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Noziel's Theme Below.

Noziel Aran, Wielder of Wind

Name: Noziel Aran
Age: 25
True Age: 338
Sex: Male


Noziel Aran is a clever man who sees things most individuals gloss over, in both a spiritual and literal sense. His heart is specifically devoted to the safety of his friends, cohorts, and family. Love has been a crucial part of his life ever since he and Mei Tsaki have joined hearts, and will often come across as a fatherly type, even when his own wife and children are not involved. Sadly, he still greives over the loss of his wife, though maybe a gentle spirit could open his heart again.

Noziel is as he always was, calm, kind, and irrevocably generous. He wishes to see everyone in Gotei reach their full potential and mourns the loss of all those who fall in combat, friend and foe alike. While his ability to appear emotional may seem complacent and bare, he is indeed very deeply emotionally driven. He also however uses a logically constructed mindset, using induction, deduction, and other forms of reasoning to make his decisions, which is a major part of the reason he's proud to be a part of the 4th Division.

His life is important to him, because as long as he exists, he still has many people to protect. That desire to protect empowers him and keeps his will strong, so that he can make sure he does his job right. After the recent and temporary fall of Gotei, he realized how important his job truly is, and how difficult it can be. With that, he trains his body and mind every day, constantly looking for new ways to refine his combat ability.

Parts of this may still be relevant, but overall, not so much.:
Cool, calm and calcluating, Noziel is a master strategist. He’ll take part in go and chess games just to gauge a potential rival, though he can’t be asked to take board games seriously. In a casual setting, he likes to be the commanding type of personality that draws attention and can make decisions. His charisma would be undeniable if he weren't such a joker when he's around most people. If he asks for the attention and influence of a group, he expects as much to stay true. That being said he is rather laid back most of the time and likes to make sure no adverse stress is placed on others, but has a tendency to make puns and jokes that are very much cringe-worthy. Not joking. This is serious. You have been warned. His puns are terrible.

Ever since seeing Rena rise to Captain-Commander, Noziel has developed a deep sense of respect to her, and as such, remains loyal to Rena. In the same way, Noziel remains loyal to all of his comrades in Gotei, even some as... questionable as Kokoro Nashi.

     In combat, he retains his level head, though his sense of humor is tucked away, as he knows when to take things seriously and intends to keep as many comrades alive as possible remaining the solid, strong dependable persona that his allies rely on. His mind is set into overdrive as he looks for patterns and possible outcomes that present themselves before him. His peripheral vision and other senses heighten to a sharp level of precision as his awareness. Though his enemies best watch out, the mind that stands before them has baffled even prodigies and tacticians. Noziel has the ability to plan out several moves ahead and plan for thousands of possible events. This makes him a terror on the battlefield, unless you're the one he's protecting.

    When things get tough and his emotions are pushed too far, he has a tendency to remove his mental locks that control and focus his power. This action sets his mind into a deteriorated state that dissolves most of his reasoning and instead has his objective set to maiming and or destroying the target through any necessary means. His raw strength increases where his restraint once was. His smile crooks and grins, showing you just how dangerous a mistake you have made. When people start to irritate you, you'll find a way to make them pay. Noziel is no different, and when his mental locks come undone, there's no hindering the demon within. That emotion is not rage, but a cold, dauntless expression that wants nothing more than to see the erasure of the source of his hatred. He hasn't lost his sense of reason entirely, he still has the same cold, calculating composure, but with no empathy or remorse. He has yet to reach this point in a serious fight, but be warned that his emotions do heavily impact his ability to fight.

Mental Locks

Sanity: While Noziel may usually be level-headed and calm, deep within, there lies a sector of his mind devoted to causing pain and unleashing raw destructive force. This is essentially sadist Noziel with his emotions and driving forces spiraling out of control. This reflex is generally linked to the harm of people that he loves.

Pain Sensing: Noziel's pain sensitivity is actually rather high for a male, but should he wish to, he can numb himself entirely, pushing past his body's limits. In this state, lasting damage can be accumulated if he is not careful.

Emotion: Noziel's emotions heavily influence what he does, and as a result of that, cares deeply for the well-being of most involved in combat. However, if he chooses to, he can sever this connection temporarily, becoming emotionally barren. It's a dangerous thing to do as morality is shut off as well in this state, and therefore makes it difficult to come back from this lock being opened.

