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#1 Saio Hira (Done) on Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:30 pm

Saio's theme! HAHAHAHAHA I'm evil I know.


Name: Saio Hira
Age: 14 I think... does this even matter? (18 for legal purposes)
True Age: 69.1337
Sex: Female
Personality: Saio is completely nuts. If you have to ask what logic she’s following, don’t waste your breath. All you need to know is that she has no perception of reality, and will flex the rules of morality and common sense to make things more fun. As a talented healer, she finds the standard practice of Squad 4 to be really boring, and as such toys with her patients, only partially healing them, poking at their wounds, then resuming while laughing hysterically. It’s quite possible that Saio has varying forms of mental illness, such as schizophrenia or ADHD. It’s also quite possible that she’s just a sociopath. Saio has shown capability of emotion, but only in cases of self-amusement. As an example, she has been known to troll people by flirting with them during healing, then re-opening their wounds. Sometimes she pickpockets them instead. It doesn’t really matter to her. In her world, blue and white make purple, and 5+3= your face.

If you have to ask, then you may as well just have a target painted on your forehead, as that’s what’s going to happen to you. Her use of spiritual pressure is unconventional and will often result in her walking or sitting at odd angles. Somehow, her affinity for gravity is only outmatched by her strange use of it.

In combat, her powers are strange in and of themselves, relying on gravity and illusions (which include bindings) to confuse you, restrain you, and maybe misbehave just a little bit. She's always going to mess with you, whether friend or foe, and as a result, she's amazed her Vizard allies even trust her. Her personality in combat really isn't much different than casually, all it affects is how much confusion and pain you'll be in later.

While she doesn't really have a set mindset for dealing with most people, one thing can be said about Saio, she's nucking futs, and will always do the last thing people expect. So long as information gained OOC is not pertinent to combat, she may very well bring it up IC. For example, if you state that your character slept with a blanket, whether it was on the sheet or not, Saio would remember it, so long as it was mentioned by the person in ownership of that character. Saio is an extension of me, and as such, is crazier than anyone will ever be.


Height: Whatever you want?
Weight: 111.01 pounds
Physical Traits: Her physical appearance is usually up for debate, but she prefers the form below.

However, don't expect too much, she can also change her hair length, and varying other details about her appearance. Her appearance is about as static as her attention span. Anything that is deemed a temporary part of her appearance, personality, structure, etc... can and will be made permanent for the sake of... Whatever reason pops into my head at the time.


General Fighting Style: Her fighting style is very erratic, or so it would seem at first. She specializes in the art of confounding her opponents, misdirecting them at every turn, giving them meaningless stimulus with which to pull away their focus, then at the most random of times, going for a non-lethal blow, usually going for humiliation over actual damage.

Strengths: Fun and Colors. (Because these don't matter)
Weaknesses: Boring People.


Sealed Appearance:
(Yes… It’s a stick. It’s a freaking stick. Deal with it. If anyone cares it’s only 2 feet in length) Her Zanpakuto's name? Konbō (literally means 'stick')

Call out command: What's brown and sticky?

Personal Abilities:

-Shenanigans Manipulation: Saio's appearance can be altered in any way shape and form, the same which can be said for any object she has possesion of (though this may in turn change the object entirely.) She can also manipulate any sound that she or an object she controls makes (and in cases of PCs, if it's funny.) She can also break the laws of physics so long as it is convenient. If anything were to happen to her, you'd have to check Saio's manual to see what would actually happen, and no one wants to read that shit. As a final addendum, she may or may not be able to conjure entities from other dimensions... so long as they're harmless.

-Cat of Holding: At her waist is a small purse/pack that is designed to look like a cat. It can vary in appearance, but otherwise remains the same function-wise. She can use it to store a near infinite number of possible things, but only things that she has put into it, or things that she can generate on her own. Reduced to RP tool now, mostly as a gag.

-Spirit Manifestation: Due to certain events, Saio has been able to summon her Zanpakuto spirit, Clownpiece into a physical manifestation of sorts. While she can't cause any harm, she can have a physical body, and might occasionally be invisible to those who don't understand what's going on.


