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#1 • YUKIRIN on Mon Oct 31, 2016 5:01 am


(Alias) Day: 狐怪鈴 Koyoshi Rin. [ 鈴 ] Rin. Meaning 'Bell' or 'Chime', first name. [ 狐 ] Ko. Meaning 'Kitsune' or 'Fox'. [ 怪 ] Yoshi. Meaning 'Strange' or 'Peculiar', often referring to a 'Youkai'. Rin Koyoshi

(True) Night: 清夏雪 Seika Yuki. [ 清 ] Sei. Meaning "Pure" or 'Clear'. [ 夏 ] Ka. Meaning 'Summer'. [ 雪 ] Yuki. Meaning 'Snow'. Yuki Seika.

Day: 15
Night: 18

True Age:
Centuries Unknown


Kill or be killed; Eat or be eaten. Survival of the fittest. There are no laws in Hueco Mundo, nor will there ever be, and without laws, there is nothing but chaos to reign supreme. Where is there order in a place of complete disorder and confusion? There is not any, except for the order that can be enforced by the strongest: the ones who have killed and have not been killed, the ones who have eaten, and have not been eaten. They have survived. They are the fittest. This ideal rests squarely on Rin Koyoshi's mind, being her sole focus and her primary goal. Why would a beast want to bring order, however? The answer is simple- the ones who bring order rule over all of the others, and in the end, are the sovereign governors of all, including chaos.

Rin Koyoshi is a cunning fox at heart, a skilled thief and trickster, should she want to be. However, this clever kitsune focuses her sights on gaining favors, and stopping dissarray wherever it may show itself. To be feared or respected is a tough choice, but Rin wishes to have both. She wishes to be respected and trusted as a leader, but also hopes to sprout a decent amount of terror in those around, to help support that level of shifty respect that the residents of Hueco Mundo tend to hold. To hold leverage over others, and to have them indebted to you, is the most empowering feeling to ever exist, and thus, Rin enjoys ensuring she knows this feeling often.
There are many words to describe such a character, just as with anyone. With this one person, there too are words, but maybe not the words you would expect on appearances. Why? It must simply be because Rin Koyoshi is an individual, with much taking up the fact of a personality. However, breaking down this person in words may be the best way to sort her out through and through.

A good word to use to describe Rin would be reserved. It may or may not be obvious how she got this way, but it is common knowledge and definitely one of the best-known things about her. The words she says, when spoken, are normally quiet, and she rarely, if never, opens up to anyone; but one thing that goes along with this is the fact that she uses empty words with others, or so they seem. Rin rarely opens her mouth without something that is purposeful to say, and to those around her, she can come off as quite hard to read with her demeanor and such words and actions that are hard to perceive.
However, despite the fact that she is an extremely withdrawn individual, Rin can play a good actor. She has become a professional at masking her feelings and emotions, with few in existence able to see through whichever mask she has chosen to wear. When in other settings, she could appear lively and happy though not care what is going on, or perhaps shy and self-conscious, even if she has at least a normal self-esteem and confidence. If she was hard to break and understand at first, this can only make the matter more difficult, but aids her in at least giving someone the illusion of trust. Truly, the only way she could trust someone was if they too could break through her mental shields and sympathize, though it will not happen while she has an honest drive and goal in mind.

To add onto those two coinciding mental and personality traits, Koyoshi is very mysterious to others. It is not as if she has chosen to be this way, but because of her demeanor, her apathetic eyes, her use of seemingly empty words, and her overall personality and quietness, Rin can be always thought to be mysterious at first and second thought. She is always very hard to read, and can make others feel uncomfortable when catching her mannerisms, demeanor, and simple thoughts. Her movements and actions are both very subtle, and one really cannot completely read her out. They could resolve and understand one side of the coin, then completely forget or miss the other half. All people are like this in a way, but Yuki is especially so.
Along with that brings her coldness into the picture. Think snow and ice, along with a high wind chill factor. Rin can be very cold and seemingly apathetic towards others, just as she refuses to let much emotion filter through to the outside. Her actions and apparent motives toward others can seem heartless and cold, even if she could possibly have warmer meanings behind. Nonetheless, this is a natural trait of Rin and surprisingly has nothing to do with any of her past. Rather, it could have been a trait melted by love ever so long ago, but that spark of hope is gone. For now, others simply have to deal with her cold, apathetic, and sometimes what looks emotionless behavior.