Sight: The last resort release is Noziel turning off all senses but his ability to sense reiatsu, reiryoku, and reishi signatures, thus hightening the latter. At this point, all that is seeable is energy, so walls, structures and the like will be undiscernable to him. The only way for him to see structures at this point is by way of reishi inferencing. This is less of an issue now, seeing as he is physically blind.

Morality: You had best hope that this mental lock never comes undone. This lock is the barrier between friend and enemy. Good and Evil. Should he ever consider turning his morality off, nothing will be sacred. If you are in his way, your life will be forfeit in Noziel's eyes. This also deals with rational thought and logic and as a result, all power limits are removed, and with it, all his power will be directly focused on the object of Noziel's hatred.

Self-Worth: When this lock is undone, Noziel will put everything that he is on the line. It is at this point that his will to live ceases to exist, and he fights without regard to his personal safety. Dire circumstances are required for this to be tossed aside.


Height: 5’8
Weight: 190 lbs
Physical Traits: Standing moderately tall with a slender frame, Noziel has startling blue eyes that seem alive with energy. Look into them and you'll see thousands of computations, calculating your every move. He has stark white hair that's tousled and fair, and long enough to make you wonder how long he's been wearing it like that.

Clothing: Noziel typically sticks to a white hoodie with a blue lining, semi-worn white jeans, and flash white tennis shoes when in a casual setting. He also knows how to dress up every once in a while. If he does dress up, he prefers a jet black blazer and white shirt, complete with a bright blue rose and dark dress pants.

When in combat, since he has become a Captain, he chooses to wear a pinstriped black suit, white undershirt, and in the side pocket, a blue rose. However, should there be any questions, he prefers that his suit be kept in pristine condition. Should combat become intense, he may shrug off the outer jacket, which will then crystallize and be tossed into the wind.

Accessories: The only accessory he now wears is a golden armband, attached halfway up his left arm, just above the crook of his elbow. Inset in the band is a mystical looking stone that glimmers a brilliant pink. If asked, Noziel is well aware of the fact that it's there, and the reason for it is because it reminds him of his wife's pink aura.


General Fighting Style: 
Noziel Aran has learned every possible Kidou, and may devote time to creating his own, aside from that, his combat style revolves almost entirely around his ability to sense energy. Seeing as physical sight is no longer an option, his ability to detect energy by way of sensing another's life force, reishi particles in the atmosphere, and the objects in everyday life that have their own energy signature is an integral part of his life. Through this, he can 'see'. He can find his way around, 'see' most everything, and by the extent, see how tired and weakened his opponents are. His combat style focuses less on actually being lethal, and instead draining them of their stamina and energy by way of combat,  rendering them incapable of combat. This is easily attainable through his affinity for wind, which is indeed a fucking element. His ability to harness reishi compiled with his affinity for wind makes him quick, precise, and easily capable of causing variable amounts of controlled internal damage.

May still be partially relevant, but replacing this.:

Noziel likes to weigh his options in combat when given time to think, but is also capable of providing fast, well-aimed strikes in a pinch. Though he has high Barrier mastery as well as minor kidou prowess, he still prefers to stick to his combat abilities instead of techniques. His speed is near unmatched among his peers, and his Shunpo ability is proof of that, being able to flash-step around like a freaking ballerina. Not a moment can be wasted in combat and he knows this well, providing that he makes sure to leave no room for error, nor carelessness. Since his training with Rena, he has developed 'sight beyond sight', a skill that all Shinigami have access to if they develop it enough. The skill uses sensing of spiritual pressure and reishi particles to paint a detailed image of the world around you. Because of this, he has heightened awareness to weak points, energy-based attacks, and disturbances in the natural reishi particles in the air. This increases his field of vision to 360 degrees, but will also leave him open for attacks by those who can remove Reishi particles or hide their spiritual pressure. Though should he become too over-exhausted, he may decide to remove his mental locks, shutting off his senses of empathy, pain sensation, and morality. In this state, he never hesitates and instead relies on his raw destructive power, still using his speed and knowledge of weak points in addition to raw bloodlust to reach the desired effects. Do note that in this state, he will fight until his body is at it's final limits.