Call Out Command: ”THIS BLOWS!” (Occasionally inflating her stick first by blowing into it, snapping it in two, then calling out the command.)

(White one heals, black one harms, 3.5 feet in length each. Both sticks are subject to shenanigans manipulation, and may come up with varying designs and emblems.)


Glowstick, Blow stick.
Saio’s Shikai consists of two inflatable spirit sticks, which can be either A or B. A is used to heal wounds, soreness, pain, and internal bleeding, B is used to harm and cleave/bludgeon/whatever. Healing done prior to using B sticks is converted into additional damage on the next swing, by way of wound transferal. And likewise, damage done provides boosts to healing. She will probably forget which is which. Usually, she'll just envelop the sticks into her body, thus making her arm the active parts of her zan.

Zanpakuto Assimilation
In any stage Shikai or above, Saio can absorb the physical form of her zanpakuto and wield its might as though she were holding it using any part of her body. This is self-explanatory.

Cartoon Physics
While her form already has some of these properties, her personality still affects them in a way that causes the demi-liquid flesh to behave strangely when hit. Particularly when excessive force is used, a splat can often occur, and when a cavity is made in the flesh, it behaves more like a solid rubber than it does slime, but either effect can be easily reversed and this is mostly just a personality quirk.

Boosts: x2 to silliness and shenanigans


New Name: Zillyhoo

(Is approximately 5.2 feet in length, hammer’s face around 1.3 square feet)

Call out command: This. Yes, I have to sing the whole thing.

In addition to her new Warhammer, her Zanpakuto Spirit (who goes by the name of Clowpiece) appears behind her in a faint image, and Saio can often be seen talking to her in this manner.

Kuso Ronji's spirit (as shown below, also called Clownpiece)


America, fuck yeah.
While Saio nor her spirit are actually American, there's a certain sense of escapism that must be shared between the two that makes them giggle with excitement. Saio can fire orbs of red, white, or blue energy that can either heal for two posts worth of regen, or damage the impacted area equivalent to a Cero.

Saio absorbs her cat of holding via assimilation, sprouts a pair of cat ears, and gains a x5 boost to speed and reflexes. This is indefinite.

-insert silly bounce here-

Technique – Insert Witty Comeback Here.
Saio expands her Warhammer to double its normal size and wields it as if it hasn’t gotten any bulkier. You wouldn’t think such a tiny girl could wield a Warhammer twice her size, but of course there’s no stopping this maniac. She likes to flatten people with this technique, although sometimes she simply prefers the extra reach to ensure she has a solid chance at a home run. Any abilities of hers that have a size are now doubled along with the size of the hammer. In the case of assimilation, her limbs can expand to absurd sizes with similar results.
Lasts for 5 posts
Post Cooldown: 5

Technique – Hard-Hitting Punchline
If Saio hits you with the panel of the warhammer, expect to go flying back several feet. It might hurt, it might not. It's mostly just to make the point that her hammer is weird and junk. It may also laugh at you. Don't ask. If the target is a non-essential NPC? HOME RUNNNNNNN. This also applies to piledriver-style punches.

Special Move - I LIKE TRAINS.
DODGE IT. DODGE IT OR GET FUCKED. I was gonna remove this, because it doesn't make sense in this kit, but then I thought about it. Saio is the train. If you allow yourself to be hit by it, you deserve to laugh yourself to death.




Abilities: Shenanigans? sure.
Hollow Powers: Cero, Bala, Rapid Regeneration.  

Shenanigans x 100? Sure.
She can be sillier. I think.


^This, but with a Rabbit's head.

Abilities: Let's just say..... Cringe.

Boosts: It's Saio we're talking about here. She doesn't need this form at all.


