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#1 Rena Lisola (Revamped) on Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:20 pm


Name: Rena Lisola
Age: 19
True Age: 274
Sex: Female

Somewhat cocky but masks it with indepth knowledge and cool. she loves flowers and has no problems trying to help out others. She usually keeps her power level at next to nothing simply to keep others around her from knowing her true strength. She hates taking sides as it gets confusing but will do as she's told by superiors.

She see's the world as a beauty more than an annoyance so she still does not wish it or those who dwell within it any injustice. She believes that whatever she is doing is the correct choice as she always follows her gut in the heat of a situation. She is a severely logical person. If something irrational happens she'll find a logical way to explain it regardless of if it is 100% accurate or not.

She tends to not be very creative and as such would rather read books than paint or draw. She is both playful yet serious as she tends to switch between the two of them. She'll follow her ideals and goals to the letter but she can't help having a playful and cocky attitude during matches. When push comes to shove however she becomes fully serious and gives it her all in order to complete her objective.

She will never back down from a challenge. She will always step up to the plate and fight back whether its mentally, verbally, or Physically. This might be considered being stupid but its one of her more admirable qualities. There is no challenge she won't accept even if she knows she can't win. She is extremely confident..perhaps even OVER confident in her abilities. She is considered very vain in how cocky and somewhat arrogant she can be when talking to others.

She does not have problems formulating plans of her own devices but isn't exactly bright when it comes to mind games. She easily falls for being baited into anger and usually responds extremely hostile to any form of threats. She cares about her subordinates as much as a she should but she doesn't have any strong feelings that would guide her to be overly protective of anyone. She is more of a loner in this respect and doesn't show much affection for anything. She can organize plans well enough but when it comes to keeping her home clean and neat she utterly fails. She cannot maintain any amount of organization within her own life.


Height: 5'6''
Weight: 135 lbs
Physical Traits:

Clothing: As picture.
Accessories: Bakkoutou blade, as in her appearance, and Hollow Bone Boomerang.


General Fighting Style: She is a tactical fighter and relies on her own physical power much more than anything else at her disposal. Though she did not skip out on training with weapons and the like she's more into using her fists and body as a weapon as opposed to swinging a sword. This is made better for her as she developed a martial art style with many different moves sets from multiple real world styles based on what Greecus had taught her. which she uses regularly. When she is forced too however she won't hesitate to use a weapon if it becomes needed. She'd rather not have too..but has resigned to the fact that it is going to be necessary regardless of what she does to avoid it.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her slender appearance, Rena is quite strong physically She can easily destroy landscape around her without trying and is known to be capable of causing great harm in even fairly durable opponents and even capable of making most arrancar's heirro seem like it wasn't a nuisance. Though she admits that this result will always vary between Arrancar due to the difference in thickness of their heirro always varying.

Expert Hakuda User: Due to Rena's immense strength she is able to easily fight on par with anyone in combat such she furthered herself with use of her fist's and any other part of her body that can be used offensively. Though able to use her Zanjutsu to a great extent it's been noted she is far better with her hand to hand.

Immense Spiritual Power - Her natural reiatsu is so immense that it allows her already strong attacks to reach newer and more dangerous heights. She's so fluent with it's use and her own body that she almost doesn't require a zanpaktou in order to fight anyone on her level effectively. She is able to use it to block weaker attacks without the need for using Her Zanpaktou and even shielding herself from fairly powerful attacks as long as she still has enough energy to spare for the effort.

Weaknesses: Because she doesn't hold back she tends to burn through her reserves of energy relatively quickly. She can recover from doing so just as fast but it still keeps her from going all out for extended periods of time. She also has only the barest of sensing abilities, which only keep her from being assassinated really, and as such cannot use them to track others. Due to her wildish nature she also has issues controlling her spiritual energy when angered, irritated, or frightened. She cannot hide her spiritual pressure even with the aid of kidou either.


Name: Runic
Effect: Her body is so accustomed to her own spiritual power that she can suck in and absorb any and all energy based attacks. The energy it absorbs becomes converted and is placed into Rena directly instead of being expelled..replenishing her own reiatsu reserve by the amount absorbed. This ability is one of few that can only be activated by actually speaking the activation word..which in this case is Runic. She can only absorb 20% in this way in one thread. She can attempt to absorb ONE extra attack after this limit but takes half damage from the attack and has it explode in her face.

Conversion Table:
Spammable Minor Attack(s) is 2%
kidou below the 40th level absorbed is 3%
kidou below the 70th level absorbed is 7%
Kidou above the 70th level absorbed is 10%
1 Cero = 5%
1 Gran Rey Cero = 8%
1 Cero Ocuras = 10%
Special ability = 5% regained per CD of the ability (So an ability with a 4 CD is her max. Anything over will deal some damage to her as she reaches her limits)


Reiatsu Shielding - her spiritual power has become capable of warding off attacks similar in manner to an Arrancar's Heirro. Her version of this is very strong, blocking opponent's attacks without the need to move or deal with it as long as it's not a full power attack or an attack equal to or greater in strength than a Cero. This is an ability based on her own spiritual power being so high and as a result is not something that can be taught.

