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Ika Mazi

I get that we have lives, and we RP for fun, and it's not something a lot of you are overly experienced with in regards to Bleach and some with RP in general.

BUT, some of you are, and though I understand your busy. (I have High School, work, and college visits, I fucking understand, I assure you. 17 and I'm renting the local judges basement. I UNDERSTAND.) But, it's no excuse to disregard details, and if we plan on attracting valid RPers, you cannot half-ass a post. I want people here to post a lot sure, but quality isn't necessarily a necessary sacrifice for quantity.

For elaboration, Ika is 0-2. That's 3 tiers higher than 0-3. An 0-3 is still a competitive fight.

1-2 and 1-3 is not a big difference. Both are Captain tiers, either one could beat the other, it's nothing to disregard and or shrug off.

You're not going to sneak up on Captain or higher tier characters.

When responding to questions, internal monologue doesn't count, and it leaves your partner out in the cold.

Also, if you can't do quantity with quality, that's fine. But don't expect a tier reflective of those standards at that point.

Don't expect a leader tier with constant absences of 3+ days, or if you consistently hold up threads or botch them, I will shut that shit down.

I've increasingly noticed that some people are sacrificing quality for quantity, and the quantity isn't even THAT great.

I'm not trying to shit on anyone, but it's a turn off to a lot of people. I've learned this firsthand. If you need help, ask me, ask Rena, ask Yomi, ask any Experienced Roleplayer on the forum and they can help. Hell, Mei, as a shout-out, has done an excellent job of late. Quantity could be better, but the quality output has been excellent.

Just a reminder, if I give you a high tier, that comes with an expectation of quality and quantity, and it's important because it reflects poorly on the site when you botch threads with newer members. I get simple mistakes, but it's not quality at the moment. If people need help, then by all means ASK. But if this feels like a chore don't do it, if you don't wanna take the time? Don't do this.

End rant. I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at what's being done. Feel free to post in here, comment examples, PM me examples, or simply Discord me thoughts, or PM me thoughts, I don't care.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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