Apart from all these rather introverted traits, the actor in Rin comes forward as she is surprisingly sarcastic, and enjoys making cracks in the midst of battle. Her reasons for doing this are unknown, but she always has a comeback for anything said to her, either good or bad. Her quips are often used as taunts for an enemy, or simply a defense against her rather small amount of pride. Another trait caused by sarcasm is her need to chime in on every little thing said. It can come off as rude, annoying, or obnoxious, but that never seems to faze her. This trait overall, however, is typically another mask that she enjoys to wear, never wavering her true personality to be displayed while in battle.
Yet another mask to be worn is humility. She yearns for more power, and will do almost anything to get what she wants, even if this aspect is not so prominent. However, at the same time she knows when something isn't worth it at the time, but will continue in other possible ways. Using her deceptive tongue and playing innocent acts are prime techniques used. And best of all? They often work. Rin can easily use flattery, vanity, deceit, lies, and dancing around the real truth to work her way up the ladder.

Overall, despite her innermost personality, Rin proves to be a decent leader. The things that make up a leader include being a good listener, not only a speaker and commander. Her introverted behavior and mind allows her to intake information more than she puts out, making her incredibly observant and perceptive. Nevertheless, in Hueco Mundo, the true way to having any sort of leadership and authority over anyone is power itself; power to prove, power to rule, power to gain, power to protect. In the end, for an Arrancar, this is all a beast can ever know. Nevertheless, it works, and if one has power, they can be sovereign over others as they like. Thus is the logic of a monster queen.
To wrap this up, Rin is reserved, but a good actor and disguiser of emotions, stubborn and sarcastic, generally a decent leader, and mysterious and cold. In the end it all goes to her honesty though, even if much of her personality is based off of past events. She could quite possibly make the best and truest friend, or the most cruel and deceptive of enemies. However, her range of happiness is somewhere in the middle, where nobody attempts to go or break down to get to her. That could change in time, but so long as she holds onto hope for her dreams, all is lost and unreachable, and nothing will ever change.


Day: 5'3"
Night: 5'7"

Day: 85 lbs.
Night: 100 lbs.

Physical References:
Day Appearance:

Night Appearance:


General Fighting Style:
Flight before fight is always kept in mind, but once Rin starts a fight, she seldom leaves until the battle has reached its end. However, Koyochi knows when combat will be futile, and refuses to waste her abilities or life on such, especially with pointless battles. At first, she attempts to taunt and tease her opponents, hoping to thwart and intimidate in order to throw off a guard before the real fight begins.
Rin considers her fighting style a mix between unique and average. Once engaged, however, Rin becomes a decent fury to be recognized by those around, especially weaker ones or foes of her own strength.

When she fights, her strategy is to inflict as much pain as possible to weaken the opponent. Torture and agony is a lovely sight to behold in her right mind, and many of her techniques revolve around tormenting an enemy physically. Rarely killing quick as she did in the past, this Arrancar will make deaths slow and bloody, as punishment for crossing paths with her. When Rin does not have a weapon on hand, she prefers the martial arts that she learned as a human. Combining them with bala and reiatsu, she fights with a series of dodges and attacks in her range similar to what she does with a weapon. Her favorite maneuvers are kicks and fast jabbing punches, while focusing a decent amount of energy to them. Overall, her speed somewhat lacks to make up for her defense and hard hits.

• Speed
• Hierro
• Hakuda / Strength
• Reiryoku / Reiatsu

• Zanjutsu
• Sensing
• Spiritual Control
• Strategy / Logic
• Reflexes
• Defense

Refer to Strengths.<3


Spirit Pressure Color:
Azure Blue, Indian Red, or Mixed Purple

Sealed Appearance:
Click Here.

