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#1 Tara Tertrezo on Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:44 am


Name: Tara Tertrezo
Age: 16
True Age: 364
Sex: Female
Personality: Tara, despite being a hollow, is pretty optimistic and see's everything as wonderful. She thinks the glass is merely half empty and that if you put enough effort it shall become full. She follows her heart (lol..she doesn't have one) and ideals without really caring about logic or how she should really deal with things. She is a pretty creative thinking pattern but when it comes to combat she tends to revert to a logical mind set to avoid recklessness.

Tara is extremely playful, without being stupid about it, she tends to be so much so that fighting her seriously until she goes into Segunda would take one cold hearted person. In Segunda however she loses this side of herself and becomes fully serious. She prefers to be with other people and can even fel energized by other people's company. She is easily excitable due to her playful nature and can come off as annoying to someone however.

Tara stands up for her goals and ideals even when she is afraid. Even with her playful nature she is perfectly capable of staring Death in the face and laughing at it. She is very hard to pin down as either incredibly heroic or just that stupid however even though she isn't intellectually lacking. She tends to be concerned with taking care of herself when possible despite being able to deal with death calmly and such.

Tara is self-assured but doesn't seem over confident. She doesn't have any real insecurities though and doesn't back down, so she may seem over confident at times without meaning too. She isn't particularly stupid but she is pretty bad at making complex plans and is usually so playful that she falls for most deceptions without caring about the consequences. When in segunda however her personality switches and she is fully capable of battle plans and seeing through the enemies tricks.

She follows her emotions to the letter and they are a huge factor in how she behaves. Usually staying playful she is relatively easy to anger and almost always releases into resurreccion when this occurs. Due to caring for her flower garden she has become very organized and neat. She does not mind messes but does not keep any herself within her "Territory".

Segunda Etapa Personality

Her personality while in Resurreccion: Segunda Etapa is more similar to her feelings of despair and hatred near her death as a human, which was the overall cause of her hollowfication, than her normal personality. This is a choice she made on her own to keep herself from losing herself to hate and rage. While in this form she is a pure killing machine. Using her full powered state as an excuse to hateful vent her death's undying rage on anyone she is fighting. She becomes fully serious losing all forms of playful that is usual of her, Her naivety is dropped and she becomes akin to a veteran warrior who has survived countless battles. She is rage and hatred incarnate. A killer that would make the god of death and the god of war proud.


Height: 5'1'' | 6'6'' in Segunda Etapa
Weight: 90 lbs | 215 LBS in Segunda Etapa
Physical Traits: Her Hollow Hole is where her Heart used to be. Her Mask Fragment is her neko eared Headphones. She had it altered by the science Espada man, she can never remember his name though.

Clothing: She generally wears the above but can instantly form Arrancar robes if she becomes serious. (And switch back at will as well) When unconscious her arrancar robes form regardless as the above is formed of her own energy.


General Fighting Style: Despite all of her knowledge of weapons she does not actually have any real training in any of them and as she seems more adept to hand to hand combat she relies more heavily on it than anything. However all of her abilities are ranged. Making her seem more like a ranged combatant than a melee fighter..which is true. Though she can hold her own up close due to her defensive abilities and hand to hand natural talent she is most dangerous at a distance where she can use her abilities. Relying on her natural talent and her own abilities is nice and all but she lacks any actual training..making her have a slight disadvantage against someone who has actual training in any form of combat that she uses other than Ranged where she shines brightest.

Strengths: Enhanced Flexibility: Tara can achieve remarkable flexibility of the body, to the point where she can rotate her own neck at a full 180 degrees. It is thanks to this improved flexibility that she is able to survive an otherwise killing attack from a neck-snapping, able to brush it off quickly and continue fighting.

Enhanced Endurance: She epitomizes tank. She can fall from great heights and shrug it off. She can easily take punches from cannon-style powerhouses and continue to fight against them. Pain means almost nothing to her. She is tough and she knows it.

Enhanced Speed: Tara's speed is to the point where she can traverse across several meters at high speed much akin to sonido without the actual use of said skill. Using it only makes this enhanced speed seem on par with a god.

Weaknesses: Sensing is out. She can hear on superhuman levels but she can't track energy. She has low strength (Her boosts only bring her to average at full power), Her natural hollow regeneration doesn't exist, her natural hollow powers consume 30% more energy than normal.