Strengths: Sensing, Speed, Control

Weaknesses: Durability, Endurance


Sealed Appearance:  (Garudyne)

Garudyne is a rapier in its sealed form, approximately four feet in length. Its handle and ornaments are the same blue as Noziel's eyes, with the remainder of the body a pristine white silver.

In the spirit's case, Fusoku is a mocha-skinned, silver haired woman who wears an emerald green yukata, as well as golden ornaments. Her eyes themselves seem like storm clouds of a swirling blue-grey hue

(just kinda adapt the description to that picture if you would, please?)

Personal Abilty: Guided by the Four Winds
Noziel's affinity for wind passively adds a +1x multiplier to Speed and +2x to Reflexes for each release, and any movement can be actively enhanced, allowing him freedom of movement, direction, velocity, and even flight if so desired. This is not limited by release. Because this results in him pushing the limits of the speeds he can acheive, his Durability suffers greatly for it. Agility = x4, x5 and x6 respectively.

Personal Ability: Sight Beyond Blindness
Noziel's affinity for sensing, which was developed intensely through training, is now an integral part of his life. This ability to sense, despite being blind, is powerful enough, that he can see Reishi in all situations, see the auras of individuals, and see energy-based attacks in a 360 degree radius of 50 meters.

This however, does not allow him to break spiritual stealth. If someone is cloaked under Bakudo 26, it will as though reality is distorting, but otherwise, could be anything, whether friend or foe.
(As one final note, though I'm removing Kidou manipulation of all kinds, I'm making it clear that Noziel is still capable of using ALL Kidou, including Hadou 90, 96, 99, and the unnumbered ones.)

Personal Ability: Empathy Sense
One new addition is that Noziel can detect fluctuations in emotions and physical pain via aura disruptions, this is something that will awaken soon, and part of his ability to sense. He can also temporarily increase or decrease indiviual portions of those emotions and sensations to varying degrees (and this falls under PC permission rule.) The main function of this allows him to assist Squad 3 by calming and numbing patients in preparation for extraction.




Song of Storms: Noziel can command air particles (in a generalized format), causing them to take shape, be it physical walls, blunt objects, sharpened tools, or in general, near-invisible projectiles. In addition to this, Noziel can create any sort of wind blast, suction, or vacuum. If there is anything the air and wind can achieve, he can do it.

Call of the Winds:
Noziel can bend the winds to his will, shaping them, commanding them, and making them do things beyond mere imagination. He can contain and throw objects in the air below a ton, and on top of that, cause the same level of destruction a Cat5 Hurricane, or a T5 Tornado could cause. He can use this to further boost his already dangerous movement speed, force of impact, and near-perfect velocity/inertia control. Long and short, full-on wind manipulation.

Guiding Breath: Noziel can freely draw Reishi out of the environment around him, even using the bricks of the Seireitei if the need arises, to use for the purpose of augmenting Kidou, his physical attacks, or enhancing the potency of his wind attacks.

Gale-Force Palms: Noziel can freely control the intensity of the wind he commands, determining the precise velocity, intensity, and even going so far as to finely tune the direction it weaves and travels. This precise control can make it easy to control the amount of damage done to a target, varying from the merciless tearing of steel, flesh and bone, to the slow and battering intensity of internally damaging strikes.

Frozen Strikes: Noziel can create images of his Zanpakuto, or other tools he's created, which can impale and stick to his opponent indefinitely. Additionally, Noziel can 'prime' these images to deal the equivalent of a Hadou 20 for each object embedded in his target. (This effect has a four post cooldown, during which time no images can be created.)

Boosts: x4 Agility, x2 Reiatsu, elevating to Shikai generates a gust of wind, disturbing nearby plant life, such as grass and flowers




All Abilities from Shikai are retained, aside from the upgrade to Vacuum Blade.

Hall of Mirrors:
Noziel summons a cage in the shape of a hexagon, with a dome-like top to it. The top follows the edges of the octagonal cage. The walls are made of a special type of energy that will cause minor pain to the entire body when touched by anyone but Noziel. Anyone, when touching a wall, will appear on the reflected side of the opposite wall, effectively phasing through the cage. Despite the pain caused, the cage applies the same logic to both parties, and both the inside and outside of the cage.