Zanpakuto Name:

Zanpakuto Call Out:
Day: Darken the Day!
Night: Brighten the Night!

Zorra De Fuega // Hoshi no Tama (Foxfire) • Dyed in Rin's Reiatsu, Zorra De Fuega is her unique Cero which appears to the eye as a black-tinted fire. Upon impact from this Cero, victims receive second degree burns. All variations of her cero reflect this.

Cero Redirección • When a cero comes towards Rin, she can stretch forth her clawed hand to redirect the cero back towards where it came. The redirected cero can be dodged, and travels at the same speed it once did. This ability can only be used once every two posts.

Cero Redondo • Rin may power a cero around her body and unleash it in a large blast of energy that travels a full twenty feet. This can be only used once every other turn.

Plot Abilities:
overview Only for use outside of combat, with OOC permission if needed, and nothing that may affect the greater plot is permitted.

化け物 Bakemono • The ability to shapeshift more or less, but only into animals for the most part. If she wishes to transform into somebody, OOC permission must be granted, and she must have a hair and blood sample.

蜃気楼 Shinkirou • If agreed on beforehand, a mirage of Rin may be created in order to sneak into places or to deliver messages without being there directly. While her consciousness is in this mirage, the real Rin is vulnerable to any sort of attacks, being in a sleeping state. The mirage is unable to touch or hurt anyone, or use powers, and may be sealed or dispelled easily with anti-illusion techniques or most types of Bakudo. The illusion itself appears slightly different from Rin. In Night form, she has no fox ears or tail, longer hair, and her Hollow Hole is in her hand rather than her core.


Upon release, Rin goes instantly into her Night Form, no matter what time of day it is. Along with this, she no longer has only one fox tail, but nine long ones, making her appearance resemble a Kyuubi, not just a Kitsune. Each tail can grow between five feet to twenty feet in length, and is weaker at the base, yet stronger near the point.

九尾 Kyuubi • Nine tails, each of them equivalent to a weapon, with a tip as sharp as any spear. Each tail is reinforced with Hierro, and is generally immune to status effects, thus making them handy shields. If cut at the base, however, a tail can be removed. Every three posts, a tail will disappear. Once all tails are gone, Rin is forced out of Resurrection, and cannot go back in for another full ten posts.

青血 Haruchi • Blue-colored blood by nature, and very cold. If one is exposed to Rin's blood, they will receive frostbite, feeling a freezing and burning sensation as the exposure of the blood takes effect.

霜火 Souka (Frostfire) • Rin is a master at using freezing fire and scalding ice in any manner she pleases, manipulating and generating at will, up to 500 feet around her. Generally, she relies on basic instinct in usage of this, being weaker in strategies.

凍力 Touriki • Using her general frostfire ability, Rin can use fire to freeze the reishi in the air around a projectile target (not the opponent themselves) to halt its oncoming if it comes within 25 meters of her. This can be done once in a post, with a two post cooldown.

燃雪 Zensetsu • Using the heat-inducing and blazing nature of her ice abilities, Rin can make snow fall in the vicinity around her (up to 25 meters) that has an hot and blazing nature, giving harsh burns. It lasts for three posts, before going on cooldown for another five posts.

Refer to Strengths.<3


When pushed into Segunda Release, Rin takes on a form closer in appearance to her original adjuchas form, transforming into a true Kyuubi-Kitsune. Click Here.

In Segunda, Rin has less control over her power, and no specific abilities other than her original release abilities being 50% as strong.



The Plot Thus Far:
Upon finally clashing with her sister, the 'replacement child', Yuki Seika, finally went up against the original Yuki Seika, now Yuki Akies. The stronger Shinigami and Vice Captain of the Third Division brought down the fox-like Arrancar with ease. She vowed to 'purify' the Hollow with her zanpakutou, and later hunt her down again in the Soul Society to kill her again, forever, to stop the cycle. Refusing to be brought down so easily by the one to cause her such misery in life, Yuki narrowly escaped by feigning death and possessing a human, using her one time only Kitsunetsuki. She remains enclosed within the human spirit of Rin, only capable of surfacing her true form under the shadow of night. However, her ambition still remains, as she takes on the name of Rin to continue hiding from Yuki Akies, and to bide her time to one day exact revenge.... maybe...