Extra Facts about Tara

Master Blacksmith: Tara in life was fond of weaponry to the point of making hundreds of thousands of weapons in her lifetime and devoting a good chunk of her human life to the forging of excellent weapons. However before her death she had not only lost the ability to forge but could not even hold any of her weapons in her now useless hands.. This knowledge, imprinted on her soul as a true joy, was kept through her hollowfication. She was so distraught and filled with sorrow over the loss of her greatest joy in life she succumbed to the negative emotions upon death and became a hollow.

Keen Intellect: Tara has proven herself a highly perceptive combatant. By reading her opponent's movements from a single and/or quick scuffle, she can determine the true nature of her opponent's fighting style and primary battle tactics. She is able to read the flow an opponent's movements to easily follow it, When doing so she refers to this "pattern", even though it's not an actual pattern at all, as someone's Rythme.

Hyper-Speed Combat - Due to her intense training and naturally high speed. Tara is capable of entering Hyper-Speed combat at any given time. This however only works on her arms..and she must use Sonido and expend the extra energy to keep using Sonido in order for the rest of her body to keep up with her arms new speed.. She has been known to be capable of holding Hyper-Speed Combat for up to 5 posts before she must exit hyper-speed and resume normal speed. She has also admitted that she cannot use Hyper-speed consecutively..and must wait a short time before being able to continue to use that ability. ( 3 post cooldown )

Battle Genius: Despite the fact that she never received formal training from a master, She is able to learn martial art and normal hand to hand techniques just through a single observation. This means her repertoire of moves will grow through the encounters she has in the future.

Martial Arts Style: Go no Sen - This martial arts is based solely on teaching counter moves and redirecting the force of blows to weaken their effect on the user of this style. Through her own battle genius she has managed to mix this style with regular street fighting to remove the styles innate weakness.

Sealed Appearance: Despite it's appearance it's sealed form is highly capable of "cutting" through objects as if it were sharp. This is done via Tara's spiritual energy which flows through the weapon at all times.

Zanpakuto Name: Ilimitadas Cuchilla Trabaja

Zanpakuto Call Out: Break, Grind, and show Strength

Sealed Zanpaktou Powers

Name: Sound Manipulation
Effect: She is capable of manipulating sound without being effected by it herself. She generally uses her headset to do this but can do it with clapping, snapping the fingers, stomping her feet or tap dancing, or singing/screaming. She is capable of creating any song she can think of and making it play indefinitely at will. She is capable of altering the sound to such a degree as to cause Sound "shock waves" with a snap of her finger for up to fifteen feet and direct how the sound shock waves move for up to seventy-five yards. As she purposely avoids attacking the ears this ability does not cause deafness. Though she is capable of still targeting the ears she generally does not because she wants them to hear her sounds. (Character Flaw) This power also gives her superhuman hearing, which is not hampered by her power in any way as stated above, giving her a way to "detect" opponents.

Name: Spiritual as Physical
Effect: She is able to exchange spiritual power to increase her physical power proportionally. In order to regain her spiritual power she must re-lose the increase to her physical power. This has no known limits aside from her spiritual power being average. Meaning at most this would possibly double her physical strength at it's highest.

Cero: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey, Oscuras, Cero Córnea

A technique which fires off 5 Cero simultaneously with a 5 post cooldown. Although her normal cero are blue, Cero Metralleta are red.

A technique which combines Cero Oscuras and Bala, Bala Oscuras fires up to 3 Bala in a single post which each have the power of a regular Cero, while retaining their speed. This technique can be used every other post, and the Bala fired are Black.

A technique which fires off 50 Bala in a single instant, each having a red color, and has a 5 post cooldown.



Name: Sonic Flare Bombs
Effect: In her resurreccion she becomes capable of creating a ball of highly compact dense sound. The ball contains all of the sound within it using her energy as a "barrier" of sorts and continues to occur over and over rapidly and endlessly until it turns into a fireball in her hand. She can make this ball the size of her hand or double the size of her head it takes the same amount of time either way.  The entire process, as seen to onlookers, takes literally half a second. This ability deals double damage and has the "firing rate" of a Bala but at half the speed of a Bala (that is still moderately fast). Because it is on fire the ball can cause minor burns fairly easily on anyone (Resistance and heirro like abilities negate) Because the ball is pure sound when it makes contact with someone/something or gets within two feet of the intended target the energy "barrier" Tara used to create the ball breaks and the sound bursts out causing 25% of the damage the entire ball deals in a five foot burst in the form of a miniature fire nova.

Name: Tattoo Generation
Effect: Tara is able to generate Tattoo's of any complexity or size at any point on her body. These tattoo's lead into the rest of her abilities.

