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#1 Cai Sakai (Remake) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:04 pm

Name: Cai Sakai
Apparent Age: 18
True Age: 20
Sex: Male
Personality:  Cai loves to eat food but mostly Dumplings so he tends to go out his way to get Dumplings for himself even if it means he has to deal with the really stuck up people and kids, he finds enjoyment in the small things in life as he hardly ever takes anything seriously. Cai really liked stuffed animals, due to their cute appearance and ability to comfort anyone that's down in the dumps. He is very forgetful in the scene that he won't remember a person's name but he'll remember what they ate. Cai also likes to make up really bad jokes and Names but thinks their funny and cool until some explain it to him. Cai acts like the little brother that everyone wants to have live with them, He puts others needs before his own due to the fact that he has never had anyone help him. He likes to put on his clothes in the reverse order and often says things without thinking fully which leads to a lot of misunderstandings with him and others along with reading to much into things when it comes to girls and their emotions. Cai likes to wear really baggy clothes so he can fill the pockets with dumpling and other things that can fit when he can.

Height: 5'7
Weight: 155
Physical Traits: Cai is a rather tall guy that has a well built frame from playing sports ontop of his messy blond hair that normally has a light green sports headban with white stripes around it, His eyes are a dark Orange. He has fair skin tone and normally wears a plain gray shirt under his gray and orange hoodie most days and over that his school uniform.

General Fighting Style: Speed Attacker
Strengths: Cai fights using his speed to get the upper hand on his opponents when he fights as it's the best way for him to get in and out while also focusing on his defenses. He has some very acrobatic and maneuvers as well when he fights thanks to years of gymnastics. Hakuda
Weaknesses: His defensive nature tends to work against him in nearly all his fights with people and he often finds himself being really weak to mental attacks that and physical attacks which are why he rather stick to using his speed to overpower his opponents.

Fullbring Item: Rabbit Chimera Pendant
Fullbring Appearance: a pure silver Pendant that has a Rabbit with the wings of a bird and Snake that is wrapped around it but comes from it's belly, It's front legs are that of a cat.
Ability Name: Aerokinesis
Description: This give him the psychic ability to manipulate, control, or alter air molecules, wind currents, and control air to an extent with the mind. This alows him to create walls,bullets,slashes, and blastes of air. (Hadou 20)
Ability Name: Luna Wind
Description: Chibi wing sprout from Cai's back allowing him to fly and make strong guest of winds. (Hadou 41/Cd 1 post)
Boosts: strength and speed

Fullbring Appearance:  His head gets adorned by a band with grey bunny ears and a gas mask that covers just up to the his checks, A pair of grey wings on his back that are the same length as his arms. His arms are armored with gauntlets which covers the entirety of his forearms with a bladed tips on each finger, a pair of bunny eared greaves adorning the knee guards on his boots.
Ability Name: Bunny Venom
Description: creates a black haze around himself that weakens the oppents sence of vision by sending small gust of dirt into thier eyes. (Equivalent to Hadou 40)
Ability Name: Luna Claw
Description: Slashes the oppent with a sharp claw made from Wind. (Equivalent to Hadou 40)
Ability Name: Over the Moon
Description: Creates a shield out of air with the sing on his back. (Bakdou 80/Cd 3 post)
Ability Name: All in
Description: Cai can hop into the air and kicks off a small wind ball that creates a burst of wind that can be around by him like a soccer ball but can be done on the ground as well. (Equivalent to Cero/Cd 1 post)
Boosts: strength, speed, and durability


History: Cai's mother was attacked by a hollow just a few months before he was due which didn't really sit well with his father as he was a man of the church so naturally he took it as an act of God for them not to have a child but she went on with the pregnancy. His mother died giving birth to him which through his father into a spiraling depression as he and the child had to live with his parents until he was able to get back on his feet. Soon after his father had finally moved on from his dead wife he found a new lover who had a child that was just a year older than Cai. His father wanted nothing more than to have a two normal child but as luck would have it that was not the case at all as once Cai turned five years old he started to show an interest in the supernatural which made his father worried as his faith didn't really fall in the Church but more to the Cult.

His father started to see that Cai resembled his mother far more than his father which caused some problems with the two of them. When Cai entered middle school around the same time as his older brother went to high school. He joined the supernatural club even though his father went against it calling it the work of the devil. Soon enough after one of the clubs trips he ran into one of his first mom's best friends that told him about her and how his father nearly wanted to kill him if it wasn't for his mother putting her foot down.  After getting back home from the trip he asked his father why he never talked about his mother and sure enough, he told him it was due to him not wanting to face the fact that he is a constant reminder of her and how he should have gave him up.