Example: Noziel touches the inside of the left wall of the cage. He appears on the inside of the right side. Other person can do the same thing. Touching the top leads to the reverse side of the top.
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

Trace Dispseral: This ability allows him to embed raw reiatsu or reishi into a target's body, making successive strikes to the same area 1.5x more damaging and effective. In addition to this, if a strike makes contact to a non-organic surface, that pulse can either be detonated or fired off at Bala speed and power at any moment.

Boosts: x5 Agility, and x3 Reiatsu. Elevating to Bankai generates a forceful gale of a wind, knocking around loose objects and clearly disturbing the roots of nearby trees.


Toukai appearance in addition to the visual change above differs in that Noziel's coat turns white, and a silvery-blue raiment appears around his body.

=Eternal Dive : While in flight, Noziel can freely toss his Toukai, causing it to dive and swing as though he were swinging it from a distance. Due to his Toukai's fragmented state, this even allows him to separate it and treat it like debris in a storm, potentially grinding and carving things up when in its path.

=Line of Dismissal : Noziel can make single dashes, up to three per post that charge through any and all obects in that line, at a maximum distance of 10 meters. The effect applied to all objects is the equivalent is a clean slice through said object. If deflected by an equal power, the dash continues, but for a meter, the damage is halted. While his body phases through any object, an attack is made against all objects he passed by or through similar to a sword cut made by his Toukai. If deflected by a lesser power, the damage is halved. This is not shunpo and and will not interfere with the usage of Shunpo.

If for some reason Noziel's Toukai is not in hand, the ability is altered to do internal damage to skeletal structure and heavy organ damage instead, and is more easily blockable.

=Finality : Archaic Obliteration
Noziel's final ability, he prepares to call in all the Reishi he can, as well as the remainder of his power, and leaves the winds to do the rest. Any energy he can muster is infused with the raw power of wind, focusing it on a single target, and eviscerating them, potentially breaking bones, causing heavy internal and external damage. The overall potential of this ability is not to exceed two forbidden kidou. This ability leaves Noziel nearly breathless, having to Senkaimon out.

Boosts: x6 Agility, x4 to Reiatsu, Noziel is always in flight during this stage.

Assorted Background

Original History:
History of Noziel Aran: Noziel was originally a natural born Soul that was raised in District 52 of the outer city. At a very young age of 8, a few rogue citizens of the area stormed into his home to rob them of any valuables they had, of course which there were none. As a result, the three burglars decided it would be a waste to just leave, and killed both of his parents. Noziel, heartbroken, undid his mental locks and killed both assailants with only the raw spiritual pressure he possesed. Immediately after this, the madness faded and Noziel returned to his calm, calculating gaze. Squad 7 showed up on alert mere minutes afterward, realizing that something major had happened on the scene and took Noziel in for questioning. District 7 members learned that Noziel killed the assailants with his own spiritual pressure and decided to inform him about Shinigami and escorted him to the Academy.

Upon being shown the Elder's zanpakuto and understanding what it was, his own Zanpakuto appeared at his side in the form of a silver-blue rapier, "Fusoku" This shocked the Elder Shinigami, but not without impressing him. Noziel was recommended to be given more advanced lessons, about combat, meditation, and the world within the Zanpakuto. Noziel spent 3 hours in his inner world, meditating and talking to Fusoku. As they grew closer, Fusoku deemed him ready and allowed him the use of the Shikai form, and whispered the word "Kiru" as it flew through his soul. Upon his release, his master saw this and commended him for his ability to commune with Fusoku. As Noziel was pushed through Kido training, he didn't seem to possess much affinity for Hado, though he could perform Shakkaho with minimal effort, and showed high prowess with Okasen. His barriers and illusions were advanced for those of his skill level and with his high speed, his Shunpo was at the highest level among his peers. Then came the combat test at the age of 18, as Noziel began exhibiting everything he had learned to that point against the second top member of his class. Noziel fought him with clean, brisk and precise strikes designed to disarm him, though his opponent was capable of parrying and blocking most of his jabs. A quick bash, and Noziel was thrown back, but without losing stance, and then the opponent went for a finishing strike, only to find out that his target was no longer there. A hasty Okasen from behind knocked him off balance, but only for a moment, as the two were engaged in swordplay yet again. In frustration, the other student flicked his blade at Noziel only for it to bounce off a small disc barrier. "Kiru." Noziel said, as his blade elevated to the Shikai state. As his speed increased and power became overwhelming, he finally knocked his opponent's Zanpakuto loose and left him in a clear position of loss. "Well fought, but there was never a chance with me as your opponent." said the cold Noziel Aran. Walking away boldly, Noziel gained a reputation for his ability to counter most strikes, perceive any and all possible terrain advantages, as well as use precise control of his kido to tip most of his fights to his favor. At the age of 24, he was given the ability to use his bankai after much meditation and practice. Through intense training, and daily attempts to fully commune with Fusoku, by the age of 34, he was given Fusoku's True name, full access to all of her abilities, and even developed a few techniques of his own.