Background: In the slums of District 99, there was a madman by the name of Konro Hira. He had a daughter by the name of Saio, whom he loved dearly, and protected with his life. However.... There came a time that he would know misfortune. You see, he liked to experiment with Hollows and other spiritual beings, including a few Bounts. He would often listen out for signs of Hollows in the Spirit World, or in the human world. If he was able, he'd venture out, claim what was left, and experiment on the parts. At times he managed to repair the body of the hollow with other surrogates, including some of the Reishi from nearby. As he finally learned how to restore 'life' in a Hollow, he became overjoyed with his progress and showed his daughter. This particular Hollow seemed fond of them both, appearing to be almost like a little puppy. On Saio's 18th birthday, Konro decided to take her out on one of his scavenging trips. They were normally docile as he'd wait until the hollows were dealt with by Shinigami to go in and take the remains. However this day was not so kind, as a Menos Grande appeared afterward, being oddly colorful for a hollow in appearance. With the face of a rabbit, and the claws of a demon, it attacked them both, killing Saio, and also wounding Konro.Devastated by the death of his daughter, he manifested his reitsu into a zanpakuto and began to cut the Menos down.

After subduing the Menos, he scavenged what was left of its parts, and took his daughter back home with him. Laying her on his usual table, he cried, grieving heavily over Saio's death. However, a twisted idea formed in his head, and began to experiment on his own daughter. He said out loud, "I have brought countless monstrosities back to life, and I will not let you be one of my failures!" He fixed the internal damage caused by the Hollow, and used some it's parts, including its face, to fix her body. Using some the residual reitsu from the carcass and also his own life force, he breathed life back into Saio. Her hair turned white, then blue, then purple, and her eyes opened, revealing a shimmering rainbow of color changes. Her arms were littered with strange runic tattoos that were not there before, and her body rose from the table. She cracked her neck over to her father, who was now in joyful tears, and hugged him with a touch of insanity in her smile, saying "Papa, I missed you. Because of you, no one will ever forget what I've become." Her hair turned a light silver and she crushed her father to death with her spiritual pressure, her hairpins now showing the numeral XIII. Saio looked at Konro and simply laughed. "Thank you, Papa."

A few years later, she enrolled into the Shinigami Academy, and when she was asked to show a zanpakuto, she looked around, ran over to a tree and snapped a branch off of it, wielding it with delicate swings. The others looked at her funny, saying that there was no feasible way the branch was her zanpakuto, but she simply responded by calling it "Konbō" and pushing one of the committee member's faces to the table with her spiritual pressure. Though the others looked rather confused, they saw that she had some form of reiatsu control, and allowed her entrance. Her time in the academy was fun for her, mostly by way of flirting with other Shinigami, and hanging upside down during lectures. Though she did seem to learn plenty and scored high marks of proficiency in most areas, her instructors and elders really seemed to despise her. During her meditation class, she communed with Konbō and saw a girl dressed in a jester's uniform, donned in red and white stripes and blue with white stars. She immediately took a liking to her Zanpakuto spirit, and they talked in that dimension for a while, laughing, telling bad jokes, and also remarking about Saio's odd-changing appearance. Before Saio left, her spirit told her the secret to unlocking her Shikai, the command word "LUL BAI!" Saio saluted her new friend with much anticipation and came back with two inflatable spirit sticks, one black, and one white. Her class laughed at her for having such a strange Shikai, and as a result, she snapped her head to the instructor with a creepy smile. He stuttered for a moment, then asked the class to quiet down. He presented a specialized dummy designed to test shikai abilities, and Saio abliged with no hesitation, she quickly cut a gash into its chest with the black stick, then closed it with the white stick. Her class stared at her, both impressed and terrified. Her hair then turned blonde and she smiled again. Needless to say, they left her alone after that.

Upon Graduation from the Academy, she was immediately contacted by Squad 4, asking her to enroll for training in healing Kido. She accepted, and as she showed much prowess with healing both with Kido and with her Shikai, she was tasked with more and more patients. Though she was an impressive healer, she was often chided for her methods. Whether it was scaring or confusing her patients, or using some of the nearby Reishi (including from a nearby desk, or the floor beneath her patients) to heal her patients. She gained a reputation for flirting with or being creepy around her patients, occasionally re-opening the wounds she closed intentionally before healing them again. Sometimes, she would even take her white half of the Shikai, and pretend that she was going to brutally murder them, stabbing or hacking at them with it before showing them that it only healed them. There was even an instance where she used binding kido to hold a few patients down, doing rather interesting things to them during the healing process that will never be spoken of. Eventually, Saio was kicked out of Squad 4, even though her healing prowess was some of the best they'd seen in years, almost being worthy of a Lieutenant seat in their ranks.