When Cai graduated from high school he was told by his Father and step brother to move out and never come back around as his father and stepmother didn't want a freeloader living with them anymore. Once he was done picking all his colleges and waited to hear back from them he took a job working at one of local supermarkets where he saved up enough money to rent a one bedroom apartment when some of his friends from school asked if he wanted to move in with them if he wasn’t moving to far away for college which didn’t really seem likely with his GAP which more than likely would place him in some crappy CUNY college or something with really bad teacher and even worst students. Three weeks later he received letters from all the colleges that he applied to just to find out that he was rejected by all of them but one which was just two train rides away from him but seeing as he couldn’t go back to his “family” he called his friends and told them the good news but on that day something seemed really off for him as he thought he saw a serpent go up the side of a building. After that day he started to see more and more creatures were moving around in the world but he wouldn’t let that stop him from doing what he needed to do. He is currently in his second year of college and has taken a real interest in spirits and how they live after death.

Roleplay Sample: Cai It was another cold winter day for Cai as he woke up in his apartment Fuck its cold I should talk to Dave about that he thought as he jumped out of bed and landed on the icy floor when he felt something off about it but quickly brushed it off and took a shower then got dressed for his job at Fine Fare on west 116st. Cai made his way to the roof of his building and activated his fullbring and jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he was 10 minutes away from it. He pulled out his phone and saw that he received a text from his brother Tommy who also works at Fine Fair "I don't have time for this." he said jumping back his apartment only to find some weird looking people that his window. They look like that guy from before he thought as he jumped up and came down grabbing the two people that were floating by his window.

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#2 Re: Cai Sakai (Remake) on Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:59 am

Personality needs to be 2 paragraphs at least..

RP Sample needs to be an example of you roleplaying..

General Fighting Style: Street Kick Boxing
Strengths: He can spot weakpoints in his oppents move menats and pick up on patterns.
Weaknesses: Shin will lose focus and leave himself open when attacking if he getts upset.

Needs more elaboration, is he physically strong? Or is that a weakness? Super fast or slow? Good durability, or is he made of glass? Things like that need elaboration.

Powers: Kicks energy waves Needs elaboration, what do you mean exactly?

Ability Name: Rabbit Tracker
Description: Runs around the area making after images of himself all around,

so basically his own version of Shunpo/Sonido right?

Ability Name: YinYang
Description: kick the air making air bullets

Needs elaboration, what do you mean exactly? What's the range? Damage? Cooldown, or is it spammable?

Ability Name: Yang Slasher
Description: Kicks the target with kick filled with energy.

Needs elaboration, what do you mean exactly? What's the range? Damage? Cooldown, or is it spammable?

Ability Name: Yin bomber
Description: Focuses his energy into his left leg that creates a ball-like orb in front of it and scatters the energy around the area making minor explosions.

Needs elaboration, what do you mean exactly? What's the range? Damage? Cooldown, or is it spammable?

Deal with this stuff, then I'll look again.

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#3 Re: Cai Sakai (Remake) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 6:30 am

I'll approve at 3-4, and help you learn the ropes when you need to. Have fun.

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#4 Re: Cai Sakai (Remake) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:01 pm

Just because I'm nosy. I'm not a mod or anything but jeff seems to have been in a rush or something.

Yang Slasher and Yin Bomber don't actually need cooldowns. With them being compared to hadou 30 and hadou 4 (Both kidou which do not need a cooldown themselves) your abilities not strong enough to warrant a cooldown either.

Honestly I would change Yang Slasher's power to be that of a hadou no 50 and Yin Bomber to be equal to a 70. Yang would get a one post CD for being a 50th level power move but Yin would get a 2 post CD. This would leave you your spammable YinYang but give you more powerful options.

Razz But remember I am not staff and this does not guarantee approval. I do know that if I were to do these things for a character of mine they would be approved though so you have an almost guaranteed shot at it.

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#5 Re: Cai Sakai (Remake) on Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:20 am

I didn't really see much need to comment, I figured he'd done it for a reason and just kinda let it pass. Also, I took the bombs to all be at Hadou 4 level, which would stack, and that's kinda why I thought it was okay to leave them as they were. a few dozen tiny Hadou 70 bombs isn't really something I'd approve of.. But the Hadou 50 Slasher I'm okay with.

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#6 Re: Cai Sakai (Remake) on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:17 am

Done with the remake!!! #bump high

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#7 Re: Cai Sakai (Remake) on Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:51 am

Re-Approved at 3-1.

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