Yuki Seika:
No one expected it. No one heard the howling outside and the small groups of Hollows that evening in Karakura Town. The sun was setting, and breath fogged up a window as two blue eyes gazed outside at the cold sky and fading light. Howls could not be heard by the ears of that woman, but something was definitely wrong. Suddenly, there was a loud crash as the walls started caving in. The sunlight was nearly gone, and there was no warmth seeping in through the broken structure, but rather naught but cold air.
However, there was a hazy form. The woman could not see the figure completely, but made out the image of a humanoid monster with dragon-like wings and a long tail. Paralyzed with fear, the pregnant women only stared at the vague sight, unable to shout or run. All of a sudden, the woman felt a jolting zap of electricity. Still unable to move, the soon-to-be-mother heard the sound of two swords clashing together. All she could make out was a man wearing a black kimono, and the dragon-human monster that had attacked her. Senses blurring, the woman suddenly passed out from the pain of the lightning and the unreal sight before her.

When azure eyes re-opened, all was silent. The air was warmer, and it was somewhat comfortable. Finally, Seika-san realized what had happened. She was either struck by lightning on a clear evening, or perhaps the monster attack wasn’t just a realistic nightmare. Her husband explained everything though. It wasn’t just an explosion from the electrical wiring in the house, but indeed a monster. However, no one would have believed her if she told them. What was important right now was the birth of the child. It was the end of nine and a half months, and so forth the birth of Yuki Seika. The couple had decided upon the name long ago before it was determined if it was a boy or girl. However, the name was common and gender-neutral, so it really wouldn’t matter. Their hope was that the baby girl would grow up to make them proud.
Their hopes were short lived. At the age of four, Yuki unknowingly discovered her strange ability to manipulate Dihydrogen Monoxide, or water. However, in short, their baby was manipulating the soul of the liquid. At the age of seven, their little girl figured out how to drink water herself without even using a glass or cup. The strange ability dumbfounded and somewhat frightened the parents, but the mother was certain she knew what happened. That monster seven years ago had done something to her unborn child! It was time to tell Yuki the truth.

From that day forward, the little girl knew that she would be separate from everyone else. She did her best to hide her Fullbring, knowing that using it only marked her as a monster. Despite her efforts, mistakes were made and the one sitting in the middle of the schoolyard all alone with Yuki Seika. Years passed… eight to be precise. The kindergartener was now ending middle school once and for all. However, High School posed a series of more loneliness. Each day after a tedious seven hours, Yuki finished her homework, and then sat in her room alone until dinner and bedtime. Nothing could comfort or cure her loneliness in life. Perhaps death could end it once and for all.
Year sixteen of life was ending. Yuki’s parents neglected her feelings, and she drifted away from true life and happiness. The closest sibling and friend that had ever known was her loneliness. However, on the evening of September seventh, blood stained white sheets and a body rested lifelessly on the bed. The chain of fate had been severed, and it wasn’t long before Yuki realized that her resolve was short-lived. Loneliness would follow her, and never release the poor girl from its deathly grasp. A few days later, Yuki’s stomach growled, and she felt sudden hunger and starvation. Her chain of fate was eating its way to the center of her being, and minutes later, it had completed its long meal.

The Plus, Yuki Seika, had her shape and being painfully twisted and transformed into the form of a large fox with many tails, and a white mask. So she had become the source of what her power was. Yuki was a hollow, but maintained her azure eyes unlike receiving the golden, pupil-less eyes of a monster. But still hungry, the large, blue-ish black fox devoured everyone it had deemed somewhat close. The parents of a sixteen year old girl whom had ended her life were now dead, their souls eaten by a Hollow.
Pretty soon, the monster was transported to Hueco Mundo, a different sort of hell. Hungrily devouring anything in her way, she merged with many Hollow to become a Gillian, or Menos Grande. Almost losing her sense of individuality, Yuki used all the strength and effort of her consciousness to take control of the Gillian. Wanting to evolve and became more than a mindless animal, Seika made the Menos attack and eat others, using sheer willpower to not lose herself inside the beast. At the end of it all, Yuki amazingly pulled through. Soon enough, there was another evolution.