Ocular Enhancement - During an event that cost her left eye's sight she has become able to greatly enhance her right eye through her own individual power and make it almost as if she didn't lose an eye to begin with. Using this power has no known limits and changes her pupil to deep green during it's use. This is an ability granted through her own battle trauma and cannot be taught to others.

Sendo Genkotsu - using inner chi the focuser is capable of creating a barrage with their fists that looks like it's on fire. This flaming look is not actually flame and is just normal energy but due to the speed of the punches can leave friction burns on anything that is near the punches or is hit by the punches. This can be used ten times within 2 posts with a one post CD upon. Rena is incapable of teaching others how to do this because she observes that she's not even quite sure how she does it. It simply comes naturally.

Fulguration - using inner chi the focuser is capable of greatly altering the landscape around them with gravitational force. Enough gravitational force is generated to effect any single individual but will never exceed greater than double the max they can withstand. Their punch happens so quickly with so much force that it sucks in everything withing 30 yards towards the center of the fist..and this suction happens so fast it's very difficult to get out of range. This ability causes a invisible ball of energy that is the source of the suction against the knuckles of the fist using the ability. This ball sits directly outside the safe zone in which the user is always in the middle of as to not be hurt by their own attack. This safe zone is big enough to protect the user but small enough to where it can't be exploited unless the opponent literally hugs her before being effected by the suction force, which means they knew she was going to use it and have seen it before. This can't be used more than once every 4 posts. This ability is a culmination of her physical and spiritual prowess and as such, while others could possibly achieve a similar effect, this ability is unique only to her and cannot be spread to others.


Hollow Bone Boomerang - This boomerang, made from Hollow Bones, is able to withstand enough punishment to be used against things like Zanpaktou and Cero, but it is not AS durable and can be damaged or even destroyed given enough power. She is capable of spending either IC or OOC time to repair or replace this with a new one.

Bakkoutou - Long Forgotten and Forbidden weaponry devised as an alternative to Zanpaktou. These weapons generally gave their user great power in exchange for threatening their very lives. Rena has reforged this Bakkoutou from the past to serve as her means of training both herself and others. She has purposely rendered it's unique powers dormant and only kept it's zanpaktou similar durability. Allowing her to use a sword similar to her Zanpaktou without the risk of her spirit energy making training more complicated.


Kidou Knowledge - Rena has learned how to use every kidou known and allowed for use by the Shinigami, as well as two forbidden Kidou Hadou no 91 and 96 and she is able to use Kidou while completely foregoing the incantation WITHOUT losing as much power as would normally occur for this trade off of quicker casting.

Zanpaktou Quirk- Her bankai and toukai states can not activate on Rena's whim as they are too strong for her Zanpaktou to willingly allow her emotions to guide their release. It MUST be in the presence of a true threat to release immediately or else it takes its time and feeds on the residual spiritual combat energy released naturally during battle. The time and amount of feeding needed and managed in a single post vastly changes depending on the level of the opponent and the seriousness of the fighting. It will always signify to Rena how close it is to being done or if it sees her opponent as a high enough threat to release immediately.

Sealed Appearance: Her Zanpaktou and it's sheathe are on her back now to make life simpler for her.


Call Out Command: Fall like snow and give unto my enemies your cold touch, Kurai hi megami (Dark Ice Goddess)



Ability Name: Dark Crystal
Description: She is able to create dark crystals that brim with negative energy and are at 10 degree's Fahrenheit in temperature at all time making them extremely cold to the touch. She is able to form these from nothing at a amount of 20 feet total a post and she can't form them more than 100 feet away from her being. She can however create some dark crystal and hurl it at her opponent as a projectile weapon past this 100 range she just can't control it once it leaves the range ( so no homing ). She does not have to touch the crystal herself in order to control it. So it seems like she has telekinetic powers but she really doesn't. She can also hurl said created shards from her blade itself as it is made of the very same material she is creating during shikai. This means of using it is limitless but can only be used to hurl foot long shards at a quantity of 3 per swing..this also means her blade is at 10 degree's and covered in negative energy at all times and is able to leave 1/2 inch of ice on anything within 1 foot of it's swinging arc as long as it can be affected by temperature due to its coldness not enough to really do anything but it would definitely be noticeable. Each projectile shards hardness is increased as if covered in an slightly above average heirro by an arrancar of equal tier to Rena.