Name: Body Art: Full Body Make Over
Effect: This is more passive than her own two abilities. Her entire body is coated in a colored full body tattoo. Effectively meaning every inch of her body by default has one layer of tattoo over it. This is her unique Heirro and acts as such. All other ability tattoo's are created automatically "over" this initial layer.

Name: Body Art: Materialization
Effect: Her is able to make figures and summon them into physical existence using her tattoo's on her body. Such as creating a bird and summoning one into reality. She can do this once per post, cannot do so again for three posts, and each summon has an effective power at 80% of her own. Lasting one post each. The size of the summon and the size of the tattoo do not have to match, but the general concept will.

Name: Body Art: Crafting
Effect: She is able to make objects and summon them into physical existence using her tattoo's on her body. Such as creating a helmet or a coat or something else she could wear. She can do this once per post, cannot do so again for three posts, and each item is at a level of durability equal to steel, regardless of what they are actually made of, UNLESS they are a weapon, at which point they can be made to withstand Zanpaktou. But only the first weapon can be improved to this level. To create a second, at that level, the first must be destroyed or dismissed.

Boosts: Speed and Endurance x 3



Abilities: While in this form she retains all of her powers of her previous release except those who have stronger variants are replaced entirely.

Name: Noise Flash
Effect: She emits a burst of sound that is in circle form vertically that begins at five feet in diameter and extends to fifteen feet in diameter after travelling five feet and maxes at thirty feet in diameter after reaching ten feet in distance. This ability travels for two hundred and twenty-five feet. This ability is considered a "beam" in regards to how to block it. This ability deals damage equal to a cero to anyone who is caught within the "beam" and if the ears are within twelve feet of the "beam" the extreme sound waves cause 30% deafness and a 20% loss in motor skills (Dizziness basically) for that one post.

Name: Body Art: Million Shields
Effect: Her tattoo's, once per three posts, are able to scatter around her in the form of hundreds, if not thousands, of "diamond" shapes. She can use this for a full post for either attack or defensive purposes. The "Diamond shaped tattoo's" are considerably durable, can cut like a steel knife, and can be controlled with her mind.

Name: Body Art: Four Witches Technique
Effect: Her back forms tattoo's which spawn forth out of her body and replicate her arms as a second functional pair of them. They are slightly longer as to allow them to reach in front of her roughly the same as her normal arms and otherwise function at the same level of her regular arms.

Name: Body Art: Solar Panel
Effect: Her body is covered in a special layer of tattoo's, much like her Heirro ability, and she becomes able to absorb environmental energy to replenish her own once per post at a rate of 5%. She can only restore 50% of her energy in this manner per thread.

Name: Body Art: Body Patching
Effect: Once per post, unable to occur for another two posts, Tara becomes able to heal any one wound, regardless of severity. Using her tattoo's as a basis for replacing the damaged area. When this occurs she gains a tattoo'd X where the affliction used to be but otherwise is completely healed of that wound.

Boosts: Speed, Endurance, and Strength x4


Background: Growing up Tara was always fascinated by weapons. It really couldn't be helped being born into a family of smiths, but she didn't feel this was forced on her. She genuinely enjoyed watching, participating, and admiring Blacksmithing of all forms. Though she herself preferred, and had greater skill for, the forging of weapons. She would work day and night on them. They were her life and she loved every second of it. She would make what was ordered. What her family told her she needed to help them make to fill quota's and such, but in her spare time she would use her own earning to attempt to craft even more high quality weapons. On her own earnings and being so young this was not easily achieved. It would take her many months to craft just one weapon of such quality and it took more time because she had to earn the money.

As she grew older and managed to begin to make more money than her parent's allowance for helping around however..her talent for crafting superb weaponry began to shine even brighter. She lived for it, breathed it, craved it in her sleep! Okay maybe not that much but she really enjoyed her job. Over time she had managed to gather a vast collection of such weapons. Swords, Axes, Spears, Halberds, Javelins, Tomahawks, Rapiers, Staves, Glaives, Katana, the list could go on! She kept making them and making them, though she did often make doubles and even triples to sell to collectors and such sine they were indeed very good quality.

She was content..simply living the life of the constant smith. Fate it seemed..was not without a sense of cruelty.. One day there was an accident at her forge.. in the process of molding a sword she had been surprised, literally, by a wild animal who had snuck into the building. When this occurred she accidentally knocked over some of her equipment and caused massive burns on her hands. Upon getting them treated at a medical facility she was told the burns had been so severe that her nerves was completely wrecked..she was then told there was no way to fix this and they would have to completely remove her hands in order to keep the damage from effecting the rest of her arms..