Her appearance changed again. It was not that of a large, black Gillian, but a large blue fox with one large tail and bat-like wings. Her mask resumed its original form, but now had a large, black, feather-like piece of the mask sticking through behind the ear. This reminded Yuki of a Native American that she had learned about so long ago, and her quest again for humanity. Though like always, she remained lonely. However, Yuki was going to search for her original form first. It was impossible for a monster such as herself to truly fit in with an appearance such as this.
Now an Adjuchas class Hollow, Yuki continued her hunt throughout the Shattered Desert for others. Her hunger always remained unsatisfied, and after each meal, she was starving once again. This wasn’t enough! No one could regain their physical and mental form of humanity with just this! Desperate and now having that ever-growing fear of regression, Yuki would now murderously kill and eat Hollows. She discovered a newfound enjoyment while at this, however. Her new hobby was now giving her prey a long and tormenting death to remember. Oddly enough, Yuki only went for weaker prey such as normal Hollow and new Adjuchas. Her prime fear was getting wounded and having her evolution stop.

Soon enough, she had come upon her fear. A group of Adjuchas was at hand, and her only option was to fight. After a long, stressful battle, Yuki realized her growing power and soon destroyed the few weaker Adjuchas. Straight after this, another evolution took place. Her body was no longer that of a large canine, but a human with a big, fluffy fox tail, long claws, and other excess animal features, yet her wings had disappeared. However, this wasn’t enough for Yuki. After all, she was still considered a monster with this mask covering her face. At least for now she could finally take on others without any fear of regression.
These were her first thoughts on becoming a Vasto Lorde. She continued on, slaying and hunting down others, but now found more freedom. Opening a Garganta was much easier than before, and Yuki suddenly found a joy which included attacking pregnant mothers and placing Hollow power on their unborn babies. This now caused new Fullbringers to come into existence, whom would most likely share and feel the loneliness that Yuki had felt upon learning of her own Fullbring so long ago. However, after twenty years of doing so and continuing on with dull Hollow life, the Vasto Lorde resorted to other things, such as finding her way into Soul Society and thieving.

It still wasn’t long until she got bored again. It was the same thing day after day, and nothing could cure the loneliness she had felt now for one hundred fifty years. On another average, gloomy day in the Shattered Desert, Yuki sat with her knees to her chin on the pale white sand. Her back was against one of those stone trees, and her posture exactly like how she would sit on her bed back in life. The fun had long been over. Loneliness had haunted her since life, and never once was she able to run away from it. Well her time was up. Each day that went by was all the same. There was nothing else to look forward to, and no fear to keep her pumped and on her toes.
Just as in life, there was no choice but one. Putting her right hand on the bottom left rim of her mask, Yuki took a sigh before closing her eyes and ripping at the mask, attempting to pull it clean off and end her sorry life as a Hollow. However, what followed was not planned. Immense pain took over her entire body, and the blue, fire-like reiatsu seeped from her entire body. This was her final evolution. She was becoming one of the Arrancar which were rumored throughout Hueco Mundo. Her power was separated between her body, and her Vasto Lorde weapon, Toketsu-en. Not only was that occuring, but the katana itself becoming more of a zanpakutou, not just a Hollow’s tool. Toketsu-en now had the power of Raposa, and was part shinigami, part hollow's sword. After the painful transformation, she was no longer an ordinary monster or Hollow, but a fully evolved Arrancar.