   Attempting to fulfill his legacy, and playing into his natural strengths, he appealed to Squad 8 to join their ranks and was eagerly accepted, though only at a low seat at first. After being given a few minor missions to push a small militia around with, the higher-ups of the 8th Division noted how careful and patient Noziel was with forces, including his attention to detail as part of his division of resources. There was one mission in particular where the odds of success were unlikely, only being given a small troop of six to secure, lock down, and clear a high-tier hollow out of a building. He took the time to note each Shinigami's personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and likelihood to follow orders given, then assigned two of them to investigate the building, evacuate any civilians, then proceed to signal all-clear before the remainder entered. Two were left outside to survey for traces of abnormal presence for several miles, and the remaining four were dispatched to the building to take care of the hollow, including a healer, a barrier specialist, a Kidou prodigy, and someone to take care of sealing and purification. The hollow was struck down in mere minutes, sealed, and ready to be taken back to the Seireitei for purification. The other two also took out a few stray hollows in the outer perimeter. The leaders of Squad 8 were impressed with his precise allocation of forces to use each man to his best qualities, and promoted him. With his sights now set on Vice Captain, and eventually Captain of Squad 8, Noziel Aran now sits at the still-young age of 312 years old and has become much stronger since that evening. He has since been promoted to the Third Seat in Division 8. Those who are placed under his command have full trust in him, because they know he values their lives, and will put them in situations that are best suited for them. After rising to Vice Captain, seeing the Captain-Commander fall along with the Central 46, and seeing Rena rise to the highest seat of power, he has finally reached his goal of becoming Captain of Squad 8, a Shinigami to be feared if one should ever cross paths.

RP Sample: After starting his morning off with a fresh cup of hot tea, I would have preferred not to have gotten such bad news. No matter, these things happen. I do prefer to work on the inside of these walls, but there are still times when those I command require my assistance. I had received word that my squadron out on mission was getting more than they could handle, including the appearance of an Arrancar that they were not expecting to encounter, so I gathered my small bag of supplies and headed out. Squad 4 usually made sure I was stocked with some basic first aid supplies. At least I knew how to use them, though I wished I could use healing kido.... No matter, I knew what I had to do. So as I arrived, I blinked only once, taking it all in. One of my men, wounded, being tended by two, and defended by another two, the remaining six were locked in combat. "Men, circle back. We need a stronger vantage point for you to deal with the Menos properly. I'll handle the Arrancar." My squadron nodded, drew the attention of the few menos that were around, as I turned to face the Arrancar. "You've made a real mess of things, I'll have to put you down for that." Without a moment of pause, I flicked out Fusoku and pierced its leg, using Shunpo to rebound a few paces back from where I arrived. "Kiru!" I called out, switching to a more practical weapon for this particular enemy. As the Arrancar swept his arm down to grab his zanpakuto, I sliced it clean off with my Vacuum Blade technique, then Shunpo'd into close range to hack away some more. I was a little shocked to see him regenerate, but it's not like I hadn't seen that happen before. "Fine, we'll do it your way. Come! Fusoku no Koete!" As my blade summoned its other half and drew its point out to an extended point, one which could pierce anything, I leapt back in, landing a clean swipe followed by my signature Zero-point strike. I felt as I always did when I pierced its body, aided by the spirit of my zanpakuto, blasting forth my very essence into its core. The resonance from that blast rippling throughout it and finally crumbling it to pieces. "Remember the name of Noziel Aran, and do well to take caution the next time you try and harm my men."

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Updated. Requesting that either Jeef or Rena look this over and suggest fixes and the like. Even if Approved, changes will not take place until the end of Noziel's current training session with Rena.

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As an update, only thing I'm iffy on is Kaze Koru. I'll talk about that in length with you later tonight.

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Approved. Will watch. Stay tuned.

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Changes approved.

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