Somewhat dejected, she left the Soul Society, wandering around the World of the Living. On one such afternoon, a Hollow appeared bearing her father's essence. It called itself Stitchdoctor, and Saio did not take kindly to it bearing her father's soul. much like she did with her father before, she used her affinity for gravity to pull it to the ground, crushing it with extreme prejudice. Unfortunately, it was stronger than her father ever was, and resisted the attack, though it was still bound to the ground. Her Zanpakuto spirit took her out of time and into the dimension within to teach her a few things. Mostly of the nature of her zanpakuto, as well as her true name, "Clownpiece". Aside from teaching her combat strategies (that only made sense to the two of them), and teaching her new abilities and techniques, she was given access to the Bankai state, knowing the name of it to be "Kuso Ronji". She was released from the dimension, and came back with the Jester's Warhammer, one of silliness, rainbows and pain. She brought the hammer down to make a silvery star, shining in many colors, pulling the hollow indefinitely to the ground. She doubled her hammer in size, then squashed her father's hollow flat. She devoured what remained, then disappeared off.

After coming across a higher-ranked Menos Grande, she realized that even her bankai wouldn't be enough, and as such, searched herself for something more. She saw the face that killed her, a rabbit, then giggled as she reached inside her shirt, pulling out a rabbit's mask. "Don't tell anyone where I keep this" she taunted, before flash stepping behind the Menos, pummeling it to shreds, then landing on the ground. She stood there for only a few more seconds, admiring her work, then disappointed as her mask just kind of fell to the ground, sticking its tongue out before hopping away like an actual rabbit. She sat there and mourned the loss of her new rabbit friend, as her hair turned a silvery blue. A Vizard came up behind her and offered to teach her how to use her new powers, offering her a home as well.

Side Notes: Saio Hira, former Squad 4. Now joined with the Vizard Army as their main healer and wild card. Has a deep fondness for Shana Hirai, maybe.

RP Sample: Hello forum-dwellers, if you don't know me by now, go back up and read the damn sheet. Silly people, honestly. If you were expecting a tense fight between good and evil, or a situation in which I'm going to do something really Bleach-like, you're going to be sorely disappointed. My name is Saio Hira, but you can just call me Saio, after all that is my name. :^) Hang on a moment. Yeah. Okay I get it Clownpiece. You don't have to- Okay fine. Clownpiece says I should probably speak in proper format, so I suppose for now, I will. Only on one condtion.

As Saio stood on the underside of an invisible surface, her audience seemed no less puzzled than before. Clearly they should know what to expect, but they did not. To be fair, her abilities weren't supposed to make sense, nor was her general demeanor. For those of you asking, yes, her vocabulary is just fine, she can use any number of words despite your lack of taste. In the Soul Society, she found the truth, that only one thing truly matters. Order. That's it. Order. It doesn't matter how many people die. It doesn't matter who is strong and who is weak. As long as the order and balance is kept, they don't care what happens. Why do you think a hero such as Saio was kicked out of Squad 4? Clearly no one could handle her fun. Order is boring. Rules are boring. Logic is boring. Thus the birth of something horrendously beautiful has to begin with the destruction of the above-mentioned things, does it not? That's her.

As she joined up with the Vizards, she grew to like them, considering one was much like her, though more of a bastard than she could have ever hoped. One was a loli, there's no sugarcoating that. There were some that came and went as they felt it, and that was fine because in Saio's opinion they were garbage anyways. As far as Saio was concerned, all she needed was the trap bastard and the hotheaded loli as her friends, and she would be more than okay. As she looked to the loli, her hairpins changed to read VI, and her hair and eyes changed to the same red as her fiery counterpart. "Are you sure you're not hurt? I'd be more than happy to treat you~" and in saying so, traced her fingers up the redhead's arms. Surely, the other one was getting jealous, though she wasn't about to gratify him. Eventually, she got bored and walked at a very particular 223 degree angle, as always, being the oddest of them all.

(If you've made it to this point? Good job, you get a cookie. You'll notice that the entire app is written in crayon as if it was drawn up by a child.)

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