Ability Name: Bone Shards
Description: All of her bones in shikai become shards of the very dark crystal she uses to attack with. Making her just as cold and giving her a more defensible body that regular bone. She is able to repair these shards if damaged fairly quick but can only regenerate them 50 at a time. There are 206 bones in the body thus she has 206 shards in her body during shikai. She is able to spike out dark crystal from her skin at any point in her body without pain to herself and is capable of covering herself in a thick layer of Dark crystal allowing for even more defense. however..the full body cover uses more than her body can regenerate in one post..thus is only usable once per 4 to 5 posts. ( technically 4 and a half for full regeneration ) However a limitation to this is she cannot make the dark shards within her body leave bodily contact (So she can't shoot crystals out of her body.) When used as a full body armor it can last up to 2 posts ( which doesn't start her CD til it's over ) and during this amount of time it is like she has a arrancar hierro on an high level for her tier.

Ability Name: Ankoku Shuuha ( Darkness Release )
Description: Her Zanpaktou borrows her spiritual energy passively since she has so much of it to spare. this energy can be released in the form of a massive wave. or in a spear like motion by thrusting it and releasing. ( it would look more like a kamehameha beam than a spear when thrusted ) this is possible once every post as it takes that much time for the Zanpaktou to obtain more energy. She is able to charge this attack either strengthening it by double or making it's area of effect quadrupled. She cannot enhance it in both ways at the same time and it gains a post to it's CD if she does either enhancement. The base power of this ability is similar to a cero.

Boosts: Physical and Spiritual Power x2.


New Call Out: For I am one with the tides of fate.. Ye who would stand against me be lost unto the frozen wastes! Tsumetai shi no megami



Ability Name: Zanpaktou Mastery
Description: Her Bankai grants her retainership of her Shikai powers. She does not lose them and they increase in power with her Bankai (Though their functionality remains the same)

Ability Name: Ice/Water Manipulation
Description: The name almost speaks for itself..In essence she is able to control and manipulate ice and water regardless of circumstances. She is able to increase the speed of what the ice and water is doing by double if she uses her hands to guide the actions though. This has a 500 foot range. Once it exits this she has no control over it at all.

Ability Name: Water Creation
Description: she is capable of creating water from essentially nothing using the power of her Zanpaktou and her own spiritual pressure, empowering it with her reiatsu so that it can be used as a weapon..without actually changing the nature of the water itself. She can only create within 150 feet of herself.

Ability Name: Water conversion
Description: she is able to covert water to ice and vice versa and control it thus as if it were made by her..however if the water or ice is already in motion she needs time to do it. So she can't convert them if it is within 10 feet of her and moving. It'll hit her anyways.

Ability Name: Purity
Description: She can remove the impurities in the water around her, creating a liquid that is below the freezing point, and cooling it further and causing it to become quick ice if it hits another object.

Boosts: Physical and Spiritual Power x3.


New Call Out: For I am one with that which creates all, I am the life essence of the cosmos and it's destructor, As I move those in my path become washed away, release all restraints and flow freely, Yunibāsaruu~ōtārūra (Universal Water Ruler)

Appearance: Her Zanpaktou in Toukai form is the Handle below. Any weapon she forms using this handle is treated as a normal Zanpaktou blade. It could be a sword. An axe. A scythe. Etc. As long as the handle is attached to it it doesn't matter.


Ability Name: Zanpaktou Mastery
Description: Her Toukai grants her retainership of her Shikai and Bankai powers. She does not lose them and they increase in power with her Toukai (Though their functionality and CD's remains the same)

Ability Name: Subconscious Defense
Decription: In her full power she is so attuned with manipulation and control over water and ice that she is able to give it bare minimal sentience based off her own mind. This grants her a sphere of influence of twenty yards in which any attack entering her sphere can and usually will be subject to being countered by her own water and ice ability. This isn't to say she'll automatically defeat any attack however. She is still limited by her own power versus the power of the attack coming in, but it does make it increasingly difficult to hit her let alone inflict serious damage.

Ability Name: Planar Water
Description: She is able to pull forth water from the vary'ing planes of existence. Allowing her to call forth water that can burn, without being hot, water that can cause pain just by being touched, and water that can heal wounds. There is no known limitation to the uses of these waters however she can only call forth one planar water at a time, can only use it for two posts, and cannot switch for an additional post. Any damage,Poison,Deuff,Healing factors to this water cannot exceed 10% at any given moment and cannot exceed 25% in a single post regardless of any circumstances.

Ability Name: Primordial Manipulation of Mystic Water/Ice
Description: Unlike her bankai which simply creates and then uses water and ice. This variation is able to spiritually or otherwise empower and alter the very make up of her water and ice manipulation to the point where it could exceed it's own physical make up. Example: In Bankai an ice spear is just a sharp spear of ice. While this can easily hurt at high speeds it's still just ice. In Toukai however she could empower the ice to be able to withstand damage far exceeding the limits of ice. Her limitations to Distance, Quantity, Power, Speed, and Precision are now gone being increased to heights that are not yet fully known. Though she does admit she has yet been able to create an attack stronger than Cero Oscuras or faster than a Bala.

