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#1 Dead Master [Yomi's Bankai] on Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:53 am


2nd Division
2nd Division


New Name: Dead Master
Appearance: Yomi's appearance doesn't change much upon entering her second release, through her bankai her horns and wings turn a bright green and her attire gains a lot more green instead of being primarily black like her original appearance. She also gains two giant skulls that float behind her idly until she uses them in her abilities.

[Yomi maintains all her previous abilities.]

Burning Bones
Yomi bones can have an acidic effect, once coming into contact with organic matter they cause can cause second degree chemical burns

In her Bankai Yomi is able to heal completely upon entering her second release and she is able to regenerate from moderate damage such as open wounds although she cannot regenerate limbs or head wounds.

Dermal Armour
Yomi is able to harden her bones and generate a thin layer of said bone underneath her skin which is incredibly durable and able to take quite a beating before breaking, it gives her an additional x1 boost to her durability but cuts her speed by x1.

Skull Crushers!
Using those two giant skulls that float around her Yomi is able to manipulate them and use them like giant wrecking balls. These skulls weigh quite a lot and can do massive area damage when utilised.

Dance of the Shinigami
Constructing a network of bone around an area of 500 metres she is able to generate her bones and constructs from them.

Boosts: x3 to Physical stats. x-3 to Spiritual stats.

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