Exhausted from the sudden event, Yuki collapsed on the pale sand of the desert floor. But upon opening her eyes, there was a figure above her. It was obviously another Arrancar, but had offered her have her follow him. With nothing else to do, and half wondering why she didn’t die, Seika followed the one who called himself Saelien. She sat herself low as simply his apprentice, or maybe even subordinate, but Yuki was looking alive and large now. One day, she would be the one standing on top of Hueco Mundo. And what better way to achieve that and become an Espada? Indeed her partner was correct, it would be a shackle, but maybe in the end she could use that rope as something to climb, not to be bound by.
After excess training and preparation, a stranger appeared out of the blackness in the midst of Las Noches. The one whom was to be challenged was the Cuatro Espada. A long battle lashed out, and freezing fire was pitted against scalding water. Finally defeated and devouring the enemy, Yuki Seika was left with some wounds to think about, and the newly opened slot for the Espada position. It was months later when the Arrancar now had fully recovered from the gruesome fight with naught but a nasty scar on her right ankle. Fortunately, her black tabi covered the symbol of battle, even if she was somewhat proud of it. First being a numberless Arrancar, Seika now had the number ‘4’ tattooed on her left shoulder, a sign of a full-fledged Espada. This was it!

However, the sight weeks later startled Yuki somewhat. One-hundred and fifty five years ago, a human mother told a seven year old daughter about what had attacked her days before young Yuki was born. A humanoid monster covered in scales, and owning dragon-like wings and a long tail. The one whom had forced loneliness and terrible fate to befall Seika was now standing a few hundred yards away. The Segunda Espada: Manda Marlez. Of course, this Hollow was no longer a Vasto Lorde, but the details were what Yuki expected from the monster made Arrancar. So right now, she had an ally, Saelien, and a new rival whom she swore to one day kill, Manda Marlez. It was time to rise to the top as she promised herself, and take her place where she belonged.

Side Notes:
Two sides of the same coin: Rin and Yuki. In the end, it is the same person.

Roleplay Sample:
Roleplay Example:
No one could expect this except her. Another average day which was supposed to be boring. Hueco Mundo offered little to nothing for an Arrancar in a simple-minded mood. Ripping open the dark sky and entering that world, Yuki felt the moon looming behind her and the quiet sound of night peaking her creativity. Looking around carefully, the Espada recognized the place as Canada, a cold and somewhat boring country. Sighing, Yuki gazed at the ground below her, eyeing as an engineer left his train for the night. Grinning, she flexed her fingers and popped each knuckle one by one, ending with the thumbs. Swooping down with Sonido, the Hollow landed a few yards away from the human.

Bitter winds gently licked the Canadian lands, giving a frozen crispy feeling in the air. The night was cold, ranging somewhere in the lower temperatures. Clouds blanketed the sky, tucking the atmosphere in bed and allowing nothing but the moon to push through for light. Below the skies was earth, with grass shivering from the freezing breezes. Thin snow patched certain areas, but other than that, all was dry and silent. Even the crickets, which made the most distinct sound in the night, were quiet. Naught could be heard except the natural motion of still life in the vast blackness. Suddenly, the air stilled and the shallow noises stopped. This place was a synonym to her; quiet, lonely, solitary, and nothing but a dark shadow slithering above the ground. But right now, it was time for something else to happen.

The train engineer was moving closer, obviously going towards the town to find a hotel, inn, or motel. Unfortunately, this was to be his last stroll. Sensing a rich spirit inside of the man, Yuki darted forward, her hands and fingers aimed at the human's face. All of a sudden, the man was blinded and could not cry for help. This was simply because all of the blood from his eyes was flowing into his mouth. Giving an amused chuckle, Yuki Seika dug her claws into the man's two shoulders, ripping them down all the way to his stomach. Pulling a hunk of skin off and examining it for a moment, she tossed it aside and licked the oxygen rich blood from her ivory black claws. Now that they were clean, she quickly kicked the man in the gut with her right leg and approached him once more as he lied there, suffering.

"It hurts, doesn't it? Dying all alone like this with nothing but the night to keep you company," she said softly and cruelly, even though she knew the human would not hear her. Opening her mouth, the Arrancar gruesomely devoured the soul while the man still was alive. Once it was done, the body stopped moving altogether, and Yuki made a quick deed of mauling it so it was indistinguishable from any dead creature.