She tried so hard to remain positive..she had lost the ability to perform her greatest passion in the it was very difficult..but she tried...eventually finding music and all it's forms to be a great comfort to her..learning how to sing and such since she could not use her hands to forge.. She even became quite good at it..and though having lost one passion..she found another..

...Fate however.. did not like this plan..

She came down with an illness just four short years later. This illness damaged her brain and made her deaf in the process... She cursed her ill luck over and over with hatred only equalled by Divine Wrath.. she could not stand it she could not believe it. This was simply too cruel of a joke to play on a girl who had done nothing to deserve it!

She committed suicide four days later. Unable to handle her new realization that her passion was lost to her and she would never even function as a normal human..she killed herself.

Hollow Life

Her negative emotions that brought about her death lingered in life.. She eventually became a hollow before a shinigami could find and "save" her. Running to Hueco Mundo in the usual blank mental state she fed off the reishi there like all hollow and as all beginner hollow before her.. began the endless cycle of killing and eating to become stronger. This process would continue for several decades..somehow managing to survive every encounter she couldn't win..devouring every enemy she could beat.. She fought and ate fought and ate..her soul yearning for the ability to wield a weapon though she was not consciously aware of it yet.

Eventually..she evolved into a menos.. Within the menos form she struggled with her very existence to fight and devour all those like her. She wasn't sure why her consciousness was still mostly mindless..but her soul still yearned for weapons..and it spurred her hollow body on like a raging animal. Several more decades past as she fought the other menos during the mass inter-devouring.. and she then became part of a Gillian body.. still mindless..but far more powerful than before.. However it was not enough. Her soul did not recognize this as what it desired and it continued to drive her forth towards greater power deep within the Gillian's body and consciousness to be on top. To make her the dominant one the one who would be strongest. The one in control of it all. This took far longer to achieve than melding into a gillian form, but.. somehow..eventually.. She succeeded.. She had become the sole ruler of the Gillian consciousness and body..

Upon doing so.. She evolved yet again.. gaining actual intelligence and a smaller more agile body than that of a Gillian she even seemed almost..... ..normal? For some reason she had flashbacks of her humanity..but dismissed them as hallucinations. She was now an Adchujas..which meant she needed to devour even more hollows in order to sustain herself and grow stronger..

So it began anew.. With her evolved form she proved more than capable of devouring dozens of weaker hollow without even trying. However after a couple of decades of this..she began to wonder why she had not felt any stronger for quite some time..and then it happened.. Someone came to her and offered her power..someone she could not stand against without Death being a certainty..someone who scared her for the first time since she had become an Adchujas.

A man of extreme power who claimed to be King of Hueco Mundo.. Offered her power and a new more appropriate body..

How could she resist? Her soul still yearned for weapons and her now capable o thinking mind understand what it was she craved.. This man just offered her everything she had been hunting for for the last hundred or more years. She accepted without hesitation and he turned her into an Arrancar..

However.. at the time of her conversion..she was much weaker compared to the current much weaker she was given a triple digit number of the lowest rankings.. But that didn't matter to her.. she had what she had been desiring ever since her death as a human. That was enough for her.

After the downfall of this man and the rise of his successor and the attack on Hueco Mundo she hid. She had only stay'd with the first person out of fear for her own life because she had understood when they met that she had no chance against him. Over the century that followed she bided her time and grew in power on her own.. Training and working and learning what she could while taking as little chances as possible.

Now she is as she was meant to be..or so she believes.. Playful, Funny, Smart, and highly experienced in well as Powerful.. She was ready to show her face to the new order of Espada and try to join their ranks! Aiming for the top to prove her weapons made her the best!

After a while she had managed to succeed in this goal. Until a brute named Sla Yer, get it slayer?, anyways. Some idiot brute vasto lorde tried to kill her. HER. Of all the espada he specifically tried to kill HER. Instead of finishing her off however, he dealt a near fatal blow, herself playing dead, which he fell for, and managed to crawl away with what was left of her dignity into menos forest where she hid to recover for quite some time.

However after a while a "newer" Espada named Gar Rou was taking care of some mischief makers within the forest and failed to notice Tara. Using this opportunity she snuck up behind the "seemingly" old man and killed him. Devouring his essence to re-power herself and recover entirely.

What she did not intend however was the mixture of his power and her own. Overriding her sword abilities and replacing them with his own abilities. However after a short time. She realized this change worked to her advantage as she was never as good with her swords as she was with her body anyways.

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