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on Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:53 am


There seems to be some miscommunications so between what Jeff has told me and what I know of Kidou I am posting this here so everyone is on the same page.

All Shinigami and Vizard know any of the kidou from Canon by default. Whether or not their character has the strength to properly use them is dependant on your strength's, weaknesses, and mod approval.

IF you have Kidou stated on your app. Do not feel that this limits you to them. Instead see it as those Kidou are your specialties and you are less likely to have them go awry.

Cooldowns below.


1-40 = No cooldown

41-60 = 1 post cooldown

61-80 = 2 post cooldown

81-89 = 3 post cooldown


1-40 = 1 post cooldown

41-60 = 2 post cooldown

61-80 = 3 post cooldown

81-89 = 4 post cooldown

All Kidou that fall into Forbidden Kidou(Usually 90+) have a 5 post cooldown. BE WARNED THAT USING THESE CONSECUTIVELY WILL MESS WITH YOUR CHARACTER. These take a HUGE amount of spiritual power to cast just ONE so be stingy with them! Even in Canon Aizen stated he was unable to properly cast Hadou no 90 at full power until the VERY end of his Arc. Yamamoto lost an ARM powering 96 at full strength. These can be cast at weaker levels yes.. but using them at full power is something not to take lightly. (I'm lookin at you Jeff)

All numberless kidou will be on a 4 post cooldown. This includes Kidou created by your own character unless otherwise approved by Mods. This is to help keep canon numberless balanced and prevent spamming of OP custom spells.

Incantations, Saying the Name when no Incantation is present, and simply casting the kidou - There is a very important distinction to be made during these that some people may overlook if it isn't mentioned here.

Incantations - It's made clear in canon that the use of these substantially increases the effectiveness and power/speed of Kidou.

Those without known incantations - while it isn't to say these kidou are just screwed you, at the very least, should mention their names "Out loud" if you intend for them to be at full power. Possibly even state whether or not you did use it at full strength. Just know that once you state what level of power you use that Kidou at it's set in stone unless you use one of the other kidou techniques listed below this section

Just casting it - There is a technique called Eishōhaki that essentially allows you to just cast the kidou without the need to say anything. While most shinigami can do this it does drastically weaken the spell being used. This is also the most common version we see in the series because of the quick pace of the battles. However it's also known that without enough skill this could cause the kidou to fail and blow up in your face.

Other Kidou skills

Kōjutsu Eishō - This technique allows you to use the incantation AFTER you've cast the Kidou to empower it. I practically see this being most useful with Bakudo spells. In the case of spells without incantations I would say that "when casting" you state you aren't using it at full power and then you could use this technique to put it at full power moments later.

Nijū Eishō - This is a technique where the caster mixes two incantations together while charging up two different kidou. While usually meant as a confusion tactic and to save time this can be very difficult to actually pull off for some users.


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