being cautious. The stranger showed him around the place and told him about where he was. The Rukon. Then the stranger led him to an old shack just at the end of Rukon. The stranger had a couple of friends at this place which he knew would accept Hagane. Which they did. The place was sort of like an orphanage for souls, and the people who ran the place were like Mum and Dad to everyone. The stranger left without notice but before hand told Hagane that if he had any moments where he could control something called Reishi, that he should consider signing up for the Shinigami academy. Hagane spent decades couped up with the people in there soul orphanage. The place was actually meant for the younger souls or at least souls who had died as children and would struggle in their new environment. Hagane was sort of treated as the Big brother.

One day while walking around the Rukon he noticed a stranger pestering one of the Children he knew from the Orphanage. He followed persistently as he saw the stranger leading her away. Before long a bunch of presumed colleges start to gather. The stranger pulled out a sharp weapon of some sort, without even thinking Hagane ran towards him. Rage in his heart, he imagined the stranger as his father. While running hagane wasn't sure what he'd do at first. So without even thinking he ram the stranger in the chest using his head, with Reishi expelling from hit head-butt. The stranger went flying several metres in the air before landing on his back. The rest of his friends then turned to Hagane and pulled out some weapons of their own. Hagane stood in front of the Orphan girl, acting as a shield. If someone was gonna get hurt between him and the girl, he thought it might as well be him. Luckily however some shinigami were walking by and just happened to see the action, they acted fast jumping in at the last second. The thugs aware of who they were immediately ran off. One of the shinigami guided the girl back home where as the other had told Hagane he should sign up for the Shinigami Academy. He gave Hagane Directions as to where the exams would be held and said he should be there the next morning bright and early.

Hagane made it to where he was told to go, and was unsure whether or not the Shinigami was telling the truth or pulling his leg. He saw a big line of people and a group who was watching in the background. He stood in line and waited to be tested. When he was called to the exam area, he was told to show his ability to control his Spiritual Power. At first Hagane tried to expert some Spiritual Power but was unable to. Just before he was about to be called down to try again later, he thought back on all the stuff he had gone through, his dreadful childhood, and everything he was unable to do. Maybe this was his chance to start again, and live his life the way he wanted. In a fit of rage and frustration Hagane yelled, Expelling a large amount of Spiritual Power. Impressed by his feat he was officially signed on to become a Shinigami.

He thought of the academy just like school only a little more thrilling, he was never any good with kidou or any of that stuff, but he excelled when it came to combat. Pushing and forcing anyone down who came head to head with him, even the instructors had a hard time put down this lanky yet strong and young Shinigami. He learnt many things within the academy. He even Acquired something called a Zanpakuto, and had gone onto training for Shikai. Which to everyone's surprise was vastly different to a lot of other Shinigami. He learnt a lot about his surrounds and how everything worked in the place. Before he knew it, he was out. He had done his best and finally made it out, with maybe a couple of tries. He had Graduated the Shinigami Academy and was on his way on his Shinigami Journey. Now following his own path in his life. .... 

Side Notes: N/A

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on Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:12 am


Cero Espada
Cero Espada

tier 2-1

Good Job Necro. Jeff just wants me to remind you that since you can't use shunpo you aren't going to be very fast. Which is fine since you are a powerful tank character. Also he says you will have your bankai. So have fun with that. Smile

P.S. - "Tink"

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