Now there was his train. Licking the blood off her claws and cleaning any traces off of her clothing and face, Yuki walked in the direction the meal came from. The train looked like it was carrying oil, and was parked on a hill. Most of the engines were off, except one. The one engine was keeping the air brakes locked on the track. Leaping inside of the locomotive, the Espada glared at the sole engine silently working alone.

"Hu Shenzhou!" she announced quietly, raking her claws through the chilly air. With that single swipe, five small 'slices' of spirit energy combed the air and went straight through the engine as if it were a knife cutting cheese. A fire instantly started inside of the train car, and Yuki quickly leaped out. The fire got bigger and bigger until she heard sirens in the distance. An emergency vehicle quickly pulled up and the men sprang into action, putting out the fire professionally and diligently. Once they finished, the firemen turned off the pretty much demolished engine and retreated. However, Yuki was not finished just yet. What she had seen was somewhat amusing, but she had not even scratched the surface yet.

Dashing into another car, Seika located the handbrakes, one of the locomotive's safety measures. Easily turning them off like any other human being would, the Hollow felt the train jolt. Instantly leaving what was an accident waiting to happen, Yuki watched from the sky. The train began rolling down the hill, as clearly expected. Following it, Yuki watched it gather speed and momentum as it raced onward. Estimating it was moving at about sixty-three miles per hour, the Espada watched it dart in the direction of a town. Stopping where she was to watch the show, she gazed as the locomotive leaped off of the tracks. As the train flew and hit the ground, there were many explosions from the oil and train itself. Silently laughing to herself, the Arrancar saw as firefighters instantly went over to fight the fire and rescue civilians.

After about two hours of watching the chaos from where she stood, Yuki began once again getting fidgety and bored. Yawning, she decided to take shelter someplace where no other Hollow, Shinigami, or human would find her. After all, the Soul Reapers were sure to find that this was no accident pretty soon. Using a Descorrer, Yuki Seika opened the Garganta between the World of the Living and Hueco Mundo. With nothing to do here, she slipped inside, allowing it to close behind her and to return to the gloomy sands of her home. And that was just today, she thought with a smug attitude for once. Right now, it was time to cause some disaster someplace else. However, she would not brave Soul Society without some help, even if she despised it. Maybe Seika could find someone other than an average Hollow, such as a Fraccion, for help. Perhaps it was time she started looking for the perfect Fraccion.

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#3 Re: • YUKIRIN on Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:16 am

Offense / Dealing Damage / Torture

This is not a strength. Torture is a skill usually based on intelligence and skill. By being a close ranged combatant you already know how to deal damage so the rest is redundant and unnecessary.

Her Gran Ray Cero is double this.

Double what? a cero? Then her gran rey is weaker than a normal gran rey cero by half a cero to a full cero (Depending on strengths and weaknesses) Double the degree of burn? That's denied then because we don't allow third and fourth degree damages from elemental abilities. Double the number of flames we see? That'd be nice to clarify.


creativity is key but you claim you have poor logic and strategy skills. How would you manage to effectively be creative then? Also you claim long-ranged combat is a weakness yet this has no defined range or limits to amount of long ranged attacks able to be made with this ability. This seems entirely built to contradict your weaknesses. o-o

~~Rin can use fire to freeze the reishi in the air around a projectile target to halt its oncoming if it comes within 25 meters of her. This can be done once in a post, with a two post cooldown.

Just to be clear this only works on attacks correct? It says projectile target but I mean if I am bullet falling at you with my body I'm technically a projectile and a target. So just making sure.


This doesn't make sense. You have fire and ice powers which are inversed in their "effects" so there is no "acidic" nature to this character. "Scalding Ice" is "Scalding" Heat. Hot. Burning. Not Acid. o-o Reword this to make sense and fit inside your actual powers please.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa

...Enhanced by how much? "General" is vague. 10%? 20? 30? 40? 50? More? Is it bigger? faster? stronger? You mention lack of control. Does that apply only to her abilities or does it apply to her strength and speed output as well.

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Thank you! ^.^

Bump! c: Let me know if I missed anything, please!

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