Boosts: Physical and Spiritual Power x4



Rena was born into a family of slaves, her father and mother having been forced into servitude in order to repay a debt to a vicious and wicked man. As she grew she was forced into the same labor and servitude as her parents, but through this a rare spark of pride began to show in her. She was always questioning, always arguing, and above all, always fighting back. She refused to take verbal or physical abuse of any sort, a trait her "master" came to notice very quickly. And in the world Rena and her parents lived in, that was not a good thing.

Rena's pride continued to get her in trouble, with people in higher and higher positions of authority. Culminating in a confrontation with the masters own son. Rena had been in the field, enduring another long, agonizing day of brutalization and assault at the hands of the foremen when the masters son happened by. He stopped to watch, laughing as he commented on the need for a sturdier hand, even taking the whip from the foreman's hand to show him proper whip use. On Rena. Rena had had enough and, showing impressive reflexes, caught the whip, turning it back on the masters son. A big mistake.

It took four men to restrain Rena and then chain her, dragging the young girl of only thirteen at the time to the master, who was livid. He ordered Rena's family executed in front of her with the statement "As you have struck my own, so to shall I strike yours!"

He then sold Rena to a man he knew that ran a small gladiatorial arena, expecting Rena to be killed in her very first bout, a two on two where Rena was teamed with a veteran, though he was old and damaged, gladiator who was also expected to die. To everyones surprise though, they not only survived, but won the match. From that point on Rena and the old gladiator, Greecus, were a team, sent into matches together to please the crowd of powerful criminals who ran the secret arena.

Greecus took Rena under his wing, teaching her how to fight in every form he knew and arming her with a mixture of pride and the ability to fall fully into the fight, allowing herself to enjoy the bloodshed and forget about the pain.

Finally one evening, Greecus told Rena it was time. He had been planning to escape from this life, fighting and killing for criminal overlords, for quite some time, but he would need Rena and her impressive power to do it. Rena agreed and that night they made their escape. Normally, it would never work, the guards had guns and they had nothing. But Rena tended to even such odds easily. Escape was in sight, the very gates, before real trouble appeared. A powerful and specially powered henchman on the books for the boss of the arena.

Rena and Greecus found him to be a real challenge, simply due to his several abilities, but finally Greecus managed to slow him, with a hammer he picked up during the escape, screaming at Rena to leave him and go. "One of us has to make it kid! I am old and have lived my life. Now go! Its your turn!"

Rena took his advice and his words and ran for her life, escaping servitude forever. Or so she thought. Just as soon as she reached the outskirts of the Arena and was about to make it into town the man Greecus had slowed down had shot her in the back.

Dying.. she could only think of freedom and the need for power..

But then something happened she didn't know how to explain. Someone appeared, bonked her on the head, and said she'd be going to Soul Society.

She didn't know what that was.. but it certainly beat dying...she thought? She wasn't sure..thinking was very hard.

When she next opened her eyes. She was already in Soul society. Her body felt different, even seeming to be more powerful than before. She didn't realize at first she was a spirit and it took her at least a week to realize she was a potential for becoming a Soul Reaper. Since she had to ask around and figure out what in the world was going on..

But now that she knew she knew what she was going to do. The same thing she had been doing before. Reaching for the top. Aiming for the goal so that she could be proud and show her pride to those who would push her down.

What she soon discovered however was that Gotei 13 and even Soul Society as a whole were not quite as grand and strong as the Academy had lead her to believe during her years of training. By the time she had graduated she had quickly risen the ranks for her naturally high combat prowess and become a captain of the 13 court guard squads. Fifth Division in face, the so called Jack of all Trades division with very versatile members.

After fighting many battles and ending up taking on some serious damage that altered her appearance permanently, as she refused to have them regenerated and healed, her combat style improved drastically and she even gained new methods of using her powers she had previously not known she had access too, but the fact remained that while she grew stronger Soul Society still failed to have a strong leader. Central 46 had a substitute captain commander in charge but the poor fool was clearly out of his league in terms of running the Squads properly.

So Rena began her many attempts to try and fix this by becoming the captain commander herself. It wasn't that she was feeling superior or that she believed she was the best fit for the job. She was merely trying to be as best help to Soul Society as she could and being in such a position would afford her many methods to strengthen their forces that she simply can not do as a normal captain.

Thus began a new chapter in her relatively short, as of yet, Shinigami life.

Side Notes: You may call me the ice bitch.
RP Sample: *kicks with Raikouhou* I'm lazy so I win. You'll get more than enough real RP from me when I'm posting..

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1-3 Approved.

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