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#1 Currently stagnant. on Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:00 am

Look folks, this site isn't going to survive if no one wants to help out. You can say it's me, Wade, The moon, the sun, work, school, my first wife, my second wife, Amaya, the Pope, Donald Trump, Hillary, Obama, the Cops, whoever, but fact of the matter is no one seems to want to post, at all. I see a lotta people just on, floating around, but no one actually posting, no one communicating. I've asked numerous times for input, I'm still asking here. If you all want this to work, you have to at least meet me halfway. Finish your apps, apply for positions in orgs, fix apps that need fixed, Roleplay a bit, hop in the chat, invite friends. I know this site has a tendency to stick around, but it normally does because people care enough to keep it around. I understand we all have real life shit going on, that's fine. We can all still find the time to hop on, post something, fix something. If you feel you're exempted from this, fine. Or if you have a legit condition keeping you from being able to contribute? Fine. But, you'd better hope there's some other members in a positions that allow them to post, or you may not have somewhere to post for a very long time. Is what it is I guess.

Also, for those just "Floating, waiting for something to happen." You're half the reason we're in this mess, everyone wants things to happen, no one wants to make them happen. Want this site to thrive? It's in your hands. I continue to hear "Well, I'll post if this works out." Well, it's not gonna work out if you don't post. This doesn't go to Duq or anyone of his ilk whom actually contributes to discussion, and is available for me and other staff to hear a valid perspective from, more from those whom seem too aloof, or busy to actively contribute in any way.

Now that that's off my chest, Post. People. Post. Let's get this site back in working order.

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