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#1 [Open] SENBONZAKURA on Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:21 am


Yukirin • Cero Espada • Tier 0-4

A large sakura blossom losing full bloom, with petals slowly falling off as they caught onto the breeze; this was the scene that blue eyes narrowed on as the Arrancar walked towards the large tree. It was night, or rather, very early in the morning. The moon reflected brilliant cold light onto the world below, changing the pink tint of the cherry blossoms to a pale periwinkle, almost. The breeze was blowing in her direction as she made strides towards the tree. How long had it been since she had last decided to visit the human world? A long time indeed.

The earth was so large- was anyone else around anymore? Any familiar faces she actually gave a damn about remembering? The only ones she could really recall were Pallas, a young Fullbringer boy. Anyone else? Little to no memory remained, at least, of humans. She could recall plenty of other spiritual beings, but none were worth thinking about currently. The winds tickled the fur on her foxlike ears and her fluffy tail, but her expression remained neutral and calm. Finally, she had trekked up the hill to the tree, and with a massive flying leap, the Arrancar landed neatly on a branch of the massive, gargantuan tree. It overlooked the city of Tokyo, which was a rather dazzling sight at night, even if it was only uber early in the morning, rather than late in the evening. Dawn would come before long, but for once, all she wanted was to sit back and observe something she had missed out on for so many years.
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#2 Re: [Open] SENBONZAKURA on Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:33 am


Rena flipped open a phone and looked at it before flipping it closed again. She was already on a mission to search for the reason behind a particularly powerful Hollow reading. In fact the reading claimed it was vastly superior to Rena's own level, but since she was so bored at Seireitei she didn't care and offered to "Scout and report back only" on the situation.

Yeah right.

She isn't going to be "scouting" if it's a hostile and it's a hollow it's gonna be dead, but that's where she and the Gotei 13 differed in opinion. She didn't kill indiscriminately like most other Shinigami. If it wasn't evil and/or wasn't causing problems then there wasn't a reason to kill it. Beat it and make sure it didn't do anything. Sure. Kill it? ..meh.  Getting lectured again didn't seem high on her list of things she wanted to go through though so for now she'd just play it by ear.

Using the phone, because her own sensing was crap, she eventually got into the general vicinity of the source when the stupid tracker broke from being overwhelmed. Looks like she was on her own then eh? She started to wander around, she definitely felt a hollow but she couldn't tell anything beyond that due to her own inability. Shrugging she figured it wouldn't hurt to at least see if the thing was sentient she cupped her hands over her mouth and exclaimed rather loudly, "Hey if you can hear me then you are worth the trouble of finding so show yourself and save me some time would ya!?"
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